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— — — 690

— — — 690 Drive-ins Built in '52 At Cost of $52,125,800 Predict $100 Million Investment in '53 Construction KANSAS CITY—Despite restrictions on amusement construction and limited steel and copper supplies, the motion picture industry added 690 drive-in theatres in 1952. TheiC outdoor theatres, with a total capacity of 263.879 cars, were built at an estimated cost of $52.125,800—giving the industry its second biggest drive-in year in its history. The 690 figure includes outdoor theatres either opened or placed under construction during the 12-month period ending December 31. This compares with 403 drive-ins reported in 1951. The total, however, falls to come near the 1,154 projects recorded in 1950, an unrestricted year. ADDS 700,000 SEATS Figuring that each 750 cars represents a a 2,000-seat theatre, the 1952 totals added approximately 700,000 seats for motion picture patrons, or the equivalent of 350 de luxe theatres each w^ith a 2,000-seat capacity It is expected, however, that with restrictions lifted and steel and copper more readily available, at least 1,000 more drive-ins will be built in 1953. On an estimated cost of $200 per car and the theatres averaging 500 cars each, the industry will put an additional $100,000,000 into motion picture exhibition facilities. Because of steel and copper limitations, exhibitors kept down the size of the drive-in projects, limiting them to a national average of 380 cars each. Theatremen apparently le?.rned how- to get around restrictions by using substitute materials and planning the drive-ins on more modest car capacity than if materials had been unrestricted. Many of the exhibitors constructed expandable units, with the intention of increasing car capacity when restrictions were lifted. Following is a list of drive-ins either opened or placed under construction in 1952 as reported to BOXOFFICE: lAn asterisk i*i mdicates the theatres have been opened). ALABAMA Abbeville—Bennett Iirl\e-In. 200 ears. Ward Benoott* Bay Minelte—.iOO-car drlie-ln. McLondoii Tliestres* Centre—»1I Mrivc-In. Emory Johnson Gadsden— lUlnljoo, 310 cars, Charles Plttman* Gadsden—.SOO-car drlte-ln. Trlstate .Vmuscnienl Co. Mobile Gadsden—Rjinch -W. .lOft ears. B Ward WrlRhi* Graysville—Drlvf-ln. 225 cars. The Thiatre Co.. Inc • Hartselle—Riinch l>rlve-In. 500 cars. Hubert W .Mitchell* Montgomery—Jet l)rtvc-In. 500 cars. .Mat and Jimmy Surad* Opelllia—Skjnie. 208 cars, Martin Theatres* Cop—Dixieland, .tOO cars. Bill Ward. Dan Page. Charles Gautney and John Young* Opp—0pp. 300 cars. George 8. 0»eo' Ozark— Fan. 350 cars. Mrs. W. BracMn* 16 Piedmont—SOO-cir (Irive-in. L. H. Huuell and Edward and Joe l.itllf* Talladega—Broadway. 275 cars. Martin Theatres* Wetumpka—Encore. W. M. Singleton ARIZONA Bisbee—.\pache. 400 cars, mamos & Associates* Casa Grande—Drlve-In, Long Enterprises Chandler—Mustang. 410 cars. J. H. Wood* Coolidge— Prince. 440 cars. Long Enterprises* Douglas—Fort Cochise. 400. Dlamos & Associates* EIroy—Drlve-In. Long Enterprises Flagstaff— 500 cars. Northern Arizona Theatres Glendale—Rancho, 450 cars, Harry L. Nace Theatres Nogales—El Riuicho, 500 ears. George Dlamos & Associates* Tucson—La Fiesta. 400 cars. Wes Becker and Hugh Doims* ARKANSAS Camden—Starvue. 700 cars. Malco Theatres Clarksville—400-car drlve-ln. I'nited Theatres Corp- Corning—300-car drive-In. Gordon Hulchins Fayetteville—500-car drive-in. Malco Ttieatres Fordyce—325-car drive-in under way. K. Lee Williams Ga.wvlllt—Slarlite. Bob BrLvey* Glenwood—Drlve-ln. J.imes Eggerman* Gurdon— drlve-ln, K. Lee Williams Hope— Hope. 350 cars. I). D. Harrison* Hot Springs—Sunset. 350 cars. Mrs. Jessie Howe* Hughes—79 Drlve-ln, 400 cars. K. H. Kinney* Joneshoro—Starllte. tilO cars (owner unknown)* Little Rock— 500-car drlve-in. Arkansas Amuseroenl Co.* Little Rock— Razorback (owner unknown)* Little Rock—Scenic. 500 cars. Roy Cochran* Morrillon—IOO-car drive-in. fnlted Tlieatres Corp. Pine Bluff—Zebra. 700 cars, United Tlieatres Corp. Siloam Springs—Drlve-ln. Earl Jones Springdale—350-car drive-in. Commonwealth Tlieatres Stuttgart— Stanue. 400 cars. Malco Theatres' Texarkana—Red River. 750 cars. Mrs Ruth Ketchum* Wynne—Haven Drive-In. Imperial Tlieatre Co.* CALIFORNIA Bakersfield—IOO-car drlve-ln. Curoralngs Tlieatres* BIythe—500-car drive-In. Dave Jarvis Crescent City—Ocean Drive-In (owner unknown)* Indio—Cnachella Valley. 500 cars. Jack H. Zamsky. manager* Los Molinos—Los Molinos. 200 ears, Mr. and Mrs. L. Tyler .uid Mrs. L. Mann* Norwalk— l.(K10-car drlve-ln. Comet Theatre Enterprises Ridgecrest—50o-car drive-ln. Everett Cummings* Rivwdalt—HUl Drlve-ln. 32C cars. Howard Hill* Santa Rosa—Village lirlve-In, 750 cars. B. F. Walker* Turlock—Lucky. 450 cars. Clayton Gran and Fremont Clint* Victorville—New drive-In. Western .\musement Co.* COLORADO Denver—Valley Drlve-ln. 1.000 cars. WolfbiTg Theatre^ Denver- Welshire. 1.000 cars. Atoz Amusements Fort Morgan— Drlve-ln. John Roberts Grand Junction—Chief, 4B1 cars. Westland Theatres* Hudson—Corral. 250 cars. M. H PhiUpson* CONNECTICUT Bloomfield—Blue Hills IWve-In. "44 cars, P. W. .Maher and I'eter .\. Leroy* Manchester—700-car drlve-ln. Community .Amusement Co. . New HavMi—Bowl Drlvo-ln. tjOO cars. Bowl Drive-In Corp.* Auburndale—Twinkle FLORIDA Star. 328 cars. Munsey Smith and D C Lalnl 4 Associates* Avon Park— New drlve-ln. Floyd Theatres Baldwin—90 Drive-ln. 134 cars. R. E. Totman* Bartow— 350-car drlve-ln. M. Solomon Belle Glades—Lake. 256 cars. CKjld-Dobrow* Boynton— Delray. 400 cars. John E. Stlllman* Canal Point—Drlve-ln. BUI Golden Charlotte Harbor—Mulberry. Bert Wells* Charlotte Harbor— 300-car drivc^ln. SI Rubens, Earnest Mitts .snd Herman Bluckman Clewiston—Drive-In. Home Appliance Co.* Coco*—Skyvlew. 100 cars. 8. M Blackman* Edgewaler— Plnecrest. 300 ears. Jack Klndieloe and Wilbur Farnill* Florida City—Tommy Hyde (owner unknown)* Fort Meyers—Uncoln. 200 cars. M. Solomon* Haines City— Uike Haines DrlKsIn. 300 cars. Floyd Theatres* Hallendale— Hyde Park. 200 cars, John Oella* Inverness—KiW Drlve-ln. 200 cars, A. King and J. D Wiigner* Jacksonville— Montcllff, 350 cars. National Theatre Enterprises Jacksonville—Lake Forest. 260 cars. T. E. Bell and B H Mil^lrh* Jacksonville—Tower (owner unknown)* Key West— 5011-car drive-In (owner unknown)* Kissimmee— Plnecrest. Capt. Hans G. Vlge and Louis Broward. mil ears Kissimmee—Brahman. 400 cars. L. F. BevUla* Lakeland—Filmland. 500 cars. Joe FlorlU. William Klem* L.ike Wales—Wales Drlve-ln. 300 ears. Leslie Pendleton* Melbourne— Brevard. Talgar Tlieatres* Merritt Island -Merrill Island. Talgar Theatres* Mi.imi l.ilierly Drlve-ln (owner unknown)* Monticello— Pugs. 200 ears. T W Reed and A. J. (iaskln* Ocala Skylark, too cars. Howard Smith* Pensacola—Twin-Air. 1.000 ears. T G Solomon & Associates* Pensacola—500-car drlve-ln. M 11 McCoy* Itinch. 400 cars. Jimmy and Cliarlle Trlngas* Plant City— Drive in, T.ilgar Tlieatres* Pompano Beacli—Pomiiano. 400 cars. Angelo Monolo* Port St. Joe— Martin. Martin TOeatres* St. Augustine—104 -car drive-ln, John Hart and W 11 Sllafcr St. Petersburg— 750-car drlve-hi. Gilbert Faw Starke—New Blandlngs. Martin TTieatres* Tallahassee—Perry Outdoor. 400 cars. Talgar Tlieatres Tampa—Sundown. 300 cars. B. N. Pooly and J. B. Shipley* Tampa—500-car drive-ln. Jim Poindexter and C, H. Mosley* Tampa—^Tower. liOO cars. Tower Amusement Co.* Tarpon Springs- fillO-car drlve-ln. Floyd TTieatres Wacliula—star Llle, Floyd Theatres* West Hillsboro—Sundown. 400 cars. J. B. Shipley and Bert N. I'ooley* GEORGIA Acworth—Lakes. Cecil Hudson Athens— Alps Itiiart. Newman Corkee* Atlanta—loth Street Drlve-ln. fiOO cars. L. E. Brillon Atlanta—Britton. 500 cars. L. E. Britton Camilla— Holiday. Joe Henderson Columbus—Edgewood. fi7(; ears. .Martin Theatres* Columbus—Joy. 375 cars (owner unknown)* Columbus—Jive (owner unknown)* Columbus—Victory. 550 11 P. Rhodes and I. Shields* Columbus—Morris Hoad, 350 cars. It C. Saunders, J. N WalLice* Donalsonville—25n-car drlve-ln, Ellison Dunn Dublin— Rockdale (owner unknown)* Fayette/ille— Highway 81. 200 cars. G. E. Duffy* Forest Park— I'ineviow. 350 cars. West H>id Theatres Fort Valley—College. 300 cars. Lee Hancock and Greer C^ace* Hajelhurst—Trail. 2011 cars. Stein Theatres* Kingsoort—300-c:u- drive-ln, Taylor Brothers* Kingston—Nu-Pont. 200 cars. Barl Sanderson and L J .New* Lithonia—Highway 12. 4l>0 cars. J L. Soekwell* Manchester—300-car drlve-ln. Martin Theatres Nashville—Midway. 200 cars. Ste^n Theatres* North Augusta—Cloverleaf, 750 cars, fieorgla 'Hieatres* Savannah—Highway 21. 200 cars. (Jus Hayes* Savannah—^Palm. E. L. Bosl* Sylvania Drive-in, Mrs. Marlon L. iVnderson Toccoa—Toccoa. 400 cars. W. Snellson* Valdosta—Drive-in. Martin Tlieatres* Washington—Martin. 220 cars. Martin Theatres* IDAHO Coeur D'Alene—Starlight Dude Ranch (owner unknown)* Kamiah—200-car drlve-ln, .Miner Bethman Sandpoint—300-car drive-ln. Frank C. Weskll* Twin Falls—Movie Car-Rak. 400 cars. Associated Amusements* ILLINOIS Alsey—350-car drive-ln, Paul Stehman and Tom Danner* Anna—500-car drive-ln. Rodgers Tlieatres Beardstown—45ll-ear drive-ln (owner unknown) Belleville—.SOO-ear drlve-ln. Bloomer Amu.sement Co. Belvidere llrive-in, Howard Lindrolh. Cyril Lhldroth and Larry Fleming Benton— Park. 450 cars, W. I-. Ojbum and Sam Marshall* Benton—3l) drive-ln, Sam Stuart Marshiill Brcese lllll-car drlve-ln, Barnard Tcmhorlous Carlinville—Diane, 3,50 cars. Mrs. Frieda Paul* Carlyle Drive-in. Dominic Frisian and Charles BenenatI Cobden— 2iiii-i-ar drlve-ln. William Waring jr. Decatur l.iiio-car drlve-in. Constan Bros. Desoto ;iiiii-car drlvein. Frank Gletm and Wayne Smith Harrisburg -.-itarlile. "oil ears. Tiirner-Farrar Theatn?s* Havana—imp ear drive-ln Kerasotes Theatres Kewanee—Wanee. 400 ears. Rild Lohretu* M.irion—3.')0-ear drlve-ln. Mayor Marshall He .\.ssociate» Metropolis—.loiipa Aulo-Vue, 500 cars, Ma.ssac Amusement Co.* Mount Carmel—500-car twin drlve-in. A, J. Kati Enterprises Mount Vernon—aiarland. Friulk Glenn* Pittsfield—Clark Drlve-ln. 350 cars, .\rmentrout Theatres* Springfield— lill Drive-ln. 1.200 cars. Kerasotes Theatres* Sullivan—400-car drlve-in. I*- Norton* Tuscola—Ukaw. 350 cars. Tom Falk and Jack Taylor* Winchester— Drlve-ln. Tom Danner and P. E. Stehman INDIANA Anderson^outh Drlve-ln. Alliance circuit* Bedford—East 50. 605 cars, Edward Ellison k Associates* Cumberland—National. 1.100 cars. Jacob M. Smller* Evansville—West Side. Douglas Gales* Fort Wayne—Super 30-33. 1. 000 cars. Allen Drivo-In Tlieatres* Geneva—Llmberlo^t. Clyde Nlhlser* Hartford City—Blackford, 300 cars, Scheldler Theatre Co * Kendallville— Hi-Vue, 378 cars, Hudson Enterprises* Mount Vernon— Roller's Airway. 300 cars. Elson and Balpb 1.. Roller* Vincennts—Knox. 500 cars. Gerald Uulck and John McGlffen* IOWA Albia—300-car drlve-ln. McClain Tfwatre Co. BOXOFTICE January 10, 1953

— — Cedar Rapids—Twlxt Town, 625 cais, Tuiit Tom Drlve-In Corp.* Centerville—Tuwn mi Country, 400 cars. Wayne McCalment and Bob .Martin* Chariton—4U0-car drlve-ln. Central SUtes Tlieatre Corp. Charles City—OB. 0. Drle-ln, 350 cars (oviner unknovm)' Charles City— 402cir drIve-in (owner unknown)* Creston— 300-car drlve-ln, Commonwealth Theatres Oes Moines— Capitol, T07 cars, Capitol Drlve-ln Tlieatre Corp.* Fairfield- Kalrfleld, 300 cars. Theatre Enterprises of Des Molne5* Grinnell— l>rive-lii (owner unknovni) Iowa Falls—500-car drlve-in, J. C. Jensen Mason City—t;60-car drlve-ln. Central Slates Theatre Corp. MiKord—Lakeland, Jim Travis* Onavra— Drlvc-ln, Roy Lepovlti Otiumwa—5U0-car drlve-ln, Ottumwa Drlve-ln Co. Shenandoah— loua, 315 cars, Kobert Holdtldee* Sioux City— (Jordon Twin, 987 cars. Cliff Shearton Mid lioy War field* Washinjton- 400-car drlve-ln, Washington .\musemcnt Co. KANSAS Abilene—300car drlve-ln. Homer K. StrowlB and C L McVey Alton—Drlve-ln. Earl Ritchie* Augusta -.Vugusta, 250 cars. .Vugusta Drlve-ln Theatre Co.* Beloit—Fiesta. 300 cars, Mldcentral Tlieatres* Bonner Springs— Drlvc-ln, 1,000 cars, W. 11. Kulton Coffeyville—STS-car drlve-ln. Stein llieatrci* Coffeyville—Skyllner Drlve-ln, Tal Itlchardion* Columbus—Cherokee Drlve-ln. 300 cars. Stein Theatres* Columbus—350-car drlve-in, .Arthur W. I'ugh* Council Grove— 300-car drlve-ln. Cle Bralton Eureka—300-car drlve-in. Homer Strowlg Fredonia—250-cur drlve-ln, Mldcentral Theatres Hiawatha— Hlaway Drive-In, 230 cars. JIa.\ Thomas* Horton Drlie-ln, .Marly and Eddie Landau Hutchinson—500-car drlve-ln. Jay Wooten* Junction City— Drlve-ln. Mldcentral Tlieatres Kansas City—1.000-car drlve-ln, LMcklnsun Theatres Kingman— Hrlve-in, Frank Meade interests* Kingman—300-car drlve-Ul, Kenneth Qulmi* Leoti— Drlve-in, Marlon Bonner* Manhattan— 400-car drlve-in. Mincentral Theatres Meade—200-car drlve-ln, C. S. Laird Medicine Lodge—265-car drive-in, Roy Culley* Mound City— n250-car drlve-in, Martle Laudau Mount Sterling—Judy, 400 cars, Ed Williams, I'liclps Ratllff and Tom Pklwards* Neodesha— 75 .Mrport, 300 cars. C. E. Klock* Norton—Sun^el. 300 cars. Fred Munson* Osage City- Hlllcrest, 320 cars, Mrs. Joyce llltclilngs* Osawatomie—300-car drive-in, .Mldcentral* Paola— 3110-car drlve-ln, Mldcentral* Parsons— Midcily, 510 cars. Mldcentral Theatres* Phillipsburg-300-oar drlve-ln. R. R. Winship and II. T, ""Hiiii'" Hrniin* Pittsburg—uoo-car drive-in. Dickinson Theatres Plainville— 300-car drlve-in, Mrs. George Moore Sabetha 3(ii)-car drive-in, Ernie Block Salina— 500-car drive-ln, Evart Mills and V. C. Anderson* Smith Center—^300-car drlve-in, Dan Blair* Stockton— 250-car drive-ln (owner unknown) Syracuse— 300-car drive-in, Frank Northrup and .Marvin Ellis Topeka—Corral. 750 cars. Community Tlieatres* Topeka—Cloverleaf Drlve-ln. 70O cars. Community Tlieatres* Wakeeney— Y Drive-ln, Melvin Elchman and Courtney Bros.* Wellington— Sunset, 300 cars, Dewey Utterback and Homer Humbert* )Wichita—Terrace, »i50 cars, George Sproule and Loren Jones* Wichita— New drlve-ln. Westport Theatres KENTUCKY Bardstown— 700-var dilve-in, Eiizabethtown .\musement Co. Booneville—Moonlight. 400 cars. R. L. Reynolds and Carl Barker Brownsville—250-car drlve-ln. George Lindsay Calvert City—Sunset. Russell Wilson* Covington—500-car drlve-ln. Raco Enterprises* I'ark. Sallas Bros.* Greenville- 300-car drlve-ln, Shelby McCoUum* Hardin— Lakevlew. Nenl Starks* Lexington— Laco. 400 cars. Lexington Amusement Co.* Lexington— lli-Way, 400 cars, .Mount Sterling Amusement Co.* Liberty—Green River, 300 cars, Bert Saliee, Leslie Sanders and CTiarles Brown* Lexington— 1.000-car drive-in, J. Waller Bodes jr. and Frank M. Johnson Manchester—Family, Fr,lnk Carnahan, M. C. Hughes and .lohn F,. White* Martin—500-car drlve-ln. Lawrence Keathley Mayfield^553-car drive-in. Legion Theatre Co. Morehead—Drlve-in. L. G, Conley Morganfield—Sunset. 500 cars. J. A. Vancleave and J. S. Curbelts* Morganfield—500-car drlve-in. Jim and Sam McElroy and 0. P. Dyer* Mount Sterling— lli-Way. 350 cars. Mount Sterling \musement Co.* Mount Sterling—Judy, 500 cars, Judy Drive-ln, Inc. Owensboro— 71 Drive-ln, 600 cars. Andy' .\nderson* Owensboro— 150-car drlve-ln, Mrs. Eula Blinco* Paducah—lOO-car drive-in, Doby B. Stout Sheridan—Starlight, Dr. W. E. Day* Stanford—Davis, 250 cars, H. P. Davis* LOUISIANA Abbeville—Lafitte, 450 cars, Robert and Frank DeGiaauw* Alexandria—Joy Twin, 1,000 cars, Joy Twin Drlve-ln Theatre, Inc.* Bastrop—Kim (owner unknown)* Baton Rouge—Rebel, 525 cars. Bayou Theatres. Inc.* Columbia—Owl, 250 cars. Will .N. Clark* Cutoff—Bayou. 300 cars, Richard Guidry and Lefty" Cheramie* Coushatta—Legion, Len Stephens* Denham Springs—Joan. 400 cars, Mrs. Violet Muse* Lake Providence—Lake, 300 cars. D. B. Fiske* Lafayette— 1. 200-car twin, Milton Guidry Laplace— Drive-in, Bill Castay* Leesville—Pine (owner unknown)* State by State Totals No of Slate Drive-ins Capacity Cost Alabama 16 4,916 $ 863.200 Arizona 10 3.900 780.000 Arkansas 22 8,735 1.757,000 California 11 5,026 980.000 Colorado 5 3.161 650.000 Connecticut 3 2,044 408.800 Florida 45 16.322 3,197,400 Georgia 28 9.071 1.804,200 Idaho 4 1,360 277,000 Illinois 25 11,300 2,170,000 Indiana 10 4,938 1,046,600 Iowa 18 7.746 1.469.200 Kansas 45 16.600 3.320.000 Kentucky 25 9.953 1,990.600 Louisiana 21 8.275 1.640.000 Maine 4 1.650 330.000 Maryland 2 900 180,000 Massachusetts 6 2.300 460,000 Michigan 16 7,189 1,437,600 M innesota 5 1.750 350.000 Mississippi U 4,600 920,000 Missouri 47 16,241 3.103,200 Montana 10 2,725 545,000 Nebraska 15 5.136 1.027,200 New Hampshire 2 700 140,000 New Mexico 7 2.725 545.000 New York 4 1,650 330.000 North Carolina 26 8,592 1,718.400 North Dakota 6 2.700 540.000 Ohio 8 3,350 670.000 Oklahoma 15 4,740 948.000 Oregon 19 7,269 1.453,800 Pennsylvania 23 9,552 1,810,400 South Carolina 17 5,624 1.124.800 South Dakota 13 4.355 871,000 Tennessee 24 9,012 1,743,000 Texas 62 22.762 4,450,400 Utah 1 500 100,000 Virginia 6 1.825 365,000 Vermont 5 2,550 510.000 Washington 14 6,734 1.328.800 West Virginia 13 4.261 852.200 Wisconsin 19 8.540 1.708.000 Wyoming 2 600 120.000 Totals 690 263.879 $52,125,800 Logansport—400-car drive-ln. Mack Riley and Smith Bros.* Mansura—Joy. 300 cars. Joy Theatres* Minden— Drive-in. 300 cars. Bill H. Cobb and .Mrs. Ruth Cllt'sliaire* New Orleans—Twin Drlve-ln, Fred McLendon and .Mai Conllett* Oakdale—Melody. 250 cars. Hoy Navarre. Percy Dupllssey and L. D. Guidry* Scotlandville— Elm. Elm Drlve-ln Theatres. Inc.* Springhill— liancho. 400 cars. Tri-State Theatres* Tallulah— liiive-in. Prophet & Kinkle* Winnfield—Parkway, 3oo cars (owner unknown)* MAINE Kittery— Your. 400 cars. Mike Xadeau and Kay Wentworth* Portland Drive-in, local Interests* Presque Isle— Presqiie Isle, 350 cars, Charles Brooks* Westbrook— Prides, 500 cars, .\vadls and John Tevanian MARYLAND Cambridge—450-car drive-in, Elmer II. Brient & Sons Taneytown—.Monocacy, John G. Miller* MASSACHUSETTS Boston—Recreational Park Drive-ln, 500 cars. Henry Neveau* Boston— Drive-in, Frank .\nciporowicz Bolton—500-car drive-in. Community .\inusement Corp.* Boxboro— Drlve-in, Donald Sweeney Hadley—lOO-car drive-in, A. Woicekuski* Harvard—Mashobl, 400 cars (owner unknown)* MICHIGAN Alpena—4ii4 cars. Bruce Frecl and Dean Sowders* Bad Axe—JI-53, 400 cars, A-K Theatre Co.* Bessemer 415-car drive-ln, Charles Kopatich and Albert Ga.^dova Big Rapids— Big liaplds. 350 cars (owner unknown)' Charlotte lirive-in. C. R. Beechler Cheboygan— 300-car drlve-in. John Wagner* Escanaba— 500-car drive-in. Rex Coulter Gaylord—Gaylord. 400 cars. James and George Olson* Hougtiton—5G0-car drive-in. Peninsula Drive-ln. Inc.* Ionia—Ionia. 350 cars, Russell A. Chiproan ,ind Arthur D Cliipman* Ironwood—400-car drlve-in. Ironwood .\museiiients Corp.* Kingsford—400-car drlve-ln. Thomas Theatre Co.* Lansing—.North Side, .\ugust Leon Robbe* Petoskey—400-car drive-in. Northeastern Theatre Co. Saginaw— 900-car drive-in. Twilight Tlieatre Co. Sault Ste Marie—-700-car drive-in, Soo Amusement Co. MINNESOTA nibbing—500-car drive-ln, Lyle Carlsch* Jackson— Drive-in. Dean .Nash and John Waters Morehead—Drive-in. Joe Floyd and Eddie Ruben St. James— lOO-car drlve-in, Friedman Bros. Twin Valley—Two Friends, Henry Lietzua* MISSISSIPPI Amory— 41 Drlve-ln. 250 cars, I'. Walker* Bonneville— 300-car drive-in, W. H. Brown and E. 0. Roden* Carthage— North 35. George Chadwick* Indianola— .Maiac, B. F. Jackson and Mrs. P. E. .Morris* Jackson— 1.000-car drive-in. T. G. Solomon & Associates Natchez— Pat. 400 cars. Pat Elizey* Natchez— Rebel. 500 cars. Charles Morel* Starkville—Lakeside. E. H. Anderson and H. B. Dorsett* Wiggins—Glu. 250 cars. W. F. Straub Winona-Winona drlve-in. 400 cars. C. 0. Bishop* Woodville— 300-car drlve-ln. .\l Randall* MISSOURI Ava— 300-car drlve-ln, L. H. Pettil Bolivar— Lucky 13, 300 cars, W. 0. Woody* Boonville—Boonvllle, 300 cars, Tony and Hazel Fenton* Brookfield—300-car drive-Ui, Elmer Bills and Frank Weary* Butler— 250-car drlve-in, Chel Borg Butler—300 car drlve-hi. Waller Kaliler Cameron—4m»-car drive-ln, W. C. Silver and Red-X Oil Co. Cape Girardeau—750-car drive-in, Howard Bates and Carl Miller Cassville—