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BOXOFFICE BAROMETER This chart records the performance of current attroctions in the opening week of their first runs in the 20 key cities checked. Pictures with fewer than five engagements are not listed. As new runs ore reported, ratings are added and averages revised. Computation is in terms of percentage in relation to normal grosses as determined by the theatre managers. With 100 per cent as "normal," the figures show the gross rating above or below thot mark

— CHESTER FRIEDMAN EDITOR HUGH E. FRAZE Associate Editor SECTION PRACTICAL IDEAS "FOR SELLING SEATS BY PRACTICAL SHOWMEN Q' raddrooterd Citations for Public Relations Are Since BOXOFFICE started to give Awarded to Two Theatremen recogmtion to theatremen for exceptional showmanship via the A Canadian theatre manager and the asmonthly Honor Roll, 680 Citations .sistant manager of a Milwaukee theatre have been awarded to managers, shared honors for outstanding promotions in publicity men and assistant managers. for showmanship during December. They are public relations to win BOXOFFICE Citations A breakdown reveals that 59.8 per Ted Doney of the Royal Theatre, Guelph, cent of these theatremen are located in towns with less than 10,000 Warner Theatre. Ont., and Tony Uble, assistant manager of the population. Considering that another 19.4 per cent are managers of run a series of page-one stories urging the Doney got the Guelph Mercury editor to neighborhood operations in large public to attend the local film houses. All cities, we think the small-town or Guelph theatres benefited as a result of this grassroots showman outshines the tieup. Uble is the first theatreman to arrange a tieup with the Milwaukee schools. Mrs. Robert Levenlhol manager in the big spots where distributor aid, a large budget and the Through his initiative, g, class of high school friendly support of influential newspapers and radio stations are big Warner Theatre students made a tour of inspection of the assets in promoting for and the way has been opened the future cooperation with school officials. theatre. We also believe that operational A sidewalk art exhibition arranged in conjunction details in the small towns take up with the showing of "Rembrandt" more of the manager's time. He and the short subject, "School of French participates more actively in community Painting," won a Citation of Honor in the ballyhoo category for affairs and Robert Leventhal, manager of the services, fre