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. . . The . . . An . . Lou D E S MOINES paul Webster, Republic manager the last four years, has been named a district manager with headquarters in New York. His territory includes the Chicago, Milwaukee, Minneapolis. De.s Moines. Omaha, Kan- PAUL WEBSTER sas City and St. Louis exchanges. He will move his family to New York soon. Stepping into the branch manager's position here will be Kenny Weldon who has .served the exchange as salesman , . . Jim Ricketts. Columbia booker, had his entire family home for the holidays, including his son Jim, who recently has been made Paramount manager in Denver. Dorothy Van Buren, Paramount, visited in Truro, Iowa, last weekend. Her husband Elmer, formerly employed at NSS, is now stationed with the army in Germany. Filmrowers offer sympathy to Waunita Mr. Exhibitor . . Goddard, Paramount inspector, whose husband died last week . Levy, manager, and Oliver Patrick and Ralph Olson, salesmen, attended Universal meetings in Denver January 5, 6 . . . Columbia Manager Byron Shapiro i.s tlie proud owner of a SlOO hat. won in a drawing at a local men's clothing store. The hat carries a lifetime service guarantee! Stan Dudelson, UA manager, is haid at work on the Bernie Kranze drive which began December 22 and will run until next June. During the holidays, Stan's fathrr Moe, central district manager for UA, visited in Des Moines . lowan who made good as an actor in Hollywood and a producer on Broadway interrupted a trip to Sun Valley. Ida., to see relatives in Nonvalk. Iowa. John Merrick, known as Fred Stiffler when he attended Norwalk high school, Drake university and the University of Iowa, interviewed Norma Shearer at Sun Valley in regard to script revisions in a play, "Call Margaret," in which Miss Shearer will play the starring role and Merrick will be the producer. After his Sun Valley stop, Merrick went to Hollywood to take a screen test for a role in "The Robe." D. H. Conley, RKO manager, has been in Mercy ho.spital following surgery . . . James J. "Sparkle" Sparks, fonner RKO booker, was here recently on a furlough. Now stationed in Colorado, "Sparkle" has lost 40 pounds while in service for Uncle Sam, and is quite a streamlined version of his old self! He expects to obtain his release in February Des Moines loge of the Coliseum of Motion Picture Salesmen received many thanks for their generous Christmas projects. They made Christmas a gala day for five deserving families here—taking them food, toys and clothing. Gene Autry brings his celebrated show to Iowa for two engagements January IC, 17 in Des Moines and Sioux City, respectively. With Are you going to protect your interest with a drive-in theatre? Then see us. We will save you money in the long run! The average salesman selling equipment is interested in sale of equipment only. We have supplied equipment to more Drive-In Theatres in Iowa than any other one company. We help you pick out your land, we have cm engineer to help supervise your contractor on building, and our own Engineer installs equipment. We assure you that we can help you save money. OUR Service Man will service your equipment when you need it. No contract for service needed. DES MOINES THEATRE SUPPLY GO. 1121 High St. Phone 3-6520 Des Moines, Iowa Autry will be his horse Champion, his guitar and the Cass County Boys. In addition, tbere will be the Hoosier Hot Shots, Pat Buttram, Johnny Bond, Carl Cotner and Gail Davis, with all the Melody Ranch stars and many others. Later in January, the 20th to the 25th. Olsen and Johnson will appear as stars in "The Skating Vanities" at KRNT Theatre in Des Moines. A. H. Blank, president of Tri-States Theatres Corp., was interviewed last week for the Business Leaders in Iowa column in the Des Moines Sunday Register. Relating his boyhood and early theatre experiences, the story ended with the amiouncement of an appointment of the theatre executive and philanthropist to the national committee for the American Jewish tercentenai-y, which will be observed in 1954. Woody Simek to Open Ashland, Neb., Circle ASHLAND, NEB.—Woody simek has scheduled the opening date for his new Circle A Theatre for January 17 after numerous delays in equipment and final finishing touches. The old Neu Theatre was destroyed 13 months ago. Simek hsus done much of the construction himself, including cement and rough carpentry work. He figures he has clipped possibly $20,000 off the cost. The theatre was built without blueprint and is one of the most attractive small-town layouts in the state. Many Clearance Plaints But Few Devise Changes MINNEAPOLIS— Although the local Paramount exchange has been receiving a number of complaints from Minneapolis exhibitors regarding the clearance setup here, only three theatre owners responded when branch manager J. T. McBride sought written suggestions for the system's improvement. However, Paramount will try to work out something more satisfactory. McBride .said. J. J. Donahue, district manager, and a member of the company's legal staff were due here this week to explore the situation and try to. devise a new setup. However, there has been an unavoidable postponement of the visit, McBride announced. "It would appear that every exhibitor wants 28-day clearance, the earliest of the subsequent run availabilities," a.sserted McBride. "At the same time, it's realized by exhibitors that their boxoffice goose might be cooked if all of the theatres, or even a large number, play the same picture day and date." 3" - 4" - 5" In Lots of Ten: Single Cones $1.10 Double Cones $1.30 DRIVE-IN SPEAKER REPAIRS ALUMINUM Moisture Resistant VOICE COILS Guaranteed Fast Service EVANS RECONING SERVICE 1112 Davis Ave. Des Moines, Iowa 80 BOXOFnCE January 10, 1953

Erv Clumb Shifted To Riverside Helm MILWAUKEE—Ervin J. Clumb, 35, twice a BOXOFPICE Award winner, ha? been selected by Standard Theatres to manage the big Riverside Theatre here. In addition, he will direct all advertising and publicity work. He succeeds L. Roy Pierce, who has been in ill health and intends taking an extended vacation to be followed by po.ssible .surgery. Clumb gained his experience from the actual bottom up, Ervin J. Clumb starting as a sign painter's helper and general handyman, then graduating to usher under George Hanon at the Pox Theatre in Marinette, Wis., while attending school. RAPID PROMOTIONS EARNED Later, his family moved down to Green Bay, and while attending high school there, he secured a job with Standard Theatres' Bay and Strand theatres a^ an usher, being promoted a few months later to chief of staff. Ba.sed on this experience and background, he obtained a position with Pox Wisconsin in Milwaukee at the Pai-adise and later the State theatres as a-ssistant manager under Lowell Parmentier, who is now national representative for Bon Bon, while "Hank" Toilette, now of S&M Theatres, was division manager. He then decided to join Harold Mirisch interests, holding down the fort at both the Tower and Oriental theatres here. After Mirisch, now president of Allied Artists, went to Hollywood, Clumb returned to the Standard Theatres banner at Green Bay as manager of the Bay Theatre, subsequently assuming the manager's slot over at the Strand, adding later on the Strand at Oshkosh, all under the direction of Division Manager E. R. Brennan. Three years in the armed services as entertainment director added to his experience. He produced and directed several arm.y road shows, and toured extensively with screen, stage and radio stars on bond drives and other expeditions. He also presented live talent productions for the service at Miami, Salt Lake City, Denver and Madison, Wis. WON PROMOTION ACCLAIM After becoming manager and director of advertising at the Towne Theatre here in 1947, he plunged into a series of exploitations which were to keep his name in the limelight locally and nationally in trade publications. For over six years Clumb kept pounding the newspapers with full-page cooperative ads. Often his tieups were so successful that he received mail from other parts of the nation, asking for details and permission to duplicate. He devised the first local allplastic theatre canopy murals and perfected the city's first changeable theatre neon letters, which again brought him scores of letters asking for information. For "Ivanhoe" recently, dumb cooperated with John Kemptgen, MGM manager, and Johnny Mednikow, NSS manager, and wound up by sending out 70,000 student tickets to every history and English teacher in the county. Enclosed were blotters, study guides, pictorial one-sheets, theatre time schedules and an introductory letter explaining the purpose of this unusual offer. And in grand finale fashion he sent 10,000 book-markers to the main library and its 15 branches, garnered free time on the five Milwaukee radio stations, and some nifty space in both local newspapers! Incidentally, that batch of mail weighed almost 350 pounds! Clumb assumed his latest po.sition December 15, after a short vacation at Miami Beach, Fla. His assistant at the Riverside will be Henry Kratz, who has been with the house for the past six years. MILWAUKEE poxoffice receipts in local theatres during the recent holidays were found to be under Oscar Olson, business manager last yeai- . . . for the projectionist union, gave a party at his new home December 29 . . . Leo Carillo and Duncan Renaldo, the Cisco Kid and Pancho, appeared here January 2 and 3 with their western roundup. Jeffrey Hunter, a Hollywood star and native of Milwaukee, w-a.s in town visiting his parents. . . . George Bliss and John Black, both projectionists, were in local hospitals for surgery The Lake Land Theatres Corp., owner and operator of the Strand, Whitewater, has taken an option on land on Highway 12 to build a drive-in . . . Robert C. Peck, formerly manager of the Keno and West Gate driveins, Kenosha, is now with the Towne Theatre, Milwaukee, in an advisory capacity. David Benzor has been appointed vicechairman, on behalf of the motion picture industry's participation in National Brotherhood week, by Sol A. Schwartz, chairman. S&M Circuit Plans Four Drive-ins in Wisconsin RIPON, 'WIS.—S&M Theatres has purchased a 13-acre site on Highway 23 for a 400-car outdoor theatre. Henry Toilette, local manager, said work is slated to start as soon as weather conditions permit. Toilette said that three other ozoners are being planned at ClintonvlUe, Tomah and Menomonie. Close on Xmos Eve MARSHALLTOWN, IOWA—In order to give employes a chance to celebrate Christmas eve with their famiUes, the Odeon and Strand theatres here closed at 6 p. m. on December 24 after a day-long free performance. Neal Houtz, Consolidated Theatres manager, said he believed it was the first time such a thing had been done here.