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Our First Vk 3 for '53

Our First Vk 3 for '53 Are Super- Hitting At Tl Paramount's # Is Off to a ( Little Sheb! m 'Brotherhood Week's Silver Anniversary Feb. 15-22, 1953

loxoffice As These Nationwide Reports Show REPORT: Full print capacity of holiday dates all Super-Hitting grosses paralleling 1947's never-to-be-forgotten ''Road To Rio ' highs! REPORT: Four hundred New Year's Eve previews turn in absolutely sensational evidence that this is the Super-Hit of 'em all from today's Top Money-Making Stars (m. p. herald poll) REPORT: A Super-Hit at first two engagements, New York and L. A. ! Records smashed as it's heaped with honors including New York Critics* Circle Award to Shirley Booth I [iDate ''BAir' Now! Get ''THE STOOCr in February! And "SHEBA^' Soon After!