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— — — — — — Report on 1952 Drive-ln Construction in U. S—(Continued From Page 17) Lumberton—JU lirlvcln. 300 ciirs, llouard Anderson* Midland—25l)-i'ar drl»e-ln. ManlD Wldenhouse" Monroe—New Monroe, 350 cars, Clifford Faw and R. .\. C Inian* North Wilkeshoro—Starlight, (owner unknown)* Pinetops— l'lrie>, :!00 cars, C. .\. Uollday* Reidsville—Lucky, llugll Sykes & .Associates* Scotland Neck— 2o0-car drlve-ln, IMwlmont Tlieatre Corp. St. Pauls—St Pauls, 300 cars, 0. K. Ilogan* SmJthlield—County, — Hudy Howell* Snarta 'l"wo oaks. C. K. .\twood* States.ille—C-Mor, 500 cars. Eastern Theatre Co. Waynesville—Smoky .Mountain. 2.')0 cars. Miller & Welch* WilminBton—North 17, C. I> Holder, manager* NORTH DAKOTA Carson—Carson, tiOO cars. (Jeorge Wilnberser jc Associates Devils Lake— I)rlve-ln. Joe Kloyd and Wdle Kuben Minot lllllloii. 81)0 cars. Trlanele Ttieatres Reoent-lirlve-ln. .Milton Osmundson* Wahpelon— l>rlvc-ln. Kergus Falls llieatre Corp.* Williston— Lake Park. 500 cars. Snyder Tlieatre Co.* OHIO Lynchburo -|iri\e-ln. J. Hank I»avldson Martins Ferry— llrlie-ln. (owner unknown) Ottawa -Llllle Flower, 200 cars, (ieorge .md Klelila Blll^ Mini* Toledo— llrlve-ln, Jesse James Enterprises Toledo -1,000-car drlvc-ln, (owner unknown! Wauseon -Star Auto, HOO cars, II. Lee McUIn* Worthington— North High, A L. Sugarman and Lee Hotlieliner* Younjstown— ,Norlh*ide Urln-ln. N.-upurl AniMsemenl Co* OKLAHOMA Anadarko— Drlve-ln, Homer Stroulg and Elmer Hills* Carnegie— I>rlvc-ln, H. 1). Coi and Clint Applewhite Durant -Ship. 500 cars. Ship Bollard and Lillian Lulzer* Erick Bearcat. Ijimar (lulhrle* Grandfield— llrlve-ln. L. 11, Burns' McAlester llrlve-in. Fred Itogers Nowata -Sky-Vu. (liester Fleming* Oklahoma City—Bomlnr. K. Lewis Barton* Pryor- -Drlve-ln. .Mrs. Fred Allred Fryor— 250-car drive-ln. Taylor Joyce Purcell—Skyvue. :tilo cars, K. Lee Williams* Shattuck— llrlve-in, Carland Wilson* Stiolef Drive-in, Jack Pierce Wewoka— Pow-Wow, Video Independent Theatres* Watonga—Walonga, 2:iO cars, Herli Bra-hm* Albany— .Vlbany. OREGON 500 cars. Hal Flora Amity- Amity Family, E. W. Burnett* Astoria— New .\storla. 900 cars. Mabel Yates* Astoria— 500-car drlve-ln, J. J. Parker Burns—Sundown. 300 cars, (owner unknown) Gresham— Drlve-ln, Tommy Moyer Junction City— ;t0(>-car drlve-ln. Bill Thrall* Junction City^.too-car drive-ln, Ted Francis Med(ord--llcean, ."lOd ears. Jacob A. Leech* Mount Pleasant— 500-car drlve-ln, Richard Larson* Myrtle Creek—Tri-Clty, 500 cars, W. B. Love and J. 11. MiirMiani* Prineville—-Drive-ln. Kenneth and Uenzel Redaiond—lldcm-Medo, Milton L. (Idem* Plercy Roseburg- -Drfve-iii. Cmpqua Amusement Co. St. Helens- Cariiurt, 279 cars. Doug Martin* Stayton—Central. 2110 cars. Central Drive-ln Tlieatres, Inc.* Suthcrlin- 400-car drlve-ln. Wood & I'lett Theatres Tillamook—TUl-a-Vue, 440 cars. Dude Smith* Woodburn— SftO-car drlve-ln, Westenskow Theatre Co. PENNSYLVANIA Aliquippa—Kane Road, .'J50 cars, Joseph Brookville—Moonlight, (owner unknown)* E. Gray Butler— Hill-Top, 350 cars, Howard H. SmlUi and K. N. Traulman* Corry -Corry, 350 cars, Blatt Bros.* Emporium--Drlve-ln, A. J. Grlmone Erie—Super 19. 500 cjirs, Pete Camerio* Halifax -Triangle, 300 cars, Floyd Schelb and Leon Lutiel* Harrison City— Drlve-in, Joseph Warren Hunlock Creek—Cragle's Garden, 325 cars. Gardens Amuseniriit Co.* Huntington— 375-car drlve-ln, Theodore Grance* Jeannette— Hose, Associated Drlve-ln Thestres* K.ine Ideal, 300 cars, Joe Farrel & Associates* Lake Ariel—Wayne, 250 cars, Don Oncavagc* Linden — Harvest Moon, (owner unknovm)* Morrisville— SOO-car drlve-ln, Hellman nieatres Philadelphia—7-11 Drive-In, Glenn Norrls* Philadelphia—Moonlight, 432 cars, J. RIsso* Pittsburgh— 1, 600-ear drlve-ln, Ernest and George Stem Pittsburgh—tiOO-car drlve-ln, Norbert Stern Pittsburgh—5uii,set, 400 cars. Nelson Bond Roulette—Drlve-ln, Cliff Brown Wellshoro—Y Drlve-ln, 270 cars, Arcadia llieatre Co.* Williamstown—Temple, 300 cars, (owner unknown)* SOUTH CAROLINA Aiken— Park, 500 c«rs, P. H. Riley* Aiken—Fox, 600 cars. Consolidated Tliealres* Allendale— Star, 600 cars, R. D. White jr.* Andrews—200-car drlve-ln, R. H. Olbsoo and 8. W. Ackerman* Barnveell—Sooulh Hill, 300 cars, Walter Brovtard Branchville—Skyline, 350 cars, J. T Green* k .\ssoc.* Lake City—East Main, 250 cars. Wilder S Funk and James K Helhune* Columbia—Alta Vista, Marlon Smith Columbia—Sunset, 400 cars, B. H. Truesdale* Columbia— Bolt Line, 300 cars. C. 8. Burta* Denmark—Viking, 0. Frank Lundy* i I pr r a * iiJ,.|iJ i: The screen tower structure at the Suburbia Theatre, Gainesville, Fla., includes offices, storage space and apartments for personnel. It is 18 by 60 feet in size. Florence— I'almello, 300 cars, .Sam Neil' Jackson— Sunset. 300 cars, Ray Sanford* Kingstrec—Klngstree. 224 cars, \V. 1>. and M. W. Funk* Myrtle Beach—Wlngo, 300 cars, W. C. Evans Newberry— Cloverleaf, 200 cars, S. L. Slalllngs* Orangeburg—Sky-Liner, (owner unknown) SOUTH DAKOTA Belle Fourche :> drive-in. Black Hills Amusement Co. Chamberlain— Drlvo-in, E. C. Sorenson and E. D. N' Custer -275-car drlve-ln. Jack Rlchtm:ui and Don Clifford* Deadwood—300-car drive-in. Black Hills Amusement Co. Gregory—.New drive-in (owner unknown)* Herreid—Drive-in. Eugene Hoerth Hot Springs—.300-car drive-in. Black Hills Amusement Co. Lemmon— 350-car drlve-in (owner unknown) Mobridge—^Lakevievv, 300 cars, Doug Kre-sley* Pierre— Sioux, 500 cars, D. II. Martin, raan:iger* Rapid City—Rapid, 500 cars. Black Hills Amusement Co.* Soearfish—Hills, 380 cars, James and Wally 0',Neal* Sturgis—30U-car drlve-in. Black Hills AniiiM menl fii, TENNESSEE Ardmore—300-car drlvc-in, A. 0. Austin* Chattanooga—58 Drive-ln. W. W. Flncher* Chattjnooga—Broad Street. 700 cars, Independen! Theatres* Chattanooga—Lookout, I. J. Sadow* Cleveland—Cleveland, C. H. Bester* Clinton —Cole, Cole Bros. Covington— Raco, 340 cars, Raco Enterprises* Covington—.'i72-car drlve-ln, Ruffin Amusement Co.' Elizabethtown—700-e:ir drive-Ui, Ellzabethtown Amusements 500 cars. Earle and Joe Ilendreii Hohenwald—:iOO-car drlve-ln, R. W. Le» Kingsport ;>iHl.ear drive-in. J. R. Pierce* Lafayette— .Mason. E. K. Stephens* Lenoir City— Dixie-Lee. Mosc L. Waller jr.* Lewisburg—Southern Aire, Lewlsburg Theatre Co* Lexington—Loco, 400 cars, Guy B. Amis* Mascot—Community. Cherokee .Vmusemenl Co.* Memphis—300-car drlve-in, Gordon Hutchinson* Memphis— Lincoln, 500 cars, N. Z. Cook and F. L. Abernailij* Milan— 350-car drlve-in. Rockwood Amusement Co.* Oak Ridge— Drive-ln, 400 cirs, Ed Burchfleld Pigeon Forge—Drlve-ln, F. L. Wilson* Tullahoma—Skyline, 300 cars, Earl Glover* Whitwell—Crossroads, (owner unknown)* TEXAS Abilene— Key City, Maurice S. Cole Amarillo—Twin, 1,008 cars, Charles VVelscnbcrg* Amherst—250-car drlve-ln, C. R. Stevens* Aransas Pass—Tarpon, C. L. Walker and E. F. Athens—300-ear drlvc-in, Athens Amusement Atlanta— Drlvc-in, Barton McLendon* Austin—Delwood. 500 cars. Eddie Joseph* Baytown— Prince No. 1, Fritz Wooley, manager* Belton— 300-car drlvc-in. Mrs. H. H. Cluck* Bryan—circle. 400 cars, A. P. Boyetl* Falgout* Enterprises' Burkburnett—Te.x-Ok, 225 cars. Theatre Enterprises* Cameron—^77 Drive-ln, 300 cars, Woodrovr Good and G P. Climellt* Center—.\pache. Bryan, and George Smith* Clarksville—Red River, 300 cars, Eligiebrccht & Wolfe and nieatre Enterprises* Comanche—Sun, 250 cars, Harold Flomlns and Jack Arthur Commerce—3iMi-car drlve-ln, A. W. Lilly* Corpus Christi—Buccaneer. 500 cars, Beverly Splllman* Corpus Christi—Twin Palms, 600 cars, John Blocker* Crane— l>errick, (owner unknown)* Crockett— -Rio, 300 cars, Crockett Amusement Co.* Decatur—Sunset, 250 c«rs, Jim Miller* Denton—Coed. 500 cars, Jerry B. Stout and Jake Lutzer* Earth—Sunset, 252 cars, E. Ted Borura* El Dorado—400-car drlve-ln. Delbert Admlston El Paso—Cactus. Bernle Swiney Fabcns—250-car drlve-ln. Boy Pringle Galvenston—Drive-in, Interstate Theatres* Giddings—300-car drlve-ln, Walter Droemer Gilmer— ('and. 300 cars, (owner unknown)' Hebronjille—Pioneer, Lung Theatres* Henrietta—Tower, 200 cars, Jim Bailey* Houston—King Center, 800 cars. Long Theatres* Jacksonville—Chief, 500 cars. East Texas Theatres Jasper—Jewel of the Forest, 500 cars, F. W. McManus and \V I Fain* Kermit- Liirlat, 406 cars. Video Independent Theatres* Killeen— Rancher, 300 cars. Ace Clary* Littlefield— XIT, (owner unknown)* Livingston—Chief, 300 cars, Frank Fain* Lockney—Scale, 300 cars, J. B Scale* Lorenzo— 250-cor drlve-hi. II. F. Norman McLean— Derby, 151 cars, Amos Page* McGregor—500-car drlve-ln, 0. T. .McGlnley and Henry Smith Mason— Drlve-ln. B. F. Grlmsley, 0. 0. Shew and R. L. Whitehead* Midland—Fiesta, 550 cars, J. Howard Hodge k .\ssoc.* New Boston—Starlight, 250 cars, Boyd Adklson* Oiney—300-car drlve-ln, George Asslster Palacios—Palaclos, 300 cars, J. G Danls and Long Theatres* Pecos— liou-car drlve-in, Al Cook Perryton— 300-car drlve-ln, Carl Eails* Quanah— Chief, liirl Worley* Raymondville—Corral, 500 cars, R. N. Smith Theatres* Angelo— Atomic, H. 8, Starling* San Augustine—Edgevvater, (owner unknown)* Santa Anna—Cole-Anna, Roland Dus.s* Schulenberg—200-car drlvc-ln, Joe D. Bllnka Spur--lll-Ho. (owner unknown)* Sudan SI llrlve-ln. 250 cars, C. R. Stevens* Sunray Drlve-in. Ben Adams* Temple— 3ml-car drive-ln, Shelton Bros,* Tulia -400-car drive-ln, Tvilla Theatre Co* Victoria—Twin Itanch, 1,1)00 cars, J, 0, Long Iliealres* Wichita Falls—Grant, 41") ears, BuUlngton Lee k McMahon TlKatre Co.* UTAH Salt Lake Oily-Riverside, Ru» TulUs* VIRGINIA Kilmarnock— Pitts, 225 cars, Ben Pitts* Lynchburg—400-car drive-ln. Neighborhood Theatre Richmond—Twin Pines, 400 cars, Max Holland, Bob Saunders ii Lewis Saunders* Roanoke—Riverside, Pence and Watts* Ruckersville—Drlve-ln, (owner unknown) * Wise—250-car drive-ln. Earl MuUins* VERMONT Burlington—Mount View, C50-car drlve-ln, Al Bernardinl* Fairlee— Holiday, 4O0 cars. Reginald Drown* Middlcboro—MId-llaven, 500 cars, E. J. Morin and C, F Barr* Richford— liielifurd. 400 cars, Roy D. Brown* Whte River Junction—White River, 600 cars Interstate niif.ilrcs* WASHINGTON Bclllngham— 600-car drivr-ln. Ijir-dll. Inc Colville—Autovue, 300 cars, M.ix lladfleld* Dayton—250-c;ir drive-ln, (owner unknown) Kenmore—Kenmore, 900 cars. Dwlglil Spracher Moses Lake— Basin, 2S4 cars. Jolui Lei'* Pasco—600-car drive-, n. (owner unknownl* Prosser—300-car drlve-ln. Jack Pearl* Richland—6011-ear drlve-ln, Charles E- Bishop, i; F, 1, Pol-er Siokane—WesI End, F. W. Johnson* Spokane—600-car ilrlve-ln. Sunset TtieaTres, Inc. Spokane—Y Drive-In. 5(M) cars. Group Tliealres Vancouver— 5(M)-car drive-ln, ,\rt ,\damsnn* Wehatchee—Vue-Dale, 500 cars, Grelme & Fasken Yakima -Drlve-ln, Merdy Theatres WEST VIRGINIA A. V. Shanks Btla>—Weber, Arden Richards* Charleston—Skyline. 7iiii cars. .New bold- Keesllng* Fairview—Fairv e . 300 c^j-s. \. It. .Mercer* Farmington— 250-car drlve-ln. E. C. Wilson* Follansbee—Ohio Valley, (owner unknown)* Grantsville Drive-in. Jolin Cook* Hines—St.irllte. lllomas DolUnger* Mannington—Maimington, 500 cars, c. P. Church and D. L. Itvnier* Martinsburg— 211-car dilve-ln, T. I. Martin* Pineville—PIneville. 300 cars, E M. Curry Tony .1, S. Uimbert* Waverly—Miiluav, 200 cars, R. T, Bunting am .Math.ney* Weston—Weston, "Doc" Lovett* Whitesville—400-car drlvc-ln, Jur Circuit* WISCONSIN Antigo—Aniigo Outdoor, (owner unknown) Ashland— 500-car drlve-ln. Frank J. Ilahn jr. Fort Atkinson—t;3S-car drlve-ln. National Amusement Co. Green Bay— 41 Drlve-ln, 750 cars. Standard Theatres Kaukauna— .vtoo-car drive-in, Harry ,Melcher and Mark Morgan Little Chute—Drlve-ln, (owner unknown) Madison— i,00O-car drlve-ln. Unity Theatres Monroe— 300-car drlve-ln. Robert Goetz Oshkosh— Drlve-ln, Ben Marcus and 8*M Theatres Platteville—350-car drlve-ln, (owner unknown) Portage— 51-10 Drlve-ln, 350 cars. Porteater Co.* Reedsburg—33 Drlvc-ln. 320 cars. Dick KeUy* Richland Center— Ill-Way 14, Sara ESskin and E^vin Morris* Slinger—inliy Drlve-ln, 500 cars, Dan Murphy, manager* Sparta—Sparta, 400 cars, (owner unknown)* Spooner— P.ilmiire, 400 cars, Grengs Circuit* Sturgeon Bay—Slarllgbl, Brungraber famili* Tomah— 432-car drlve-ln, Ben Marcus Wisconsin Rapids—150-car drlve-ln, John .\nosiko WYOMING Newcastle—300-car drlve-ln. Black Hills .\musement Co. Buffalo—300-car drive-ln. Sam Rosenthal* I 18 BOXOmCE January 10, 1953

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