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HART BEATS IN By HARRY HART DOB MOSCOW of the Rialto Theatre. Atlanta, wrote Ted Toddy of Toddy Pictures one of the nicest letters I've seen in a long time. Moscow said he had to hold over "The Devil in the Flesh.", which Toddy dis- HTJBERT M. LYONS tributes, the week before Christmas and that the picture was the second highest in gross of any film played at the Rialto during 1952. Mo.scow was high in praise of the film and of the advertising that Toddy set up for him. Fred Storey of Storey Theatres is closing the DeKalb Theatre in Decatur. Ga., and has installed a Synchro-Screen in the Decatur Theatre. He has made many improvements in the theatre since the firm took over operation of the sub run house in Atlanta and Decatur. Wil-Kin Theatre has transferred Jack Hunt from Tennessee to the Alabama territory and has placed Paul Jenkins in the Tennes.see area. « « * Martin Theatres of Florida has acquired all seven of the theatres in Panama City, Chipley and Marianna, Fla. Rufus Davis, former partner with Martin, acquired the Dothan, Ala., houses and drive-ins and will operate them. Marion Adams will manage the Isle of View Drive-In at Panama City for Martin. Darnell Hartzog is managing the Panama in Panama City. The city of Piedmont, Ala., has repealed its ordinance against Sunday motion picture shows. Hap Barnes of ABC Theatrical Enterprises, has returned from a trip to Miami and this week was on a trip to New Orleans. CUff Wilson of ABC said the firm will book for the new Skyway Drive-In being built at 'Valdosta, Ga., by J. D. Brown. The airer is expected to open March 1 and will accommodate 300 cai-s. It is being equipped by Dixie Theatre Suply & Service Co.' of Albany, Ga. • • • Hubert M, Lyons is in charge of the In- ATLANTA ternational Film Export Releasing Corp. offices which have just been opened at 115 Walton St., Atlanta, Ga. The Atlanta office will cover the southeast, southw-est and midwest area and will eventually employ five or six salesmen. Lyons has been with RKO for the last 26 years and before that was with Robinson Cole and was salesman for the original franchise owners for First National Pictures. Lyons also has experience as an exhibitor. He was with W. F. Cralle, who opened the second theatre in Norfolk, Va. Lyons' duties will take him to all of the territory of the southeast, southwest and midwest. Bernard Jacon, vice-persident and general manager of IFE. reported several picture dates have been made. * * « Harry Dennis is building a 600-car drive-in, named the Bon Air. at Augusta, Ga. The airer wil be equipped by Ballantyne and in addition to the 600-car capacity, will have seating for 1.500 persons. It is planned to show circiLs acts between features. A stage is being constructed for stage shows and an extensive kiddyland is being installed. The airer is expected to open about Feburary 15. It is located on the Wrightsboro road. Toddy Pictures is releasing "Killers All," film on gangland activities with a lecture from the stage by C. Wiley Stanley. Spence Pierce, general manager of the Family, Knoxville, and Skyway Drive-In, stopped off here on his way to New Orleans on vacation. • • « Charley Clark of Jackpot Quiz night made a business trip through Tennessee. The Capital City Supply Co. furnished some equipment for the 300-car drive-in, named the Four Lane, at Murfreesboro, Tenn., which is being built by Hamacker & Hickson. The new airer is expected to open about March 15. George Head said that his New Year's eve show broke all records at the Civic building in Gainesville, Ga. Garden Ozoner Purchased ST. PETERSBURG. FLA.—The Garden Drive-In is now operated under new management. Mark S. Cummins and J. E Jackson have bought out the mterest of James C. Mensen. Improvements at Largo LARGO. FTjA.—A number of improvements have been completed at tlie Largo Tlieatre. In the lobby and office a new red and white rubber tile floor was laid. George Parsells is manager. Roxy Theatre Is Remodeled MADISON. FLA.— Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Woodard have remodeled their Roxy Theatre at Greenville, lengthening it 18 feet and laying a new roof. The theatre has a seating capacity of 425. To Build at Fort Lauderdale FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA.—Sal Aragoma of Jackson\ ille, N. C, has started construction of a 650-car airer here, named the Starlight. It will have a stage for in-person shows and a supplementary screen for three-dimensional films. Aragoma owns a chain of driveins in North Carolina. Appoint Carlton Bowden Manager BARTOW, FLA.—Carlton Bowden of Lakeland has been appointed manager of the Ritz Theatre, a Florida State unit. He replaces P. G. Bailey, transferred to Fort Myers. Bowden and his wife will occupy the apartment above the theatre. U-I Borrows Steve Cochran Steve Cochran has been borrowed from Warners for the male topline in the Universal film, "Back to God's Country," a James Oliver Curwood story. EMPLOYES BECOME PARTNERS—W. .A. Hodges of the Hodges Theatre Supply Co. in New Orleans has sold 45 per cent of the company stock to employes, retaining 55 per cent himself. The transfer was effective January J. Hodges Supply is Motiograph distributor and also has a complete line of concession and theatre sound and servicing equipment. The stockholders are shown aliove, left to right: Myma Posey, secretary; H. J. Ballam, sound engineer; W. A. Hodges, president; Paul German, sales engineer, and Joseph Faia, city salesman. GO BOXorncE January 17, 1953

Bernstein to Build Opa Locka Drive-In OPA LOCKA, FLA.—Despite warnings from the marine air station that the location of a drive-in here would make it a potential hazard to patrons, the city council approved plans by Bernstein Theatres to build an airer within 2,000 feet of a jet runway. At a recent city council meeting, when Mayor Frank Slade asked for a showing of hands, 27 residents voted against and only 12 voted approval. However, the five councilmen refused to rescind their earlier okay. Marine officials at the meeting were obviously disappointed at the outcome, but the councilmen asserted no evidence had been presented to show the chosen site was more dangerous than at any other spot in Opa Locka. Maj. John Barnett, station legal officer, admitted that the community was a "hot spot" because of the many planes flying in the area. He also contended the screen might be 2,000 feet away but some of the 800 cars in the ozoner would be within 900 feet of the runway. Maximum safety is 750 feet. Herbert Linde, a Pan American airline dispatcher, who resides here, said he had looked over the proposed site, and that. "I wouldn't send my kids there— it's too dangerous!" Prior to the meeting Mayor Slade said: "I'd give anything if this hadn't come up; but if the council votes in favor of the theatre, I'll issue a permit. Sometimes I shiver when planes go over my house and rattle the dishes in the shelves." Slade said the marines were in the clear, having made their protest. Drive-In to Part-Time Week HARTSELLE, ALA.—The Ranch Drive-In operate on Friday, Saturday and Sunday will nights for the remainder of the winter. Owner Hubert Mitchell said the full week schedule will be resumed in the spring. JACKSONVILLE Wisitors on Pilmrow included John Sutton, Vogue, Orlando; J. N. Wells, Wells, Kingsland. Ga.; William Lee, Community Drive-In, Key.stone Heights; Carl Floyd, Bob Dougherty and Joe Thrift, Lakeland; Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Dale, Lake, Lake Butler; C. L. Jackson, Woodbine. Woodbine, Ga.; George Stonaris, Dreka. DeLand and J. R. Partlow, Prairie Lake Drive-In. Altamonte Springs . . . MGM invited the press, radio and clergy to a private .showing of "The Hoaxters" . . . Columbia office manager Ernest Pelegrim was in the hospital for a check-up. Joan Smyth has announced her engagement to Ai-thur Sterritte . . . Mrs. Olive Selber resigned to move to Cherry Point. N. C. where her marine husband now is stationed . . . Alice Williams is a contract clerk, and Jack Flood Terry Wagner is a new biller . . . has resigned as salesman. Anita McDaniel of the 20th-Pox ofice returned from Indiana . . . Kenneth Jackson, cashier and office manager, went to Atlanta of the death of his mother-in-law. Upon his return, Jackson was out of the office for a week because of virus. 1 5) five were ill with the virus—Kay Monday Tutten, secretary to T. P. Tidwell, manager; Evelyn Carter, booker; Madeline Farr, clerk; Kenneth Jackson and Cliff Hardin . . Malcolm . Baugh, head shipper, has returned to the office after being hospitalized. Florida State Theatres' annual Christmas party was a happy affair, held in the American Legion hall, South Jacksonville. More than 400 employes and friends of the various motion picture distributing companies attended. Party arrangements, decorations and the buffet supper preparations were all handled by committees of Florida State employes. Tri-Opticon Chicago Bow Is Boxoffice Success CHICAGO—The Trl-Opticon three-dimension film program world-premiered at the Telenews Theatre Christmas day, with a single day's gross equaling the house's full week average. Tri-Opticon was expected to turn in the biggest week in the 13-year history of the 600-seat Loop house. The initial program consisted of five short subjects, running approximately an hour. Distribution is being handled by Max Roth, headquartering here, for the central states. Tii-Opticon is delivered to the theatre In a four-part package, consisting of a metalized screen, the film, a coupling device for interlocking the projectors and polaroid glasses. Tri-Opticon furnishes permanent glasses instead of cardboard throwaways. SPECIAL TRAILERS 630 NINTH AVENUE NEWYORK36, N.Y.. SPEED! QUALITY! SHOWMANSHIP! CAN'T BE BEATl ABC THEATRICAL 1327 S. WABASH CHICAGO i, ILL. ENTERPRISES ATLANTA JACKSONVILLE Phone ALPine 7887 Phone 5-9227 P. 0. Box 1345 P.O. Box 88 BUYING BOOKING AGENTS K. J. (Hop) Barnes C. B. (Cliff) Wilson Karl (Bud) Chalman R. A. (Rex) Norris Al Saunders Adds New Equipment BONIFAY, FLA.—Al Saunders has installed new Century equipment in his 250-car Al's Drive-In here. '4 OUT OF HHd MP e£T HtLP / BENEFIT THE MARCH DIMES JANUARY 2 TO 31 Polio is G menace all must fight. Give your patrons o chance to contribute. \m /^l/ienU CA$H IN Sells Ice Cream Sandwiches or Bars-on-Sticks in Amazingly Increased Volume — You Gross up to 5