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— AT TENT 11

— AT TENT 11 INSTALLATION—Jerry Adams, retiring chief barker of Variety Tent 11 of Washington, holds a plaque he received from Morton Gerber, chief barker for 1951. The presentation took place at the recent installation of officers for 1953. Left to right: Nathan D. Golden, Variety International heart chairman; .Adams; Jack Beresin. International chief barker. Philadelphia; Victor J. Orsinger, installed as 1953 chief: Jake Flax; Gerber, and rear, William C. McCraw, Dallas, executive director, and Dr. Charles W. Lowry, Tent 11 chaplain. WASHINGTON TATSE Local F-13 in.stalled new officers at a dinner dance held in the Continental hotel Saturday evening (10). Installed as president were Fred Von Langen. as vicepresident, Ethel Risdon; as financial .secretary, Lillian Lee; recording .secretary. Judith Cohen; treasurer. Mildred McDonald: guardian. Patricia Dell; business agent, George Sullivan; members of the executive board Smith. Agnes Turner and Sara S. Young, and as trustees—Jack Kohler and Myrtle Joseph Ba.sson. lA repre.^entative from New York, officiated. Mrs. Young, outgoing business agent, who was charter president for three years and then business agent for the .seven years, was presented a sterling silver plaque. Residents of a section of South Arlington are trying to block the building of a drive-in theatre within a stone's throw of their homes. but across the line in Alexandria where their protests carry no weight. F:ank Boucher, president of the Alexandria Drive-In Corp., emphasized the proposed entertainment center will be equipped with in-car speakers which will keep sound-track noise to a minimum, and the company will install signals at its own expense to control the added volume of traffic. He said his firm is prepared to spend more than $100,000 in a project which eventually will include an elaborate playground for children as well as a finely equipped restaurant. Independent Theatres Service has been named as buying and booking agent for the Braddock Drive-In. Route 40 West, in Frederick, Md. . . . Cashier Sam Jenkins is re- ALL STAR COLORED CAST featuring SHEILA GUYSE STEPIN FETCHIT T3357

. . John . . Mark . . . . . Nelson . . Paramount . . Dan . . The PITTSBURGH T eo Wayne returned to Filmrow as a Paramount booker. A 25-year man in service in the industry, he had been absent for a year or two while in the tavern business. He succeeds Melvin Mann, who resigned several weeks ago . O. Hooley, assistant manager at the J. P. Harris Theatre, observed his 79th birthday Goldman, former local film . man now headquartering in Cleveland, was around in the interest of Italian films, which he represents. Chris Fourgis, Mount Pleasant exhibitor, was a Filmrow visitor. He returned recently from the Mayo clinic where he was under treatment ... A joint step towards relieving Monessen downtown parking problem."-- has been taken by the Hilltop Bus Co. and the Manos and Star theatres. Anthony Askounes, city manager for the Manos circuit, now offers free rides to per.sons attending the theatres. The rider, who receives a return trip ticket when he pays his fare, presents the ticket to the theatre cashier to be stamped as he pays his theatre adniission. Once stamped, the ticket is good for a free return trip on the bus. Hours are from 5 p. m. to midnight Mondays through Saturdays and all day Sundays, The Lee Theatre at Grove City has been improved and Simplex X-L projection has been installed by National Theatre Supply. Mrs. J. G. Carruthers, widow of the exhibitor who died several months ago, and his brother H. M. "Bud" Carruthers, now operate the Guthrie and Lee with James Bell continuing as manager . . . M. V. Negley of Exhibitors Service Co. said that increased film trucking rates were effective last November 17. Rose and Eli Kaufman of Pittsburgh Poster Exchange are distributing a new dinnerware deal . . . Art Manson, MGM publicity director for Canada, and Florence Sando of Wilkinsburg, who stars locally on radio and television programs, will be married here on Jack Dolde, Loew's Ritz January 28 . . . manager, entered the army January 15 . . . Uniontown city amu.sement taxes in 1951 brought in $46,919.24, and in 1952 the total Rock Hudson, new dropped to $40,519.52 . . . mayor of Universal City, Calif., will be here January 23 to exploit "The Lawless Breed." which gets a later booking at the Fulton . "Peter Pan" is dated for opening February 19 in the Warner. . . . Mary Gurowslii screamed when two "tall, thin Negroes" flashed pistols and demanded the money in the cashier's booth at the Victor Theatre in McKeesport. An usher appeared in answer to her alarm and the gunmen ran down Fifth avenue. They got nothing in the holdup. Margaret Feje, another cashier, was in the cage with Miss Gurowski at the time the gunmen appeared William P. Parker, former West Newton exhibitor, has been appointed justice of the peace for that Westmoreland county borough. Uniontown Businessmen Guests of Manos Circuit PITTSBURGH—A busload of Uniontown men visited Filmrow this week as guests of the Manos circuit. Included w-ere business executives, merchants, teachers, students, assemblymen, churchmen, councilmen and others. Jo.seph Bugala. Manos circuit general theatre manager, and Ken Woodw-ard, Uniontow-n city manager, accompanied the group on the bus which was met on Filmrow by Ted M. Manos, vice-president; V. L. "Doc" Wadkins, booker, and F. D. Moore, film licensing agent. At the MGM exchange, Ralph Pielow, branch manager, addressed the Uniontown party on the of film exchanges and then screened for them "The Hoaxters" and "Above and Beyond." Lunch was served at the Pittsburgh Playhouse and the group returned to Uniontown. The Manos circuit will bring a group from Vandergrift this week. Emery Austin Made Aide To Dan Terrell at MGM NEW YORK—Emery Austin, who has been with MGM since 1941, has been named as assistant to Dan S. Terrell, publicity manager, by Howard Dietz, vice-president and director of advertising, publicity and exploitation. He will be in charge of exploitation. Austin started as an exploitation man for the company at New Orleans and was transferred to Atlanta 11 months later. About a year ago he was named divisional press representative for the southern division with six branches under his supervision. Pi-ior to joining MGM Austin was with the Ralph Talbot circuit at Tulsa, Okla. He will report at the home office January 26. Penn at Uniontown, Pa., Joins Manos First Runs UNIONTOWN, PA.—Ken Woodward, city manager for the Manos circuit, insisted that the Penn here should join the circuit's Manos and State in offering first run pictures and the general office at Greensburg agreed to the change several weeks ago. 1914 by the McCloskey brothers, Opened in it was at this theatre where Woodward served his usher days and apprenticeship under Con McCloskey. He has a warm spot in his heart for the Penn. Results of the policy change have exceeded Ken's expectations. Remodel at Buckhannon, W. Va. BUCKHANNON, W. VA.—Mr. and Mrs. Garland West will remodel and modernize their Colonial Theatre here. Complete new lobby and new restrooms will be relocated, new front, marquee, seating, drapes and screen will be installed. Work will start soon. Your cooperotion to the March of Dimes drive is importont. Let your patrons cooperate. PHILADELPHIA l^elvin Fox has purchased the Delsea Drive-In in Vineland, Pa., and the Bridgeton (N. J.t Drive-In . Yankee Theatre in Landisburg now is doing its own booking and buying, taking over from Allied . . . A. M. Ellis has given a long-term lease on 1834-36 West Cheltenham Ave., to Joseph Lichtenstein, who will use the property for a restaurant and delicatessen . . . The Delpen Co. has purchased a motion picture theatre on Hulmeville road at Penndel in Bucks county from Herman Mark. Following alterations, the building will be used for the manufacture of toys. Milgram is now doing the booking and buying for the Sandy Beach Drive-In in Kingston, The Earle Theatre w'ill shutter Pa. . . . Comdr. K. D. Ian Murray, an in April . . . authority on pirate lore, was in town to help promote "Against All Flags," now playing at I he Goldman . . Earle W. Sweigert, now with RKO in Pittsburgh, was on the Row . . . Jack Engel, Lippert-Screen Guild franchise holder, attended the Lippert convention in Chicago . . . RKO salesman Addie Gottschalk was on vacation in White Sulphur Springs, W. Va. Leon Cohen, 20th-Fox projectionist, was back on the street following an appendectomy Wax, Boxoffice Pictures, was in Chicago on business . Decorating Co. is redecorating Milton Schwaber's Apex Theatre in Baltimore, Pa. . . Beverly . Winston is the new switchboard operator at Allied Artists . . . Shirley Mollinger. 20t.h-Fox manager's secretary, has announced her engagement to Walter Duglin. . . . . Elmer J. Jaslow is now distributing Classic pictures at 1239 Vine Coudony now owns the Edgemoor (Del.) Theatre. The booking and buying is being handled by Brandt's office in New York Pickard, Aldine manager, is recovering from a bad case of laryngitis. To Vote on Daylight Time PARKERSBURG, W. VA.—Daylight saving time, a highly controversial issue here for many years, will be settled once and for all at the municipal election in April. Last year council approved fast time and after it was effective for some weeks, Sol Hyman, indoor and outdoor exhibitor, stopped daylight saving time by presenting petitions bearing 5,236 names of those opposed to the change. The referendum petitions automatically canceled the ordinance. SAM FINEBERG TOM McCLEARY JIM ALEXANDER 84 Von Braam Street PITTSBURGH 19, PA. Phone Express 1-0777 ^Mo'its Are Better Thaii Evp- Hoiti's Your Equipm»ntt| PROJEaOR CARBON COMPANY 319 First Ave. Tarentum, Pa. Telephone: Tarentum 2341 PRODUCE A BETTER LIGHT IN ANY SIZE THEATRE OR DRIVE-IN . . . MORE ECONOMICALLY! CARBONS, INC. • BOONTON, N. J. BOXOFFICE :: January 17, 1953 39