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QUARTERLY INDEX TO PiaURE GUIDE REVIEWS F"irsl, Second, Third iqco January md Fourth Quarters ^^O^ Through December QUARTERLY INDEX TO PICTURE GUIDE REVIEWS First, Second, Third mrn January and Fourth Quarters 1952 Through December 1.3-53 17-53 P. G. Page Novojo 1341 Outlaw Women 1 366 Secret People fl405 Sky High 1367 P. G. Page stolen Focc 1 382 Tromba, the Tiger Man 1430 Valley of the Eagles 1355 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Above and Beyond 1428 Apache Wor Smoke 1409 Bod ond the Beautiful, The. . .1428 Because You're Mine 1406 Belle of New York, The 1347 Carbine Williams 1366 Desperate Search, The 1428 Devil Makes Three, The 1402 Everything I Hove Is Yours .... 1414 Fearless Fagan 1 391 Girl in White, The 1356 Glory Alley 1375 Holiday for Sinners 1386 Hour of 13, The 141* Invitotion 1338 Ivonhoc 1386 Just This Onee 1335 Love Is Better Than Ever 1342 Aaron Slick From Punkin Crick. 1348 Anything Con Hoppen 1351 Atomic City, The 1364 Blazing Forest, The 1411 Caribbean 1 398 Carrie 1384 Come Bock, Little Shebo 1432 Denver & Rio Grande, The 1357 Encore 1361 Greatest Show on Earth, The. . .1334 Hurricane Smith 1407 Jumping Jacks 1381 Androcles and the Lion 1424 Angel Face 1432 At Sword's Point 1 340 Bewore, My Lovely 1397 Big Sky, The 1392 Blackboard the Pirate 1429 Coptivo Women 1413 Clash by Night 1376 Desert Possogc 1377 Face to Foce 1426 Faithful City 1361 Girl in Every Port, A 1332 Holf-Brced, The 1366 Hons Christion Andersen 1430 Los Vegas Story, The 1332 Lusty Men, The 1412 Macao 1358 Montono Belle 1421 Bal Toborin 1388 Block Hills Ambush 1385 Border Saddlcmatcs 1370 Coptive of Billy the Kid 1340 Colorado Sundown 1346 Despcrodoes' Outpost 1415 Fabulous ScnoritOf The 1 360 Gobs ond Gals 1372 Paramount RKO Radio Republic Lovely to Look At 1380 Merry Widow, The 1390 Million Dollar Mermoid 1424 My Man and I 1402 Pat and Mike 1374 Plymouth Adventure 1420 Prisoner of Zcnda, The 1417 Scoramouche 1376 Singin' in the Roin 1356 Skirts Ahoy! 1363 Sky Full of Moon 1 424 Talk About a Stranger 1349 Washington Story 1387 When in Rome 1351 Wild North, The 1335 You and Me 1393 Young Mon With Ideos 1349 Just for You 1395 My Son John 1355 Rood to Bali 1427 Savage, The l^l^^tt R,- Somcbody Loves Me 1402 Something to Live For 1340 Son of Paleface 1391 Stooge, The 1415 Thunder in the East 1422 Tropic Zone 1436 Turning Point, The 1410 Narrow Margin, The 1364 Never Wave ot a WAG 1436 No Time for Flowers 1431 One Minute to Zero 1391 Pace That Thrills, The 1358 Roncho Notorious 1344 Rasho-Mon 1353 Rood Agent 1348 Story of Robin Hood, The 1356 Sudden Fear 1 395 Target 1358 Torian's Sovoge Fury 1358 Trail Guide 1340 Under the Red Sea 1413 Whispering Smith vs. Scotland Yard 1357 Wild Heort, The 1380 Hoodlum Empire 1349 I Dream of Jcanle 1383 Lady Possessed 1 347 Lost Musketeer, The 1353 S»e. Lcadville Gunslinger 1360 Oklahoma Annie 1363 Old Oklahomo Plains 1401 Pots of the Golden West 1335 P. G. Page Quiet Man, The 1 373 Ride the Man Down 1422 South Pacific Trail 1426 Thunderbirds 1430 Thundering Caravans 1 397 Belles on Their Toes 1362 Bloodhounds of Broodway 1422 Deadline— U.S.A 1355 Diplomotic Courier 1383 Don't Bother to Knock 1392 Dreamboat 1 392 Five Fingers 1 343 Joponese War Bride 1 334 Kangaroo! 1375 Lady in the Iron Mask 1 383 Les Miscrobles 1 394 Lure of the Wilderness 1396 Lydio Bailey 1382 Monkey Business 1405 My Cousin Rachel 1437 My Pal Gus 1425 My Wife's Best Friend 1416 Night Without Sleep 1416 O. Henry's Full House 1401 Outcasts of Poker Flat, The. . .1371 Actors and Sin 1381 Africon Queen, The 1332 Another Man's Poison 1331 Babes in Bagdad 1433 Breaking Through the Sound Borrier 1424 Buffalo Bill Territory in Tomohawk 1 346 Captive City, The 1 362 Cloudburst 1 346 Confidence Girl 1 384 Cry, The Beloved Country 1341 Fighter, The 1372 Green Glove, The 1 341 High Noon 1372 Island of Desire 1396 20th Century-Fox P. G. Page Tropical Heat Wave 1415 WAC From Walla Walla, The. .1419 Wild Horse Ambush 1369 Woman in the Dork 1338 Woman of the North Country. .1396 Phone Coll From a Stranger. . 1334 Pony Soldier Pride of St. Louis, The Red Skies of Montana Return of the Texon Rose of Cimarron Ruby Gentry 1423 1390 1337 1343 1357 1438 1411 Snows of Kilimanjaro, The. . . . Something for the Birds 1416 Star, The 1438 Stors ond Strips Forever 1427 Steel Trap, The 1420 Thief of Venice 1427 Viva Zapatal 1342 Wait 'Til the Sun Shines, Nellie 1379 Way of o Goucho We're Not Married What Price Glory 1414 1387 1396 With a Song in My Heart 1348 United Artists Kansas City Confidential 1423 Limelight 1418 Medal of Honor Featurettes. .1421 Mutiny 1350 One Big Affair 1352 Outcast of the Islands 1374 Outpost in Malaya 1425 Pork Row 1397 Red Planet Mors 1376 Ring, The 1403 Royal Journey 1339 Stronge World 1368 Talc of Five Women, A 1348 Thief, The 1411 Untamed Women 1404 Without Warning 1361 Universal-International Against All Flogs 1 430 Bottle of Apache .1362 Pass, The. . . Because of You 1418 Bend of the River 1338 Block Castle, The 1419 Bonzo Goes to College 1403 Bronco Buster 1365 Duel at Silver Creek, The 1392 Flesh and Fury 1352 Froncis Goes to West Point... 1385 Has Anybody Seen My Gal . . . .1383 Here Come the Nelsons 1336 Horizons West 1412 Island Rescue 1388 It Grows on Trees 1 422 Ivory Hunter 1376 Just Across the Street 1379 Lawless Breed, The 1431 Lost in Alaska 1398 Ma and Pa Kettle at the Fair. .1359 Man in the White Suit, The.. 1364 Meet Donny Wilson 1336 Meet Me at the Fair 1433 No Room for the Groom 1371 Promoter, The 1421 Roidcrs, The 1418 Red Boll Express, The 1369 Redhead From Wyoming, The. .1438 Solly and St. Anne 1388 Scarlet Angel 1 379 Son of AM Boba 1401 Steel Town 1352 Stranger in Between, The.... 1404 Treasure of Lost Conyon, The. 1344 Untamed Frontier 1393 Willie and Joe in Bock at the Front 1413 World in His Arms, The 1335 Yankee Buccaneer 1412

, John lATES: 15c per word, minimum $1.50, cash with copy. Four insertions for price of three. OSING DATE: Monday noon preceding publication dale. Send copy and answers to Box Numbers to BOXOFFICE, 825 Von Brunt Blvd., Kansas City 24, Mo. • HELP WANTED Wanted: House manager or experienced assistant knows theatre operation for southeastern Vlra territory. Air mail special delivery qualifions. references and salary expected. Boxoffice. Q. tre you the man? If you have had experience agUiK a foreign film house and understand rrtislng and publicity for that type of operawe have an opening as manager in our . luxe art theatre, located in a large New Engcity. Write full details, age, salary, and iidr photograph If possible. Lockwood & Gor- Enterprises, Inc., 260 Tremonl St., Boston, s. leneral manager in full charge of two 1,000- deluxe outdoor theatres In Indianapolis. An illent position and opportunity with a good ry and earnings participation for the right lutive. Must have the proper background and >riencc in all operation phases Including fast and imiwrtant food and concessions ness in these theatres. Reply, giving qualifions and references. Joe Cantor, 3225 N. Idian Street, Indianapolis. Wanted: Small-town projectionist that knows th operation, for location in eastern North Dllna. Air mail special delivery qualifications Boxnffice, 5002, tfantett: Experienced Assistant or House m» s t lu-at re uperat ion—also thcat re ce routine with ability to operate If necessary, id also use an A-1 projectionist. Give referand salary expected. No drifiers. Prefer 'exan or from adjoining states. P.O. Box 457, \\n*\ood, Texas. POSITIONS WANTED 'rojectionist. Six years experience, desires change. ler in southern Nebraska or in northern Kansas, fnrnish references, anytime after June first. offioe. 5000. Ixperienced Operator wants job in or around ihnma or Missouri. Available after January Noniininn. Pelbert Smith, Box 402, Hunting- Beach. Calif. lesire position as projectionist or manager. vt ,irs experience. Prefer location near Los Ht's. Cali f. Boxofflce. 4995, flaiiager, experienced in art, drive-in and grind n[i Wide experience in advertising and liciij PrfftT ea.sfern states Bo.xnffice, 4994. THEATRICAL PRINTING i/indow cards, programs, heralds. Photo-Ortset iling. Calo Show Printing Co.. Cato, N. Y. SIGNS :asy Way to Paint Signs. Use letter patterns, id sloiipy wori: and wasted time. No expertneeded for expert work. Write for free samlialm. B-1329, Central .We.. Chicago 111. BUSINESS STIMULATORS inuo with more action, $3.50 thousand cards. ) other g;imes. Novelty Games Co., 1434 ford Ave.. Brooklyn 16. N. Y. omic books available as premiums, giveaways vour kiddy shows. L,arge variety, latest newsid editions. Comics Premium Co., 412B, Oreen- I St., N. Y. C. Publications for premiums !liisively) since 1939. ingo [lie-cut cards. 75 or 100 numbers. $3.50 M. Premium Products, 339 W. 44th St., New i 18. N. Y. uild attendance with real Hawaiian orchids, cents e;ich. Write riowers of Hawaii, 670 Lafayette Park Place. L,os Angeles 5, Calif. alloons for Greatest Show on Earth. Snow te. Samples free. Balloons. 146 Walton, nla. Ga. )RrVE-IN THEATRE EQUIPMENT rder now. Take time paying. Complete dual eclinn/sound from $1,595. In-car speakers. .9.3: pnir vv/jnncrion box, underground cable, M. Send for equipment list. Dept. C, S.O.S. mil Supply Corp., 602 W. 52nd St., New c 19. ^ opcorn machines, half price. Wiener, Ham- ;er. Stio-Cnne. I'eanut Itoasters, Bun Warmers. leis Snpiily. 140 Walton St., Atlanta. Ga. rive-in theatre tickets. Send for samples of special printed stub rod tickets for drive-ins. . distinctive, easy to check. Kansas City et Co., Iient. 10, 109 W. 18th S;., "Film ,' Kan.ias Dty 8, .Mo. XOFHCE January 10, 1953 GENERAL EQUIPMENT—USED Used marquee letters: 800 Wagner 8" aluminum, 60c; 4" plastic, 25c: 10" plastic, 60c: 300 10" Adler aluminum. 75c. Send for list. Dept. C, S.O.S. Cinema Supply Corp., 602 W. o2nd St., Ne\» York 19. Super special on super Simplex tiicchanisms! Excellent condition, $525 pair. Order now—only four pairs left. Dept. C, SOS. Cinema Supply Corp.. 602 W. 52nd St , New Y'ork 19. Pay less—get more at Star! IICA PG-222 sound system, rebuilt. $1,250: two-unit electric ticket machines, excellent, $74.50: pair DeVry 12.000 series projectors: 120-watt drlve-ln amplifier, heavy bases. Strong Mogul lamphoiises, rectifiers, etc., practically new, $2,475: Hertner 80/100 generator, complete rebuilt, $565. What do you need? Star Cinema Supply, 411 W. 60th St.. New York 19. Forced out of business—Complete Century 250- watl drive-in sound system with emergency 75-watt feature, It-5 soundheads. Used 12 months. Altec ierTlced, $2,350, or will sell less soundheads. Park Vii Tlieatre. 3821 S. 11th Bast, Salt Lake City, Utah. For sale: 150-car drive-in equipment. Complete screen, concession stand. Box 36, nilisville, Va . For Sale: Because of condemned building! 2 Super Simplex front and rear sliutters—2 Strong 1 Kilowatt lamps and rectifiers, type E Simplex sound. Voice of the Theatre speaker, only two years old. Make offer. Also 20-ton comiiressor GE Frcon 20. Used one season. Make offer. J. J- Janda. Canficld road. Chardun, Ohio. GENERAL EQUIPMENT—NEW Order sample Masonite marquee letter. Be convinced. 4"— 35c; 8"— 50c; lO"—60c: 12'— 85c; 14"— $1.25; 16"— $1.50. Any color. Fits Wagner, Adler, Bevellte signs. Dept. C. S.O.S. Cinema Supply Corp., 602 W. 52nd St., New York 19. S.O.S. means Save on Supplies. Iteetificr bulbs, 15 amp,. $4.59: Stereopt leans, 5eOW, $24.95; Grisviold 35mm splicers, $83.95. Dept. C, S.O.S. Cinema Supply Corp.. 602 W. 52nd St., Nevf York 19. STUDIO AND PRODUCTION EQUIPMENT Capitalize your experience. Shoot local newsreels, TV commercials and make advertising tieups with local merchants. Send for Film Production Equipment catalog. Dept. C, S.O.S. Cinema Supply Corp, 602 W. 52nd St., New York 19. DRIVE-IN CONSTRUCTION Drive-in construction. I have constructed 25 or more drive-in theatres. Some plush, some poor boy style. Complete turn-key job by one crew. .My personal attention on each. Write or phone, information and snapshots of past deals now in operation. O.scar May. Outdoor Display, 518 Tierney Rd., Fort Worth. Tex. Phone l.ockwood 9180. THEATRE TICKETS Prompt service. Special printed roll tickets. 100,000, $26,70; 10.000, $7.80: 2,000. $4.95. Each change in admission price, including change in color. $3 extra. Double numbering extra. FOB. Kansas City. .Mo. with order. Kansas City Ticket Co., 109 W. I8th St., Kansas City, .Mo THEATRES WANTED Trade outstanding ranch (southwest) good theatre property town 4,000 up. Cash difference. Boxofflce, 4997, Proven drive-in. 500-car, larger. Southwest, midwest. Cash available. Visit immediately. Boxoffice. 4998. Drive-In. Texas, Oklahoma, southwest. 300-400- car. Inspect on receipt full details. Ample finances, Boxofflce. 4999. Theatres and drive-ins, in Vermont, New Hampshire and Massachusetts, to buy or lease. We have customers waiting. Frank's Real Estate, 169 Loomis St., Burlington, Vt. Theatre. Nebraska, western Iowa, northern I\ansas. No brokers. Uier 400 seats. Town 1,800 population or over. Confidential. Experienced. L. .1. Burkitt. Sparta, Wis. Wanted to tease drive-in theatre within or near New York state. Boxofflce, 4987. THEATRES FOR SALE Theatre For Sale: Selective listings in Oregon and Washington now available. Write for list. Theatre Exchange Co.. Fine Arts Bldg., Portland. Ore. Opportunity for wide-awake showman. T50 seats, surburban theater for lease. Nominal rent, good equipment. Located Houston. Te.\as, fastest growing city in the south. Write P. 0. Boi 1431, Bay City. Tex. Build double parking drive-in theatres tinder franchise Patent 2,102,718, reissue 22.756. I'li to 30% more seating capacity with little additional cost. Louis Josserand, 3710 .Mt. Vernon, Houston. Tex. For sale or lease. 250-seat theatre. Recently remodeled. Operating four nights a week. Trade population 5,000. $4.500, Boxof fl ce. 4978. Theatre east central Kansas county scat. Netting $1,200 per month. No competition. Owner financially able to arrange attractive terms with low down payment, low interest up to ten years. Poor health. Boxofflce. 4992. Modern SCO-car drive-in theatre. Population 69.000. Open year around. $35,000. Boxaffice, 4985. For sale: 415 upholstered chairs, RC.\ sound. Simplex, Strong Hi Lamps, automatic draw curtains, carpeted. Newly decorated, nothing to buy. Only show In the county. Will finance iiart. Roach Theatre, Lincoln. Kas^ County seat town: Only house theatre and drive-in. $12,000 down, balance five years. No competition. Box 36, Hlllsville, Va. Only theatre town of 1.000. in rich farming area, central Oklahoma, 320 seats; good equipment. Making money. Have other interests. $16,000. Includes building. Would sell nice home. Boxofflce. 4988. For sale: 600-car drive-in theatre, west Pennsylvania, a good grosser, proven moneymaker. Best equipment, concession leased. Casli deal only. $90,000. Positively not leasing, no brokers, contact owner. Boxofflce, 4990. Live in Northwest. Only $10,000 for this suburban theatre lease and equipment. Approximately 700 seats. Down payment and monthly payment open to your offer. Theatre Exchange, 201 Fine Arts building. Portland 5, Ore. Northern West Viroinia. Good farmins community. 5.000 poiHilation draw. Nearest theatre 12 miles. Will sell with or without rental income property. Will pay out less than three years. Selling to settle partnership estate. One of best situations In state. Boxofflce, 4993. Theatre and building for sale in western Pennsylvania. 50x150 witli rentals. Ideal spot for live wire. Call or write Mr. Blanco. State Theatre. Clymer, Pa. 290-Seat theatre. Stone building. 17 miles any competition. Present owner eight years. Living quarters over theatre. Theatre some 35 miles of Topeka. Kas. Must be sold immediately. Boxoffice, 5001. Top grade drive-in theatre, central Pennsylvania, beautifully located, 450-car capacity. De luxe concession, closest competition 12 miles. grosses $80,000. 28-week season with land $85,000 cash. Write R. K., 516 Jeannette St., Wllkinsburg. Pa. That ideal combination. Only Indoor-outdoor theatres in show-going county seat, west Texas. Photographs available. Both. $55,000, $25,000 down. Same combination Lubbock area, $23,000 down. West Texas county seat only show, new equipment, $19,500, $9,000 down. Arthur Leak, 3305 Caruth. Dalhas. New Mexico Family theatre. De luxe, including apartment. Beautiful front, building. Sunshine climate. 4.000 altitude. Shows $500 week profit now, more later. $55,000. $35,000 down. Truly exceptional. Boxofflce. 4996. All Theatres, City 7.500. Lovely southwest location. Owners show under three-year payout at $82,500. $45,000 down. Two owners In 30 years. Similar size investment central Texas. Huge permanent pro.iect building. $41,500 down. Others this size. Arthur Leak. 3305 Caruth, Dallas. SERVICES, REPAIRING We specialize in speaker reconing, repairing. Drive-in. house, radio, sound, TV. Prompt guaranteed service. $1.50 up. S&S Mfg. Co., R-1, Box 594, Riverside Dr.. Mobile. Ala. POPCORN MACHINES Popcorn machines, every possible make, at a fraction of their original cost. Kettles for all make poppers. Candycorn Equipment, 120 S. Halstead, Chicago 6, 111. CUflRlllG HOUSE THEATRE SEATING Parts for all chairs. Send sample for quotation. Fensin Seating Co., Chicago 5. Chair supplies. Everything for theatre chairs. Fensin Seating Co., Chicago 5. Used chairs, guaranteed good. Advise quantity wanted. Photographs mailed with quotation. Fensin Seating Co.. Chicago 5. Seat covers: Sewed combinations, all makes, all styles. Send your sample for quotation. Fensin Seating Co., Chicago 5. Patch-O-Seat cement. Patching clotb, solvent, etc. Fensin Seating Co.. Chicago 5. Upholstery Fabrics: All kinds. All colors. Send your sample for matching. Fensin Seating Co.. Chicago 5. Tighten loose chairs with Permaslone anchor cement. Fensin Seating Co., Chicago 5. $10 value for only $5.95. 920 modern Ileywood "ply veneer back, spring edge cushion chairs, curved steel standards. E-\cellent condition. Dept C. SOS. Cinema Supply Corp.. 602 W. 52nd St., New York 19. Many years In the seating business Is your guarantee. Good used chairs are not too iilentlfful but we have the pick. Full upholstered, panel back and many other styles. We furnish iiroper slope or level standards to fit your floor. All sizes 18 to 21-inch chairs. Our prices are lowest. Write for exact photo and price. We furnish liarts for all makes. Send sample. Good iiuallty plastic coated leattierette 25x20-lnch. all colors, 55c e«. Chicago Used Oiair Mart, 829 .South Stale St.. Chicago 5, III. New and used rebuilt opera chairs: Write for photos, state Incline and quantity. Parts for all chairs, send sample for quotation. Pntch-A-Seat to repair lorn seats. $6 complete kit. siierlfy color. Flrmastone to anclior loose chairs. $5 carton. F.O.B. Chicago. General Chair Co, 1308 Elston Ave., Chicago 22, 111. Phone Altmltagc B-0022. Custom made theatre seat covers. SI: all colors, vinyl leatherette, welting !'f«'eit ou sides. Pattern cut from your sample. Fjisy to Install. Write for complete details. Manko Fabrics Co., Inc.. 114 E. 27th St., New York 16, N. Y. Save time and money: Artificial leather cut to size 25" X 26", 49c each In lots of 50. Ily the yard, $1.10 and up. Send for samples. Mystic tapes, poplUar colors, 2" at $4— 3" at $(>—also 60-yard rolls, Manko Fabrics Co., Inc., 114 E. 27th St.. New York 16. N. Y. For Sale: 989 multiple-ply veneer hack, springedge cushion chairs. Excellent condition. Sold as is and where is—Ottawa. Ill, Contact T, Darlotls, Alliance Theatre Corp., 231 S. La Salle St., Chicago, 111. Phone Dearborn 2-1290. HANDY BLANK for Want Ad Copy Print the ad times Name Address Mail to BOXOFFICE 825 Van Brunt Kansas City 24, Mo.