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Stage Engineering that

Stage Engineering that Meets the Modern Requirements for the presentation of the sensational new A completely new, heretofore unknown type of stage rigging was required for the exciting new Cinerama. Clancy engineers were called in to work out the technical details and to supervise the installations*. The result — a smooth-working highly dramatic presentation that is the talk of the industry. Whatever your stage requirements— new construction or remodeling — big or little — located anywhere in the world . . . you can always depend upon Clancy engineering, Clancy manufacturing, Clancy rigging. Write for your free copy of Clancy's new book, "Standard Stage Rigging Specifications." 'Draperies by Scenic Novelty Studios, New Yori: J. R. CLANCY, INC. SYRACUSE 4, N. Y. World's Largest Designers, Manufacturers and Riggers of Mechanical Stage Equipment NO JOB TOO LARGE; NO JOB TOO SMALL - WORLD-WIDE SERVICE The MODERN THEATRE SECTION

1 LOOK mHT TO BEmnr- Insure a prosperous Nei¥ Year! Your patrons will feel at home in a modern lobby — the "living room" of your theatre. \'"il.^i^ Your independent theatre equipment dealer has a complete stock of equipment for your every need, including outstanding carpets of top quality especially woven to withstand wear. Give him a call, as he is ready to serve you. There will be no better time. BOXOFFICE :: January 3, 1953