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. one M&to&n^ HuyCuAe ynai(M/LU "Tf^'ll } We Wiij FOR You r » A „ •»*»»:* ^m=h;:\ ^. J^^ Patrons leaving the IKtz Theatre, Memphis, on "Donate As You Leave" admission policy, witl fishbowl as receptacle for contributions . . . Aeport on various "donation" plans on Page 14. Ik This Issue . . . romotiott Entertd as itcond-clais matter at tha Post Office at Kansas City, Mo. Publlshtd weekly by Associated Publications, 825 Van Brunt Blvd.. Kansas City, Mo. Subscription rates: Sectional Edition, $3.00 pet year; National Edition, $7.50. NATIONAL EXECUTIVE EDITION Including the Sectional Newt Pages of All Editions JANUARY 17, 1953