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— CHARLOTTE Johnny Vickers. Alander left it up to the committee Dob Alander, chief barker of the Charlotte DIXIE THEATRE SERVICE & SUPPLY CO. luU North Slappey Drive Albany, Ga. Kermit High, manager of the Carolina said Phone 3431 — Night Phone 2015 plans are progressing for equipment for closed chairmen to select their owr members. Variety Tent, appointed the following committee chairmen for 1953: house—Cy Dillon and Prank Beddingfield; entertainment Frank Elmore opened his new indoor theatre in Blandenboro, N. C, December 27 . . . Tom Chisholm; outside entertainment—Gene Dyer and Al Stout; heart—Scott Lett; ways Dick Eason. Carolina Booking Service, enjoyed and means—Don Graham; membership—Hi a week's- visit from his brother Bill from Holston; eye, ear, nose and throat clinic Greenville, Tex. . . . Filmrow and organizational parties seemed to be the order of the day. Warners had its employes party at the El Morocco Supper club; Be RELIANT - on BRYANT MGM entertained employes and circuit bookers at the Policemen's hall. E.xhibitor's Service feted the ex- Dcpendoble Products - Best of Service 1 8 Years One Location The Bryant name and good reputation are your change bookers at a dinner and dance at the • Griggs Seating • Bigelow Carpets guorantec fireman's hall. Republic had open house for of reol • Co-Op In-Car Speakers satisfaction. employes and exhibitors; Carolina Booking • De Luxe Popcorn and Seasonings Service had open house for the exchange per- BRYANT 227 S. Church St., Charlotte. N. C. .sonncl; National Screen Service, Columbia and Paramount had employes parties; Queen City Booking Service had open house, Astor Pictures and United Artists had open house A. V. CAUGERsCV«7J39°, hospital, announces that the .screening of film employes by means of the mobile X-ray unit was a great success. More than 400 persons went through the unit without undue waiting INCOMPLETE THEATRE SUPPLIES'! or confusion as each organization was assigned a time at which employes were to be ^ DRIVE-IN EQUIPMENT on hand and each employe's card was filled Prompt, Courteous Service out before presenting it at the unit. DOn'T KILL THE Hfln UJITH THE FLUTE circuit television in the theatre. The theatre is the first one in the Carolinas to boast installation of such equipment. The North 17 Theatre, Inc., obtained a certificate of incorporation from Secretary of State Thad Eure to operate a film theatre with authorized capitol stock of $100,000. Incorporators are C. D. Holder, E. M. Lee and Helen C. Lee, all of Wilmington, N. C. . . . Verdah Looper and Doris Strange were among those on the sick list with flu last week. Variety Club entertainment chairman Tom Chisholm managed a big New Year's eve blowout in the Terrace room of the Hotel Barringer with dancing, noise-makers and all that sort of thing topped off with a country ham and eggs breakfast at 12:30 a. m. The Variety Club's Cluistmas party for the kids of members and their friends was held in the club rooms in the Charlotte hotel December 23 and was a big success. Gifts were handed out by Santa Claus in the person of Scott Lett and a series of cartoons and comedies finished off the program. Of course plenty of food was on hand for the youngsters. Topliners for "Three Sailors and a Girl," Warner Bros. Technicolor musical, are Jane Powell, Gene Nel-son and Gordon MacRae SPECIAL TRAILERS Quality & Service Serving theotres in the South for 31 yeors. 12 cents per word Lowest cost anywhere Minimum Order, $2.00 Strickland Film Co. 220 Phorr Road, N. E. Atlonta A good sound system should be capable of reproducing the entire sound frequency range recorded on the film from the lowest 40 cycle tones of the bass viol to the 10,000 cycle tones of the flute. mOTIOGRflPH SOUnO SySTEfUS ^an^cuttee the best balanced, most complete tonal range; life-like reproduction; delicate shadings of voice; musical qualities never before approached; uniform sound level throughout the theatre. 1 4 models for indoor theatres from 500 to 5,000 seals and drive-ins from 200 to over 1,000 cars — ALL built to the one same high standard of quality. WIL-KIN THEATRE SUPPLY, INC. Atlanta, Georgia Charlotte, North Carolina "Everything for the theatre except film" For over 20 years SERVICE and COURTESY OUR WATCH WORD PROJECTORS STRONG *"' AND SOUND LAIVIPS CONCESSION EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES STANDARD THEATRE SUPPLY CO. 215 E. Wasliinoton St., 219 So. Cliurcll St GREENSBORO. N. C. CHARLOTTE, N. C. •CENTURY ALL TYPES OF CHANGEABLE MARQUEE LETTERS Write for Prices CAROLINA NEON SIGN COMPANY P.O. BOX 3092 CHARLOTTE, N. C. JOE HORNSTEIN, INC. 714 N.E. lit Are., Miomi, Flo. SOUTHERN THEATRE SUPPLY 146 Walton St., Atlanta, Go. THEATRE EQUIPMENT CO. 220 S. Poplor St., Charlotte, N. C. PRODUCE A BETTER LIGHT IN ANY SIZE THEATRE OR DRIVE-IN . . . MORE ECONOMICALLY! CARBONS, INC. • BOONTON, N. J. 58 BOXOFFICE January 3, 1953

Pay as You Leave At Ritz in Memphis MEMPHIS — The Ritz Theatre here launched its latest feature. "High Treason," Christmas day with a new policy. Instead of buying a ticket at the boxoffice you walk right in and see the show. No cashier, no doorman. When you leave, you may donate whatever you think the evening's entertainment was worth. And if you don't think it was worth anything, that's all right too. This new policy — "DONATE AS YOU LEAVE" — wa-s announced by Joe Simon, manager, after a week of "teaser" ads in newspapers, on movie screens, street car signs, billboards and elsewhere inviting you to what "DA'yx" means. There are no strings gags or gimmicks. Simon believes some will come out of curiosity, will enjoy the first run picture and return regularly. He reported the new policy is working out fine. In fact, the first few days were highly pleasing. Large crowds were there Christmas day, which is usually a very bad day at Memphis theatres. "About 95 per cent of our customers donate something as they leave," reported Simon. "The amount they gave wa.s on a par with usual admission charges. Some gave a little more. Some gave a little less. "We are delighted with the way DAYL (donate as you leave l worked out and will continue this policy indefinitely." The cashier is in the lobby to make change for any who need it. Andrew Stone will write the screenplay of "Blueprint for Murder" and direct it for 20th Century-Fox. SELL YOUR THEATRE P tamest cOYtraoe in U.S. No "Net" listinos. Hiohest reputation for l(now-how and fair dealing. 30 years experience including exhibition. Ask Better Business Bureau, or our customers. Know your broker. ARTHUR LEAK Theatre Speciolists 3305 Caruth, Dallas, Texas Telephones: EM 023S • EM 7489 qONFIDENTIAL CORRESPONDENCE