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Title Provides Effective

Title Provides Effective Tie-in For Selling 'Above and Beyond' Sam Oilman, manager of Loew's, Syracuse, N. Y.. started his campaign for "Above and Beyond" with a preview for press, radio and television representatives. As a result of the screening, the Herald-Journal used a halfpage spread and several radio and television commentators mentioned the picture in advance of its regular opening. A week prior to the playdate, the picture was sneak-previewed to launch a word-ofmouth publicity campaign. Kay Russell mentioned the picture several times on her "Ladies Day" program over radio station WSYR, stressing the fact that "Above and Beyond" has particular interest for women. Kay Larson did a similar stint on her daily air show over WHEN, and both commentators interviewed local women on the subject, "Should a man keep a secret from his wife?" tieing it in with full credits for the picture and theatre dates. Gretchen Wage, who conducts a daily program on station WAGE, discussed the picture from the angle, "How much is a woman .supposed to take from her husband before the breaking point?" Fred Jeske used the .same idea on his disk jockey program over WNDR. Gilman made a number of special displays for the theatre lobby which he exhibited two weeks prior to opening. Special go.ssip items ^imO^ta. HALLMARK >LDG., WILMINGTON, OHIO l[VI«ir HILLS . CHICAGO • ClEVtLAND . TOIONTO MfXICO CITY . AUCKLAND • STONir . SINGAPOKE HONGKONG • CALCUTTA • KAKACHI . CAIHO • ATHENS ROMI • PARIS > LONDON • AMSTERDAM • STOCKHOL, OUTDOOR REFRCSHMENT SERVICE from Coait to Cooit I ov»r '/, Contury SPORTSERVICI CORP. SPORTSERVICE ilDO. • lUirAlO. M. T. DIT-MCO IN-ACAR SPEAKERS n» lowest Priced S«t of in-«-

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