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Warners Stock Buys

Warners Stock Buys During November Top SEC Transactions for Month WASHINGTON—The Albert Warner trust bought 5.600 shares of Warner Bros. Pictures common stock during November and the Jack L. Warner trust bought 1.500 shares of the same stock, according to the Securities and Exchange Commi.ssion official summary for December covering report of stock dealings filed during November 11 to December 10. The summary, issued Thursday (8), showed Albert Warner as owning 329.350 shares while the trust held 26.600 shares. Jack L. Warner has 375.248 shares, while his trust has 21.500. Donald A. Henderson bought 500 shares of 20th Century-Fox common, to bring his holdings to 610 shares. Herbert Herrman bought 100 shares of Trans-Lux common and now owns 2,100 shares. Harday. Inc., bought 200 shares of the same stock for a total of 1,600 .'hares, while Harry Brandt owns 110,115 shares in his own name; the G. Brandt Foundation owns 2,600. the Brandt Foundation owns 300 shares, and Harry Brandt's wife has 17,900. A. Louis Oresman bought 2,400 shares of RKO Theatres Corp. common to bring his total holdings to 32.400 shares. H. E. Newcomb bought 100 shares of the stock and now has 200. The David J. Greene Trust bought 2,400 shares, for a total of 36,500. David J. Greene Trust bought 2,400 shares, for a total of 36,500. David J. Greene owns 16,450 shares, has 10,000 shares in a partnership, and his family owns 3.600 shares. W. Ray Johnston sold 200 shares of Monogram Pictures common, and retained 317 shares. Harold J. Miri.sch's Kenilworth Investment Co. bought 2.000 shares of the stock for a total of 43,250 shares, and Mirisch owns 1.2O0 shares. Columbia Sales Meeting To Discuss 'Salome' NEW YORK—Columbia Pictures will hold an international sales meeting devoted exclusively to the discussion of the sales, distribution and advertising plans for "Salome," the Technicolor picture starring Rita Hayworth, Stewart Granger and Charles Laughton, according to A. Montague, general .sales manager, who will preside. The two-day session will be held at the Drake hotel, Chicago, January 16, 17, the first time Columbia has devoted a sales meeting to one picture, Montague said. Montague will open the meeting Friday (16) with a reception and dinner, followed by a screening of "Salome." Saturday morning's meeting will be devoted to a discussion of the advertising and promotional campaign by Paul Lazarus jr.. Columbia executive. Later in the day. Montague will outline to the delegates the detailed policy plans for the worldwide sales and distribution for "Salome." Winton Hoch to Cinerama NEW YORK — Winton Hoch, Academy Award-winning cameraman, has been signed to a three-way contract as producer, director and cameraman for Cinerama by Louis B. Mayer, board chairman, and Merian C. Cooper, vice-president and general manager. White New NBC President. Weaver Given Board Post NEW YORK—Frank White has been elected pre. ident and a director of the National Broadcasting Co. following the resignation of Joseph H. McConnell to become president of Colgate-Palmolive-Peet. Sylvester L. Weaver jr. has been made vice-chairman of the board and has been succeeded by John K. Herbert as vice-president in charge of the radio and television networks. Lewis L. Strauss has been elected a director of both Radio Corp. of America, parent organization, and NBC, filling the vacancy caused by the December 8 resignation of Niles Trammell. Emanuel Sacks has been elected vicepresident and general manager of the RCA Victor record department. White had been vice-president and general manager of the radio and television networks. He was a vice-president and treasurer of Columbia Broadcasting System, president of Columbia Records and president of Mutual Broadcasting System before joining NBC a year ago. Weaver went to NBC in 1949 from Young & Rubicam. advertising agency, and the Mutual-Don Lee network on the coast. Herbert joined NBC in 1950 after 12 years with Hearst magazines. Strauss is financial adviser to the Rockefeller family, a director of a number of industrial enterprises and president of the board of the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton. Sacks succeeds Paul A. Barkmeier. now vicepresident and director of regional offices of the RCA Victor division. Sacks will continue to function as RCA staff vice-president. MPAA Awaits RKO Action Before Filling Vacancy NEW YORK—The Motion Picture'n of America is awaiting the appointment of a president for RKO Pictures before filling the vacancy on its board of directors caused by the resignation November 13 of Arnold M. Grant as RKO Pictures board chairman. The president when chosen would be elected to the MPAA board and made a member of its executive committee. Grant was named because he was the directing head of the company. He was welcomed to the MPAA October 24 by Eric Johnston, president. MPAA said Grant had not formally resigned his MPAA connection because it automatically expired with his departure from the RKO ranks, and that that had been the case with Ned E. Depinet when his term as president ended. Howard Hughes is now RKO Pictures board chairman, but as he is located on the coast, his election to represent the company at MPAA was not considered practical either from the standpoint of RKO or MPAA. An invitation will be extended to the RKO president when named. That could happen at any time, but there were no indications during the week of an early selection. Polio sufferers look to you. Drop March of Dimes slugs info your advertising for fhe March of Dimes drive—Jonuory 2-31. Osborne Closes Far East Deals for Monogram NEW YORK—William F. Osborne, assistant export manager for Monogram International Corp., is back at the home office for the first time in more than a year, during which time he closed various distribution deals for company product in the Far East. During the past 15 months. Osborne visited Japan, the Philippines. Indonesia. Malaya. Siam. Hong Kong and Formosa. In Japan, Osborne established new distribution arrangements through the company's own office. Allied Artists of Japan, Inc. He also closed new distribution setups for the Monogram- Allied Ai-tists product in the Philippines through Frieder Films, Inc.; in Indonesia with Allied Artists of Indonesia, Ltd.; in Singapore with Malaya Film Service, Ltd.; in Hong Kong with International Films, Ltd., and with various independent distributors in Formosa. Osborne plans to remain in New York until the end of January to participate in negotiations with Norton V. Ritchey, Monogram International president, and Hideo Shiotsugn. president at Eiga Haikyo Co.. Ltd., distributors of Allied Artists of Japan, and Masatoyo Takano. publicity director, who are scheduled to arrive January 14 for conferences and to view new AA product. He plans to leave for Australia and New Zealand late in January. U-I 3 Division Managers Hold Field Sales Meets NEW YORK—F. J. A. McCarthy, Foster M. Blake and P. T. Dana, division sales managers for Universal-International, held a second series of field sales meetings with the district and branch managers and salesmen in their territories during the week of January 5, in connection with the current "Charles J. Feldman Silver Anniversary drive." McCarthy, southern and Canadian sales manager, held his meeting January 5 in New Orleans with branch managers and salesmen from H. H. Martin's district, which includes New Orleans, Dallas, St. Louis and Oklahoma City branches. Blake, western sales manager, held meetings in Denver January 5 with branch managers and salesmen of Lester Zucker's district, which includes Denver, Kansas City. Omaha and Salt Lake City personnel, and in San Francisco January 9. 10 with branch managers and salesmen of Barney Rose's district, which includes San Francisco, Los Angeles. Portland and Seattle. Dana, eastern sales manager, held a meeting in Boston January 5 with John J. Scully's district, which includes the branch managers and salesmen of Boston. Albany. Buffalo. Philadelphia and New Haven branches. Spanish Propose Changing Effective Date of Pact NEW YORK—The Motion Picture Export Ass'n is considering a Spanish government plan to change the effective date of the current pact from March 1 to August 1. 1953. Issuance of 100 licenses was to have begun on the earlier date, but did not materialize. There are two U.S. schools of thought. One holds that nothing will be lost by having the pact extend later into 1953 than planned, thus delaying the date for the negotiation of a new pact, while others feel that if the plan is accepted, Spain will have been allowed practically a year and a half to issue the number of licenses promised for a year. 50 BOXOFFICE : : January 10, 1953

NEWS AND VIEWS OF THE PRODUCTION CENTER (Hollywood Office— Suite 219 at 6404 Hollywood Blvd.: Ivan Spear, Western Manager) Open 'Jazz Singer' = • THOMiS- V Lilir JAZZ S I^GERL WORLD PREHIERE TONIGHT 8:30 PM JAZZ i\H lii-Z "^^ Mr and Mrs. H. M. Warner (top) were among the screen's celebrities who attended the gala premiere of "The Jazz Singer" at the Fox Beverly Theatre in Beverly Hills, Calif. The lower photo shows the front of the Beverly as the Warner Technicolor musical was unveiled. Temple Israel Dinner 21st HOLLYWOOD—Temple Israel will hold its 14th annual charity dinner and show Wednesday (21) at the Biltmore Bowl, with George Jessel as toastmaster and Irving Briskin as program chairman. Steve Broidy is general chairman in charge of arrangements. 'Gambler' Will Debut In Three River Cities HOLLYWOOD—January is premiere month as concerns U-I operations. The company's TyTone Power topliner, "Mississippi Gambler," is due to make its world bow in St. Louis Tuesday (13), with subsequent openings on succeeding days in Memphis and New Orleans, while "Meet Me at the Fair," starring Dan Dailey and Diana Lynn, will debut Saturday (17) at Loew's Ohio Theatre in Columbus. Piper Laurie and Julia Adams, Power's co-stars in "Gambler." headed a troupe of players who left over the weekend to participate in advance promotion and attend the three premiere screenings. Accompanying were Jackie Loughery, Valerie Jackson and Ruth Hampton, contract starlets. Appearances at the "Fair" engagement will be made by Chet Allen, moppet singing star who makes his screen debut in the picture, and 28 members of the Columbus Boy choir. « * * RKO is despatching invitations to the Wednesday (28) world premiere of "Never Wave at a WAC" to top government and miUtary personalities. The Rosalind Russell starrer, made by Producer Frederick Brisson's Independent Artists unit, will bow at the Keith Theatre in Washington. The Joint chiefs of staff will act as hosts at a reception following the premiere. Mono, and Allied Artists Get New Bank Credit HOLLYWOOD—A new credit agreement, providing for a one-year revolving loan of a maximum of $1,000,000, has been signed by Monogram Pictures Corp. and Allied Artists Productions with the Bankers Trust Co.. New York, and the Security-First National bank, Los Angeles. The agreement, as jointly announced by Steve Broidy. AA president, and George D. Burrows, executive vice-president and treasurer, also permits guarantees up to $500,000 covering bank loans to producers releasing their pictures through AA. Prior to inking of the new agreement, previous loans in which four banks—Security- First National, California, Guaranty Trust and Bank of the Manhattan—had been fully liquidated, the Broidy-Burrows statement said. Since the issuance of its report for the first quarter, ending Sept. 27, 1952, which showed a $125,897 net profit, the company's income and profits have continued at about the same rate, the two executives reporte(i. At 'Rouge' Premier A gala world premiere was accorded "Moulin Rouge," produced and directed in Paris by John Huston, at the Fox Wilshire Theatre in Beverly Hills, Calif., during the holiday season. In upper photo, Charles Skouras, president of National Theatres and Fox West Coast, exchanges greetings in the theatre lobby with actress Maureen O'Hara. In lower photo, Colette Marchand, center, who appears opposite Jose Ferrer in the United Artists release, sits between Mr. and Mrs. Harold J. Mirisch at the elaborate party which followed the debut. Mirisch, an Allied Artist executive, has a financial interest in the film. Three Theatres Are Added To Robert Lippert Chain LOS ANGELES—Through Desert Valley, Inc. a subsidiary, Robert L. Lippert has purchased the Desert and Aladdin theatres in Indio from Judge LeRoy Pauley and the Coachella Valley Drive-In from Jack Vansky and a.ssociates. Lippert, who is active in production and distribution, also owns a number of theatres in various California communities. Little theatre actor Stuart Whitman will make his bow in the Victor Mature-Mari Blanchard vehicle, "Prince of Bagdad," a Universal film. BOXOFFICE :: January 10, 1953 51