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^= . . . . Harry TORONTO

^= . . . . Harry TORONTO T azanis Phillips has been elected a director of the Montreal Life Insurance Co. He also is director of Empire-Universal Films and Consolidated Theatres of Montreal . . . Impresario Tom Daley of the University whipped up "April in Paris" for his New Year's eve offering, while Manager Len Bishop at Shea's had "The I Don't Care Girl" for the same occasion. Fred TrebUcock of the Imperial and Marc Hirsch of the Eglinton had "The Stooge" to see the old year out. Harry F. Wilson of the Capitol. Chatham, came through as the winner of Dan Krendel's ballyhoo contest, taking down $100 against all FPC managers in the western Ontario district. Second and third were Jim Mc- Donough of the Tivoli. Hamilton, and Bill Burke of the Capitol, Brantford. Bill Trudell of the Capitol, London, won the special prize for the best exploitation showing in any one of the 13 weeks of the drive. George T. Booth, who produced Canada's sound picture. "The Bells," in Toronto back in 1932, arranged an exhibition of 14 of his paintings in the art gallery of the Hyland Theatre through an arrangement with Manager Vic Nowe. Booth has retained the original print of hLs film venture . . . Art Arthur, brother of Hye Bossin of Film Productions of Canada, has been ordered to report to the White House in Washington in January for duty. The sales promotion contest of Theatre Confections resulted in Alex Barclay of the Strand. Trail. B. C. winning a trip to Hawaii. Group winners, all of whom received ten shares of Famous Players' stock from President Jack Fitzgibbons of the subsidiary company, included Ned Hill, Richmond Hill, Ont.; Bruce Fraser, Centre. Windsor; P. Young. Grand, Winnipeg; D. Letts, Strand. Vancouver, and B. Hamelin. Montreal. A conductor and producer with Famous Players Canadian Corp. for many years, Roy Locksley has been elected full-time secretary-treasurer of the Toronto musicians union for a term of five years. He will have charge of public relations. The Toronto projectionists' Local 173 has re-elected James Sturgess as president and George Jones as secretary. Solly Cohen, who hit the jackpot in the Irish Sweepstakes this year, is sergeant at arms. Gordon Fleming is appearing as organist in the program at the Capitol, Windsor. . . . Lindsay Martyn has been named manager of the Savoy at Hamilton by Canadian Odeon. following the transfer of George Sheppard to the Odeon at Peterboro. position from which The Claude L. Hunter resigned recently arrival of Leighton Brill and Ben Kamsler from New York was accompanied by the announcement that their tent show, "Melody Pair." would not return to Dufferin Park race track here where it had been operated for two summers. The tent Ls being moved to Montreal. The juvenile matinee Saturday at the Famous Players College was graced by the presence of Mrs. Wallace McCutcheon and Mrs. George L. Dunn, co-chairmen of the screening committee of the Children's Film Library committee of Canada. They were shown through the theatre by Bert Brown from the head office and Manager Mort Margolius. Manager Jim MeDonough of the Players Hamilton, had a handsome setting for Tivoli. the New Year's eve Frolic at the theatre . . after a highly successful regime as Canadian publicity director for Warner Bros. here. P. A. Ranicar has arranged to move to Denver. Colo., because of the health of his wife. He has received a Warner Bros, appointment there. AN OPEN LETTER TO ALL SHOWMEN The last official act of Lou Davidson as REMEMBER THE GOOD OLD DAYS? R. M. SAVINI Back in early 1933, we started Astor on the big reissue road which resulted in a great success for us and our franchise distributors. As a result, the reissue was born and other Independents followed suit tabbing Astor, the "Father of the Reissue." A great part of this success stemmed from the good old showmanship days! . . . How many of you showmen remember the thrill it was to plan a small exploitation campaign and be rewarded with above normal business—and the cost of this campaign—practically nU compared to the grosses. Believe me, we are not preaching, but bringing back fond memories of days gone by that can very well b8 again. Back in those days, copy like—"Back BY POPULAR REQUEST . . HUNDREDS OP PATRONS DEMANDED THE RETURN OF THIS GREAT MOTION PICTURE"—and backed by a little honest showmanship, ALWAYS scored top results at your boxoffice! IT CAN HAPPEN AGAIN—AGAIN and AGAIN. Good motion pictures, like good stage plays, are worth repeating over and over again, especially when you can snare a big reissue at a fair rental leaving a larger profit. Sincerely, R. M. Savini, President PEERLESS FILMS—277 Victorio St.—Toronto ASTOR PICTURES CORP. PEERLESS FILMS—S97S Monklond Ave.—Montrcol jg West 46th St N. Y. C. 1952 chairman of the house committee of Toronto Variety Tent was to sponsor a fund among the barkers for a year-end bonus for the employes at the Variety clubrooms. No gratuities are permitted ordinarily throughout the year . Lester, exhibitor, has been appointed chairman of arrangements for the annual dinner of the Canadian Picture Pioneers February 11 in the Crystal ballroom of the King Edward hotel here. Legislature of Ontario May Revise Theatre Act TORONTO—Proposed amendments to the theatres and cinematographs act are expected to be brought before the first 1953 session of the Ontario legislature which is scheduled to open February 12 at Queen's Park. The Motion Picture Theatres Ass'n of Ontario has submitted a brief in which a number of suggested changes in the outmoded regulations have been outlined for the consideration of the government. The last revisions were approved 15 years ago. Following the recent conference of provincial censor boards here and the move in the province of Quebec to regulate television films, it is possible the amending bill in Ontario will provide some form of TV censorship. A set of regulations for the control of drivein theatres, unknown in 1937 when the code was revised, may be incorporated in the new rules, as well as clauses for film grading and the admission of juveniles. Newsreels may be removed from ceniorship requirements in all cases. 'Romeo and Juliet' Filming To Be Done in Italy TORONTO—John DavLs of London has advised the J. Arthur Rank Organization of Canada, of which he is a director, that the parent company has effected a deal with the Italian enterprise. Universalcine. for the joint mainly on production of "Romeo and Juliet." location in and around Verona. Italy. The Rank Organization will combine with Universalcine to film a script in English and Italian versions, the writing of which has been done by Renato CasteUani, who will select the English cast. The production team will consist of Sandro Ghenzi. producer; Joseph Janni as associate producer, and Dallas Bower, dialog director of the English version. FPC Pays 50 Cents TORONTO—The thousands of Famous Players shareholders received a substantial year-end present in the form of a special dividend. The usual rate of 30 cents for the quarter was raised to 35 cents to which was added a 15-cent bonus for a total of 50 cents. Metro's romantic comedy. "Years Ago," will be directed by George Cukor. Comedienne Mary Wickes plays a character lead. Popcorn suppliers to Canada's leoding Independent theofres from coast-to-coast. YORK CONFECTIONS LTD. 277 Victorio Street Toronto 2, Ontorio 84 BOXOFFICE January 3, 1953

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