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. . . Icy ST. LOUIS

. . . Icy ST. LOUIS Uarry Arthur, president of Fanchon & Marco, was due back from New York . . . Rani Pedruccie, feature booker for the Frisina Amusement Co.. is in the St. John's hospital, Springfield, for correction of a nasal obstruction . . . Harry Haas, Paramount manager, has gone to New Orleans for a district sales meeting. Harry Hynes of Universal and his St. Louis sales staff planed in from New Orleans to be greeted by real winter weather, quite a contrast from the 80 degrees enjoyed in the Crescent city at the district sales conference Leo Keiler, head of the on January 5, 6 . . . c ^o^* oH p* vv\ \09 \i civJ Rt WG 1W tM RE5 1220 S. Michigon Chicogo 5, III. to' ^o^ tii^ vsv ^o. tpt HO EH ct \H0 ro 93 90 EVERYTHING FOR THE THEATRE Within the film industry is available. Everette J. Pierce, booker for United Artists, taught mathematics and physical education and turned out some Illinois high school Columbia Amusement Co., Paducah, is on basketball teams before joining the UA organization here. He came here from Oblong, the west coast visiting his mother. 111. Jimmy Frisina, buyer, Frisina Amusement Co., Springfield, and his family The Missouri Employment Service reports have returned to their home in Taylorville that a new employment record for the St. from a Florida Christmas holidays vacation. Louis area was set in the last week of November and early December when the number of .... E.xhibitors seen along Filmrow included John Rees, Wellsville, Mo., and Dale Moody, noiiagricultural workers reached 807,900, topping the previous set in September 1952 by booker, George Barker circuit, Tuscola, 111. . . . Joe Lyman, Whitehall exhibitor, is still about 3,500 and 34,900 above the World War a patient at a hospital in Jerseyville, 111. Reports are not too encouraging. streets and unfavorable weather re- II peak of 773,000, established in July 1943 sulted in a postponement of the scheduled If the boys and girls along Filmrow are meeting of the Amusement Employes Welfare fund at the Paramount screening room planning basketball teams a competent coach from January 7 to January 14. Funeral services for Mrs. Irene French Thomas McDonald, wife of W. C. "Elmer" McDonald, head of the Elmer McDonald III Entertainment Agency, a member of the Auxiliary of operators Local 143 and of the Cosmo Pals, were conducted at the Wacker-Helderle chapel January 7. In addition to her husband she is survived by a son George. The Avalon, LawTenceville, was filled to capacity December 30 for the annual free show for children. H. E. Stevens, manager of the Avalon and State, units of the Frisina Amusement Co. circuit, arranged a special program that included a feature and several cartoons. Tlie Junior Chamber of Commerce and the local American Legion post cooperated with the theatre in the arrangements for the show . . . Icy roads in various parts of southern Illinois and eastern Missouri made traveling very difficult for film salesmen and exchange managers traveling out of St. Louis. Herman Gorelick, Realart, was in Chicago for a family reunion and started his automobile back to St. Louis the night of January 5 but got stuck in the snow. "SELECT" FOUNTAIN SYRUPS DRINK DISPENSERS Select Drink Inc. 4210 W. Florissant Ave. Phone St. Louis, 15, Mo. Mulberry 5289 CHAIRS YOUR REBUILT IN THEATRE By Experts in Their Field Write for Quotations Chicago Used Chair Mart 829 So. State St. Chicago 5 CANDY - POPCORN - SEASONING For THEATRES and DRIVE-INS —Send fat Price List— o. Freight Prepaid on $100.00 or More KAYLINE CANDY CO. HH Si Louis Theatre Supply Company Aich Hosier 3310 Olive SIreel. St. Louis 3, Mo. Telephone lEIIerson 7974 BOXOFHCE :: January 17, 1953

. . Ray — — — — — . . Erwin ran into 20-inches of snow at Quincy. Later in the week lie and his partner George Phillips went to Chicago for a Lippert franchise holders gathering. Maurice Schweitzer, Allied Artists-Monogram manager, planned to visit Carlo, 111., Blytheville, Ai-k., and Caruthersville and Maiden, Mo., during this week . . . The latest word from Maiden, Mo., is that Herman Ferguson is making a nice recovery from the serious injuries he suffered in an automobile accident near that town .several weeks ago . . There is plenty of influenza in this and . other communities. C. D. Hill, Columbia manager, was home all week because of an attack. Nick O'Brien of Flo-Mar Productions also had to stay at home January 10. Lester Bona, Warner manager, was fighting off a cold as the week opened. Patrick Barrett Lewis checked in at St. John's hospital here January 5 to delight his parents Mi-, and Mi's. Patrick Kenny Lewis and to the particular delight of grandfather David F. Barrett, film trade reporter. Mrs. Lewis is Barrett's daughter and the new addition is his ninth grandchild . . . Warren V. Snider, owner of the Dixon and New Dixon in Dixon, Mo., started by automobile for the west coast January 11. He will spend about a month in Los Angeles because of the serious illness of a sister. Mrs. J. C. True, a niece of Mrs. John A. Walsh, widow of the partner of Flo-Mar Productions, is a patient at a local hospital. True, who sells pressure sensitive tapes, has desk space at the Flo-Mar exchange. INDIANAPOLIS •Trueman Rembusch was re-elected president of Allied Theatre Owners of Indiana at a meeting of the board of directors. Marc Wolf was named vice-president and Ted Mendels- •sohn treasurer. The board decided to hold film clinics in Fort Wayne January 27 under local chairman Al Borkenstein and in New Albany March 24, with Sam Switow as chairman. . J. V. O'Gara, new Republic eastern district sales manager, and Walter L. Titus were here calling on exhibitors . . . The Sheridan Theatre here has been closed. Recently it was operated by Abe Baker of the Baker booking concern Thomas, salesman for U-I, was home suffering with influenza. Exhibitors seen in Filmrow : Harry Van Noy, Middletown; William T. Studebaker, Logan, Logansport; George Reef, Hippodrome, Sheridan; James Ackron, Ritz, Tipton; Vic Burkle, Rialto, Fortville; Mrs. Beatrice Hancock, Prewitt, Plainfield; R. L. Hudson sr. and Buz Miller, State, Richmond. The last and most important meeting of the year was held in the Variety clubrooms Monday (29). For discussion the new quarters for Tent 10 will be on the schedule, a new charity project, the reactivation of Tent 10, a trip to Mexico City and the election of new officers. 'Limelight' in Chicago Scored 125 Gross CHICAGO—Attendance in first run houses thinned out somewhat. While a post-holiday lull was anticipated, fog, rain and icy streets also kept theatregoers at home. "My Cousin Rachel," plus a stage show headed by Sunny Gale, at the Chicago, set a bright attendance picture. "Thunderbirds" and "Ride the Man Down" opened above average at the United Artists, and the Roosevelt, with a twin bill of "Stop, You're Killing Me" and "Outpost in Malaya," did all right. The Oriental had little letup in attendance during the thi-eeweek run of "Million Dollar Mermaid," but it switched to "Above and Beyond." "Stars and Stripes Forever" continued to hold a fairly steady attendance for three weeks at the Palace. (Average Is 100) Chicago My Cousin Rachel (20th-Fox), plus stage show .... 120 Grand Bloodhounds of Broodwoy (20th-Fox); Something tor the Birds (20th-Fox) 100 Carnegie Foce to Foce (RKO), 2nd wk 105 Oriental Million Dollar Mermaid (MGM), 3rd wk..I15 Palace Stars ond Stripes Forever (20th-Fox), 3rd wk 110 State-Lake The Sovage (Para); Hurricane Smith (Paro) 105 Roosevelt Stop, You're Killing Me (WB); Outpost in Malaya (WB) . I 05 Surf The Promoter (U-l), 2nd wk 175 Telenews Tri-Opticon (Capitol), 3rd wk Good World Ployhouse One Summer of Happiness (Teitel), 3rd wk HO Woods Limelight (UA) I 25 Ziegfeld Under the Red Sea (RKO), 3rd wk 100 Two Holdovers Lead Kansas City Grosses KANSAS CITY—"The Four Poster" again ranked as the top hit here with 225 per cent in a third week at the Kimo Theatre. Top newcomer last week was "Ruby Gentry," which scored 125 at the Orpheum. Kimo The Four Poster (Col), 3rd wk 225 Midland Million Dollar Mermaid (MGM); Desperate Missouri Search (MGM), 2nd wk Cattle Town (WB); No Holds Barred 110 (AA) 90 (20th-Fox) 125 to Bali (Para), 3rd wk 105 Orpheum Paramount Ruby Rood Gentry Tower, Uptown and Granada Pony Soldier {20th- Fox); Something for the Birds (20th-Fox) 90 Vogue The Promoter (U-l), 7th wk 150 'Million Dollar Mermaid' Paces Indianapolis With 150 INDIANAPOLIS—Boxoffices recorded good grosses here, with Loew's heading the parade with 150 per cent on "Million Dollar Mermaid." "April in Paris" ranked second place with 130 at the Circle. Circle April in Paris (WB) 130 Indiana Rood to Bali (Para) 1 00 Keiths Stars and Stripes Forever (20th-Fox), 2nd wk 100 Loew's Million Dollar Mermaid (MGM); Desperate Search (MGM), 2nd wk 1 50 Lyric—Montonna Belle (RKO) 120 CHICAGO Tack Kirsch, president of Allied Theatres of Illinois, was in New Orleans attending an Allied board meeting . Fensin, head of Fensin Seating Co., is recuperating from an illness at the Edgewater hospital . . . "Above and Beyond," which opened at the Oriental January 15, received a double salute here last week. A cocktail party was held for Robert Taylor, the star, who was on his way to appear on the Ed Sullivan show, and a day later Eleanor Parker, who appears with Taylor as the supporting star, was introduced at a luncheon in the Pump room. Jerry Pickman, head of publicity for Paramount, spent some time in Chicago to discuss the testimonial to be accorded Adolph Zukor in April. Zukor, who is formerly of Chicago, is celebrating his 50th year in the film industry. The Shore Theatre is celebrating its silver anniversary. Highlighting the event is a contest which offers free passes to the first 25 persons naming the first screen attraction at the Shore 25 years ago. Anniversary gifts presented by the Shore are flowers and gift certificates. To Build Winona House WINONA, MO.—Everett E. Maxfield of Summerville, Mo., head of the Shanco Theatres, operator of the 150-seat Winona Theatre here, has announced plans for a new 200-seat theatre. Maxfield decided on a new theatre here to offset the competition of the 500-car drive-in near Eminence and Bartlett, Mo., being constructed by Carter Smalley of Van Buren, Ark., and scheduled to open early in the spring. Maxfield also operates the Birch Tree Theatre, Birch Tree, Eminence Theatre, Eminence, and the Lyric, Summersville. Robert Arthur has been signed to produce Edison Marshall's fictionized biography of Lola Montez, "The Infinite Woman," for Columbia. THE^yTRE EQUIPMENT 442 N. ILLINOIS ST., INDIANAPOLIS, IND. "Everything for the Theatre"