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. . John . . . Lanae . . OMAHA Toe Scott, 20th-Fox manager, and salesman Irv Good, Max McCoy and Pat Halloran will fly to Milwaukee January 12 for a district sales meeting. Scott, chairman of the Will Rogers Memorial hospital fund drive for this territory, expressed thanks to exhibitors and industry folks who contributed . . . Clarance Blubaugh, UA salesman who has been ill for a month, visited the office during the holidays. UA Manager Don McLucas was back at work after a rough battle with the flu. Says J. V. GERBRACH Ames Operating Co. Ames, lowo Evelyn Cannon, MGM office manager, said the staff Christmas party was one of the best ever held. Dinner was served by a cateress and one of the special music features was a duet by the two daughters of cashier Emma Brereton . Kemptgen. former Omaha MGM exchange chief who holds a similar position in Milwaukee, and his wife, who as Hazel Anderson was Omaha MGM office manager, were visitors here during the holidays. Exhibitors visiting: Filmrow included J. E. Holben, Pisgah, Iowa; Arnold Johnson, Onawa; Adrian Mueting, Fonda; John Harmon, Orchard. Neb.; Phil March, Wayne; Mr. and Mrs. Bob Holdrege, Shenandoah; Frank Good, Red Oak; Charles Lathrop, Neola. and Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. Otto Leise, Bloomfield. Anna Cousman, wife of Omaha doorman, William Cousman, died from complications IT IS A PI^EASURE THE Af^ES o?m^^'T'''' Of|ic« - .^"r^oWA 10*'^ 1J-. AMES. august .„„..t U, 1952 lae V. Cerb""* ,uio»>" " Unl"* Charlotte ^'>^„tte %9 Street ^^^^^r^. Kansas City 3— ant TO NOTE DIFFERENCE' after a fall which broke her hip . . . Tristates District Manager William Miskell reported that the flu bug had about run its course through the entire family . . Jim . Emerson, son of Ti'i-States publicist Ted Emerson, is home on leave from the navy. His father is filling in for Loren Landkamer, manager of the Tri-States house at Fairbury, who will be on the sick list until after the first of the year. Mexico supplied 138 pictures to Columbia for exhibition in 1951, ranking second in supplying films to that country. DES MOINES Come 450 cliildren were led from the smokefilled Iowa Theatre on the east side of Des Moines on Christmas eve in what the theatre manager de.scribed as "orderly evacuation." The smoke came from a "very small" fire in the women's restroom, Ben Kubby, manager, said. The fire w-as reported to him about 4:30 p. m. by one of the children. "We had the house lights turned on. and the staff went dow-n the aisles telling the children the film was over." Kubby explained. "The word 'fire' wasn't used at all. and the children filed out in very orderly fashion." he said. Good weather and roads made it possible . . . for many Filmrowers to make trips to visit friends and relatives either on Christmas or New Year's day or on one of the weekends during the holidays. Mildred Davis. Universal, Doris Shawler, Universal, drove to Centerville . . . spent a weekend in Maxberg Mable Magnu.sson spent Christmas day with an aunt in Minburn . . . Byron Shapiro. Columbia manager, traveled to Minneapolis . Virginia Jacobs and Janet Olmstead. both of MGM, journeyed to Lacona and New Virgimia. respectively . . . Dee Mueller, Republic, spent a weekend in Winterset. ' _._» aeo «e "= Today «* „.v,

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