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Theatre Construction,

Theatre Construction, Openings, Sales and Leases CONSTRUCTION: Clayton, N. M.—Carl Benefield ond A. L. Shields ore building o 600-seat theatre here, to be named the Bronco ond opened about February 1. Dresden, Tenn.—Booy Lossiter and A. G. Nice of Murray, Ky , will build o drive-in near here. Elizobethtown, Ky.—A new drive-in has been started by Robert E. Enoch of Elizobethtown Amusement, accommodating 700 cars. Lafayette, La.—The 850-seat Negro theatre being built here by Gilbert Romero will be named the Booker T Theatre. Platteville. Wis.—Work on the new 350-car drive-in near here has started. Sabetha, Kas.— Ernie Block is reported as starting work on his new 300-car drive-in. Salem, Ore.— Plans for the construction of a 500- cor drivc-tn have been announced by Jesse Jones. Scobey, Mont.—C. H. Holvorson end his partner, Stanton Donelson, hove started construction of a 200-car dnve-m south of town. Holvorson has purchased the Rex Theatre and will remodel it when the dnve-in is ready for operation. Wellsville, Ohio—Jack Vogel, architect of the Vogel Building Co. here, is to design a 1 ,000-car drive-in for Lima, Peru, said to be the first drive-in for that country. Yoakum, Tex.—Yoakum Theatres will build a 1,000- seat theatre on the corner lot on Grand avenue end Forest street. OPENINGS: Chorlottc Harbor, Flo.—The Punta Gorda Theatre here, owned by W. E. Odom, was to open about January 1 . . . The new Mulberry Drive-ln on Highway 60. owned by Bert Wells, was to open ot the some time. Fort Myers, Flo.—The 200-car Lincoln Drive-ln on Highway 80, four miles east, was to bo opened about January 15, by M. Solomon. Irwin, Ida.—Mr. and Mrs. Morris Kaufmann have opened their new 350-seot Art Theotre on Highwoy 26. Jacksonville, Flo.—The Pinecrest Drive-ln on Eostport road, owned by L. L. Broward and Captain Vigge, recently opened. Little Rock, Ark.—Roy Cochran has opened his new 500-car Scenic Drive-ln. New Orleans, La.—Fred McLendon and Max Connet t planned to open the Twin Drive- In about Christmas time. Spring Lake, N. C.—The Spring Lake Drive-ln was opened in November. SALES AND LEASES: Brooklyn, N. Y.—The former Sunset Theatre ot 4707-09 Fifth Ave. hos been sold by Catherine R. Coragol of Caldwell, N. J., to the J. S. Gould Sons & Co. to be converted into a supermorket . . . The 559- seot Strand Theatre at 80-82 Beekman Ave., in North Terrytown, wos sold at auction. Hico, Tex.—Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Hitt hove sold their theatre interests here and purchased the three theatres in Bentonville, Ark., the Cozy, Pork ona Plaza, from Mr. and Mrs. John Lowery. Huntsville, Mo.—Myron Riley recently purchased the Gem Theatre from Mr. and Mrs. Junior Bogbey, then traded the house to Mr. and Mrs. Guy Fleming for the building where a restaurant is located. Oaklond, Calif.^Robert Welles recently took over operation of the Paralta Theatre from W. t. Garren of Albany and has also taken over the lease on the Lincoln in Oakland from Fanchon & Marco circuit. Pangburn, Ark.—Lloyd Hutchins has sold his interest in the Pangburn Theatre to J. E. Thompson of this city. Salem, Ore.—The Hollywood Theatre has been sold to Mr. and Mrs. Michael Brown by Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hassenstab. Son Francisco, Calif.—Walter H. Finn has purchased the Chester Theotre in Chester from Edmund Blair. Sherrill, Ark.— B. C. Roger has purchased the Shernll Theotre from O. Nichols. Toylor, Tex.—The Taylor Amusement Co. is negotiating for the purchase of a tract of land on the Thrall highway, Vancouver, B. C.—The 449-seat Gombie suburban theatre has been sold to a religious group. The church will show 1 6mm films. Vidor, Tex.—The Jefferson Amusement Co. has purchased a 39'/t-acre tract of land here from Mrs. J. B. Connor. Wodley, Ala.—M. W. Burdette has token over the AA Theatre, effective January I and will operate it as the Wadley. Renews COMPO Tie NEW YORK—Headquarters of the Council of Motion Picture Organizations here has been formally notified that the board of the California Theatre Ass'n voted December 18 to renew the organization's membership, according to Robert W. Coyne, special counsel. Ben Hamm will be its representative on the COMPO board. New Title for Rank Film NEW YORK—"Five Angles on Murder" will be the national release title for the J. Arthur Rank production starring Jean Kent and Dirk Bogarde. which played pre-release dates under the title. "Woman in Question." Columbia Pictures is releasing the picture in the U.S. WATCH FOR THESE M-G-M TRADE SHOWS! ALBANY ATLANTA BOSTON BUFFALO CHARLOTTE CHICAGO Trade Show Jan. 15th CONFIDENTIALLY CONNIE The delightful story of a girl who knew her way around men. 20th- Fox Screen Room 20th- Fox Screen Room M-G-M Screen Room 20th- Fox Screen Room 20th- Fox Screen Room Warner Screen Room CINCINNATI RKO Palace BIdg. Sc. Rm. CIEVELANO 20th- Fox Screen Room DALLAS 20th- Fox Screen Room DENVER Paramount Screen Room OES MOINES 20th- Fox Screen Room DETROIT Max Blumenthal's Sc. Rm. INDIANAPOLIS 20th- Fox Screen Room JACKSONVILLE Florida State Screen Room KANSAS CITY 20th- Fox Screen Room LOS ANGELES United Artists' Screen Rm. 1052 Broadway M

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