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. . Ivan — DETROIT . .

. . Ivan — DETROIT . . . Bill Ahrens, manager J>oy Cook, premium specialist, is back from Knoxville. where he saw seven drive-ins still in operation of the Ecorse Drive-in, returned from a visit in Miami and at the home office of his circuit in Cleveland . . . Fred Bonnem, Columbia salesman, and wife returned from Florida . Calvet, NSS manager, left for a vacation in Kentucky and Toronto. Mickey Zanet of Confection Cabinet Corp.. entered the hospital. Ben Rosen, manager of the company, has been vacationing in Aaron M. Friedman, head of Florida . . . Veterans Food Products, is displaying his new electronically controlled potato chip manufacturing equipment . . Ted Rose, . formerly at the Apollo, has been named manager of the Rogers, recently reopened by Harry Balk and associates. Edward Wenclasky. who was operator at the Penkell, recently closed by Wisper & Wetsman and DETROIT DESK SPACE FOR RENT Excellent Downtown Location Convenient to Film Row Write or Phone Boxoffice, 1009 Fox Theatre BIdg. Detroit 1, Mich. Phone WOodward 2-1100 AUTO CITY CANDY CO. 2937 St. Aubm TEmple 1-3350 Detroit 7, Micli. COMPLETE SUPPLIES FOR YOUR THEATRE CANDY DEPARTMENT CORN—SEASONING—SALT SYRUPS—CUPS—POPCORN BOXES—GUMS and Complete Assortment ot Candy in Special- Priced Theatre Packs. ERNIE FORBES THEATRE SUPPLY 214 W. Montcalm Detroit 1, Mich. WOodward 1-1122 We Help You Make Movies Better Than Ever Service

. . . . Charles . CLEVELAND COLUMBUS rjonald V. Gardner was elected president of the Operators' Local 386 for a two-year term. Other officers cho.sen for two-year terms were H. Meade Feather, vice-president; David R. Cornwell. secretary-treasurer; Calvin Beard, financial secretary; Bill W. Weltz, recording secretary; Ned R. Welch, business representative; Paul Wareham, three-year trustee; William Constans, health and accident trustee, and Willie Persons, sergeant at arms . . . Harry Schreiber has booked "Bwana Devil" for the RKO Palace starting February 20 . . . Edward Lamb, owner of WTVN, Dumont and ABC video outlet here, announced that the station has been authorized to increase its power five-fold. New power will be 100,000 watts visual and 50,000 watts aural. Norman Nadel, Citizen theatre editor, announced his selection of the ten best films of 1952: "The Quiet Man," "The Greatest Show on Earth," "Detective Story," "The African Queen," "Rasho-Mon," "High Noon," "Quo Vadis," "Singin' in the Rain," "Decision Before Dawn" and "The Well." Jack Keller is substituting for Nadel during the latter's Broadway visit. First municipal parking garage, to be erected on a 187x187 site on East Long street, will park 583 cars in a five-story reinforced concrete structure, it was announced by William R. Morris, off-street parking commissioner. The second garage to be erected by the city probably will be similar in size. The latter garage is to be erected near the Ohio, Hartman and Grand theatres. The first garage is within two blocks of RKO Palace and Loew's Broad theatres. Architect's sketch of the proposed outdoor amphitheatre for the Ohio Se.squicentennial, to be erected on North Star road north of Lane avenue on property owned by Ohio State university, was printed in local newspapers. The Ohio legislature has been asked for $300,000 for construction of the 1,500-seat structure and $96,875 for the historical pageant which would be staged in the amphitheatre this summer and probably in subsequent summer seasons. The $300,000 figure is considerably more than was originally announced. \m