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. . . Mrs. . . Stormy . . Charles Get them ORDER Uetfet. DALLAS immsi inOTim PICTIRE SEIV CE [i I2S HYDE ST. SAN FRANCISCO (2), CALIF. Gerald L. Karski.... President * MACHINE FOLD • ROLL, SINGLE-DUPLEX * RESERVED SEAT • BOOK STRIP THEATER GIFT COUPON BOOKS SEASON PASSES — ONE TIME COMPS. -A-eeu-R-AGY- SOUTHWEST TICKET & COUPON CO. 2110 CORINTH ST. • Horwood 7185 • DALLAS, TEX. CLASSIFIED ADS—EASY TO USE T O. McClanahan, art director for National Screen, spent the holiday season driving about 1,500 miles with his wife and son to New Orleans and Biloxi, then back through Lake Danny Kaye gave the lUh Charles, La. . . . and final performance Thursday evening at the state fair auditorium in his review, one of the features of Cotton Bowl week. Generally considered a succe.ssful run, the Kaye show marked the third top Christmas to New- Year's attraction in a row for Dallas. Kaye left Fi-iday (2) for a vacation in Boca Raton. Fla.. prior to his engagement opening at the Palace in New York January 18. Jack Underwood, division manager, Columbia, was in New York for a called meeting Margaret Falls, Manley, Inc., took a vacation during the holidays and returned to the office Monday i5». Bobby Bixler, Paramount publicist,' flew to Hollywood Tuesday to attend the Adolph Zukor testimonial dinner on the 7th. He also was to participate in the Bing Crosby annual charity invitational goll tournament at Pebble Beach January 8-11 ... J. A. Mclnaney, in charge of the Dallas office of Alexander Film Co., attended the annual convention in Colorado last week of Alexander Film Co. with several of his salesmen . Meadows returned from a two-week holiday trip to California, which included an interesting trip through the MGM studio. Stormy Meadows has just published her eighth edition of the 1953 Texas Tlieatre Guide and shows a total number of 1,696 theatres with a total seating capacity of 825,016. Circuit theatres number 685 with a seating capacity of 305.001. Affiliated circuits number 167 and seat 111,203, while unaffiliated circuits number 518 and seat 193,798. Independent theatres number 1,011 and seat 520,015. This guide has an extensive phone exchange directory. It lists Mexican theatre exchanges and theatres and Negro theatres. It lists in separate sections drive-ins, affiliated theatres and unaffiliated circuit theatres. Meadows sells the directory for $10. Miss S. G. Hill, manager, Southwestern Theatre Supply, said that Albert Reid in Abernathy is breaking ground for a new drive-in. The construction work will be done by Harvey Jordan and Southwestern will supply the equipment. LeRoy Bickel. MGM. and Billy Duckett, South Loop Drive-In, retiu-ned from a 1,500- mile holiday trip through the .south. Leaving Tuesday before New Year's, they drove to Biloxi and then to New Orleans to see Mississippi to Georgia Tech. 27-7, in the Sugar bowl. Their schedule took them to Mobile, Ala., where LeRoy spent considerable time with Luther Bickel, his brother, a retired Wabash engineer who is 86 years old. Wallace Walthall of National Screen Service and Fi-ank Bradley, BOXOFFICE representative, visited V. W. Crisp, former BOXOFFICE correspondent who has been unable to move from his bed for several years. He has been moved to a nursing home at 3034 East Grand, across the street from the Cowser Lumber Co. Cri.sp was in good spirits and talked over old times and present day problems with Walthall. He keeps up with the happenings of his friends through his copies of the BOXOFFICE. He has a 21-inch television set in his room, and enjoys having company. He said that he recently had .seen Ernest Rocket and Bruno Herber from the Row. Mr. and Mrs. Heywood Simmons drove to Odessa for the opening on January 2 of the new 1,250-car Twin Terrace Drive-In by Mrs. Maggie Scott. It is located at 37th street and Andrews highway. Simmons reported a full house for the opening, which featured "The Savage" and "Hellgate." "It is one of the most beautiful and up-to-date drive-in theatres I have ever seen," Simmons said . . . Ed Newman and his wife of the West View and Oak Lawn drive-ins at Waco will attend the Eisenhower inaugural January 20. EXCAVATING DIRT WORK MAINTAINERWORK PAVING Let Us Build Your Drive-In! Or • Enlarge • Remodel Improve We don't talk much, but we do o whole of a job at saving money on drive-ins that make the owners good money. Let our know-how and our line of equipment help you get into this popular field this summer. Ask for free estimate HENDRICK, BLEDSOE & WADZECK Phone 2 2539 P. 0. Box 956 11181/2 Franklin Ave. Waco, Texas Bruno and Ernest Herber of Herber Supply have published another edition of their popular Dallas film trade telephone directory and copies were much .sought after in view of the many changes that occurred during the last year on Filmrow . E. Carden, manager of the Palace Theatre, made the front page of the Fort Worth Press with a three-column photo of a dramatic front for the Palace during the week that "Flat Top" was .showing. A 40-foot model of an aircraft carrier was loaned by the navy and parked in front. The made-to-scale fighter planes on deck w'ere built by Chance Vaught Aircraft Corp. at Grand Prairie. Helen Howe's novel, "The Circle of Day," will be screenplayed by Jay Dratler. This is a William Fadiman production for Columbia. NEED CHAIR SERVICE New chairs insfallcd—oil types of repolrs. Wo furnish oil labor ond motefiof. Work done in your rhcotrc. Carpet sewing, laying and repairing. C. E. Girard 201 South 23rd St., Temple, Texas Phone, Dallas, RI-S009 Phone, Temple, 3-5352 76 BOXOFTICE January 10, 1953

. . . New Coyote Hunt in Plane Fatal to Exhibitor AMARILLO—H. B. Skelcon, 40, owner and operator of the Panhandle Drive-In at Panhandle, was killed Sunday afternoon when the Bellanca 150 in which he was hunting coyotes with three ranchers nosedived into a pasture 20 miles ea-st of here. Parents of Melvin Walker, one of the ranchers in the hunt, were driving along in their car about two miles from the crash scene when the plane crashed. A farmer, John Slater, who lived about a mile away, said he had seen the plane flying around the area all afternoon. He said that between 2:20 and 2;30 p. m. it was flying along level at a height less than 100 feet when it suddenly seemed to dive into the ground. There was a strong breeze, about 25 miles per hour, directly out of the .southwest, the direction in which the plane was headed. Slater said it hit the ground and bounced back but did not catch fire. Skelton is survived by three brothers, who also are in the theatre business, Joe, Max and Byron Skelton. Store-Drive-In Project Ruled Lottery in Texas AUSTIN—A cooperative plan between merchants and a drive-in theatre for distribution of coupons and a drawing for prizes would be a lottery, under the facts outlined. Attorney General Pi-ice Daniel's department advised County Attorney Odis Tomachefsky of Brenham. The ruling, as to whether the proposed plan would conflict with the lottery law, was asked before the project was to start. The plan was that merchants would distribute free coupons to patrons, with no purchase required, and a series of drawings would be held at the theatre. The prizes were to be all-expense trips to Hollywood for two persons. The merchants were to pay the theatre operator .sums to cover part of the cost of advertising the project and the theatre in turn was to pay a commLssion to the individual who handled the entire promotion. Tent 34 Holds Dance HOUSTON—Variety Tent 34 held its fifth annual Christmas dinner dance in the Shamrock hotel last week (27). British Film Makers, Ltd., will cease to produce films when the J. Arthur Rank Organization starts financing its own films next year. ANLEY Inc. The Biggest Name in Popcorn Moke more money with Monley MDALLAS, TEX. 2013 Young .. Pros. 1685 Bob Warner SAN ANTONIO Tose Q. Cavazos, 60, retired actor, dancer and impersonator, died here recently. He was born in Monterrey. Mexico, and had re.sided in San Antonio 50 years. He is survived by two sisters . . . "April in Paris" was the New Year's week attraction at the Aztec Theatre Year's eve midnighters were held at the Broadway in Alamo Heights and the Palace downtown. Both houses offered double Other theatres spdne tingling features . . . having late shows New Year's eve were the Woodlawn. Olmos. Alamo. Hi-Park, Mission, Rigsby, San Pedro and South Loop 13. Dusk To Dawn shows were held at the Kelly and San Pedro drive-ins. Mercedes Beasan of Havana and Hollywood, opened at the new 400 club here on New Year's eve San Antonio's third newest Spanish . . . language radio station, KEXX, started broadcasting January 1 . . Jack . Hanna of this city worked as electrician on location with the Paramount unit filming "Arrowhead" on the Fort Clark ranch in Brackettville . . . Sylvan K. Barry, owner of the Fiesta Drive-In, reported to police that thj-ee juveniles stole 12 speakers valued at $108 from his theatre. . . Gloria Thomas Garcia, assistant manager at Azteca, spent the New Year holidays in Laredo, as did Olivia Ayala, clerk in the same office . . Katy Jurado, who has been . on location in west Texas working in a forthcoming release, was in town . Ayala. clerk-typist at Azteca. leaves January 18 for Key West. Fla.. where she and her husband will honeymoon. Her husband-to-be is in the submarine service . . . Roman Villareal has leased the Star Theatre, which he reopened last month with an American picture policy. The house is located near Fort Sam Houston. Heywood Sinunons Austin squibs: The Capitol. Paramount, Queen and State held owl shows New Year's eve . . . Mr. and Mrs. Zachary Scott and their two daughters were in from Hollywood to spend the Yuletide here. After visiting friends and relatives, Scott left for Toronto. Canada, where he will open in a legitimate stage attraction there. Jose Carabaza of Carabaza Film Exchange, Laredo, called on the Azteca, and Percy Bond, who operates the Lorex Theatre, Loraine. visited the Clasa-Mohme exchange to book Spanish language films . . . Oliver B. Thomas, manager of the State, was in a local hospital for treatment. ^^^^N^^^^^^^^^^^N^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ USE RUSH HOUR POPCORN in 50 lb. bags instead of 10 lb. tins and save the difference. STAR POPCORN MACHINES NINE KINDS POPCORN CARTONS INCLUDING AUTOMATIC GOLDEN HULLESS POPCORN SILVER HULLESS POPCORN NOISELESS POPCORN BAGS Price Hit upon request. Also samples. PRUNTY BOOKINGS MADE EASY and profitable— POPCORN DIVISION 620 N. 2nd St., St. Louis 2. Mo. Popcorn Processors— In Our 79th Year. Let's talk it over irjk K. E. Davis We know the Southwest . . . we know pictures— and our combined skill can save you time and trouble. Details of our methods will convince you! Come in! HEYWOOD SIMMONS BOOKING SERVICE Phone: RA5S26 DALLAS 2008 Jackson St. HERE'S YOUR CHANCE lo get in the BIG MONEY Be Sure to Play As a screen game, HOLLYWOOD takes top honors. As a box-office attraction, if is without equaL It has .been a favorite with theatre goers for ffiovie Stars- over 15 years. Write today for complete details. Be sure to give seating or car capacity. HOILTWOOD AMUSiMENT CO. 131 South Wobaih* Chicago S, lllinolt BOXOFFICE :: January 10, 1953 77