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— — — — — — — — — —— Cleffers STUDIO PERSONNELITIES Metro LENNIE HAYTON will be the musical director on "Easy to Love." BRONISLAU KAPER will compose and conduct the score for "Fame and Fortune." Paramount VICTOR YOUNG will compose ond conduct the score tor "Little Boy Lost." Republic "Son Antone" is being scored by DALE BUTTS. Loonouts Universal-International STEVE COCHRAN was borrowed from Worners for the mole fopline in "Back to God's Country," a James Oliver Curwood story, which Producer Howord Christie will place before the Technicolor cameras early next month. Meggers Metro The upcoming Nicholos Noyfock production, "Rope's End," will be directed by JOHN STURGES. CHARLES WALTERS was assigned to direct the new Esther Williams vehicle, "Easy to Love," for Producer Joe Pasternak. Options Paramount VIVIEN LEIGH and DANA ANDREWS will star in "Elephant Walk," Technicolor film version of the Robert Standish novel, which will go into work early next month on location in Ceylon. Wilham Dieterle will direct the Irving Asher production. RKO Radio ROBERT RYAN will play the male lead in Producer Edmund Groinger's upcoming historicol western, "Arizona Outpost," Republic JUDD HOLDREN and ALINE TOWNE are the cast toppers in Producer Franklin Adreon's 1 2-chapter serial, "Commando Cody, Sky Marshal of the Universe," which Harry Keller is megging. 20th Century-Fox RICHARD WIDMARK ond WILLIAM LUNDIGAN wilt be the mate stars in Producer William Bloom's western, "Woterhole," which Roy Baker will direct. Held for another one-year term was actress ANNE FRANCIS. JEANNE GRAIN and MICHAEL RENNI= will star in Producer Robert Bossier's tentatively titled "Ship Story," which Joseph Newmon will direct. Universal-International CHILL WILLS, the voice of "Francis," was inked to a new nonexclusive term ticket under which he will moke appeorances in films aside from the talking mule series. EDGAR BUCHANAN drows a character assignment in "It Hoppens Every Thursday," the Anton Leader production starring Lorotta Young and John Forsythe, which Joseph Pevney is megging. Warners RUTH ROMAN joins Gary Cooper and Barbara Stanwyck in the stellar cast of United States Pictures' "Blowing Wild," which Hugo Fregonese will direct and Milton Sperling will produce in Mexico In Technicolor. Cast OS Ida Cantor in "The Eddie Contor Story" was MARILYN ERSKINE. With Keefe Brosselle in the title role, the opus is being produced by Sidney Skolsky and directed by Alfred E. Green. Scripters RKO Radio WILLIAM BOWERS is developing "Arizona Outpost," from on original by Horry Essex, Bennett Cohn and Norton Parker, for Producer Edmund Groinger. "The Son of Sinbod," an upcoming Robert Sparks production, is being penned by JEFF BAILEY from an original by Aubrey Wisberg and Jack Pollexfen. 20th Century-Fox CHARLES LEDERER was inked to pen "The Form Divine" as a storring vehicle for—you guessed it Morilyn Monroe. Frank P. Rosenberg is the producer. Story Buys Metro "Green Fire," an original by Everett Freemon, was purchased and assigned to Armond Deutsch to produce as a starring vehicle for Clark Gable. It concerns an emerald mine in Colombia. "Fatal Planet," on original by Irving Block and Allen Adier, dealing with on interplanetary voyage to Mercury, was purchosed and assigned to Nicholas Noyfock to produce. Republic "The White Leopard," an African adventure novel by Inglis Fletcher, was added to the schedule. Universal-International John K. Butler's original, "The Man Who Knew Cochise," was acquired. It is a story of Indian warfare in the 1860s. Technically Warners ED DUPAR will photograph "Sulu Sea.' Title Changes RKO Radio "The Persuader" to THE HITCH HIKER. Universal-International "Flame of Timberline to TAKE ME TO TOWN. ' "You Belong to Me" to ALL I DESIRE. Willicnn Witney Re-Signed HOLLYWOOD — Marking hi.s 18th year with the studio, megaphonist WiUiam Witney has been handed a new term ticket at Republic, where his next assignment will be a Rex Allen starring western, "Iron Mountain TraU." Fox Sells Orpheum Theatre SHERIDAN. MONT. — Fox Intermountain Theatres has .sold its Orpheum Theatre here to Hal and Dick Bennett, operator.^ of the Skyline Drive-In. UPSY-D.\ISY—When "The Stoosc" the new Dean Martin-Jerry Lewis comedy produced for Paramount release by Ha! Wallis, was grven an invitational premiere recently at the Academy Theatre in Hollywood, studio drumbeaters decked out in white ties and tails—were on hand to tot« the comics around the foyer on their not-so-sturdy shoulders. From left: James Sarno, Paramount publicist; Martin; Walter Seltzer, publicity-advertising director for Wallis; Robert Goodfried, of Paramount's blurbing staff; Lewis; Bud Fraker, Paramount staffer. 'Andersen' 2nd Week Grosses 275 at LA LOS ANGELES—Boxcar figures continued to predominate the first run rialto in 1953's first week, paced by the impressive 275 per cent recorded by "Hans Christian Andersen" in its second stanza and the 250 per cent scored, also in its .second week, by "The Star." (Average Is 100) Beverly Canon The Member of the Wedding (Col), advanced prices, 2nd wk 160 Chinese, Los Angeles, Loyolo, Uptown Stors and Stripes Forever (20th-Fox); Outlaw Women (LP) 140 Downtown Paramount, Hawaii Against All Flags (U-l); It Grows on Trees (U-l) 120 Hollywood Paramount, Orpheum, Manchester, Picwood, Gage Drive-ln, El Monte Drive-In, Von Nuys Drive-In Road to Bali (Poro), 2nd wk..l40 Egyptian, State Million Dollar Mermaid (MGM), 2nd wk 100 Four Star The Stor (20th Fox), advanced prices, 2nd wk 250 Fox Beverly The Jazz Singer (WB), odvanced prices 1 75 Fox Ritz My Cousin Rochel (20th-Fox), advanced prices, 2nd wk 125 Fox Wilshire Moulin Rouge (UA), advanced prices, 2nd wk 220 Fine Arts Come Back, Little Sheba (Poro), odvanced prices, 2nd wk 210 Hillstreet, Pontages Blackbeard the Pirate (RKO); The Maverick (AA), 2nd wk 90 United Artists, Vogue The Bad and the Beautiful (MGM), 2nd wk 160 Warners Beverly Hans Christian Andersen (RKO) advanced prices, 2nd wk 275 Warners Downtown, Hollywood, Wiltern April In Paris ( WB) 140 'Road to Bali' Leads Seattle With 225 Per Cent SEATTLE—New vigor was pumped into badly .sagging gro.sses as strong product and the post-holiday season came to the fore. Blue Mouse The Raiders (U-l); The Black Castle (U-l), 2nd wk 80 Coliseum Hiawatha (AA); No Holds Barred (AA) 130 Fifth Avenue Stars and Stripes Forever (20th- Fox); Jungle Girl iAA), 2nd wk 110 Liberty The Prisoner of Zendo (MGM); Sky Full of Moon (MGM) 1 35 Music Box Limelight (UA) 125 Music Hall Against All Flogs (U-l), 2nd wk 95 Orpheum Abbott and Costello Meet Coptoin Kidd (WB) 90 Paramount Road to Bali (Para), Beware, My Lovely (RKO) 225 'Promoter' and 'Paris' Score Highest in Denver DENVER — "April in Paris," in competition with several holdovers, had no trouble in taking in the most money. "Million Dollar Mermaid" gained a third week at the Broadway, as did "Road to Bali" at the Denham. "The Promoter," showing at the band-box Vogue, packed that house to capacity, and held over. The I Don't Care Girl Aladdin, Tabor, Webber (20th-Fox) 1 10 Broadway Million Dollar Mermoid (MGM), 2nd wk no Denhom Road to Boli (Poro), 2nd wk 120 Denver, Esquire April in Paris (WB); The Battles of Chief Pontioc (Reolart) 185 Orpheum Ruby Gentry i20th-Fox); and Captive Woman (RKO), 2nd wk 75 Paramount Stop, You're Killing Me (WB) ....100 Vogue The Promoter (U-l) 220 World Miss Julie (SR) 2nd wk 85 'Bali' Bow and 'Bwana' Holdover Score 175 in San Francisco SAN FRANCISCO—Top honors for the week were chalked up with the opening of "Road to Bali" at the Paramount and the second week of "Bwana Devil" at the St. Francis, both rating 176 per cent. Fox—Stars ond Stripes Forever [20th-Fox) 2nd wk 120 Golden Gate Blackbeard the Pirate (RKO), 2nd wk 9C Orpheum Against All Flags (U-l) 98 Paramount Rood to Bali (Para) 175 St. Francis Bwana Devil iOboler), 2nd wk 175 United Artists Breaking the Sound Barrier (UA) 100 52 BOXOrnCE :; January 10, 1953

. . Variety Women to Install New Officers January 14 SAN FRANCISCO—Superior Judge Theresa Meikle will be the gaiest speaker at the installation of officers of the Women of Variety Club Tent 32 January 14 at a luncheon in the club rooms. The following officers will be installed: Mrs. Samuel E. Sobel, president; Mildred W. Levin, first vice-president; Mrs. Gerald Karski, second vice-president; Mrs. Charles Maestri, recording secretary; Mrs. J. Earl Henning, corresponding secretary; Mrs. Rotus Harvey, treasurer, and Mrs. Don Heitman, historian. The following directors will take office: Mrs. Al Grubstick, Mrs. James O'Neal, Mrs. Sam Roth, Mrs. Howard Schulz and Mrs. Al Shmitken. DENVER Oidne.v D. VVeisbaum, 65, formerly in distribution in Denver, died in San Francisco last week. At the time of his death he was president of Sunny-Mount Theatres, operating theatres in California. He is survived by his wife Blanche and one daughter . The Rocky Mountain News is running a contest that parallels the A.ssociated Press poll on best picture, best actor, etc., of the year. The daily is offering i>asses as prizes. John Wolfberg, operating four drive-ins in and near Denver, is offering a prize of $100 for the best suggestion that might lead to some use in winter of drive-ins . . . Fred Anderson, Western Service & Supply salesman, underwent an appendectomy at Pi'esbyterian hospital and is still very ill . . . H. M. McLaren, president of Western Service & Supply, is in St. Luke's hospital for treatment. He has been there six weeks. . . . Jim Ricketts, Paramount manager who has returned from his vacation trip to Des Moines, said the roads were so slick that he slid mast of the way there and back . . . Tom Bailey, Lippert Pictures franchise owner, went to Salt Lake City to coordinate the publicity of "The Great White Hunter" and "Captain Kidd," which opened at the Capitol there Mrs. Harriette Barton is now cashier at Allied Artists, succeeding Maxine Law, who went to Paramount. Robert Selig took the family for a Mexico vacation trip . . Exhibitors seen on Fiimrow . included Richard Bennett, Sheridan, Wyo.; Fred Hall. Akron; Herbert Gumper, Center, and James Peterson, Littleton. Blanche Rose, 72, Succumbs LOS ANGELES—Mrs. Blanche Starr, 72, stage and film character actress known professionally as Blanche Rose, died Monday (5). She was the widow of Fred Starr, a leading man on the stage who died in 1921. SELL YOUR THEATRE PRIVATELY Largest coverage in U.S. No "Net" listings. Highest reputation for l(now-liow and fair dealing. 30 years experience including exhibition. Ask Better Business Bureau, or our customers. Know your broker. ARTHUR LEAK Theotre Specialists 3305 Caruth, Dallas, Texas Telephones: EM 0238 - EM 74S9 CONFIDENTIAL CORRESPONDENCE INVITED WHAT was launched as an unauthorized teacup tempest has been permitted to develop into a national cause celebre which conceivably can cost the motion picture industry millions of dollars and put another deep dent into its already badly battered public relations. It is a violent, vicious and entirely unwarranted flareup of the long-existent feud against Hollywood, its people and its product, which has been conducted intermittently by the American Legion. "Moulin Rouge" and John Huston and Ferrer, respectively the picture's producer-director and star, are the targets of the current headline-commanding campaign. Just why, no logical analysis can satisfactorily answer. When "Rouge" Was accorded its glittering world premiere last December 23 at the Fox Wilshire Theatre here, appeared on the scene a handful of pickets, self-appointed heroes, apparently eager to share the limelight with Cinemania's great and glamorous, and using as their entree to the sparkling occasion their Legionnaire caps and placards blazoning the me.ssages, "Ban John Huston" and "Jose Ferrer is a leader of the U.S. cominform." As far as could be ascertained, this was wildcat picketing, without knowledge or sanction of top Legion brass— locally, statewide or nationally. If it had been permitted to die there, it might have been forgotten as an annoying incident, to which such events are often subjected, precipitated by a smattering of misguided exhibitionists. But it wasn't. Actor Ferrer immediately dispatched a telegram to LewLS K. Gough, the Legion's national commander, reiterating what the player termed his "unalterable" oppwsition to Communism and declaring himself in "wholehearted accord" with the Legion's fight against such ideologies. Almost simultaneously, the Legion took a national stand on the matter when, from its national headquarters in Indianapolis, one Allen B. Willand, director of the organization's Americanism division, notified Commander Gough of the Legion's "disapproval" of the distribution of "Rouge" for "American public patronage until such time as the personnel connected with it evidence sincere cooperation with their government ..." The Willand communique additionally attempted to tie the Hollywood AFL Film Council into the situation by declaring that both the Legion and the film council are "concerned with the drift to Europe of motion picture people of questionable loyalty who produce so-called American films abroad and ship them back to the U.S. for distribution." Quickly, Commander Gough entered the picture in a manner clearly indicating that the Legion—unlike the motion picture industry—adheres to a policy of presenting a solid, right-or-wrong-we-stand-together front in mapping its strategy on such occasions. Gough, interviewed locally, was emphatic in declaring he would back the Legion's Americanism division, his remarks tending to indicate that, in his organization's opinion, it is not enough that a personality has established his innocence of pro-Communist accusations by appearing before the House Un-American Activities Committee las did Ferrer more than a year agoj. Apparently it is Gough's belief that such accused persons must also satisfy the Legion. He neglected, however, to throw any light on just what HoUywoodians must do to prove themselves guiltless of such charges. Further, the Legion commander had no comment to make as concerns the fact that Producer-Director Huston has never been subpenaed by the Un-American Activities Committee and has never been accused of pro-Communist or fellow-traveler lesinings. Subsequently, Huston, Ferrer, Harold Mirisch and G. Ralph Branton—the latter two of whom hold a financial interest in "Rouge"—issued a joint statement expressing confidence that "no basic difference exist" between the Legion and themselves on the Communist question. Therefore, they declared, they will "continue to cooperate with the Legion in its efforts to eliminate Communist influences throughout America." In a number of respects, the unfortunate incident is the most hazardous of the many that have grown out of the Legion's prolonged heckling of motion pictures. Not only does it concern itself with the hackneyed issue as to whether or not employment should be accorded talent which the Legionnaires for any reason whatsoever consider suspect, but it involves the far wider fields of distribution and producers' rights to make pictures abroad. There should be no further need to judge the of the Legion's position, and the means to which it has resorted in implementing its attack upon the motion picture industry. No need again to call that organization's attention to the fact that two of the cardinal principles of the Americanism it alleges to be so zealously defending prescribe that any man is presumed to be innocent until proven guilty, and that no man shall be placed in jeopardy on the same charge more than once. No need to call attention to the glaring inconsistencies, contradictions and arbitrariness in the statements from Legion brass in connection with the present situation. No need to outline once more the retaliatory steps that the industry easily could take if it determined to use the power at its command to fight unfair opposition. They have all been covered, here and elsewhere, so many times that they are becoming bromidic. Nonetheless, industry brass has apparently again decided that appeasement is the best pohcy. It hasn't worked to date, which the unfair persecution of "Moulin Rouge" proves. In this opinion it will continue to be futile. BOXOFHCE :: January 10, 1953 53