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S . . Mike . . The . . John . . Local . . Mrs. — DETROIT Tim Sharkey of Cooperative is enthusiastic over business prospects for "Bwana Devil," being played by his opposition at the Madison Albert Dezel reviewed "Mated," a . . . . . Visitors on special education film, for distribution possibilities Ernie Ziegler, U-I booker, was . . . in Long Island for Christmas . Pilmrow included Clive Waxman of Grand Rapids; Don McKenzie, Richards, Flint, and George Beach of the Glen-Ara, White Cloud . . . Herb Schilds AA, and Joe Busic of Grand Rapids drove across the state at a slow pace because of an intense fog. The MGM office staff had a Christmas L O L THEATRE CONCESSION INCREASED PROFITS - DECREASED WORRIES PERSONAUZED SUPERVISED SERVICE DRIVE-IN AND INDOOR THEATRES 2937 Si. Aubin Delroil 7, Mich. Phone To. 13352 Te. 13884 MI. VERNON GARDENS (Formerly Loreitzen's) Earl Bradley, Florist Phone BRoadwoy 3-4646 19800 James Couzens Detroit 21, Mich. ANYWHERE UPHOLSTERING, REPAIRING THEATRE SEATS Prompt, Reliable Service. 15 Years Know-How. SERVICE SEATING CO. JOHN HEIDT 1507 W. Kirby Detroit 8, Mich. Phone TYIer 7-801 SERVICE-QUALITY-PRICE GOLD CHIPS Potato Chips Exclusively for the Theatr* Trade. VETERAN FOOD PRODUCTS, INC. E439 Ml. ElUott Ave. Detroit 11. Mich. Phone WAlnut 1-5516 PROGRAMS Coverlnj ONE or TWO WEEKS! ONE DAY SERVICE — On Request THEATRICAL ADVERTISING CO. 2310 CASS AVE. DETROIT, 1, MICH. WRITE FOR SAMPLES! WO. 1-2158 party and dinner up at the Hotel Clifford .... Cliff Perry, MGM .sale.sman, ha-s a new company-owned Plymouth . . . Charles Dietz, MGM exploiteer, wa.s host to his daughter Pat and her husband, Lt. Hal Krause of the air force, for the holidays . Ruth Ackerman, wife of pioneer exhibitor Sam Ackerman, re-entered Henry Ford hospital because of serious illness. Tom McGuire, one-time public relations chief of Cooperative Theatres who ha.s been in Milwaukee for several years with Pabst, is reported moving back to Detroit . . . Norman Wheaton, manager of the Telenews, reports his mother is in improved health, and was able to return to her home in Cleveland last week . Palk, independent booker, left the hospital the day before Christmas. . . . . . Gert and Dette Schneider and especially A Happy New Year to all . . . those friends who sent personal greet- ings: Waunetta and Floyd Chrysler, on an evergreen bough Penrod family with a moonlit . scene .... a gay visiting couple from the Film Exchange projection room Stanley Fisher, recalling the gay Pickwickian era . of the Stratford with a beautiful work of art . . . Marjorie Rice, with cute little angels busily painting tree ornaments. . Dick Holtz with an artistic year around calendar . . . Tom McGuire with colorful knitted manikins 199 with a formal message in excellent taste . . Tom . Allen with a slide-film designed for the Joe Ellul with a fine shot of his filmite . . . Gene and Fort Lauderdale apartment . . . Eva, Christmas tree from Mobile, no Charles N. Agree with architectural less . . . John and Jo Quinn, with marquee simplicity . . . billing for the holidays. . . . . . Warren F. Carmer, . . . Nicholas . The Walter Schafer family from Rochester, Herb Eschbach with a jovial N. Y. . . . Santa message Sam Greisman's classic coach, from Fort Wayne . former manager of Cinema, and family sent greetings from L. A. . . . Harry Lee, a poinsettia-covered message Tsoukalas, with a wintry portrait of his family Alex Schreiber family and Elgin Mason greetings from the west coast arrived just after Chi-istmas. Irving Teicher is incorporating the Elsa Theatre Enterprises, Inc., in connection with the Palmer Park Theatre in Highland Park, which he has reopened with an art house policy. Associated with him in the new firm are William M. Ellmann of Highland Park and Sara Bennett, Detroit. Start Prosperity Night At Chdkeres Theatres SPRINGFIELD — Prosperity night has proved a popular attraction to patrons at local Chakeres theatres. Somewhat replacing the defunct bank night programs, it is held on Tuesday nights. The winners can get either a $200 defense bond or $150 worth of furniture and jewelry. To qualify for a prize, a patron has to sign a register book only once. Then, to be eligible for the week's prizes, he or she must attend one of the theatres at any performance Monday or Tuesday and sign an attendance ticket which is date-stamped by a theatre employe. Prosperity night has been operating here about two months. A jackpot is built up when a winner is found ineligible because of failure to attend a show on one of the required days. Additional names are drawn for each $200 bond in the jackpot. $25,000 Fire at Regent DETROIT—The Regent Theatre, central uptown house operated by United Detroit theatres, wa.s damaged Saturday morning (20) by a fire which apparently started on the mezzanine floor. Three alarms, drawing 16 fire companies, were called, tieing up midtown traffic for two hours. With damage estimated at $25,000, an arson investigation showed that the candy counter and a popcorn machine had been broken open, and police theorized that burglars had remained in the house after closing, and started the fire to cover up their depredation-s. Three Exhibitors Join Club DETROIT—Three local exhibitors placed the industry high among new members of the Oldtimers club, inner sanctum group of ten-year members of Detroit's famed Adcrafters club. Only eight members were presented with membership medallions at the official conclave. The exhibitor members were Earl J. Hudson, president. United Detroit Theatres; David M. Idzal, managing director. Fox Theatre, and Norman F. Wheaton, manager of the Telenews. ERNIE FORBES THEATRE SUPPLY 214 W. Montcalm Detroit 1, Mich, woodward 1-1122 We Help You Make Movies Better Than Eyet Service ..... Repairs DETROIT POPCORN CO. READY-TO-EAT POPPED CORN Corn - Seasor}ing - Boxes Bags - Salt POPCORN MACHINES AND CARMEL CORN EQUIPMENT 5633 Grond River Ave. Phone TYIer 4-6912 Detroit 8, Micti. Nights- UN 3-1468 Theatfp Sign and Marquee Maintenance /^^^ Our Specialty ^kMTorstiTWji^Ca ^ rTTT'M^rr.rnrriji^rii i^r.ri.i-i^ TOwnsend 8-2230 3030 West Davidson Ave. Detroit 6, Mich. 'f M AUTO CITY CANDY CO. 2937 St. Aubin TEmple 1-33S0 Detroit 7, Micli. COMPLETE SUPPLIES FOR YOUR THEATRE CANDY DEPARTMENT CORN—SEASONING—SALT SYRUPS—CUPS—POPCORN BOXES—GUMS and Complete Assortment ot Candy in Speciol- Priccd Theotre Packs. ERNIE FORBES THEATRE SUPPLY 214 W. Montcalm St., Detroit, Mich. STANDARD VENDORS 306 Pearl Street, Louisville, Ky. PRODUCE A BETTER LIGHT IN ANY SIZE THEATRE OR DRIVE-IN . . . More economically! CARBONS, INC. • BOONTON, N. J. 72 BOXOFFICE :: January 3, 1953

Poubie Satisfttcthii YOUR CUSTOMERS AND YOU ® IN-A-CAR SPEAKERS SUPERB SOUND Ask your Ballantyne representative to demonstrate the Dub'l-Cones. Nowhere will you find more faithful, undistorted sound reproduction at all volume levels. Electrical Components are Manufactured under Ballantyne Co. Patents by General Electric. UNIQUE DUB'L-CONE ^^^ Two cones, one super imposed over the other with a 3/16" airgap between for tonal resonance. The exterior cone protects while the interior cone projects the sound. Both are completely weatherproof. If ever damaged, you can replace it on the spot in a matter of minutes. WEATHERPROOF Every point in the speaker has been protected against moisture and corrosion. Diaphram is treated to protect against dampness. The voice coil is noncorrosive aluminum—will not buckle, warp or swell. DEPENDABLE A heavy 1.30 oz. Alnico V magnet gives THREE to FIVE TIMES the power of earlier magnetic materials. Ask the Drive Theatre Owner who has Dub'l-Cone Speakers — more than ^0,000 installed in new and existing theatres. Haddin Theatre Supply Co. 209 South 3rd Street Louisville, Kentucky BOXOFFICE January 3, 1953 73