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. . Mrs. . . Mr. ' . . Manos . . M. . . Bob . . Grace . . Thanks PITTSBURGH H requiem high mass was performed at St. Anthony's church. Millvale, Wednesday (31), for Pfc. Francis Robert Thomas jr., who was killed in action in Korea October 27. A high military citation was received by the family prior to the return of the body of the 22-year-old marine who had been in Korea only a few weeks. The son of Catherine Vogel and Francis Thomas sr.. and brother of Conrad Ronald Thomas. Bobby is survived also by his grandmother Honora Thomas. The father is a veteran Pilmrow projectionist and younger brother Ronald is a U-I shipper here. . . . Sam Wheeler, veteran film man of this city and now an independent film and supply distributor at Washington, D. C. enjoyed the holiday., here . Stanley Theatre has booked a stage show for the week of February 6 . . . John D. Walsh, Fulton manager, is convalescing from his recent operation in Mercy hospital . . Bill Blatt jr., of the circuit office . was the willing subject of a hypnotist at one of the Filmrow parties, which furnished much amusement to all present circuit 1952 Cadillac was won by RoUa Seaton of Uniontown . and Mrs. John H. (Donna Atwood) Harris are in Los Angeles planning for the 1954 edition of "Ice Capades." Donna will rejoin the 1953 ice revue in about a month . Louis M. Muir's Grand at Elizabeth is being booked by the new F. D. Pittsburg may Moore Theatre Service . . . have another film licensing and booking combine at an early date. With the amusement tax removed at J/, jy PLAY SAFE... NEXT TIME USE r 1327 $. WABASH AVE, CHICAQO 030 NINTH AVENUE, NEW YORK Complete Sound and Projection Service ATLAS THEATRE SUPPLY Gordon GibbOii. Mgr 402 Milteiibtrotr St.. GRaiil 1-4281. Pitlshurgh. Pa MOTIOGRAPH — MIRROPHONIC SAM FINEBERG TOM McCLEARY JIM ALEXANDER 84 Von Braom Street ^ PITTSBURGH 19, PA. |. Phone Express 1 0777 f iHojts Art Betttr Thaq E»ef How's Your Equipnuntl fe. . Brownsville, the Bison has been reopened for a two-day weekend show, the Plaza there continuing in daily operation . . Elmer . Hasley staged a free holiday show for kiddys at the Terrace in East Pittsburgh . . . James Hendel, UA manager, underwent an appendectomy in Miami, and was recuperating this week A. Silver observed his 60th birthday anniversary . to Loge 31 of the Colosseum of Motion Picture Salesmen for a check which was turned over to a p;oneer of the industry who is very ill and in need. . . Atlas Theatre Supply and F. D. Moore Theatre Service held open house the day before Christmas. Afternoon before that was open house at the office of the Blatt Bros, circuit Most film exchanges held gift exchange parties the afternoon of December 24 . . . Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Yakish, Conneaut Lake outdoor exhibitors, returned from a vacation in California . Some 60 employes of the Manos, State and Penn theatres at Uniontown, attended the annual Christmas party at Finneh s hotel. Following dinner, movies of the last year's holiday dimier and party were screened. The Manos circuit party was arranged by Jay Fi-ankenbery and Agnes Evangeli. ta. Glenn J. Easter, owner and manager of the Almeda Theatre in Mt. Morris, had the cooperation of Good Old Santa and the James T. Maxon Post 992, American Legion, in presenting a free show and treats for kiddys under the age of 12. It's a fourth grandchild, Robert David Kindel, for F. D. Moore, theatre buyerbooker . Klein and Eddie Steinfeld, both formerly of Filmrow, are playing leading roles here in Playhouse's production of "Three Men on a Horse" . Price Productions of the Pittsburg Children's Theatre, local profe.ssional company, is casting "Hiawatha," just as the Allied Artists production is going into release . . . John Fabac, recently a member of the Warner circuit contact department here, now is in the army at Camp Meade . . . The Morris Finkel theatres here pre.sented free holiday kiddy shows . . . Max Cransfield, formerly of Filmrow, died at the Veterans hospital in Los Angeles . . . Employes of the McKean and Dipson theatres at Bradford gathered at the Option hotel for a holiday party. 20th-Fox Salary Cuts On Different Basis for '53 NEW YORK—Pay cuts for 20th Century- Fox executives will be on a slightly different basis from that prevailing during 1952 and 1951. This year the net after taxes will have to include $1 per share for the 2,769,484 shares outstanding. Last year and the year before the income was sufficient so that the cuts did not actually take effect. Hilda Lissmann Retires As Warner Booker PITTSBURGH — Filmrow's oldest-inservice employe has retired. Under a mutual agreement. Hilda Lissmann terminated her services with Warner Pictures this weekend after 33 years continuous service. She is acknowledged as one of the outstanding bookers in the entire Warner organization. She joined the company when it was First National Pictures. Practically all of her years with Warners were spent at the booker's desk. She believes that she got along with all her accounts "except two." Miss Lissmann withdrew from school to accept her first job in the motion picture business. Pi'ior to her employment wi.h First National, she had worked for Pittsburgh Calcium Light & Feature Film Co., General Film Co. and Famous Players. Miss Lissmann said she'll probably miss coming into the office and going to work, but she says she'll find enough work at her home to keep her as busy as she desires to be. MGM. 20th-Fox, UA Close For Four-Day Weekend NEW YORK— Four major companies, MGM, 20th Century-Fox, United Artists and Allied Artists, remained closed from the afternoon of December 31 to Monday, January 5, to give their employes a four-day New Year's weekend, as they had for the Christmas weekend. The majority of the other companies closed shor ly after noon December 31 but were open Friday (2i. BREAKING B.O. RECORDS i ^ StCYR i i^ All New! 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. . John . . Harry . . Frank . . . . . Bernard . . The . . . The . . . George . . Mr. . . Bob . . Carl . . The NEWARK Tohn A. Matthews has taken over the man- ' agement of the Capitol, Belleville. He formerly was coniiected with Walter Reade's Community Theatre, Morristown, and with The Capitol ran a the Oentury circuit . . . Christmas show for kids sponsored by the police and fire departments . Plowman, formtr manager of the Capitol and the Franklin. Nutley, plans to work for Sears Roebu^ & Co. . . . The Millburn, entertained kids at Christmas through the courtesy of Dave's Market. . . . Alfred Barilla, .Mickey Dempsack, manager of the DeWitt. Bayonne, rented the house to several organizations thi-oughout the holiday season Robert Phillips, . former 'manager of the Warner. Harn.son, has taken over the managemeirf- of the Fabian, Hoboken, replacing Pat Notaro . L. Stanek has been transferred as manager of the Union Theatre to the Warner, Harrison . . Cecelia Becker, a.ssistant at the Branford, has been upped to manager of the Union . manager of the Palace, Jersey City, tied in with the Democratic club in running a free Christmas show for kids. Mrs. Reginald Caufield, wife of the general manager of the Embassy Newsreels, was a recent visitor at the Newark Newsreel . . . Frank Damis, WB zone manager, entertained Warner managers at a Christmas party at Mayfair Farms . Kridel. Plaza owner, and his daughter Madeline, who manages the house, have returned from a Bermuda vacation . . . The Plaza ran a Clii-istmas .show for kids, sponsored by Roseville Business Men ... All theatres owned by Maurie Stahl omitted shows on Christmas eve to give employes a cjiance to enjoy the holiday at home. Jack Conhaim, manager of the Stanley, displayed one of the original Springfield rifles on "Springfield Rifle" as well as an exhibit of firearms, ranging from old time guns to the most modern. The display was loaned by the Marlin Firearms Co. One of the rifles was valued more than $700 . . Murray . Greene, manager of the Mayfair, ran special shows for children daily, commencing December 22, throughout the hoUdays. One of the matinees was sponsored by two local merchants. Sy Gomberg, a former Newarker and script writer for "Bloodhounds of Broadway," which ran at RKO Pi'octor's over Chi-istmas, received a three column write-up in the Newark News. Gomberg's overnight success began with the sale of "Willie Comes Marching Home" to a national magazine and later to 20th-Fox. The author is a graduate of Barringer High and the son of Mr. and Mi-s. Samuel Gomberg of this city, whom he visited recently. In the course of his career Gomberg has been a script writer for 20th-Fox and Warners and worked with another former Newarker Dore Schary at MGM. At present he is a producer writer for Columbia . . , Bernie Silverman, manager of the Branford, tied in with the Saxony, downtown restaurant in inviting children to attend the junior New Year's end of the show without admission at 9:30 a.m. December 30. The cafeteria distributed the tickets. Dana Has Pittsburgh Meet; U Boston Meet Is Next PITTSBURGH—p. T. Dana, eastern sales manager of Universal Pictures, held a sales meeting December 29, 30 for branch managers and salesmen of P. F. Rosian's district, which includes the Pittsburgh, Washington, Cleveland and Detroit branches. Dana will hold another sales meeting in Boston January 5, 6 for branch managers and salesmen of John J. Scully's district, which incudes the Boston, Albany. Buffalo, Philadelphia and New Haven branches. WEST VIRGINIA pegular shooting matches are being held at the Harmony Drive-In at Mount Harmony, prizes for winners being tm-keys and hams . Ellis and Sun.set drive-ins near Clarksburg were closed Christmas week but now have opened, both having in-car heaters Liehr, Elkins Theatre owner, and Charles Toompa-s, owner of the Flower Gardens at Elkins, suffered severe injuries when the automobile in which they were riding left the highway near Romine's Mills and went over an embankment and overturned. They were taken to a Clarksburg hospital. The car was a total wreck. Approximately 2,000 persons attended the annual Fairmont Times Christmas fund show in the Fairmont Theatre. More than $2,550, or more than half of the entire fund, was realized through the show which featured amateur talent. A part of the theatre receipts was $340 earned by the Country Store staged during the show, and $20.75 was registered in a collection to purchase the pants of an East High student, who volunteered from the audience to "take 'em off" and sell 'em. A feature drawing was for a live baby, and it turned out to be a pig. . . . Mr. Warner's Skyline Drive-In near Clarksburg is being improved during the winter under direction of Charles and Dale Warner, with weekend assists from son Chuch and Mrs. Garland West are modernizing their Colonial Theatre at Buckhannon. Tlieir West Drive-In there will be improved before next spring's reopening. Paramount's 25-Year Club Gains 32 New Members NEW YORK—Thirty-two Paramount employes have been inducted into the Paramount 25-year Club by Barney Balaban at the home office. Adolph Zukor. board chairman, took part in the ceremonies. Each inductee received a gold watch. The new members are: John Ahearn, Arthur Auspaker, Charles Bade, Charles O. Bonaria, Philip U. Bonaria, Robert Denton, Henry DeSiena, Edgar H. Fay, Fred Felbinger, Oscar Geyer, Russell Higgins, Edward Holtze, James Kaudelky, William Kuntz, George Lewis, Michael Menditto, D. S. Mungillo, John Oxton, George Pavlonis, Jack Pearley, James Pelkey, Louis Phillips, William Piper, A. J. Richard, Urban Santone, Anna Schneider. Robert Seaton, Fred Stederoth, Edmund Thiese, Minnie Treisner, Mary A. Turner and Frederic Zech. RICHMOND . . •The n-foot replica of the "Mayflower" was at the Front Royal Christmas parade through the courtesy of Pitt's Theatres. Following the parade the ship was displayed in front of the Park. The Warren Sentinel gave the "Plymouth Adventure" advertising float a photograph on page one . Jack DiMaio,. Kay, Washington, spent a week in Martinsville . . . Dave McCoy, Beacon manager. Hopewell, was overwhelmed with the generosity of his local draft board when last week he received his notice to report for induction December 22. 1953. Since then he's found he is more in demand and is scheduled to leave in January. Frank Frasier, retired Richmond police officer, is now with the State service staff summer convention of the Virginia Motion Picture Theatre Ass'n will be held at Old Point Comfort May 4-6 .. . Bob Coulter erected the annual Christmas tree atop the Byrd marquee . Booth, Beacon operator, was married to Miss Margaret Doyle . and Mrs. Peter Lichtman. District theatres, attended a family reunion in New York. Mrs. Stewart Tucker, wife of State manager, has been confined to the hospital with a strep throat . Westerman, assistant manager, Loew's, was in Plymouth, Mass. Clark, city manager. District theatres, says that the Hippodrome is having stage shows every other week . . . Al Bernstein, Bellwood Drive-In manager reports that he will be open Friday, Saturday and Sunday for the rest of the season. Gilbert Martin was transferred from the East End to Fabian's National to replace Grover Finch, who retired from his job as William Browning is the projectionist . . . Layton Ives, new East End projectionist . . Park, is home from the hospital . . . Roy Matthews has returned as assistant manager at the Colonial. . . . . . . The Charlie Hahn relieved Sam Moore at the Byrd while Moore was ill . . . Fabian officials Lou Golding, Henry Schlitenhart and Herman Nowitsky were in town on business . . . Harry Jarvis, Colonial, returned from a vacation Albert Esposita relieved State employee, Charlie Jackson, during Jackson's vacation . . . Johnny Clark and Leroy Ford, Byrd, have returned from their vacations VMPTA has passed a resolution favoring arbitration that is favorable to exhibition, distribution and production. . The Beacon Theatre staff held its annual Christmas party December 22 . . Robert D. . Carr, former Beacon assistant manager, was home on leave from the air force . . . Approximately 700 kids attended the Beacon Theatre benefit show. The local Jaycees stated that about 1.000 cans of food were collected for the welfare department annual Celanese Christmas party was held at the Beacon December 23. About 600 attended. Joseph P. Delisi Now Is Owner SALTSBURG, PA.—Joseph C. DeMaria retired November 1 from a partnership in the Delisi Amusement Co., operator of the Liberty Theatre at Saltsburg and the Delmore at Avonmore. Joseph P. Delisi is continuing as sole owner of the Delisi Amusement Co. BOXOFFICE January 3, 1953 37