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. . and . . Who . . With . . With . . They . . Becomes . . FEATURE REVIEWS Story Synopsis; Adiines for Newspaper and Programs THE STORY: "The Naked Spur" (MGM) Three men—James Stewart, who needs money to buy a ranch; Millard Mitchell, a prospector, and Ralph Meeker, a dishonorably discharged ex-cavalryman — capture Robert Ryan, wanted for murder. Ryan has been heading toward California with Janet Leigh, an orphan whom he treats as a daughter. Ryan slyly begins to play each of the men against the other. During the trek back to Abilene, they fight off an attack by Blackfeet Indians, but Stewart is seriously wounded. Janet nurses him, and they begin to fall in love. Tensions continue to mount; Ryan bribes Mitchell to let him escape, then brutally murders the prospector. Meeker blasts Ryan, then drowns in a flooded river. Abandoning the idea of collecting a record, Stewart plans a bright new life with Janet. CATCHLINES: Lust . . . Greed . . . Primitive Passions ... As Four Desperate Men . . . And a Lonely, Beautiful Girl . . . Become Involved in a Bitter Fight . . . Against Nature and Their Own Savage Emotions. 3-53 THE STORY: "Peter Pan" (RKO) Wendy, John and Michael, children of the Darling family in London, thoroughly believe in Peter Pan, the "boy who wouldn't grow up," and dream of visiting Never Land, that island in the sky where thrills, delights and perils abound. Peter visits them, teaches them how to fly, and lakes them with him back to Never Land, where the villainous Captain Hook is constantly plotting to best the adventurous youth. The Darling children become involved with a tribe of Indians and are held as hostages because Captain Hook has kidnaped the chief's daughter, Tiger Lily. With his own particular brand of daring, Peter rescues Tiger Lily, but Captain Hook abducts Wendy and her two brothers. Peter, aided by the sprite, Tinker Bell, foils the pirate and the Darlings return to their home. CATCHLINES: At Last . . . J. M. Barrie's Masterpiece Comes to the Screen ... as Walt Disney's Most Magnificent Achievement Incomparable Entertainment for Youngsters From . Seven to Seventy. THE STORY: "Tcdq" (20th-Fox) Second fare of the day for Dan Dcdley, New York cab driver, is Constance Smith, just off the ship from Ireland. She is searching for her husband, an American who married her in Ireland after a whirlwind courtship, returned alone to the U. S., and disappeared. Dan and Constance fail to locate him, and Constance goes back to her ship, leaving her infant in his cab. Dan rushes back to Constance, and an immigration official allows her to remain another week, in Dan's custody, provided Dan posts a $500 bond. Then, on a sidewalk-TV interview program, Constance spots her husband. She and Dan rush to find him; Constance learns he is in love with another woman, and returns with her baby to the waiting cabbie, who by now is in love with her. . . in Its CATCHLINES: A Warm Human Comedy . About a Boy ... a Girl Photographed . . ... a Taxicab . a Lost Husband . Right on the Streets of New York . . . Unforgettable Dramatic Impact. JU. f» THE STORY: •The Hitch-Hikor" (RKO) Edmond O'Brien and Frank Lovejoy head for Mexico on a fishing trip and, en route, pick up a hitch-hiker, William Talman, who soon turns a gun on them and reveals he is the escaped convict and murderer for whom the police are searching. Talman keeps the gun in their backs and orders them to speak no Spanish, even when they stop at a gas station. However, Lovejoy manages to leave his wedding ring and the police pick up their trail as the car heads for San Lorenzo, where Talman plans to kill them and complete his escape. When the car breaks down, Talman forces the men to walk over the desert. At the Mexican Gulf, the police are hiding and Lovejoy manages to knock the gun out of Talman's hand, making the killer a coward, who gives himself up. CATCHLINES: The Thrill Picture of 1953—Packed With Suspense and Excitement . . . Edmond O'Brien and Frank Lovejoy as Vacationers—at the Mercy of a Relentless Killer . Picked Up a Hitch-Hiker and Met a Murdered. THE STORY: •The Jail Singer" (WB) Honorably discharged after serving in Korea. Danny Thomas returns home in time to participate in services at the Sinai Temple in Philadelphia, where his father Eduard Franz is the cantor. It is his father's dearest wish that Danny carry on as cantor when he passes on, but Danny has other ideas. His heart is in show business, and he is in love with Peggy Lee, a Broadway singer. The play in which Danny initially appears is a flop and he decides to return home, accompanied by Peggy. Danny decides to become a cantor, but refuses to allow Peggy to sacrifice her career to marry him. Again Danny comes to realize that show business is his life. His father disowns him as Danny goes on to swift success, but Danny returns to sing at temple services as death comes peacefully to his father. CATCHLINES: A New Landmark in Motion Picture Entertainment . . . The Movie That Will Light Up Your Heart . New Faith Stamped With the Touch of Greatness. arid Joy . . . THE STORY: "The Sea Around Us" (RKO) This documentary film covers 64 of the 75 categories covered in the nonfiction tome by Rachel Carson. To assemble it, more than 2,300 institutes of higher learning, marine biologists, botanists, geologists, oceanographers and other scientists were contacted. There are no actors in it, and in its fabrication Producer-Writer Irwin Allen handled, directly or indirectly, more than 6,000 pieces of correspondence and screened more than 1,600,000 feet of film (amounting to 305 miles of exposed negative). The feature, as did the book, attempts to explain how the sea began, the history of its growth, the animal and plant life it contains, the depth limit of such plant life, the average depth of the ocean floor and other similar informative statistical matter. CATCHLINES: The Most Widely Read Book of Our Time . the Most Startlingly Thrilling True-to-Life Motion Picture Ever Filmed . . . For Breathtaking Adventure Don't Fail to See It. i THE STORY: "Star of Texas" (AA) To trace down a gang of bandits which recruits members by freeing them from jails, Wayne Morris, a Texas Ranger, poses as a crook, jailed and helped to escape by Paul Fix, the gang leader. While Wayne's partner. Rick Vallin, shadows them, the outlaws retreat to their hideout with Wayne, who works several robberies with them while trying to locate the real brains of the gang. Vallin subsequently uncovers evidence that Frank Ferguson, U.S. marshal at San Juan, is the man behind the crimes. Ferguson kills Vallin, and Fix—now aware that Wayne is a Ranger— plots to slay him during a planned bank robbery and collect the "dead or alive" reward which Wayne had caused to be posted for himself. In a finish fight. Fix is slain, Wayne whips Ferguson in hand-to-hand battle, and arrests him. CATCHLINES: Wanted—Dead or Alive . . . That's the Daring Pose Assumed by a Texas Ranger . Risked His Neck to Round Up the Most Dangerous Gang of Killers ... In the Lone Star State. THE STORY: "The Mississippi Gambler" (U-I) Tyrone Power, an adventurer, bests John Baer in a poker game aboard a Mississippi river boat, incurring the enmity of Baer and the lalter's sister. Piper Laurie. They are scions of an aristocratic New Orleans family. Teaming up with John Mclntire, a gambler. Power becomes a respected figure in New Orleans, but cannot gain Piper's love. He befriends Julia Adams after her brother commits suicide; Baer falls in love with her and challenges Power to a duel, but turns coward and disgraces his family name. Both Baer and Piper leave home; she marries a childhood sweetheart, and Baer is killed trying to attack Power. Piper's marriage breaks up when her husband embezzles bank money and runs away. She and Power plan to marry as the courts declare her vanished mate officially missing. . . at the Turn of . . . CATCHLINES: The Story of a Flaming Romantic Era . Your AU- Time Favorite, Tyrone Power ... As the Kingpin of the Lucky a Card Riverboats . Unlucky in Love.

I intertiew. the Miuth, Applicant should he willing to travel mil sliiMiUl ha\e practical and technical training in fhr installation and servicing of theatre sound lu-ction equipment. In reply, give age. edu- experience. Boxofflce. 5009. i nd HATES: 15c per word, minimum $1.50, cash with copy. Four insertions lor pnce of throe. CLOSING DATE: Monday noon preceding publication date. Send copy and answers to • Box Numbers to BOXOFHCE. 825 Van Brunt Blvd., Kansas City 24, Mo. • HELP WANTED General manager In full charge of two 1,000- ar deluxe outdoor theatres in Indianapolis. An excellent posiiloo and opportunity w ilh a good salary and earnings participation for the right ctecullve. Must have the proper background and experience in all operation phases Including the fast and important food and concessions bu^int-ss in these theatres. Reply, giving qualifications and references. Joe Cantor. 3225 N. Meridian Street . Indianapolis. Wanted: Small-town projectionist that knows booth operation, for location In eastern North Carolina. Air mail special delivery qualifications to Boxofflce. 5002. Wanted: Experienced Assistant or House m()ur(uriity ivilli lunt; established theatre and aniiisement firm, .\d\ise age. experience, faml]> status and salary expected. Reiily C;ipitol Aniii'-ements. Inc.. Box 100. Erwin. Tenn. POSITIONS WANTED Projectionist. Six years experience, desires cliange. either in southern Nebraska or in northern Kansas, can furnish references, anytime after June first. Boxuffice, 5000. Desire position as projectionist or manager. 20 \ears experience. Prefer location near Los Angeles. Calif. Boxofflce. 4995. Manager, experienced in art. drive-in and grind operation. Wide experience in advertising and ptililirily. Prefer eastern states. Boxofflce. 4994. THEATRICAL PRINTING Window cards, programs, heralds. Photo-Offset inttng. Cato Show Printing Co.. Cato, N. Y. SIGNS Easy Way to Paint Signs. Use letter patterns. Avoid slnppy work and wasted time. No experience noeiicil for expert work. Write for free samples .Icilin lialm. B-1329, Central .\ve.. Chicago 51. III. SERVICES, REPAIRING We specialize in speaker rcconing, repairing. Drive-in. house, radio, sound. TV. I'rcmpt guaranteed service. $1.50 up. S4S Mfg. Co.. R-1, Box 594, Riverside Dr.. Mohile. Ala. DRIVE-IN THEATRE EQUIPMENT Order now. Take time paying. Complete dual proiection/sound from $1,595. In-car speakers. $15 05; pair w/juncllon box. underground cable. $70 M. Send for equipment list. Dept. C. S.O.S. Cinema Supply Corp.. 602 W. 52nd St., New York 19. Popcorn macliines, half price. Wiener. Harobiirger. Sno-Cone. Teanut Roasters, Bun Warmers. I'oppers Supply. 146 Walton St.. Atlanta, Ga. Drive-in theatre tickets. Send for samples of nitr siiecial printed stub rod tickets for drive-ins. fe. distinctive, easy to check. Kansas Cltv ckct Co., Pept. 10, 109 W. 18th St., 'Tilm iw." Kansas City 8, Mo. Forced out of business—Complete Century 250- ,tt drive-in sound system with emergency 75-watt itiire. K-5 soundheads. Used 12 months. Altec