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. . . When . . John . . Agnes . Dom SAN FRANCISCO lyfilton M. Weisman, editor in chief of Telenews Theatres, stopped here en route to Korea and the Far East, where he will coordinate all Telenews newsreels coverage from that region in an attempt to speed up newsreels to Telenews screens across the nation The Castroville Theatre was burglarized . . . of $30 in money and cigarets recently, according to Paul Valverde, manager . . . The State boxoffice safe was looted of $316. . Dick Miller, one of the owners, reported the Ocean Drive-In at Crescent City is closing for the remainder of the winter to open again around March 1. The owners contemplated con.siderable remodeling of the snack bar and improvements to the grounds the El Rey in Oakland recently celebrated its third anniversary, a huge cake and hundreds of gallons of punch were served to patrons . The Esquire in San Francisco installed a . turnstile when it initiated a new low-price policy of 50 cents all seats evenings for adults and 25 cents for children. Aaron Gardner is the new manager at the Yolo Theatre in Woodland . . . Ginger Rogers is here hitting the high spots with escort M. Jacques Bergerac of Paris . Carroll, the film star, entertained at a Damon Runyon cancer fund fight program in the Memorial auditorium in Sacramento. Wayne Morris was emcee. . . . San Pi'ancisco critics voted against making a "best film" award this year. Meeting at their awards dimier, the critics decided since they had not been privileged to see six of the top contenders in the forthcoming Oscar race (none of them have played here), they would voting on the motion picture industry product for the first time in history. The best stage play honors went to "Four Poster." Hulda McGinn, California Theatre Ass'n public relations counsel, is in Sacramento while state legislature is in session . . . Robert Patton was on the Row from Sonora . . . Al Grubstick, Lippert Pictures of Northern California, went to New York on business . Cannon and her ex-filmrower husband Emmett Cannon spent the weekend in Atwater with Agnes' relatives. Ben Levin, president of General Theatrical Co., has been appointed motion picture industry chairman for the local March of Dimes campaign . . . The Fox in Redwood City became a babysitting emporium for three shopping days prior to Christmas. The theatre provided a matron while the kids watched cartoons. Local merchants paid the expenses . . . Mel Klein Ben Levin of Columbia and Bill Coovert, district manager for the Golden State circuit, made a lot of children happy the past holiday season. It seemed that the Mi.ssion Cooperative Nursery school wanted to give all the nursery .school children in San Francisco a real Christmas present. Klein was asked about the use of one of Columbia's fine cartoons, "Madeline," which he kindly provided. The Coovert donated the use of the Crown Theatre for the screening. Paul Valverde and Henry Garcia of Castroville, were on the Row as were Vern Paddock of the Kings Drive-In, Armona; Joe Haig- Boyd of the California Theatre, Kerman; Lester Blumberg, Principal Theatres, Porterville and Tracy; Al Klokkevold, Colfax Theatre; C. J. Remington, Oaks Theatre, Fair Oaks; Marvin Martines, Skyview Drive-In, Sacramento and Salinas; Si Gertz, El Rey at Salinas; Leslie Pancake, Shasta, Central Valley, and Bob Patton, Uptown at Sonora. The Koxy in Stockton has been taken over by Jess Levin of General Theatrical from Charles Woods and renamed the Lux . . . The Sebastiani Theatre in Sonoma has been taken back by Sebastiani family from Bruce Plater . . . J. H. Boyd, California Theatre, Kerman, his wife and three beautiful children, Peter Garrette of Yolo Theatre, Woodland; William Jepsen. Vista at El Cerrito, and Bruno Vecchiarelh of Mountain View Theatre in Mount View were on the Row. Robert L. Lippert stopped off here on the way back east . . . E. I. Rubin, popcorn man, returned from a trip in territory . . . I. L. Thompson. Moonglow Drive-In, Fresno, was in town , Isabella, Vacaville, reports he is remodeling the front of his theatre . . . Motion Picture Service, 125 Hyde St., has completed a remodeling program and now sports a modern and beautiful office and an additional sound studio for the filming of theatrical and television commercials and shorts. Dick Eckles was the decorator. E. A. Patchen, AiTata Theatre, and Harry Sarber, Tripple-S Supply Co., were seen deep in a discussion. Patchen was on his way to Santa Bai-bara to spend a few days vacation, and Sarber was on his way to Reno (or was it Las Vegas?) on and pleasure . . . Motion Picture Service piloted by Gerald Karski, announces the release of the 1953 Tournament of Roses parade short in color, for the Standard Oil Co. of California. The sixth year for the series, the new contract for 1953 production and distribution of ten-minute reels in color started off with "Road to Hangtown." The second the Tournament of Roses two-reeler. Herb Jack, representative for the Kroehler Push-Back chairs, and his wife Rose were injured in a head-on accident at Nipomo near San Luis Obispo recently. Jack suffered fractures of five ribs and an arm. Mrs. Jack was also seriou.'ly injured. They are at the French hospital at San Luis Obispo and probably will remain there for at least two months. Attending the Alexander Film Co. annual meeting in Colorado Springs were the following from San Francisco: Collin Dexter, district manager, and John Boyle, Bob Fletcher, E. E. Mikkelsen and Lyle Bramson. Ed Penn, salesman at U-I, resigned recently. No replacement has yet been named . . . Boyd Sparrow, manager Loew's Warfield, returned from his vacation in the east and a visit with his family. A new Straw Hat revue has gone into rehearsal with local openings set for February 3. The new revue is entitled, "One Moment, Please." Actress Edith Gidlof will appear in the cast in place of Elizabeth Berryhilly, president of the Straw Hat Theatre. SHEARCO DRAPERIES AND STAGE CURTAINS •|IH/l;/ i ^ ^-^T-. B. F. SHEARER COMPANY tOS ANGEIES: 19i« Sntk Virmcni .Kpukhc I IMS* PORTLAND: 1147 N. W. MacMc Mvalii 754] SAN FRANCISCO: 243 Colmn Site «>c UNdf'iill I ISIS ' SEATTLE: 231S Sicoild t>c. • ElliotI S247 Irving C. Ackerman, theatre circuit owner was quite active in promotion and exploitation of the 43rd annual Golden Gate Kennel club dog show held at the Civic auditorium recently. Purchases Bay Theatre PACIFIC PALISADES, CALIF. — Edward Gro.ssman, president of Grossman Theatre Enterprises, owner of the Panorama Tlieatre in Van Nuys and three houses in Illinois, has added the Bay Theatre here to his holdings. Dimes ond dollors will help mony o victim of polio to recover normal hcolth. Arronge for March of Dimes collections. 46 BOXOFnCE :: January 17, 1953

I \, 201 , Snoodwav — — — — ——— — — — — — — — — Western Colo. Group Drafts Tax Campaign GRAND JUNCTION, COLO. — Western Colorado Theatre Owners and Managers, meeting here last week i7i drafted further plans for pre.senting tax repeal data to Colorado congressmen and senators and discussed film truck rates, terming them "nearly as grave a matter as the tax for most smalltown exhibitors." Each exhibitor present was called upon to give his views about writing letters and preparing tax repeal statements for legislators. All exhibitors pledged them.selves to prepare the information immediately and to urge nearby theatre owners to do the same thing if they were not present at the tax meeting. On the question of film truck rates, Ed Nelson of Montrose said that rates were high because of high insurance on film and that possibly the industry should work on getting special in.surance rates for safety film. The fact that insurance companies are still charging the same rate on film insurance that they did before general use of acetate film was also discu.ssed and it was decided that a letter should be .sent to the insurance commission regarding the situation. Mrs. Nora Barlow, Silverton exhibitor, volunteered to take the matter up with the insurance commissioner. Following the business meeting and luncheon the entire group attended a screening of MGM's "The Clown" and "The Hoaxters" at the Uintah Theatre in Fruita. Mrs. Luther Strong, secretary of the organization, was able to attend the session after having been seriously ill most of the time since the November meeting. Tom Poulos invited the theatremen and their wives to hold their next meeting in July at Paonia and it was agreed that extra effort would be put forth to get every owner and manager in the area to attend. In attendance here were Mrs. Nora Barlow, Lode, Silverton; Francis Gill and Tom Poulos, Paonia, Paonia; Don Monson, Ute, Rifle; Kermit Hurst, Elberta, Palisade; Fay Boyd, Unique, Gunnison; Mrs. Joni Nelson, Olathe, Olathe; Ed Nelson, Fox, Montrose; Neil Ross, Pox, Delta; Dutch Stroh, Mines, Telluride; Harvey Traylor, Cooper, Grand Junction; Loyd Greve, Eagle and Minturn; Bob Walker and son John, Bob Wilkie, Medard Verrarest, Uintah, Fruita; F. D. Litsey, Chief; Luther jStrong, Mesa; Lloyd File, Starlight, all of Grand Junction. SPECIAL TRAILERS 630 NINTH AVENUE NEW YORK 36, N.Y. SPEED! QUALITY! SHOWMANSHIP! I'T BE BEAT! 1327 S. WABASH CHICAGO 5, ILL. Three Holdovers Hit High Spots At Los Angeles First Runs LOS ANGELES—Holdovers continued to display the greatest strength in local first run circles, paced by the 210 per cent recorded by "Hans Christian Andersen" in its third stanza. Hitting the 200 mark, also in their third week "The Star." "Moulin Rouge" and "Come Back, Little Sheba." (Average is 100) Beverly Conon The Member of the Wedding (Col),. . odv. prices, 3rd wk 1 40 Chinese, Los Angeles, Loyola, Uptown Stars ond Stripes Forever (20th~Fox); Outlow Women (LP), 2nd wk 90 Downtown Poromount, Hawaii Agoinst All Flogs (U-l); It Grows on Trees (U-l), 2nd wk 90 Hollywood Paramount, Orpheum, Manchester, Picwood Rood to Boil (Para), 3rd wk 110 Egyptian, State Above ond Beyond (MGM) 130 Fine Arts Come Bock, Little Shebo (Para), adv. prices, 3rd wk 200 Four Star The Stor (20th-Fox), adv. prices, 3rd wk 200 Fox Beverly The Jozz Singer (WB), adv. prices, 2nd wk 140 Fox Ritz My Cousin Rachel (20th-Fox) odv. prices, 3rd wk 1 00 Fox Wilshire Moulin Rouge (UA), adv. prices, 3rd wk 200 Hillstreet, Pontages Montana Belfe (RKO); Dancing With Crime (Realorf) 110 United Artists, Vogue The Bod and the Beautiful (MGM), 3rd wk 125 Werners Beverly Hans Christian Andersen (RKO), adv. prices, 3rd wk 210 Worners Downtown, Hollywood, Wiltern April in Poris ( WB), 2nd wk 1 00 and 'Mermaid' Take 'Bali' Top Seattle SEATTLE—Business picked up after the holidays. Top gross honors vifent to "April in Paris," paired with "Mr. Walkie Talkie" at the Orpheum, which rated 190 per cent. "Road to Bali" held up well at the Paramount after a terrific first week, scoring 175 in its second. "Million Dollar Mermaid" at the Music Hall also did well in its first week at the Music Hall, rating 150. Blue Mouse Against All Flags (U-l), plus Bugs revue, 2nd wk 95 Bunny cortoon I Coliseum The Don't Care Girl (20th-Fox); Target Fifth Hong Avenue Kong My Cousin (Col) 1 50 120 . Rachel (20th-Fox) . . . Liberty The Prisoner of Zenda (MGM); Sky Full of Moon (MGM) 1 20 Music Box Limelight (UA), 2nd wk 100 Music Hall Million Dollar Mermaid (MGM) 150 Orpheum April in Poris (WB); Mr. Walkie Talkie (LP) 190 Paramount Road to Bali (Poro); Beware, My Lovely (RKO), 2nd wk 1 75 Four Denver Theatres Hold Their Programs DENVER—Four houses held their programs this week. "Above and Beyond" and "Desperate Search" stayed at the Orpheum, "Million Dollar Mermaid" remained at the Broadway, "Road to Bali" did the same at the Denham, and "The Promoter" is getting another at the Vogue. Aloddin, Tabor, Webber Operotion Secret (WB); Sleep My Love (Pref) 90 Broadway Million Dollar Mermaid (MGM), 3rd wk. 85 Denham Rood to Bali (Para), 3rd wk 100 Denver, Esquire My Cousin Rachael (20th-Fox) 90 Orpheum Above and Beyond (MGM); Desperate Search (MGM) 125 Poromount Hoppy Time (Col); Storm Over Tibet (Col) 105 Vogue The Promoter (U-l), 2nd wk 110 World Miss Julie (SR), 3rd wk 80 Orpheum Eight Iron Men (Col) 110 Paramount and Oriental My Cousin Rachel (20th-Fox) 110 Roxy Captive Women (RKO) 90 United Artists Rood to Boti (Para), 3rd wk 130 Grosses at Peaks In San Francisco SAN FRANCISCO—Grosses for the major houses the first week of the new year jumped to new highs. Fox—Bloodhounds of Broadway (20th-Fox) 120 Golden Gate April in Poris (WB) 175 Orpheum Hoppy Time (Col); Too Many Girls (RKO) 90 Poromount— Road to Bali (Poro), 2nd wk 125 St. Francis Bwono Devil (Oboler), 3rd wk 175 United Artists Kansas City Confidential (UA)...190 Tri-Dimension Soon To Denver Screens DENVER—Tlie Tabor is being readied to show the Tri-Opticon tri-dlmensional program, starting January 21. The Orpheum is being made ready to show "Bwana Devil," Arch Oboler's tri-dimensional film, in February. The film will be viewed with polarized glasses, and the Tabor will make a charge of 75 cents for each pair, to be refunded on return. It presumed that many persons will keep the glasses, since more films of a similar nature will be shown as they become available. The Ti-i-Opticon program at the Tabor will run about an hour, and will include the Sadler's Wells ballet troupe in the Swan Lake ballet, travel shorts and cartoons. Some of them will be in Technicolor and some in black and white. Flegular films will complete the program. To Host Movietime Winners HOLLYWOOD—Republic will host four Indiana Hollywood Movietime contest winners and their companions Thursday (15) at a luncheon and tour of the studio. Arrangements were made with Trueman T. Rembusch of Syndicate Theatres, Inc., which conducted the contest. Ken Hirons Btiys North's Ozoner EUGENE, ORE.—Ken Hirons, local businessman, has taken over operation of North's Drive-In. The sale price was estimated at $18,000. FOR FAST THEATRE SALES Write or Phone Irv Bowron, Sales Mgr. SCHWARY REALTY CO. Phone: LI 6S55 10700 N. E. Sandy Blvd., Portland, Oregon We have the 3f**f%^. for YOUR Count on us for Quick ActionI | Y\ b/\ 1Kb OS] I Our writ wrid« contacts «^th the eKhibilor* a«sute YOU of sa1isf