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To Bring You Up-to-date

To Bring You Up-to-date Onth Fabulous SUCCESS STORY OF M-G-M's IVANHOE The pre-release first-run engagements of colossal "IV/VNHOE" have written a bright new page in box-office history. At a time when this industry needed the stimulation of a truly gigantic attraction, M-G-M brought to packed houses the Technicolor wonders of Sir Walter Scott's famed novel. Here on the big theatre screen the fans gasped at the cavalcade of Knights, the spine-tingling (continued)

{continued) duels-on-horseback, the storming of besieged castles, the romances of heroes and fair ladies, the beauty and terror of the Glory Age, all of it filmed in magnificent Technicolor in the actual locations of the story. M-G-M's barrage of advertising and exploitation reverberated throughout America, in national magazines, in tremendous new^spaper campaigns, on the air, everywhere. The amazing extended run record of "IVANHOE" is evidence of its mass appeal and its penetration from coast to coast. Here are some of the long runs: At Press Time: 11 weeks in Cleveland, Philadelphia, Detroit; 8 weeks in Chicago, New York City; 7 weeks in Pittsburgh, Miami, Miami Beach, San Francisco, Los Angeles (2 theatres); 6 weeks in Washington, D. C, Minneapolis, Oakland; 5 weeks in Boston, Mass. (2 theatres), Buffalo, Baltimore, St. Louis, Seattle; 4 weeks in Atlanta, New Orleans, Houston, Kansas City, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Toledo, Omaha, Salt Lake City; there were more than 35 cities where it played 3 weeks and 75 cities where it played 2 weeks, with one week stands in many others. Millions of Americans aw^ait the opportunity to see this greatest attraction of our time, millions who have seen it are eager to enjoy its spectacular thrills again. In response to exhibitor requests that "IVANHOE" be placed in regular release, we are happy to make it availabe for general showing on February 20th. fA date to remember. Brotherhood Week's Silver Anniversary Feb. 15-22)