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NATIONAL PRE-SELLING GUIDE A report on new films for which national pre-selling campaigns have been developed. Listed with each picture are tie-ins which have been created, plus tips to exhibitors on how to use these pre-selling aids tc exploit the picture locally. HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN RKO-Goldwyn Pre-Release Dates Now IJOL'BLE-DVTY ITEAJS: These consist of those products, mostly small in size and price, which are getting national distribution in department, chain, variety, drug, stationery and toy stores, and ivhich are excellent lor theatre sales in lobbies and at randy stan

. NATIONAL PRE-SELLING GUIDE are by now familiar. This one features little Donna Corcoran in large newspaper ads and bread loaf end labels. Tie-in Tips: The local Sunbeam Baker iiiU uork uith theatres on including credit lines in ads, displays and contests. LOCAL TIE-UP .STILLS: Esther Williams posing with 1904 and 1953 Cadillacs, for display and ad tie-ups with local dealers; dog star Rin Tin Tin IV, with Elslher Williams, for pwhliiily plant loral newspapers; contrasting one-piece bathing suit of Aiimlte Kellerman and those worn by Williams; neck scarfs, sweaters, bathrobes, twn-lone shirts, fur coats, jewelry, coiffure, Esther Williams and Victor .Vlature. .MI available from National Screen. SPECIAL ACCESSORIES: Three different color-in mats, from National .Screen; auto bumper strips, fluorescent sectional valances and flag-wall banners, ushers' badges, order from .National Flag, 43 W. 21 .St., N.Y.C.; full(i)lor one-.sheet, plastic color stick-ons, 3-color herald, order from National Screen; "smarty pants patches" that glow in the dark, for lei'n-ager giveaway, order from Jerry .Scanlaii, 1901 N. ('lybourn Ave., Chicago, III. MISSISSIPPI GAMBLER U-l Rel. Date Feb., '53 SPECIAL FASHION PROMOTION: LOKTOCS: Manufacturing special blouses and skirt using Piper Laurie as the model in full-page national ad in Compact magazine. Credits in ad and ad mats and special photos of the star. TiF.-iN Tips: Contact is P. Shajtel. Lortogs. .'519 Sth Ave., N.Y.C. TERRIS BROS: Piper Laurie, film credits in full page ad. Glamour. Ad mats to stores. Tix-iN Tips: Contact is P. Kwartin. Terris Urns.. 105 Madison Ave., N.Y.C. PENOBSCOT SHOES: Piper Laurie, film credits, full-page ad, Seventeen. .\d mats and counter cards to stores. TiF.-iM Tips: Contact is L. Fishman, Penobscot Shoes, 179 Lincoln St., Boston, Mass. PANDORA GOWNS: Bridal gown, featuring Piper Laurie in ad mats to stores. TiF,-m Tips: Contact is A. Seldner, Pandora Originals, 498 7th Ave., N.Y.C. SCHAPIARELLI HOSE: Using Julia ."Vdams in 350-line newspaper ads in 150 key cities where the hosiery is franchised to local stores. T1F.-IN Tips: .4ds will be timed to opening dates tvhere possible. Check local stores to see if they handle the line, for theatre credits. Local stores handle some or all of the products outlined in this over-all fashion promotion, and may do a store-wide or departmental promotion to tie in ivith films. Be sure to check this possibility ("OTTON WEEK: Five California manufacturers have combined in series of women's cotton clothes, from bathing suits to evening gowns. Manufacturers will aid individually and collectively in situations where exhibiliirs and stores use this promotion, which features Piper Laurie and Julia Adams. Manufacturers are: Junior Miss of Cal., skirts and dresses, contact M. Katz, 910 S. Los Angeles St., Los Angeles, Calif.; Lucinda, denim play clothes, contact M. Futterman, 416 E. 9 St., Los Angeles; W. J. .Schminke & Assoc cotton dresses, contact W. J. Schminke, 2845 W. 7 St., Los .\ngeles; Emma Domb, Inc., evening gowns, contact D. Newman, 2225 Palou Ave.. San Francisco; De De Johnson, bathing suits, contact E. LaVove, 722 S. Los .Vngcles St., Los Angeles. Tie-in Tips: All manufacturers nationally distributed, have notified and outlined whole program to stores. Special stills have stars modeling the clothes. Since cottons don't reach fashion prominence until March, later playdates have good tie-in possibilities. CAMEL CIG.ARETTES: Tyrone Power endorsement features picture credits for first time in this advertising, in 39 national magazines. Color reprints available through UI home office exploitation dep't. .-VUTO-LITE: Using Ty Power, film credits, in national ads, local auto accessory dealer display material. HOLLYWOOD BREAD: Continuing tie with U-I features Piper Laurie, film credits, in key city newspaper ads. Tie-in Tips: Ads can be slugged with theatre and playdate. Contact local franchise baker. For name of baker, other aid, check C. B. McDaniel, National Bakers Services. 100 If'. Monroe St., Chicago, III. PETER PAN RKO-Disney Pre-Rel. Date Feb., '53 DERBY FOODS: Tied in via its Peter Pan peanut butter. Using 16 of film's characters on lithographed jar tops in 10,000,000 distribution, in 100,000 retail outleU. Tie-in Tips: Company icill feature supermarket promotions, with an attendant in Peter Pun costume. Magazine, newspaper, and comics advertising included in campaign; also "Sky King" radio and TV shows. Contact any lo'al supermarket or chain for theatre ties; they have been alerted to ivork with theatres. COLGATE-PALMOLIVE-PEET: Introducing new P.l.r Pan soap, to follow release pattern of film nationally. TiE-iN Tips: Disney "Never Land" map giveaway for children via retail outlets, mostly food stores; display material kits to about 50.000 important outlets. Local newspaper advertising gets the heavy play. Same supermarket contacts as for the peanut butter will tie in on theatre playdate imprints for the map giveaway. WEATHERBIRD SHOES: Peler Pan window displays and inside-store promotion material via 5.000 retail outlets, national magazine ads, local newspaper co-op campaign. TiE-iN Tips: Local giveaway for children in the form of 1.000,000 paper hats is excellent for theatre imprint tie-in; local ad campaign can be slugged tilth theatre and playdate credits. Complete newspaper mat service and radio spots to each dealer. Contact locally. POST CERE.ALS: New "Corn Feiti" cereal is the tie-in medium, with Peter Pan credits on 10,000,000 boxes and small comic book with most of them. Picture plugs twice weekly on "Captain Video" TV show. Tie-in Tips: Tie in with same supermarket outlets handling peanut butter and soap, with emphasis on "Peter Pan" specials, and neivspaper ads with theatre credits. ADMIRAIj CORP.: Two-million-dollar campaign will use all media with complete picture credits; half of this sum will be for display material and lithography for dealer showrooms; 1,000,000 toy TV theatres as children giveaways, and similar number of free comic books. TiE-lN Tips: The giveaways, netvspaper ads, banners, signs and sixfoot cutouts featuring the film's characters will be in 30,000 dealer shoivrooms : these and ad mats can be tied in to theatre playdates, slugged with credit lines. .Idmiral dealers have worked frequently with theatres. Contact locally. RCA VICTOR: Peter Pan album and single pop luncs will be heavily promoted; activity by salesmen already under way. National advertising includes 600-line newspaper ads in key situations to break with playdates. Tie-in Tips: A great variety of local ad and display material is available: 3,000 standees for music, record and department stores; counter and mailing pieces; streamers for the album; streamers for the single records; hangers for stores; special newspaper co-op ad mats like those used successfully for "Alice in Wonderland." Contact locally; all music shops are traditionally anxious and receptive to theatre tie-ins via ads, displays, lobbies. .SPECIAL REEL: For pre-selling to local schools and via local TV station programming material, a 15-minute, 16mm reel, "The Story of Peter Pan," already accepted and used in New York and Chicago. Tie-in Tips: Obtain from RKO exchange. LICENSED MERCHANDISE: Number and variety of this merchandise exceeds in number anything in Disney history. At least 40 companies will produce well over 100 different items, many of them suitable for theatre selling. Example: books and printed items have a first printing of over 14.000,000, in price ranges from ten cents to $1.50. Excellent for theatre selling are these printed items, records, trinket jewelry, dolls, puppets, balloons, various small toys. If space permits, the February Promotion will list all items suitable for theatre sale, which can add considerable revenue to grosses. STARS AND STRIPES FOREVER 20th Fox Current Rel. C. G. CONN: Tieup with largest manufacturer of band instruments has distribution of special one-sheet to 800 outlets nationally, with complete picture credits. TiE-iN Tips: Dealers have been alerted to tie in with playdates, and national band contest. Contact locally, with music stores handling the Conn line. BOXOFFICE :: January 17, 1953