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. . Ike . . Harry . . Ethel . . Raymond . . Leon . . Milt . . "Bwana . . Joe . . . . George . . Sam . . Bob . . The . . Children . . Leon . . The PHILADELPHIA Tndustryites were saddened to hear of the untimely death of Paul Lewis, manager of the industrial division of Berlo Vending Machine Co. and secretary of the Eagles' . football team. Lewis had acted as toastmaster at the Variety Club's I3th annual installation dinner on Monday (5) and on "The Pennsylvania the following day he died . . . Blues." previously called "The Magic Garden," a South African film comedy. opened its run at the Wayne Avenue Playhouse . . Jack H. Harris, who has been in the business for 18 years, now heads a new organization distributing exploitation pictures with offices at 1243 Vine St. Jacobs has sold . the Wynne Theatre to be converted into a banquet hall by Uhr's restaurant. Several of the unions on Vine street are negotiating for new contracts . . . Bill Kanefsky, manager of the Studio Theatre, went after radio and television publicity for the showing of "The Promoter" at the Studio. Kanefsky made personal appearances on several local shows. William Humphries and Harold Cohen reportedly have settled their differences in regards to clearances in the Lewistown area. Scuttlebutt has it that Humphries will get two-thirds of the available product for his two houses while Cohen will get the remaining third for his house. This .split of product apparently is satisfactory to everyone as there are only three theatres left in Lewistown. Ike Berney's Pastime is reported to have been sold for conversion into a commercial structure while another house on the outskirts of town has been shuttered for some time. June Gloria Blitztein has been engaged to Lieut. Jay W. Chabrow, son of Mrs. Samuel Byer of T:-enton, N. J. Miss Blitztein is the niece of Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Sablosky, veteran exhibitor, who raised her since she was four months old. Mrs. H. Laird shuttered the Colonial Playhouse, Hopewell, N. J. . Berney, Pastime Theatre in Lewistown, ha* been off on sick leave while confined to the Pennsylvania hos- BREAKING B.O. RECORDS 1 • All New! In Gorgeous Color! * M LI LI StCYR i . . . Joey pital here J. Weida, manager of the Fleetwood Auditorium in Fleetwood, Pa., has been re-elected president of the Fleetwood F^re Co. for another year . Walsh, who plays the juvenile lead in "Hans Christian Andersen." which is scheduled to open at the Midtown March 4, will make personal appearances here January 16, 17. Henry Freedman, owner of the Lawndale, was vacationing in the Virgin Islands . The Trans-Lux soon will put on a new front when it redecorates by installing new glass doors . Waters, who appears in "Member of the Wedding," the next attraction at the Trans-Lux, will be tied in to the exploitation of the picture when she makes a personal appearance at the Rendezvous cafe The Stanley pulled out its current attraction, "Road to Bali," on New Year's day to screen "The Stooge" . Devil" broke the house record for grosses in the Aldine in its first week with a healthy $36,900. It continued strong in its second week with $26,000. Joseph Chasens, twin brother of exhibitor Max Cha.sens at Atlantic City, was in from Dallas. They look so much alike that they were able to fool almost everyone on the street. Personnel at S-W doubled up on holiday vacation times. Half of the force took off two days at Christmas time and the other half took two days at New Year's, making it possible for everyone to enjoy at least one long holiday weekend . . . Shirley MoUinger. 20th- Pox branch manager's secretary, was on vacation. Shep Bloom, 20th-Fox salesman, was on vacation in Miami . . . Ethel Rudick, 20th-Pox booker, was spending her vacation in Grossingers . . Dave Altman's Rialto Theatre was . given an improved clearance as a result of an out-of-court settlement of his case against the majors. Glenn Norris, 20th-Fox district manager, The Green Hill really celebrated was in . . . the Christmas holidays. It was closed from December 22 to the 26th, including Christmas day Cohen. 20th-Fox projectionist, . returned home from the hospital. Norman shigon, Philadelphia representative BOXOFFICE, was in Washington attend- for ing the annual convention ot Tau Epsilon Rho, international legal fraternity . Engel. Screen Guild manager, returned from a vaca- Young. Columbia ex- tion in Miami . ploiteer. returned from a tub-thumping trip . . . Ellis Shipman, contact manager of Stanley- Warner Theatres, was on sick leave in Germantown hospital. Exhibitors must constantly be on guard to protect the good names of themselves and their theatres. Last week the reputation of theatres in the Philadelphia area was attacked in a Letter to the Editor column of a local newspaper. The writer wrote' "Recently at the movies I was threatened with physical violence for protesting against obscene remarks made by young men during a picture showing. No attendant was in evidence at the time. I protested to the district attorney's office, where a uniformed officer admitted innumerable complaints of molestation of children in the theatre had been made. He referred me to the detective division, where I was in turn referred to the fire marshal . admitted to these theatres are the prey of imbeciles without any visible protection. I suggest that the commissioner of police insist on these theatres hiring adequate special officers to protect minors and women." More than 300 attended the 13th annual installation dinner of the Variety Tent 13 Monday (5) night. Senator James H. Duff spoke at the affair which honored retiring Chief Barker Victor H. Blanc and incoming Chief Ralph Pries. John Lee, 15, who attended the club's camp for handicapped children the last three summers, announced the winners of awards presented in the camp benefit drive. The Cadillac went to Louis Vito, the trip to Paris was won by G. Moore, a mink stole went to Thomas Bossert, sterling silver .set .service for 12 to Rusty Jordan, air conditioning unit to John Ward and an 8mm projector and camera to Eileen Shiffert. The new house chairman for Variety is Harry Freedman, Progressive Electric Construction Co. BALTIMORE Tack Whittle has reopened his Avenue Thea- . tre after a shuttering for a few days for redecorating . . . I. M. Rappaport, Town Theatre, returned from a business trip to New York Thor.sell, discharged recently after service in Korea in the air force, has rejoined Loew's Century Theatre as ad artist, the position he held prior to his .service Ward, manager of the Royal stint . Theatre, died following a heart attack Johnny Manuel, former manager for Schihe . in Cumberland, started construction on his new Bell-Air Drive-In at Churchville, nine miles west of Havre de Grace . Rivoli Theatre, one of Baltimore's de luxe first run theatres of a generation ago, is being demolished. The site will become a parking garage Gruver of the New Glen Theatre, Glen Burnie. has left the hospital and is recuperating at home . . . Sam Isaacson, Stanley projectionist, is out of Sinai hospital following surgery. George Payette III, .son of Hagerstown Manager George Payette jr., has enlisted in the air force . . . The Allied MPTO of Maryland and the MPTO of Virginia announced the establishment of a joint committee to exchange information on industry matters affecting both states. Leon Back, Maryland president, and Sidney Bowdon, Virginia president, originated the idea . Back. Lauritz Garman and C. Elmer Nolte jr. left for the Allied meeting in New Orleans. . . The Realart Theatre, owned by Louis Swimmer, has closed . . . The daughter of Bernard Terry, Stanley Theatre projectionist, was married recently to Harvey Foit at St. Ambrose church . The Parkway Theatre, formerly owned by Loew's and recently purchased by Morris Mechanic, is for sale again, according to the new wording on the marquee front . Super 40 Drive-In, Cumberland, is staying open Saturdays and Sundays throughout the winter, according to managers Tom Blash and Doc Owens. 48 BOXOFnCE :: January 10, 1953

. . . . Back . . Mr. Two Pennsylvania Cities Eliminate Theatre Tax WASHINGTON, PA,—Several weeks ago, the city council promi.sed Bill Ba.sle, local theatre owner, that the 10 per cent amusement tax would be cut in half. Basle had appeared before the ordinance makers stating that the local amusement tax was putting Washington theatres out of business. He and others, after consideration, returned to council and petitioned for the complete elimination of the city's amusement tax, "to keep us in operation." On the last day of 1952, the council passed its budget, which was leadjusted at the last minute in order to eliminate the city amusement tax. With the repeal, Raymond E. Goodridge, councilman and director of finance, reminded that past indebtedness accumulated by amusement owners and owed to the city is to be paid as soon as possible. Tax Dropped at Monongahela MONONGAHELA, PA.—The city council adopted the 1953 budget after eliminating the amusement tax on admi.ssion to theatres (there being only one here, the Ajiton, operated by William Gray), but retaining it on dances and other events, exclusive of relligious, educational and charitable undertakings. Cambria County Passes Tax JOHNSTOWN, PA.—The township of Lower Yoder Monday (5i was to enact a 10 per cent amusement tax, effective the same day. Two Projectionists Die BEAVER FALLS, PA.—The Granada Theatre lost two projectionists in two days because of death. Milton Henry Bell of Rochester, who had been in ill health for two years, suffered a stroke and died in Rochester hospital December 30. He had been a projectionist in Beaver county for 35 years. Oliver Thomas Grimes, 49, died unexpectedly in his home at New Brighton the eveing of December 31. U.S. Files Tax Lien PITTSBURGH—A federal tax lien has been placed against Bert M. Stearn, owner of Cooperative Theatre Service, for $4,920.80, which represents additional Income tax allegedly due for 1949 and 1950. Complete Sound end Projection Service ATLAS THEATRE SUPPLY Gordon Gibson, Mgr. 402 Miitenherger St., GRant 1-4281, Pittsburjh, Pa. MOTIOGRAPH — MIRROPHONIC PITTSBURGH \X7arners' State at Wilkinsburg is on a . . McKeesport standing two-month notice to be vacated. Woolworth's store will expand, taking in the theatre space, but the take-over may not occur for about six months . renewed its 10 per cent amusement tax on schedule December 31, anticipating receipts . . Pvt. of $40,000 for 1953 . . . Pvt. Walter Bedel, former RKO shipper, was here from the southwest for the holidays and to attend the funeral of Pfc. Francis Robert Thomas, who Danny was killed in action in Korea . Ryan, who spent the holidays here and who reports in Seattle for overseas duty on Janu- . . . ary 15, was formerly a member of Warner "Mom circuit's purchasing department and Dad" ha-s finally arrived in Pittsburgh, being in exhibition at Morris Finkel's Cameraphone in East Liberty. " of Eve" continues on view at the Art Cinema. Both films are exhibited to segregated audiences, with sex lecturers who sell books. V. L. "Doc" Wadkins, Manos circuit booker, bowed out as president of the Lathrobe Chamber of Commerce at a social affair there Monday evening (5). His mother is visiting him from her home in Richmond, Va. . Frank SUverman, Columbia salesman, and Harold Henderson, Paramount sales repre- . . . Frank . . Exhibitor sentative, were back on the job this week following vacations in Florida Slavic, Wheeling exhibitor and Ohio indoor and outdoor operator, recently added the Diana at Rittman, Ohio, to his circuit, he stated while visiting here this week . Service Co. film trucking rates are being increased. Manos Enterprises inaugurated a first run policy at the Penn in Uniontown, joining the circuit's State and Manos theatres there in offering a selection of three first run attractions Kap Monahan, Press Show Shopper, . . . was in Salida, Colo., last week for the funeral Reports are that of his brother John, 69 . . . the State Theatre building. Fifth avenue, will be sold to settle the estate of the late James B. Clark. If this old-established is dismantled, downtown Pittsburgh will be without a grind "lowest price in the city" theatre. John Perry, Belle Vernon exhibitor, reports that his youngest son Salvatore John is his third boy to serve in the armed forces, being with an airborne division at Ft. Campbell, Ky. Elder son James has just returned from Germany and duty in the 15th air force. Son Joseph has served in the navy . . With the 10 per cent amusement tax discontinued at New Castle, the Penn and Victor immediately reduced all admission prices 5 cents. Rex and Ann Kantner departed this week for a six-week vacation in Florida. He's the projectionist at the Olympic in East Pittsburgh and she has been the manager of the Pittsburgh Drive-In for seven years ... A recent Filmrow visitor was airman first class Elrnest P. Gorris, heroic Glassport aerial gunner, who only a few weeks ago defused a bomb and saved the lives of 13 on a Superfort returning to Okinawa from a mission over Korea. He was accompanied on Filmrow by his brother Gregory, manager of the Star Theatre at Glassf)ort, which has been owned for many years by their mother. Mrs. Stella Gorris. . . P. D. "Bud" Moore jr., . Children were not admitted to the Hi- Lander, New Castle, during the engagement of "Ruby Gentry" . former local exhibitor and concession supply representative, now is a salesman for a plumbing supply firm and Mrs. Charles Szewczyk of Boswell, indoor and outdoor exhibitors, and daughter Mary Lee are vacationing in Florida. Their son Charles jr., who has returned from army service in Germany, has taken over management of the Boswell amusement-recreation center . . . Ivan Black was here exploiting the threedimension The Cooperative "Bwana Devil" . . . Theatre Service office held an open house party Tuesday evening. Braddock Theatre Opens BRADDOCK, PA.—The Times Tlieatre has been reopened under a new leasing arrangement with Bob Leiber and Aixhie Fineman. Until closed recently, the theatre had been operated under lease by R. S. Wehrle for the estate of the late James B. Clark, which continues operation of the Capitol here. The Paramount here is operated by Bob Leiber. Altoona TV by February 1 ALTOONA, PA—Television channel 10, WFBG-TV, granted Wednesday last week to the Gable Broadcasting Co., will be in operation here about February 1. George P. Gable, department store executive, had applied for a television channel four years ago. WEST VIRGINIA IWTrs. John D. "Mom" Warner of Bridgeport Pike, near Clarksburg, is vacationing in Florida with exhibitor son Charles E. Warner of the Skyline, his wife Dale and their son Chuck . doors were jimmied to force entry into the Palace and Virginia theatres at Parkersburg a week ago. SAM FINEBERG TOM McCLEARY JIM ALEXANDER 84 Van Braom Street ^ PITTSBURGH 19, PA. | Phone Express 1-0777 | |>ilo»ies Are Belter Th»n E»tr Holy's Your Ei|uipiinntti CONTINENTAL CARBONS, INC. 1321 Vine St. Philadelphia, Pa. Telephone: Lombard 3-6848 PRODUCE A BETTER LIGHT IN ANY SIZE THEATRE OR DRIVE-IN . . . MORE ECONOMICALLY! CARBONS, INC. • BOONTON, N. J. BOXOFnCE :: January 10, 1953 49