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. . Bob . . . James . , . Irving . . . Gem . , . Leon . . The . . Edward . . Tom . . James . . Paul . . . . . . The . . "The BOSTON •The staffs at Monogram, Allied Artists and Rifkin circuit were the guests of Herman Rifkin for a Christmas party at the Monogram office with cocktails, a catered turkey dinner and a screening later . . . Frank Le- Page, Millinocket, Me., Theatre, and Noel Cote, Mai-ilyn Theatre, Van Buren, Me., made one of their rare visits to town for Christmas shopping and for friendly chats in the district. Manual Lima, manager of the Neponset Drive-In for Redstone Theatres, will be married January 10 in New Bedford to Rose Mello of New Bedford ., Magnet. Claremont, N. H., and Scenic, Keene, N. H., went to Miami, Fla., for six weeks with his father and mother for rest and relaxation in the sun. He left the theatres under the care of George Caron. Josephine Levine and Joseph Wolf of Emba.ssy Pictures are handling the New England distribution for Commercial Pictures, headed by Raymond Hakim. The fii-st film ready for relea.^e is "Angel Street," starring Anton Walbrook . . . Ciiristmas decorations at MGM this year were donated by John Picone of Picone's pharmacy of Brighton, a personal friend of Manager Benn Rosenwald. Outsiders invited to the MGM Christmas party were Jim Tibbetts and Jack Mercer, managers of Loew's Theatres; Charles Kurtzman, northeastern division manager of Loew's; Ralph lannuzzi, Warner manager, and Tom Fermoyle, ATC head booker, all of whom saw the special screening of "Million Dollar Mermaid" following the dinner party. Boston television set ownership is fast approaching tlie million mark with figures from WNAC-TV and WBZ-TV claiming there now are 986,567 sets in operation as of December 1. This makes an increase of 19,677 sets over the previous month. The latest survey of total video installations in the Providence area as of December 1 is 248,000. The two Hub stations expect to hit the million mark early in 1953. Kddie Ruff and Irving Farber of Regal Pictures Corp. said that George Kraska's featurette, "Miracle on Skies," has had its first booking outside New England at the Sutton Theatre, New York City, opening December 31 with Columbia's "Member of the Wedding." Manor Films is handling the short for Regal Pictures in the New York area.. Marlin Skiles has been set as music director on Allied's "Jalopy." IMAGE & SOUND SERVICE CORP. "The Best Value In Sound Service" Hancock 6-7984 445 Statler Building Boston, Mossochusetts Industry Highlights At Boston During '52 (Continued from preceding page) the COMPO-spon.sored campaign for repeal of the 20 per cent admission tax for New England . Garbose antitrust case was settled out of court for an undisclosed simi Tibbetts was elected commander of the Lieut. A. Vernon Macaulay Post 270, of the American Legion . . . Irving Alexander, district manager for the Snider circuit, died Hillman, manager, Roger Sherman, New Haven, w-as named manager of the year by Warner Theatres Co. OCTOBER American Theatres Corp. purchased radio time to promote suburban house programs Theatre, East Boston, was destroyed by fire . . . James H. Doyle, 85. theatre Edward Redstone married owner, died . . . Leila Warren in New York . Cuddy, New England Theatres official, resigned . , . Many drive-ins were preparing to close. NOVEMBER . . , . . The . . Twentieth-Fox Redstone Drive-In Theatres moved its offices George Roberts to 260 Tremont St. . . . was appointed chairman for the Boston Garden Rodeo show for the benefit of the Variety Club of New England . Spry, 83, veteran motion picture distributor, died A memorial to the late E. . Harold Stoneman was unveiled at Adath Jeshrum cemetery . . . Helen Eager, Boston Traveler film and drama critic, died. Alta Maloney replaced her James Connolly, 1953 chairman for distribution for the Community fund, called a meeting of film exchange persomiel . master's report in the suit of three exhibitors against the commissioner of public safety was handed down . . . MGM promoted a press junket to Plymouth, Mass., for the screening of "Plymouth Adventure" . threw a press party for Joseph Cotten, starring in "The Steel Trap." DECEMBER Independent Exhibitors, Inc., of New England held its annual one-day convention at the Sheraton-Plaza hotel with film clinics, open forum and cocktail party and banquet in the evening . . . Variety Club of New England re-elected Walter Brown as chief barker . . . Allied Tlieatres of New England re-elected Martin J. Mullin as president and gave Al Somerby a life membership . Hachey, manager of the Plymouth, Mass. theatre, won first prize in a managers contest for Interstate Theatres Corp. . M. Connolly was appointed chairman of the theatre division for the 1953 March of Dimes . Richard A. Smith was married to Susan Flax J. Levenson was appointed chairman of the national concessions committee for TO A. 'Little Boy Lost' Score Victor Young will compose the music and conduct it for Paramount's "Little Boy Lost." PROVIDENCE . . . . Al [Jnofficial reports indicate that holiday business came pretty close to exceeding optimistic anticipations. Most first run houses were comfortably patronized. Several neighborhood houses checked believed that this season s boxoffice was running slightly ahead of last year Prisoner of Zenda" held a second week at Loew's State Siner celebrated Christmas at the Strand with "Road to Bali." Siner recently gave local basketball fans a treat when he presented "The Harlem Globetrotters." Siner made good use of local zest for the sport. "Macbeth" opened at the Playhouse on Christmas for a three-day run. Because of the nature of the production, the usual sevenday schedule was shortened to allow for a greater rehearsal period . . . Dave Levin, Albee manager, did plenty of tub-thumping for the Christmas opening of "Blackbeard the Pirate" , customary Christmas parties, bonuses and gifts of tiu-keys and greenbacks made it a merry holiday for scores of local theatres employes. The theatre operators and owners who are usually far from modest when it comes to heralding their entertainment, do not like publicity when it comes to their good works, thus we just salute their generosity with "well done, and thanks from all employes." The Carlton recently presented a doublefeature .show comprising "Not Wanted" and "Good Time Girl" . . . Additional competition for local houses is seen with the opening of the Ci'anston Playhouse, a civic theatre, offering six stage attractions for the price of five, when theatregoers subscribe for the entire series . . . The Hollywood had a matinee Christmas party for children just prior to the holiday. Hundreds of kiddies were admitted free, regaled with cartoons, shorts, westerns plus free refreshments and gifts. In his annual Christmas review, Brad Swan, film reviewer and critic on the staff of the Piovidence Journal and Bulletin, praised 1952 product and said it is more than a match for TV. Les Brown and Orchestra Signed Will Cowan's musical featurette for Universal-International will headline Les Brown and his orchestra. J/. ea/Zof PLAY SAFE... NEXT TIME USE r IUTtWllASHAVE,OHI0AaO no NINTH tVENUE, NEW VOIIK EQUIPMENT PRODUCE A BETTER LIGHT IN ANY SIZE THEATRE OR DRIVE-IN . . . MORE ECONOMICALLY! CARBONS, INC. • BOONTON, N. J. 80 BOXOFFICE :: January 3. 1953

. . Carl NEW HAVEN pmployes of United Artists got their best Christmas presents when they learned that the local office had won second place in the Bill Heineman drive. The prize money was divided among Sid Cooper, manager; Henry Bruning, office manager, and Mrs. Virginia Smith, ca-shier. They, in turn, gifted co-workers. The exchange won third place in the first lap of the drive, and came in first in the second and third laps. . . . Earl Robinson, former manager of the Warner Regal, Hartford, has been assigned permanently to the Warner Palace, South Norwalk, succeeding Joe Sifer, who resigned Two members of the Universal branch here enjoyed vacations over the holidays. Alec Schimel, booker, went to Asbury Park, N. J., and Eva Cooperstock, office manager, was on a cruise . . . Morris Rosenthal, manager of Loew's Poli, planted a newspaper story on John Philip Sousa's visits to New Haven in connection with "Stars and Stripes Forever." All members of the marine corps were admitted to the film free, if in uniform. The American premiere of "The Little World of Don Camillo" was held at the Lincoln, New Haven (26i. The Italian Film Expert Releasing Corp. wanted the film to have a regular pubUc showing before the end of the year to make it eligible for Academy • award balloting. The Lincoln was picked as a site for the rush engagement partly because the art house was scheduled for a one-week holiday shutdown. Situated at the edge of the Yale campus, the theatre gets much of its patronage from 10,000 Eli students and faculty members. "Don Camillo" will play a regular run at the Lincoln later. The Fine Arts, Sampson & Spyodick house in Westport, has gone on a first run policy, bidding against the Warner and Paramount in South Norwalk for first run bookings. Scheduled for the F^e Arts during late December and January were "Ivanhoe," "The Promoter," "The Fom- Poster" and "Breaking the Sound Barrier." Norman Bialek is managing director of the Fine Arts, one of four theatres in the Sampson & Spodick chain, which operates in Bridgeport and New Haven. One of the biggest theatre Christmas parties in the country was sponsored by the New Haven Savings bank, which was host to 20.000 children at two shows in each of six theatres (24). Houses used were the Pequot, Westville and Whalley, New Haven; Rivoli, West Haven, and Strand and Whitney, Hamden. The bank has been running such shows for the last three years as a goodwill gesture. The bank handles school savings in the area. This year's party was the biggest ever. . . •Ed Lynch, former manager of the Roger Sherman, now is manager of the Warner Beverly, Beverly Hills, Calif. He retired early in the year and plamied to get into another line on the coast, but his love of the business was too great Reardon. Universal manager, played host to staff members at a Christmas party in his home, and they gave him an Omega watch . Warner Theatres sponsored a Christmas . party for all New England zone managers at the Hartford club, Hartford. NEW HAMPSHIRE n new industry will be located on a 100-acre tract of land on Route 16 in Newington, now owned by Louis DeRochemont. wellknown film producer. The Simplex Wire & Cable Co. of Cambridge. Mass., has taken an option on the property . . . Three members of the Weirs Ski club in Laconia are exjjected to go to Cypress Gardens, Fla., later this winter to join water skiers in a water ski film starring Esther Williams. The Palace in Manchester was the scene of a big hillbilly jamboree on December 19, when Wilma Lee and Stony Cooper's Clinch Mountain Boys. Cowboy Phil and the Golden West Girls and other acts from radio station WWVA in Wheeling, W. Va., appeared on stage. Rounding out the two-hour .show, given both afternoon and evening, was the Judy Canova film, "Honeychile." New Hampshire exhibitors are elated over an announcement by Governor-elect Hugh Gregg that he will give full support to a stepped-up Sell New Hampshire advertising program of the state planning and development commission ... As usual, films played a prominent part in the many Christmas parties staged for children throughout New Hampshire. The Bristol Lions club held its second annual gathering at the Bristol Theatre, with several films, two clowns and an appearance of Santa Claus. In Ashland, the Chamber of Commerce sponsored a similar party at the Liberty. The Portsmouth club also gave a free show, which lasted two hours. Santa was on hand to distribute candy. GOODWILL AWARD AND BANKNIGHT IT'S THE LEGHI WAY AND THE PROVEN WAY It will get the people out of their homes away from the radio and television And to Your Theatre There are over 100 theatres in the New England territory proving it every week. Several of these theatres have continuously used the plan for over fifteen years . . . the PATRONS must like it. Write or call us and we will see you GOODWILL ADVERTISING COMPANY 14 Piedmont St. Liberty 2-9305 Boston, Mass. ii'^ BOXOFFICE :: January 3, 1953 81