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Paramount's 1953 Product

Paramount's 1953 Product Strong on Color, Variety Shirley Booth maki-s licr screen debut in "Come Baek, Little Shcba," her big Broadway success, co-starred with Burt Lancaster. Charlton Heston in "Pony Express, a Nat Holt production, due in April. Bob Hope and Mickey Rooney clown in "Off Limits," a comedy also due in .April. Below is a scene from "Jamaica Run," a Pine-Thomas film starring Ray Milland. NEW YORK—Paramount will release 14 productions between January 1 and the end of June and has nine set for later months, with more to follow. Among the 23 announced are four musicals, three with incidental music, four westerns, two adventure films, two Martin-Lewis comedies. Ten of the first fourteen will be in Technicolor. Outstanding among four scheduled for January will be the sixth "Road" film with Bing Crosby, Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour, "Road to Bali." This will be the first of the series in Technicolor. HAD 6,000 PLAYDATES Also among the important January releases will be Cecil B. DeMille's "The Greatest Show on Earth," which had 6,000 playdates in 1952 as a prerelease at advanced admissions. The other two January films are adventure pictures, "Thunder In the East" and "Tropic Zone." After January, the releases go on a two-amonth basis, with February bringing in the first of two Dean Martin-Jerry Lewis comedies, "The Stooge." The other, "Scared Stiff," will be released later in the year. Crosby's second film, "Little Boy Lost." also will come out late in the year. Hope's three, "Road to Bali," "Off Limits" and "Here Come the Girls," also are widely spaced. The four musicals are: "Bali," "Off Limits," "Heie Come the Girls" and "The Stars Are Singing." The last named will star Rosemary Clooney, Anna Maria Alberghetti and Lauritz Melchior. Fourteen of the 23 are to be released from January 1 to the end of June, with nine undated productions from June on. The dated releases are: LINEUP OF FEATURES JANUARY—"Road to Bali," in Technicolor, the sixth of the "Road" series with Bing Crosby, Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour; "Thunder In the East." starring Alan Ladd. Charles Boyer, Deborah Kerr and Corinne Calvet; "Ti-opic Zone," in Technicolor, a Pine-Thomas production, starring Ronald Reagan. Rhonda Fleming and Estelita. and Cecil B. DeMille's "The Greatest Show on Earth." FEBRUARY—"The Stooge," Dean Martin- Jerry Lewis comedy produced by Hal Wallis. and "Come Back, Little Sheba," also a Wallis production, starring Burt Lancaster and Shirley Booth. MARCH—"The Stars Are Singing." in Technicolor, starring Rosemary Clooney. Anna Maria Alberghetti and Lauritz Melchior. and "Pleasure Island," starring Don Taylor, Leo Genn and Elsa Lanchester. APRIL— "Off Limits," Bob Hope comedy with Mickey Rooney and Marilyn Maxwell co-starred, and "Pony Express," in Technicolor, starring Charlton Heston, Rhonda Fleming. Forrest Tucker and Jan Sterling. MAY—George Pal's Technicolor production, "War of the Worlds," based on H. G. Wells' science-fiction story, and "Jamaica Run," also in Technicolor, starring Ray Milland, Arlene Dahl and Wendell Corey. JUNE—"Alaska Seas," i.i Technicolor, and "The Conquerors," Pine-Thomas Technicolor picture starring John Payne. Coleen Gray. Jan Sterling and Lyle Bettger. Releases set for later months are: "Roman Holiday," produced in Rome by William Wyler. and stairing Gregory Peck, Audrey Hepburn and Eddie Albert. "Arrowhead." in Technicolor, produced by Nat Holt with Charlton Heston and Mary Sinclair starred. "Shane," in Technicolor, produced by George Stevens and starring Alan Ladd. Jean Arthur and Van Heflin. "Stalag 17," starring William Holden. Don Taylor and Otto Preminger. "Little Boy Loat." Bing Crosby starring film produced in France and Hollywood by Perlberg-Seaton. ANOTHER MARTIN-LEHIS COMEDY "Scared Stiff." Martin-Lewis comedy, produced by Hal Wallis. "Houdini," in Technicolor, starring Tony Ciutis and Janet Leigh. "Forever Female." starring Ginger Rogers and William Holden. "Here Come the Girls." in Technicolor, starring Bob Hope, Arlene Dahl, Rosemary Clooney and Tony Martin. To merchandise this product. Paramount intends to go in for more local and regional promotions than ever before, according to Jerome Pickman, vice-president in charge of advertising and publicity. The theory has been in the process of development for some months and has been tested in local campaigns, after consultation with local exhibitors. The local approach, Pickman -says, will help both Paramount and exhibitors to a greater extent than ever. National pre-selling, through use of magazines, radio and TV, will be maintained on the same high levels as in the "Stars .Are Singing" gets into release in April. The singing trio includes Rosemary Clooney, Lauritz Melchior and Anna Maria Alberghetti. BOXOFFICE January 3, 1953

}' » Early 1953 Arrivals on the Paramount Schedule A story of Far East intrig:ue is provided in "Thunder in the East," a Technicolor production which will star Alan Ladd, Charles Boyer, Deborah Kerr, Corinne Calvet. Back traveling, Dorothy Lamour, Bob Hope and Bing Crosby in "Road to Bali." Going into general release will be DeMille's "Greatest Show on Earth." Ronald Reagan and Rhonda Fleming in Pine-Thomas' "Tropic Zone." Martin & Lewis in another zany comedy sequence in "The Stooge." A Preview of Some Top Product Due For Release Dates Later in the Year Martin & Lewis, Lizabeth Scott will A comedy, "Forever Female," will star Stage hit "Stalag 17," a wartime comcome up with "Scared Stiff." Ginger Rogers, Paul Douglas. edy, will star William Holden. .Arlene Dahl, Bob Hope, Tony Martin Bing Crosby's late-year film, "Little "Roman Holiday" with Gregory Peck, highlight "Here Come the Girls." Boy Lost," has European setting. introduces Audrey Hepburn to films. BOXOFFICE :: January 3. 1953 ^