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. . . . Harold . . Carl . . The . . KANSAS CITY pill Burke, RKO home office, is at the local exchange . . . Jim Lewis, RKO manager, returned from a trip to New Orleans . RKO will tradescreen "The Hitchhiker" January William Bradfield. Roxy. Carthage, 19 . . . and Dave Williams, Royal, King City, Mo., were seen along the Row. Ed Hartman, Motion Picture Booking Agency, left St. Luke's hospital after being there several weeks. He is expected back SELL YOUR THEATRE PRIVATELY Largest coveraoe in U.S. No "Net" listings. Higliest reputation for know-how and fair dealing. 30 years experience including exhibition. Ask Better Business Bureau, or our customers. Know your broker. ARTHUR LEAK Theatre Specialists | 3305 Carulh, Dallas, Texas Telephones: EM 0238 - EM 7489 CONFIDENTIAL CORRESPONDENCE INVITED BOXES AVAILABLE IMMEDIATE DELIVERY L 6l L POPCORN CO. 116 West 18th St. Konsas City, Mo. Sh IfoM SvuMc* Site* /S99 STEBBINS THEATRE Equipment Co. Carpets -Door Mats Complete Installation Service— Free Estimotes R. D. MANN CARPET CO. 928-930-932 Centrol, Victor 1 171, Kansas City, Mo. 455 Paul Brown BIdg., Chestnut 4499, St. Louis PDCiiT \m\m STAGE EQUIPMENT COMPANY .UiiLni ffniimn. rVCRYTHING FO* THE STAGE • AUDITORIUM • LOBI SOX OFFICE • 1»4 Grand Ave., Kanto Cily C. Mo Satisfaction — Always MISSOURI THEATRE SUPPLY COMPANY L I. KIMBRIEL. Manager Phone BAIIimote 3070 lis W 18lh Kansas Oily 8. Mo. . . . at the office this month The local 20th-Fox branch plans a saturation booking, beginning March 11, of the "Treasure of Al Webster, Altec field Golden Condor" . . . engineer, formerly of Kansas City and nowstationed in Oklahoma City, was a visitor. News from the RCA service division: Field engineer W. C. "Coy" Waller, located in Joplin for many years, has replaced Al Hughes in Kansas City. Hughes is now in Omaha. Max HoUingsworth is now field engineer in Joplin . . . Evalyn Docekal, office secretary, spent the hohdays with relatives in Nebraska and Iowa . . . E. D. Van Duyne returned from a trip to Omaha . . . Maj. Charley Houchin, former RCA field engineer, has returned from duty in Korea. He is now stationed with the signal corps in El Paso, Tex. Houchin formerly serviced theatres in northwest Kansas out of McCook, Neb. Charley Cook, Universal salesman, has resigned, effective January 17 . . . U-I district manager Lester Zucker and the local sales staff returned from a two-day sales meeting in Denver . . . Bob Carnie and Frank Thomas, AA salesmen, are back in the territory again . Hume, Fox Midwest booker, returned to work after a two-week vacation . . . Carol Cook, former U-I secretary, returned to the hospital to undergo further treatment for an injury sustained in a motor car accident last fall. . Ben Marcus, Columbia division manager, was in Minneapolis . . . Herb Stulz, salesman for the same company, was in town for a sales meeting . Scott, Universal shipper, was married late in December Margaret Strahm, . Commonwealth secretary, ha-s resigned . Goodland, . Kas., Bill and Terrill, family, Goodland and Mr airer, and Mrs. Ed Kirk, Springfield Drive-In, Springfield, Mo., were Filmrow visitors. Both situations are operated by Commonwealth. . . . Mildred Jack Braunagel and wife are vacationing in Mexico for several weeks Harris, Commonwealth secretary, is on vacation . . . C. H. Badger, Stebbins Theatre Supply, was in Wichita for several days . . . Missouri Theatre Supply sold the Dickinson Theatre, Mission, Kas., a new RCA Synchro- Screen. It will be the first of its type to be installed in Missouri. Installation is expected within the next 30 days. Ed Golden, Vogue Theatre operator, played host to 300 children from five local orphanages on December 30. Popcorn and bubblegum were given each child at the afternoon affair . . . Exhibitors seen along the Row included Homer Strowig, Abilene, Kas.; Charley Shilket, Rex, Joplin. Mo.: Howard Larsen, Larsen, Webb City, Mo.; E. L. Follmer, Roxy, Warsaw, Mo.: C. E. Cook, Maryville. Mo.; Elmer Bills, Salisbury, Mo., and Bill Flynn, Emporia, Kas. Bev Miller. Leavenworth exhibitor, left for a vacation in Mexico City . Colonial Theatre here is closed again. Film Adjectives to Give Way to Electrical Mhos! ST. LOUIS—Someone is always taking the joy out of life. Now the interesting super adjectives of the Hollywood press agents and their brethren throughout the land are threatened with extinction. Speaking at the convention of the American Ass'n for the Advancement of Science here last week (301, Harold Schlosberg, a Brown university psychology professor, outlined a way to measure the intensity of thrills experienced by an audience at a stage play, motion picture show, or spectators of a prizefight, etc. It is all to be done with "mhos," and so would pass such terms as "stupendous." "colossal" and "supercolossal." Instead reports would be 16.932 mhos or 15,111 mhos. The device runs on storage batteries and uses dimesize electrodes held in the palms of the ca^h customers. When the spectators' conductances, caused by the thrills of the show, were pooled, through being connected in pai-allel with one meter, the exact report for the press agents would be available. If you are now thoroughly confused, a mho is that unit of electrical resistance, an ohm in reverse, and conductances start when your sweat secretion increases! Check to Needy Family CHICAGO—The Balch family, evicted recently from their flat, had a joyful Christmas after all. On Christmas eve, Ralph Schoenig, manager of the Crown for Essaness circuit, headed by Edwin Silverman, gave Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Balch and their three children a check for $165. The check was for a full day's receipts, which the management set aside after reading about the plight of the family. Balch, ill with Parkinson's disease, is unable to work. Sues Drive-In for $10,000 CHICAGO—Mrs. Anna Pawlowski, 24, of 5608 Wellington Ave., filed suit for $10,000 damages in superior court last week i31) for an arm injury she said .she suffered last July 4 when she was struck by a bullet in the drive-in theatre at Waukegan and Golf roads near Glenview, operated by the Illinois Drive- In Theatres Co. The suit charged the bullet was fired by an unidentified person in front of the automobile in which Mrs. Pawlowski was seated with her husband Frank, a real estate man. The bullet struck Mrs. Pawlowski in the right elbow. Farmers Ass'n Drops TV Request COLUMBIA, MO.—The Missouri Farmers Ass'n has dropped its plan to obtain a license for a TV station here, according to a statement by F. V. Heinkel, president of the association. This move leaves the way open for the University of Missouri. CENTRAL SHIPPING & INSPECTION BUREAU 1 20 West 1 7th Street Kansas City, Mo. Telephone: GRand 2094 PRODUCE A BETTER LIGHT IN ANY SIZE THEATRE OR DRIVE-IN . . . MORE ECONOMICALLY! CARBONS, INC. • BOONTON, N. J. 62 BOXOFnCE :: January 10, 1953

. . . Paul . . Joe . . W. . A Tony Peluso, manager of the Fox Theater, St. Louis, is shown handing out bags of candy to underprivileged children attending the Fanchon & Marco-St. Louis Amusement Co.'s Christmas party at the big Fox Theatre. Sees Three-Dimension In Drive-ins This Year From Eastern Edition ALBANY—Drive-ins will get three-dimension pictures in 1953, Harry Lament, head of a circuit of eight outdoor theatres, predicted, adding that the peak of drive-in operation has not yet been reached. Lament foresaw the release of three three-dimension pictures not only to indoor houses but also to driveins during the year. He believes that the development of threedimension pictures will be as beneficial to the motion picture industry as the advent of .sound. "Look at the terrific being done with "Bwana Devil," he remarked. He foresaw no special technical problems that drive-ins will face with the introduction of three-dimension; polaroid gla.sses, for example. His forecast for a prosperous 1953 was not qualified by television, explaining that the impact of TV already is waning in areas where it has been introduced "When television first came to Greenville, a Catskill mountain town in a fringe area, its effect on the boxoffice was noticeable," he said. "Every year since, however, the effect has lessened. I think this is true generally. "This country will have many more driveins, particularly in areas presently untapped." Censors Reject None CHICAGO—Chicago censors reviewed 117 pictures, last month, including 30 foreign productions. None were rejected, but eight were classified for adults only showings. "SELECT" FOUNTAIN SYRUPS DRINK DISPENSERS Select Drink Inc. 4210 W. Florissant Ave. St. Louis, 15, Mo. Phone Mulberry 5289 ST. LOUIS The executive committee and officers of the amusement employes welfare funds of St. Louis met Wednesday (7i. Edward Butler is chairman . . . The officers and directors of the local MPTO will meet at the Melbourne The MPTO hotel at 11:00 a.m. Tuesday il3). provided Christmas boxes for out-of-town soldiers, sailors and marines kept here over the holiday. The boxes were is.sued through the USO. Included in each was a courtesy pass to theatres in the St. Louis area for 1953. Myra Stroug, managing secretary of the MPTO, arranged the details. Art LaPlante, Columbia salesman, returned from his vacation . G. Milwain, who had been employed in Pennsylvania and New Jersey for several years, returned recently to Bardwell, Ky., to assume management of the Milwain Theatre, owned by his mother, Mrs. J. A. Milwain . . . The management and employes of the Will Rogers Theatre here donated their time the afternoon of December 31 to a free showing of "Miracle of 34th Street." Nuns and orphans from various institutions of the city were guests . . Hugh . Nesbitt, Universal salesman, had an attack of the flu. However, he recovered in time to leave for the U-I sales meeting in New Orlean.s. Harry Hynes, manager, headed the local delegation. . . . . Personnel of the local 20th-Fox branch went to the Ruby S'Renco Art Theatre January 2 to hear a 30-minute short containing Al Lichtman's New Year's greetings to the company Maurine Scott, cashier for . . WB, has resigned to be married January 17 Mccarty, head of the McCarty Theatre Supply Co., his wife and three children visited in Arkansas The Roxy Theatre has installed new booth equipment. John Dugan, a 20th-Fox salesman for about three years, resigned to join Warner Bros, at Pittsburgh . . . Herman Gorelick and George Phillips will attend a Lippert franchise holders meeting in Chicago January 10, 11 . . . John Quinn, one-time manager here for MGM, wa.s in town from Florida . Lyman, Whithall, 111., exhibitor and insurance agency owner, is a patient in a hospital at Jacksonville. Kathryn DeLee, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Louis C. Odorizzi of Staunton, 111., and Robert John McEnery were married December 27. Her father owns the Mount Olive Drive-in Joseph Schermer, 64, on Route No. 66 . . . operator of a drygoods store in Granite City, and a brother of Mannie Schermer, partner in drive-in theatres in East Alton and Rockford and a theatre at Fort Madison, died of a heart attack January 2 . . . The Frisina Amusement Co. has denied reports that Sydney Pfeiffer will handle its theatre concession departments . 20th-Fox sales meeting will be held in Milwaukee January 10. Gordon Halloran, manager, is to head the local delegation. Pat O'Brien, .screen and stage star who was appearing at the American Theatre, attended the Anheu.ser-Busch Brewery Corp. celebration December 30 marking the attainment of the first six-million-barrel year in the histoi-y of the company, and drew out of a hat the name of Pvt. Robert Connors, stationed in Korea, to receive a $1,000 U.S. bond and a miniature gold replica of the record-breaking barrel. Piper Laurie and Julia Adams, film actresses, and three beauty contest winners are to make personal appearances at the Fox Theatre January 13 in connection with the world premiere of the "Mississippi Gambler". The beauty contest winners are Jackie Loughery, Miss United States; Ruth Hampton, Miss New Jersey, and Valerie Jackson as Miss Montana. The Granada, Lindell. Rio, Tivoli, Shenandoah, Victory, Maplewood, Gravois, and Manchester theatres here and the Washington in Granite City, 111., units of the St. Louis Amusement Co. circuit, staged cartoon carnival shows the afternoon of December 30. The price was 25 cents. Marvin James, who had been manager of the Meramec Theatre in Sullivan, Mo., since 1937, and the Berwan Theatre there since its opening a few years ago, resigned early this month to accept a position in the engineering department of the Ram.sey Corp. plant in Sullivan. He completed an electrical engineering course at the Mi.s.souri School of Mines and Metallurgy at Rolla, Mo., in 1931 . . . Leonard Hagedorn of Union, Mo., has succeeded Sam Baumgaertner as the manager for the Hermo Theatre in Hermann, Mo., a unit of the William Theatres circuit. Baumgaertner, who had managed the theatre for 15 years, resigned and plans to take things easy. Actress Virginia Gibson, here for a Christmas visit with her family, took time out to help distribute Christmas gifts at St. John's hospital. She is the guest of her brother, William Gorski, 3124 Prairie Ave. and his family The peak of the 1952 Christmas shopping season saw the dollar volume of sales in the St. Louis area department stores (the week ended December 20 1 running 5 per cent above the same week in 1951. The gain was 3 per cent for the four-week period ending on that day and the year's increase was 2 per cent, the St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank reported. Incorporate for $10,000 JEFFERSON CITY—Articles of incorporation have been granted by the secretary of state's office to the Springfield Drive-In Corp., authorizing it to own, operate, manage and carry on a general theatre business and to issue up to 100 shares of $100 par value stock. Incorporators were listed as R. M. Shelton, F. L. Moore and R. P. Lyon. Shelton is vice-president and general manager of the Commonwealth Theatres, and Moore is listed as the secretary-treasurer of the circuit. Polio sutferers look to you. Drop March of Dimes slugs into your advertising tor the March of Dimes drive—January 2-31. yooo-s-Q04-a-e>ooooa^>oooo EVERYTHING FOR THE THEATRE St. Louis Theatre Supply Company Aj-ch Hosier 3310 Olive Streel. St. Louis 3. Mo. Telephone lEfierson 7974 •VOOOOOPOOOOOOOOOOOO* ' BOXOFnCE January 10, 1953 63