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. . The MIAMI The Flagler Theatre, after extensive refurbishing of the interior and lobby, is offering a giant show at a $1.25 admission. In addition to feature pictui-e. cartoon and news, a two-hour burlesque show is presented on stage with a cast of 50. A midnight show is booked every Saturday. Special holiday matinees and .shows were added, including New Year's eve. Special advertising is being used to publicize the new policy at the downtown house. The Plaza Theatre, formerly under the Wometco banner, is operating under an American-Yiddish revue policy for the winter. The policy started New Year's eve. . Charles Laughton flew from here to Jamaica for a New Year's eve holiday. Norman Bel Geddes, the theatrical designer. is Fi'anchot Tone is mentioned as there . . . .scheduled to make "Jason" in Miami this winter . . Lillian Roth, singing star of many films and now a Fort Lauderdale resident, was co-star in a Christmas show at a local hotel supper club. The Parkway will lend its lobby for an exhibition of paintings and prints by University Claughton continues of Miami art students . . . its free-show policy each Saturday, ATLANTA CHARLOTTE MEMPHIS_ NEW ORLEANS WASHINGTON, D.C. State Department -File 649 . WILUAM . VIRGIN!* LUNDIGAN • BRUCE Florida's flRST Supply House NOW HAS TWO CONVENIENT LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU UNITED THEATRE SUPPLY CORP 110 Fronklin $f. 329 W«f» Flagler St Tompo, Flo. Miomi, Fla. Phone 2-304S Phone 3-503« one of the neighborhoods admitting children under 12 at no charge for a cartoon carnival and stage feature as well as regular screen picture fare. The Coral, a neighborhood, had a talent parade on stage as a recent Satui-day's feature . . Miami's airport begins to resemble Hollywood and Vine, with such film lights passing through on successive days as Tyrone Power, Linda Christian iMrs. Power) and daughter Rowena; also Burgess Meredith and other stars from the MGM studio, en route to the filming of "All the Brothers Were Valiant." IMagician Jimmy Grippo played a Christmas party for Wometco children of employes recently. He lost his audience half-way through the act. Attention became di tracted when a t3n-year-old performed a few tricks of his own by lifting half-dollars out of Grippo's bag and blithely distributing them among the audience . Hallandale Drive-In had Christmas eve prizes including ten two-quart packages of ice cream, courtesy of H. W. S.nger, and five two-pound boxes of chocolates, courtesy of Florida Candy Co. "'Bird Magic in Mexico" is first in the series of the current .season's Audubon Society screen tours ... At a pre-Christmas show at the neighborhood Center, no adults were admitted, but children went in free to see a Gene Autry western, comedy and five cartoons. Scottsboro, Ala.. Bocanita Leased to Charley Webb SCOTTSBORO, ALA. — Charley Webb of Scottsboro has leased the Bocanita Theatre from the Word circuit. The deal became effective Januai'y 1. Webb announced plans to close the theatre the latter part of January for a few weeks to do extensive remodeling. Last year Webb operated a theatre in Birmingham, and before and since that time has been with the Word circuit in Jackson, DeKalb, and Marshall counties in Alabama and in Jasper. Tenn. JACK POT QUIZ NITE This is the only proven successful boxoffice stlmu* lant in the Atlanta territory over the post four years. It is legal, ond definitely not a lottery. Write us for names of exhibitors thot you know who ore successfully using our plan. Equally good in convcntionol ond drive-in theatres. Patronage Builders, BOX 1442 AManfa Inc. 223 So. Liberty St. New Orleans, Lo. Miami Variety Names Edward J. Melniker MIAMI—Edward J. Melniker. owner and operator of the Coral Way Drive-In. was elected chief barker of the Variety Club. Hal Kopplin was named first assistant. Sonny Shepherd second assistant, S. K. Bronstein doughguy and William Dock property master. New members of the crew are Sid White, Dan Fitch, Bill Pecks, Al Weiss, Rajah Raboid and Jack Sher. Docn. was named delegate to the Variety International convention with George White canvasman. WfW ORLEANS n group of southwest Louisiana exhibitors met with Congressman T. A. Thompson on the amusement tax repeal campaign. Joe Guillory of Oakdale arranged the meeting, which was held at Opelousas. Exhibitors present were Milton Guidry. Lafayette; E. R. Sellers, Opelousas; H. B. Guillory, Villa Platte; Albert Tate, Ville Platte, with Manager Terry Fuselier, and Sidney Havenar of the Southern Amusement Co., with the following company managers; R. B. Clay. E. K. Crosby, Rene Stelly and Pries.seger. Congressman Thompson was in sympathy with the showmen. However, he asked for further time to study the material placed before him at this meeting before pledging his support. . . Paul C. J. Keller of Eunice opened his new 300- car airer, the Claude. Equipment was. supplied by National Theatre Supply Zaunbiecher will begin construction soon on a 300-seat quonset-type theatre in Iota. Zaunbrecher is a newcomer to the industry. Ground has been broken for another 1,000- car twin drive-in at Lake Charles. Morris Kleinman & A.s.sociates started work on the airer and expect to be ready for an eai-ly spring opening. Terry Fuselier, manager of the Jan Theatre, Ville Plate, says he is the shortest manager in the territory and is ready to prove it. He is 54 inches tall and weighs 75 pounds. Terry is 24 years old and before assuming the manager's duties was a projectionist. He says he carried a box with him in order to reach the magazine. Terry is a bachelor. Milton White of Exhibitors Poster Exchange spent the Christmas holidays with his son and daughter-in-law in San Antonio, Tex. H. A. Dale Buys Theatre PALATKA, FLA.—H. A. Dale, owner and operator of the Lake Theatre in Lake Butler, has i'urchased the New Theatre on Lemon street. Dale, who also owns the Bunnell Theatre in Bunnell, and Mrs. Dale will continue to make their residence in Lake Butler. TRI-STATE THEATRE SUPPLY 320 S. 2nd St., Memphis, Tenn. NATIONAL THEATRE SUPPLY New Orleans, La. PRODUCE A BETTER LIGHT IN ANY SIZE THEATRE OR DRIVE-IN . . . MORE ECONOMICALLY! CARBONS, INC. • BOONTON, N. J. 56 BOXOFFICE January 3. 1953

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