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NATIONAL PRE-SELLING GUIDE Musk Promotions Lifted here are recorded star interviews^ radio scripts, and other air time selling aids available to exhibitors without cost from distributors. Also NSS Tl' trailer packages at the jixed rate. Hans Christian Andehsen (RKO) Records: "The King's New Clothes," "The Ugly Duckling" and "The Inch Worm," sung by Frank and Lynn I^esser, MGM. The 1 Don't Care Girl (20th-Fox) Records: "As Long as You Care," Bill Hayes, MG.\L IVANHOE AND PLYMOUTH ADVENTURE (MGM) Records: Soundtrack album, selections of background music from both films. MGM Records. LiLi (MG.M) Records: Soundtrack album of three songs, on flip side of \,V record which has album of "Everything 1 Have Is Yours" on the other. MGM Records. Stop, You're Killing Me (WB) Records: "My Ever-Lovin'," Bill Hayes, MGM. Air Time Aids Listed here are recorded star interviews, radio scripts, and other air time selling aids available to exhibitors without cost from distributors. Also NSS TV trailer packages at the jixed rate. editor, 321 W. 44th St.. New York City. -\cAiNST All Flags (U-I) Personal interview platter, Errol Flynn, fiveminute open end, order from U-I radio department, U-I studios. Universal City, Cilif. Because of You (U-I) Personal interview platter, Loretta Young, fiveminute open end. Also transcription platter, eight spots, one-minute. 20-second, 1.5-second and station breaks. Order both free from U-1 radio department, U-1 studios. Universal City, Calif. Blackbeard the Pirate (RKO) Star interview platter. Linda Daniell, Robert Newton, five-minute each, open end. .\lso transcription platter, ten spots, one-minute, 30-second and 15-second. Special theatre lobby spots record for lobby public address system, plays continuously. All free from RKO field man, branch manager or l.ion Brandt at home office. EitiiT Ikon Men (Col) Transcription platter, 15-, 30- and 60-second spots; order from local exchange; shipped from New York. The Four Poster (Col) Transcription platter, 15-, 30- and 60-second open end spots. Order from local exchange; shipped from New York. The I Don't Care Girl (20th-Fox) Transcription platter, 20-, 30- and 60-second spots; free from pressbook editor, 444 W. .56th St.. New York City. The Happy Time (Col) Sheet music: "The Happy Time," Laurel Music, The Lawless Breed (U-I) 1619 Broadway, New Vork City. Personal interview transcription. Rock Hudson, open end. Free from U-I radio department, U-I studios, Universal City, Calif. Outpost in Malaya (UA) Transcription platter, one-minute, 30- and 15- second spots, open end. Free from exploitation department, 729 Seventh Ave., New York City. Ruby Gentry (20th-Fox) Transcription platter, eight spots; five are teasers of 15 and 20-soconds; three are saturation spots of 60-, 30- and 20 seconds. Order from pressbook editor, +14 W. 56th St.. New York Qty. Pennywhistle Blues (Mayer-Kingsley) Stars and Stripes Forevxr (20th-Fox) Records: "Pennywhistle Blues," Freddy Martin's Orchestra, RCA Victor. Transcription platter, open end spots, 60-, 30- and 20-second TV slides (Telop) for 20-second Peter Pan (RKO) station breaks, from QQ Title Card Co., New Records: "You Can Fly! You Can Fly!" Betty York City. Lobby sound effects platter, for continuous playing. Clark and the Blue Notes, MGM; "Peter Pan" Spots and lobby transcriptions storybook album available for cliildren, with free Kathy from pressbook editor, 444 W. Beaumont and Bobby Driscoll, RCA 56th St., New York Qty. Victor. Niagara (20th-Fox) Sheet music avalaible: "Kiss," Miller Music, 799 Seventh Ave., New York Qty; movie cover features Marilyn Monroe. Picl( Records available: "Kiss," Dean Martin, Capitol; Toni ."Vrden, Columbia. of Magazines Listed are current and jorthcoming pictures chosen by magazine editors for special citations, or recognition for specific qualities of merit— material which can be used by exhibitors for local level promotions, lobby displays and advertising copy. Blackbeard the Pirate (RKO) Recommended viewing, McCall's, January. Come Back, Little Sheba (Para) Picture of the month, Redbook, January. Hans Christian Andersen (RKO) Picture of the month, Seventeen, January; piclure of the month, McCall's, January. .\bbott and Costello Meet Captain Kiuu (WB) Transcription platter, one-minute Limelight spots and (UA) 15- scc. station breaks, Best picture of the year. Holiday, Januarv". free from campaign plans 10 Madeline (Col-UPA Short) Special recommendation and review, Redbook, January. Million Dollar Mermaid (MGM) Picture of the month. Seventeen, December. Moulin Rouge (UA) Recommended viewing, American, February. Niagara (20th-Fox) Recommended viewing, American, February. The Pathfinder (Col) Recommended viewing, American, February. The Stooge (Para) Picture of the month. Seventeen, February; best comedy of the month, January, Cosmopolitan, January. The Story of Three Loves (MGM) Recommended viewing, American, February. MOVIES AND TV Continued from page 3 tional door prizes on successive Saturdays to keep youthful patron interest at fever l)itch. An Saturdays, for at least one month prior to opening, managers made personal pitches of various sorts, including giveaways of such items as the "Captain Video" comic book. Lust evaluates the results: "That the campaigns were highly successful was attested to at the boxoffice, w^ith a majority of the tlieatres breaking all previous records for children attendance. Attendance on successive Saturdays also was most gratifying, proving to me that the kids can be attracted to the theatre from their television sets." From this bare outline, two other important factors are evident. The first is Lust's personal interest in and working contribution to putting the campaign over. The second is the ingenuity, showmanship and hard work displayed by his managers. One of the theatres, incidentally, the Bethesda, is the same one which was smart enough to take advantage of the national attention given the short, "Gerald McBoing Boing," by billing it above the regular feature and featuring Life's coverage. All three parties benefited from the alliance, and were happy with it. The theatres got boxoffice Saturday matinees; the TV station accomplished a promotional stroke which it couldn't have bought for any price—free plugs for itself and its "Captain Video" show in particular on five theatre screens—General Foods at small cost (the cereal giveaway) got free screen plugs, additional TV plugs and a promotional impact with the food stores selling its cereals. National Tie-In Directory If here to write direct for information regarding contests, merchandising tie-ins, and other pre-selling aids. Columbia Pictures Corp.: Harry McWilliams, Exploitation Director, 729 Seventh Ave., New York 19, N. Y. Lippert Pictures, Inc., 115 North Robertson Blvd., Beverly Hills, Calif. Metro-Goldwyn-Maycr: Dan S. Terrell, Exploitation Director. 1510 Broadway, New York 19. Monogram Pictures Corp.: John C. Flinn, 4376 Sunset Drive, Hollywood 37, Calif. Paramount Pictures Corp.: Sid Mesibov, Exploitation Manager, 1.501 Broadway, New York 36. RKO Radio Pictures, Inc.: Exploitation Director, 1270 Sixtli Ave., New York 20. Republic Pictures Corp.: Steve Edwards. Advertising and Publicity Director, 1740 Broadway, New York 19. 2Chh Century-Fox: Stirling Silliphant, Promoti(m Director, 444 West 56th St., New York 19. United Artists C«rp.: Lige Brien, Promotion Manager, 729 Seventh Ave., New York 19. Universal-International: Jerry Evans, Promotion, 445 Park .\ve.. New York 22. Warner Bros.: St.. New York 19. Abe Kronenberg, 321 West 44th PROMOTION SECTION

Price Hike Evidence Asked in New Jersey NEW YORK—New Jersey exhibitors have been asked to provide evidence of forced increases in admission prices at a meeting of Allied Theatre Owners of that state January 26 at the Stacy-Ti-ent hotel, Trenton. The invitation was contained in a bulletin issued by Wilbur Snaper, president, which was optimistic about the tax repeal campaign and asked members to supply helpful information and invite their legislators to the luncheon. Snaper said New Jersey has had "the greatest recession in boxoffice receipts of any state in the union." George Gold is legislative chairman. The bulletin said that "there is no doubt that distribution, through terms, forces advanced admission prices regardless of the quality or character of the picture and in contempt of the decree. Distribution piously claims otherwise. Yet within the bounds of our country, theatres thousands of miles apart coincidentally seem to have the same prices on the same picture at the same time. Certainly no one is stupid enough to believe that this just happens." The bulletin goes on to say distribution continues to press for more rentals in New Jersey despite the boxoffice decline in the state. Tlie "persistent effort to obtain percentage deals from small grossing situations" is called "ludicrous." Doubt is expressed as Washington Theatre Firm Files $1,248,000 Suit NEW YORK—A $1,248,000 triple-damage antitrust suit has been filed here against the eight majors by Samuel, Max and Faith Cummins, Celia B. Cohen and Rose Chatkin of Pix Theatres, Inc., Washington. District Theatres Corp. of Washington also is a defendant. The charge was made of discrimination in granting first and subsequent runs to the Langston Theatre of District Theatres, leaving only played-out films for the Plymouth, a Negro house operated by Pix. Waterhouse to Sponsor Bill to Repeal Law 481 PITTSBURGH—A bill calling for elimination of municipal amusement taxes as they apply to film houses and legitimate theatres will be introduced into the Pennsylvania general assembly by Wilmer W. Waterhouse, east Erie county representative. Such a tax is levied by municipalities under bill 431—the "tax everything that isn't taxed by the state" law. In Waterhouse's district, theatres are burdened with such taxes at Corry and Millcreek. Waterhouse said more than 100 theatres have closed in Pennsylvania in the last three years. ^EASTERN to whether the home or branch office is responsible. Discrimination is called "still rampant," with circuits "still buying better than independents." Snaper, who also is president of national Allied, comments on arbitration by saying it "remains in a rather nebulous state" and that "as to the final outcome, no one can tell." Republic is criticized for selling films to television. STATES- FEDERAL TAX REPEAL COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Edgar J. Dnob Leon Back George Gold Elmer Lux Emanuel Frisch Harry Brandt Louis Schine Harry Hendel J. J. O'Leary Sidney Bowden Saul Ullman Carlton Duffus NEW YORK—Exhibitor chairmen from the eastern states, who have been working with distributor chairmen on the Council of Motion Picture Organizations-sponsored campaign for repeal of the 20 per cent amusement tax, are shown above. These men have been instrumental in contacting congressmen and senators for pledges of cooperation on outright repeal of the federal 20 per cent levy. They are chairmen of the following states: DELAWARE—Edgar J. Doob, Loew's Aldine Theatre, Wilmington. MARYLAND—Leon Back, Baltimore. NEW JERSEY—George Gold, Rivoli, Newark. NEW YORK—Elmer Lux, general manager, Darnell Theatres, Buffalo; Emanuel Frisch, Randforce Amusement Co., Brooklyn; Harry Brandt, Brandt Theatre circuit. New York; Louis Schine, Schine Theatres, Gloversville; Saul Ullman, Fabian Tlieatres, Albany. PENNSYLVANIA—Harry Hendel, Allied MPTOA, Pittsburgh, and J. J. OLeary, Comerford circuit, Scranton. VIRGINIA—Sidney Bowden, Wilder Theatres, Norfolk, and Carlton Duffus, Richmond. Also committee chairmen, but not pictured, are: DELAWARE—Lewis S. Black, Warner Theatre, Wilmington. WEST VIRGINIA—Hallie J. Gilbert. Royal Theatre, Princeton. Clairton, Pa., Drops Tax CLAIRTON, PA.—The city council has eliminated the local 10 per cent amu.sement tax by unanimous action. A streamlined property reassessment program coupled with a substantial reduction in taxes came out of the council's initial meeting of 1953 when the old year ended with a cash balance of more than $35,000. This was the first tax reduction in 16 yeai's for Clairton. Theatre owners had been fighting for several years to have the amusement tax removed. Consider Halting Ticket Levy NEW KENSINGTON, PA.—Theatre owners here have petitioned the city council to abolish its 10 per cent amusement tax. For a long period the theatre owners have pro- driving them out of tested that the city tax is business. Council has agreed to investigate Amusement Tax Abolished CALIFORNIA, PA.—The city council recently removed the local 10 per cent amusement tax. BOXOFTICE January 17, 1953 N 33