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. . . Jimmy , . . . Marc . . . Loren . . Midnight . . . ST. LOUIS l^aurice Schweitzer, manager for Allied Artists, and wife returned from a pleasant reunion of the Dubinsky family held on the two-acre Lincoln. Neb., estate of Irwin Dubinsky. Present were the Irwin Dubinskys. William Dubinsky and family of Rockford, 111., Mr. and Mrs. Max Hoffman of Tulsa and Mr. and Mrs. Haurice Schweitzer of St. Louis Frisina. buyer of the Prisina Amusement Co.. his wife and thfeir sons Jimmy and Bob spent the Christmas holiday sea.son in Sarasota. Pla. Says J. V. GERBRACH Ames Operating Co. Ames, Iowa _ Edgar M. Queeny of St. Louis departed from New York by plane December 26 to conduct another photographic expedition for the American Museum of Natural History. The board chairman of the internationally known Monsanto Chemical Co.. recently was appointed field associate of the museum's department of anthropology. The new expedition to Africa is to concenti-ate in Tanganyika, obtaining motion pictures and sound recordings of African tribal and animal life for the museum. Other members of the party are William J. Woeger and Jack Clink of St. Louis and Gordon Petty of Ottawa, Ont. Queeny made a similar trip to Africa in 1950 and from motion pictures footage he obtained on that journey two features, "Latuko" and IT IS A PLEASURE THE t 11, wevis* 1^' 1952 ^nsas City " ; all ..o. -a ^l^Hr-^'^°"- ^'^^^^ N8WTall>l.;; and not » TO NOTE ?XaS{S^.U^--X:.notd.opl»^ DIFFERENCE' th^^ r. on ''

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