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. . Romulus — . . Tom . . Chet . . Joe — DETROIT ]^ightingale notes: Carl Bewersdorf and John Pasquinzo have joined the Ernie Forbes team, pushing the team record up to just . . . . 11 pins short of a high single on their first try . . . Michael Badarak is on the sick list and may undergo surgery Albu is entering the hospital for a checkup Gil Light hit his high for the season with a score of 243. . Al Broder Ed Johnson is chairman of a committee to establish a fund to build an addition to a Bay city synagogue as a memorial to the and late Harold Bernstein . . Cy Lipson, Realart executives, were in town to confer with local distributor Jack Zide on product . . . Mickey Zide, Jack's son, now with the coast guard at Staten Island, was able to get home for the New Year's holiday . . . Clair Townsend of the Lippert staff AUTO CITY CANDY CO. 2937 St. Aubin TEmpIc 1-3350 Detroit 7, Micti. COMPLETE SUPPLIES FOR YOUR THEATRE CANDY DEPARTMENT CORN—SEASONING—SALT SYRUPS—CUPS—POPCORN BOXES—GUMS and Complete Assortment of Candy in Special- Priced Thcotre Pocks. =EXPERT= Upholsteting. Repaiiing, Rearranging & Installing. THEATRE SEATS Ovei 25 years experience Immediale service anywhere DONOHUE SEATING SERVICE B07 North Wilson Royal Oak, Mich. Phone Lincoln 5-5720 Theatrp Sign and Marquee Maintenance y^^^ Our Specialty %L}Worstman ^ 6a 3030 West Davidson Ave. TOwnsend 8-2230 Detroit 6, Mich. ERNIE FORBES THEATRE SUPPLY 214 W. Monfcoira Detroit 1, Mich, woodward 1-1122 We Help You Make Movies Better Than fver MT. VERNON GARDENS (Formerly Lorerjzer}'s) Earl Bradley, Florist Phone BRoadway 3-4646 19800 Jomcs Couzcns Detroit 21, Mich. is returning from a vacation in Florida, and salesman Bert Foster and Mrs, Foster from California to attend the Lippert sales conference at Chicago January 10, 11. Eddie Heiber, who has been pinch-hitting as manager for Universal, is out of the and convale.scing at the Sheraton- Frank R. Spangler. Utica Cadillac hotel . . . exhibitor, became a grandfather for the second time . . . Moe Dudelson, United Artists district manager, spent the New Year's holidays in Des Moines, visiting his son and three grandchildren . . . George W. Sampson, RKO salesman, is back home to convalesce after hospitalization. Jack Broder, principal in the Van Houdt circuit, became a father for the second time, with the birth of a daughter on December 27. Jesse Cole, seating specialist, is heading south for a few months . Miller, former United Detroit Theatres executive, is the new sales chief at Solventol . Lee wound up the old year with a trade screening of "Tliief of Venice" . McGuire, former public relations chief of Cooperative "Theatres, has reopened his office as a management consultant here, moving into the Farwell building. TOLEDO "The 3,400-seat Paramount, has booked "Good Night Ladies" for three evenings and one matinee performances January 12-14 . . . The Gayety, local burle.sque house, has been reopened by Victor Lewis, who lea.sed the house for a year from Abe Goodman, local bakery operator. Goodman bought the house at public auction to satisfy federal tax liens against Jack Rubens, former operator. This makes two burle.sque houses in the city, with the Town Hall having opened this fall under aegis of Jack Kane, Youngstown. Incorporates at Akron AKRON—The Akron Theatre Supply Co., in business since 1936, has filed articles of incorporation with the secretary of state's office in Columbus by Harry P. and Dorothy P. Jones of Cuyahoga Falls and their sonin-law, Allan R. Benson. The company handles sales and services, wholesale and retail: miscellaneous theatre and television supplies and equipment, and audio and visual training aids. Donald Scott to Galion Theatre GALION, OHIO—Donald T. Scott, graduate of Bowling Green University, has been appointed assistant manager of the Galion. Gloria Grosh, parttime projectionist at the Galion, was married December 28 to John W. Shindledecker. Detroit Unions Back Ticket Levy Slash DETROIT—strong support of organized labor for a reduction of the admission tax was indicated by the Detroit Labor News, organ of the Detroit and Wayne County Federation of Labor, which devoted its first column this week to a proposed bill to be introduced by Michigan Congressman John D. Dingell (Dem.i. According to the headline, the Bill would lower taxes on movies. While a host of other provisions are included in the bill, exceptional significance is .seen in the fact that this AFL publication selected to picture provisions for keynote emphasis, and added in the .second paragraph that lower admi.ssion tax "has long been advocated by unions in that field." Dingell's plans to introduce such a bill which would slice the tax to 10 per cent according to the Labor News, were disclosed in a story in BOXOFFICE, October 25, when Dingell called the tax "vile and vicious" in an address before the annual convention of Allied Theatres of Michigan. Preliminary returns from 35 theatres in the study of theatre revenues in relation to taxes, conducted by Allied Theatres of Michigan, have brought out some smazing totals to date, according to Ernest T. Conlon, executive secretary of Allied. Individual returns show already that "in many cases" the admission tax collected has run to four or five times the net profits of the theatre. Other theatres are operating at an actual, returns show. One small town theatre reported that the admission tax has exceeded the profit in three of the past five years. Further study and analysis of the returns will be made after more complete retui'ns are in, Conlon said. See Us About Planning CONSTRUCTING & DRIVE-IN THEATRE EQUIPPING THEATRES EQUIPMiNT CO. 106 Michigan St., N.W. Grand Rapids 7, Mich. Tel. Glendole 4-88SJ • NIbIiIs I Sundoyi 3-2413 , L O- L THEATRE CONCESSION INCREASED PROFITS - DECREASED WORRIES PERSONALIZED SUPERVISED SERVICE DRIVEIN AND INDOOR THEATRES 2937 Si. Aubin Detroit 7. Mich. Phone Te. 13352 Te. I38B4 EVANSVILLE THEATRE SUPPLY 2900 E. CHANDLER AVE., EVANSVILLE, IND.— Evansville 7S34 DISTRIBUTORS FOR !^^S Ao't'^^^'^in^'*^ 84 BOXOmCE January 10, 1953

. BOWLING CLEVELAND — National Theatre Supply stepped into first place in the Cleveland 160 Bowling league, taking two games from the Local 160 team. Scores now stand at: Team Won Lost NTS 19 11 Local 160 17 13 Ancan 14 16 Suprex 10 20 Ed Hutchin-s of Suprex Carbon caused a "white flame" with his 223-201-179-603, while Local 160 team captain Tom Smart stayed on the beam with 212-201-189-602. DETROIT—RKO and Republic were off a good start as the Film Bowling league began a new scoreboard for the second half. Team Won Lost RKO 4 Republic 4 Allied Artists 3 1 Theatrical Ads 1 3 Allied Films 4 United Artists 4 DETROIT—The race is tightening up in the Nightingales with a slim lead held by Amusement Supply. Team Won Lost Teom Won Lost Amusement Sup. 64 32 Altec 44 52 Not'l Carbon 62 34 Mt. Vernon 42 54 McArthur 46 50 Local 199 41 55 Forbes 45 51 NTS 40 56 High scores were scarce. Gilbert Light had 243, total 603; Jack Colwell 204-200, 576; Roy Thompson 200-202, 563, and Edgar Douville 201. Ernest Conlon to Speak DETROIT—Ernest T. Conlon, executive .secretary of Allied Theatres of Michigan, will speak at a luncheon meeting of the Traverse City Rotary club at the Park Palace hotel there February 10. Conlon will talk on "The Importance of the Motion Kcture Theatre in Community Development." The invitation to speak came through the Butterfield Theatre organization, and Walter J. Norris, in charge of public relations for that circuit, is scheduled to make the trip to Traverse City with Conlon. WANTED First rate manager for first run theatre, Mossilon, Ohio, excellent salary. Must be under 45 and hove good exploitation background. in person or phone Joe Lissauer, to Apply letter, Skirball Bros. Theatres, 810 Keith BIdg., Cleveland 15, Ohio Main 1-1594 ANYWHERE UPHOLSTERING, REPAIRING THEATRE SEATS Prompt, Reliable Service. 15 Years Know-How. SERVICE SEATING CO. JOHN HEIDT 1507 W. Kirby Detroit 8, Mich. Phone TYIer 7-8015 CLEVELAND T ieut. Donald Wolf, son of Nat Wolf, former Warner Ohio Theatres zone manager, came home from two years in the army in Germany and is to be separated . . Serv- from the service later this month . ices were held in Chicago for Ralph Redmond, manager of the Jewel Theatre, an Associated circuit house. Redmond had man- . aged theatres in Cleveland for the last 20 years "Meet Me at the Fair" makes its Ohio . . debut January 17 in Columbus at Loew's Ohio. Occasion will feature the personal appearance of Chet Allen, w'ho appears in the picture, and also the famous boys choir of Columbus. News of George Stevens Cleveland—George Stevens, popular theatre manager in this area for many years until an illness five years ago wliich culminated in the amputation of a leg, now is living at 17510 Neff Kd., Cleveland 10. HLs health has been recovered but, of course, he uses a wheelchair to get around. Stevens longs to get back in the show business and would be glad to get any job around a theatre, such as selling tickets or taking tickets at the door. His telephone number is IVanhoc 1-0591. . . Betty Bluffestone resigned as United Artist booker to join Bernie Rubin's Imperial Pictures Max as office manager and booker . Mink, Palace manager, and U-I publicity man Duke Hickey are pooling their efforts in behalf of "Beneath the Sea," scheduled for a world premiere at the Palace February 5 , . . For the first time in several years the Shagrin twins, Joe, owner of the Foster Theatre in Youngstown, and Max, who specializes in talent promotion in Hollywood, made the Filmrow rounds together. Max came east for the holidays. . . . Lester Dowdell, RKO booker, is convalescing in the hospital, where he was taken following an asthma attack . . . Smith & Beidler wrote finis to the Park in Toledo. Exchanges were notified that the, has been closed permanently. The owners are now operating only the Eastwood, Westwood and Royal M. B. Horwitz' newly acquired Ohio Theatre, Cuyahoga Falls, which opened the day after Christmas with art pictures, has a single feature policy, not a dual policy as previously reported. Jerry Lipow, Judd Spiegle's partner in Roadshows, Inc., was host to his mother Mildred Lipow of New York. She came to Cleveland to celebrate Christmas, New Year's and the second birthday of Jerry's son Eugene . . The Variety Club New Year's eve party was reportedly a great success in spite of its small attendance. Less than 50 people attended. OUtSTANDINO CRAFTSMANSHIP SHIP AND ANO ENGINtEBINC ENCINEERINC but those that were there said they had a fine time and that the entertainment, provided by entertainment chairman Jack Silverthorne, was excellent. Among the entertainers were John DuBois, Frank Parrell and the Woodsons. Robert Taylor, accompanied by Col. Paul Tibbets who dropped the initial A-bomb on Japan, were in Cleveland January 8 to promote "Above and Beyond," coming to the State January 15. The Air Force Ass'n and representatives of the Cleveland Chamber of Commerce met them at the airport and escorted them to a Rotary club luncheon. After the luncheon they gave press interviews and made radio appearances. 'King Kong' Is Top Grosser Of Year in Cleveland CLEVELAND—A look at gro.sses during 1952 in Cleveland proves an effective weapon against the claim that the public does not attend motion pictures. Of first runs playing here during the year, 36 features grossed from 30 to 100 per cent over average. This does not include the pictures which took in average amounts of money or those many features in the 100 to 120 per cent classification. Most amazing w-as the top grosser here— "King Kong"—RKO reissue, which scored 230 per cent, highest gross recorded by any picture during the year. Paramount's "Jumping Jacks" took second honors with 220 per cent. Two pictures doubled the weekly gross average, with 200 per cent scores. They were "The African Queen," UA, and "Sailor Bewai'e," Paramount. Next, in order of their barometer rating, were: High Noon (UA) "0 Kansas City Confidential (UA) 1 80 Affair in Trinidad (Col) 175 Lone Stor (MGM) '75 Snow White (RKO), reissue 170 Sudden Fear (RKO) '70 One Minute to Zero (RKO) 1 70 Merry Widow, The (MGM) 1 70 Room for One More (WB) 160 This Woman Is Dangerous (WB) I 60 With a Song in My Heart (20th-Fox) 160 Scoramouche (MGM) 1 60 Bend of the River (U-I) 1 55 Retreat, Hell! (WB) 150 Well, The (UA) '50 She's Working Her Way Through College (WB)..150 I'll See You in My Dreoms (WB) 150 Story of Robin Hood, The (RKO) US Iron Mistress, The (WB) 145 Million Dollar Mermaid (MGM) MO Thunderbirds (Rep) MO Prisoner Jack of ond Zendo, the The Beanstalk (MGM) (WB) MO MO Medium, The (Lowendahl) 140 Wild Blue Yonder, The (Rep) MO Abbott ond Costello Meet Captoin Kidd (WB). . . .135 Against All Flags (U-I) 135 Springfield Rifle (WB) 130 Quiet Mon, The (Rep) 1 30 Son of Paleface (Poro) 130 Detective Story (Para) 130 Deoth of a Solesman (Col) 1 30 ri