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— — The EXHIBITOR HAS HIS SAY (Continued from preceding page) was only average. Weather: Cold and rainy. —Jerry B. Walden, Crest Theatre, Seagovllle, Tex. Small-town and rural patronage. RKO RADIO Behave Yourself (RKO)—Shelley Winters, Farley Granger. William Demarest. I met Mr. Wald, too. on my recent trip to Hollywood and told him how much our patrons enjoy his films. "Behave Yourself" is no exception. Very well received and enjoyed immensely by large audiences. It's a solid laugh from beginning to end and good for all houses. Play it. You won't be sorry. Played Fri., Sat. Weather: Fine.—Dave S. Klein, Astra Theatre. Kitwe-Nkana, Northern Rhodesia, Africa. Government, mining and business patronage. 1 Want You (RKO)—Dana Andrews, Dorothy McGuire, Farley Granger. A right fine picture with a title that my people seemed to take pleasure in defying. I made up all kinds of trick advertising and might just as well have done nothing. Paid top bracket price (flat) and stUl it's a 50 per center. I've never found a way of paying my bills and using 50 per centers on my bread and butter changes . . have you? Played Sun., Mon. Weather: Snow and cold.—Bob Walker, Uintah Theatre, Fruita, Colo. Small-town and rural patronage. Roadblock (RKO)—Charles McGraw, Joan Dixon, Lowell Gilmore. In my opinion this is one of the best pictures we have run for a long time—although we played to almost empty houses every night. Maybe it was the weather because the few who did see it thought it was great. This is the first time I've seen Charles McGraw—and I think he is a great actor. Played Mon., Tues., Wed. Weather: Snowing. — Tom Hetherington, Musicland Theatre, Kaslo, B. C. and ri:ral patronage. SmaU-town REPUBUC Oklahoma Annie (Rep)—Judy Canova, John Russell, Grant Withers. A good comedy in color. Comments and draw good. Played Wed., Thurs. Weather: Cold.—L. BrazU jr.. New Theatre, Bearden, Ark. SmaU-town and rural patronage. 20th CENTURY-FOX Carnival in CosU Rica (20th-Fox)—Dick Haymes, Vera-Ellen, Anne Revere. Ran this oldie as a free Christmas show to a wellpleased audience. The story of the Christmas festival and New Year celebration in Costa Rica. Many patrons asked on the way out as to what had happened to Dick Haymes and why he wasn't still making movies. Color very good which added much to the costumes and colorful songs and dances. Played Sunday and Monday.—Dwight and Janice Hanson, VaUey Theatre, Eddyville, Iowa. SmaU-town and rural patronage. Give Them a Good One And Crowds Come! rD CLIMB THE HIGHEST MOUNTAIN « (20th-Fox) Susan Hayward, William Lnndigan, Rory Calhoun. Do people stiU like good movies? Will they come to see them? We played this one over a year later than we should have. We put it on our second best change. We gave it no extra advertising. Yet it played to one of the best crowds in our history. Each night showed an increase. Comments were all good. It proved to be just the antidote needed after a series of runof-the-miU musicals. Weather: Good. C. L. Jenson, Esmond Theatre, Esmond, N. D. Small-town and rural patronage. Desert Fox (20th-Fox)—James Mason, Jessica Tandy, Cedric Hardwicke. If you haven't already played this and your customers will stUl pay to see a war picture—this is tops. James Mason is terrific as Rommel. However, we can't make any money on war pictures. Played Mon., Tues. Weather: Five above zero.—K. R. Corkum, Cross Theatre, New Ross, N. S., Canada. Rural community patronage. Lady in the Iron Mask, The (20th-Fox)— Louis Hayward, Patricia Medina, John Sutton. Excellent color. The story of the three musketeers with plenty of sword-fighting action. Fine cast and an enjoyable movie. Gave me a very fine Christmas play date. Should do well on any date. Played Wed., Thurs. Weather: Cold and cloudy.—>James Wiggs jr.. Tar Theatre, Tarboro, N. C. Small-town and rural patronage. Outcasts of Poker Flat (20th-Pox)—Anne Baxter, Dale Robertson, Miriam Hopkins. Not much action. All dark scenes. Below average business. Price O.K. but it was percentage. Floyd Cox, Cho-Co Drive-In Theatre, Chocowinlty, N. C. SmaU-town and rural patronage. Rawhide (20th-Fox)—Tyrone Power. Susan Hayward, Hugh Marlowe. If you haven't picked up this old western you are missing a good bet. This has all the suspense and action you can wish for. Got this on a swap and darn glad I did. Played Thurs., Fri., Sat. Weather: Fair.—George Kelloff, Ute Theatre, Aguilar, Colo. SmaU-town and rural patronage. Red Skies of Montana (20th-Fox)—Richard Widmark, Constance Smith. Jeffrey Hunter. Exciting outdoor entertainment and good for most situations. New movie ground again broken sucessfuUy by Fox. The Technicolor in this film helped it considerably. It won't break records but it wiU satisfy most. Played Fri., Sat. Weather: Fine.—Dave S. Klein, Astra Theatre, Kitwe-Nkana, Northern Rhodesia, Africa. Goverrmient, mining and business patronage. UNITED ARTISTS Island of Desire (UA)—Linda DarneU, Tab Hunter, Donald Gray. You should have heard the remarks from the boys on this one "I hear this is the picture to see as it wiU make you feel young again"—all the old bucks m town came. Business normal. Played Thurs., Fri., Sat. Weather: Fair.-Ken Christianson, Roxy Theatre, Washburn, N. D. SmaU-town and rural patronage. Well, The (UA) — Richard Rober. Barry KeUy, Hemy Morgan. You won't have any trouble keeping them quiet during this one. Strictly a speUbinder. Good action and direction. Not too fast moving but an unusual story in which every mother and father wiU actuaUy take part in their own minds. Story of the rescue of a smaU cliiid who has faUen into a drilled weU. They won't even come out to buy popcorn during this one I Comments good. Played Sunday. Weather: Fair.—Lloyd Hutchins, Center Theatre, Kensett, Ark. Rural patronage. UNIVERSAL-INTERNATIONAL Bend of the River (U-D—James Stewart. Aithur Kennedy, Julia Adams. Here is one pictme you can go aU out for. It's a pleasure to play this kind of feature. The best of everything, Teclinicolor. ca.sting, direction, scenery and boxoffice appeal. You can stand in the lobby and meet the customers with a smile. Very seldom I boost a picture but this one deserves it. Don't waste it on poor playing time but give it your best days. Played Sun., Mon., Tues.—A. G. MiUer, MiUer Theatre, Atkinson, Neb. Rural patronage. Too Much Is Enough J^.\KA MARU (WB)—Errol FI>iin, Ruth Roman, Raymond Burr. Of all the fake movies I ever saw, this is it! So many flaws I walked away from the port holes in disgust half a dozen times. 1 would personally like to see Errol Flynn go down at sea in a hurricane! How do they expect our customers to believe that a man could pinpoint a course In the middle of the Pacific to find a cross of diamonds? Brother, give even the poor hicks like us more credit for brains than this! Played Fri., Sat. Weather: Cold and snow at last.—K. R. Corkum, Cross Theatre, New Ross, N. S., Canada. Rural community patronage. Bronco Buster (U-I)—John Lund, Scott Brady, Joyce Holden. Originally had 'Treasure of Lost Canyon" for this, my (Christmas show. Went to a lot of trouble writing the school teachers, etc., trying to cash in on Robert Louis Stevenson's popularity. There was a last-minute switch by the distributor. Business was terrible. Can't play a weekend show on Wednesday and Thursday. However, this is okay for the weekend trade. Weather: Unusually warm. A green Christmas. Nary a trace of snow.—K. R. Corkum, Cross Theatre, New Ross, N. S., Canada. Rural community patronage. Lavender HiU Mob, The (U-D—Alec Guinness, Stanley HoUoway. Alfie Bass. Another good English comedy. I'm beginning to change my mind about English pictures. I have run three in the last two months and they have all been good. The one bad thing about them is that the accent of the actors is hard to understand—unless the acoustics in our theatre are at fault. This picture was enjoyed by aU. Played Thurs., Fri., Sat. Weather: Cold. —^Tom Hetherington, Musicland Theatre, Kaslo, B. C. SmaU-town and rural patronage. WARNER BROS. Bugles in the Afternoon (WB)—Ray Milland, Helena Carter, Hugh Marlowe. Excellent cast in a story of army life done in Technicolor. Shows a man falsely accused and punished. Plenty of Indian action, horses, soldiers and a beautiful woman. Played Wed., Thurs. Weather: Cloudy and cool.—James Wiggs jr.. Tar Theatre, Tarboro, N. C. Smalltown and rural patronage. Story of WiU Rogers, The (WB) — WUl Rogers jr., Jane Wyman, James Gleason. Strictly good. Comments good. Crowd—yes! This played just four miles from me for three days shortly before my playdate but it seemed to help. Had aU my regulars and a lot of new faces. Can't kick when they come in from towns as far as 20 mUes away to see a picture. Played Tues., Wed. Weather: Good. —Lloyd Hutchins, Center Theatre, Kensett, Ark. Rural patronage. IVIISCELLANEOUS Blonde Savage (State Rights)—Veda Ann Borg, Douglass Dumbrille, Gale Sherwood. Played it as a combination with "Caveman." This was the first production from the Kay Film Exchange I have used and also my first contribution to Exhibitor Has His Say. Wish to say that with only average exploitation this "combo" broke midweek house record in two smaU-town, rural-draw theatres. Prints excellent. Should have given it my best time.— L. Branscome, Branscome circuit. Box 36, HUlsviUe, Va. BOXOFFICE BooldnGuide : : Jan. 17. 1953

I 80 .20th-Fox An Interpretive onolysis of ioy ond tradepress reviews. The plus ond minus signs Indicote degree of merit only; audience classification is not rated. Listings cover current reviews, brought up to dote regularly. This department serves also as on ALPHABETICAL INDEX to feature releoses. Numeral preceding title It Picture Guide Review page number. For listings by company. In fHe order of release, see Feature Chart. -^^^r- Dvnm Difi^rr -r Very Good; + Good; = Fair; — Poor; = Vwy Poof. lib:-! Ixq: Iq.s Izo 1348 Aaron Slick From Punkin Crick (95) Comtdy 1429 Abbott and Costello Meet Captain Kidd (70) Comedy WB 1365 About Face (94) Musical WB 1428 Above and Beyond (122) Drama MGM 1381 Actors and Sin (85) Comedy-Drama UA 1395 AKair in Trinidad (98) Drama Col 1332 African Queen, ITie (104) Drama UA African Tieasure (70) Drama AA 1430Aoainst All Flags (83) Drama,... U-l 1341 Aladdin and His Lamp (66) Drama AA 1424 Androcles and the Lion (98) Drama RKO 1432 Anoel Face (93) Drama RKO 1310 Anne ot the Indies (81) Drama 2(Mh-Fox 1331 Another Man's Poison (89) Drama UA 1351 Anythino Can Happen (107) Comedy Para 1377 Apache Country (62) Western Col 1409 Apache War Smoke (67) Com-Dr MGM 1426 April in Paris (101) Musical WB Arctic Flidht (7S) Drama AA 1420 Army Bound (61) Drama AA 1408 Assignment— Paris (85) Drama Co! 1353 As You Were (57) Comedy LP 1364 Atomic City, The (85) Drama Para 1340 At Smrd's Point (81) Drama RKO 11-29-52 + 4-19-52 + 11-22-52 ff 6- 7-52 - 8- 2-52 + 1- 5-52 +f 531-52 + 11-29-52 + 2- 9-52 + 11- 8-52 + 12- 6-52 + 10-20-51 H 1- 5-52 + 3- 8-52 + 5-24-52 - 9-20-52 + U-15.52 ++ 10-25-52 ± 9-13-52 + 3-15-52 + 4-12-52 + 2- 2-52 ± a: a: + It ++ ++ ± - + - + + - 4+ ++ H- + + ± + + ± + + ± :t H H + +t - + - + + + ± + ± * ± tt + tt + + ± + + H + + + + + + + + + +f ff + :J: :t ± +f ff + It ± ff + ± + ± H ff + ± + ff ff + + 1433 Babes in Bagdad (79) Comedy UA 12-13-52 ± 1428 Bad and the Beautiful, The (118) Drama MGM 11-22-52 +) 1388 Bal Tabarin (84) Comedy Rep 6-28-52 ± 1391 Barbed Wire (61) Western Col 7-19-52 + 1304 Basketball Fix, The (70) Drama Realart 9-29-51 ± 1362 Battle of Apache Pass, The (85) S-West.U-l 4- 5-52 + 1418 Battle Zone (81) Drama AA 10-18-52 ff 1436 Battles of Chief Pontiac (74) Drama .. Realart 12-20-52 ± 1418 Because of You (95) Drama U-l 10-18-52 + 1406 Because You'n Mine (103) Musical MGM 9- 6-52 ff 1407 Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla (74) Comedy Realart 9-13-52 + 1347 Belle of New York, The (82) Musical.. MGM 2-23-52 + L362 Belles on Their Toes (89) Ccmedy . 4- 5-52 ff 1338 Bend of the River (91) S Western U-l 1-26-52 ff 1397 Beware. My Lovely (77) Drama RKO 8- 9-52 ± 1403 Big Jim McLain (90) Drama WB 8-3t-52 + 1317 Big Niiiht, The (75) Drama UA 11-10-51 + 1392 Big Sky, The (140) Drama RKO 7-19-52 ff 1342 Big Trees. The (89) Drama WB 2- 9-52 * L419 Black Castle, The (81) Drama U-l 10-25-52 + 1385 Black Hills Ambush (54) Western Rep 6-21-52 ± 1429 Blackbi^ard the Pirate (9S) Drama RKO 11-29-52 ff 1411 Blazing Forest, Tlie (91) Drama Para 9-27-52 + 1425 Blue Canadian Rockies (58) Western Col 11-15-52 ± 1422 Bloodhounds of Brndway (90) Drama. 20-Fox 11- 1-52 ff 1403 Bonzo Goes to College (80) Comedy U-l S-30-52 + 1330 Boots Maloiie (103) Drama Col 12-22-51 + 1370 Border Saddlemates (67) Western Rep 5- 3-52 ± L373 Brave Warrior (73) Drama Col 5-1752 + 1394 Breakdown (76) Drama Realart 7-26-52 i: 1424 Breaking the Sound Barrier (109) Drama U A 11- 8-52 ± 1317 Btide of the Gorilla (68) Drama Realart 11-10-51 + 1384 Brinaiid, Tlie (94) Drama Col 6-14-52 + 1281 Bright Victory (97) Drama U-l 7-28-51 ff 1365 Bronco Buster (80) Drama .U-l 4-13-52 + 1322 Browning Version, The (90) Drama U-l 11-24-51 ff L346 Buffalo Bill in Tomahawk Territory (64) Western UA 2-16-52 + 1342 Biiijles in the Afternoon (85) Drama ...WB 2- 9-52 + 1330 Bushwhackers. The (73) WMtern Realart 12-22-51 + L431 Bwana Devil (85) Drama Arch Oboler 12- 6-52 ± tt Para 2-23-52 - :t + + ± ± 6+5- &+3- + 7+2- 12+ + 5+4- + 6+3- +f 12+1- - 3+4- + 8+2- - 6+3- 7+2- 7+3- ± l(H-2— + 5+*- + 9+ 4+3- 7+4- + 10+ ± 5+2- ± 3+4- + 8+2- 3+1- + 10+ ± 7+2- 4+6-