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— a . . And FEATURE REVIEWS Story Synopsis; Adiines for Newspaper and Programs THE STORY: "Niagara" (20th-Fox) Joseph Gotten, a battle-fatigued Korean veteran, and his wife, Marilyn Monroe, are sojourning at Niagara Falls. He knows she is in love with another man, and Casey Adams and Jean Peters, a honeymooning couple, see Marilyn embracing a man who is not Gotten. Marilyn and her lover, Richard Allan, lay plans to kill her husband, but the plot backfires and instead Allan is killed. Gotten returns to his cabin; Jean, seeing him, calls the police, who set out in rursuit. Later Gotten approaches Jean to tell her he slew Allan in self-defense. Marilyn, who has been hospitalized v/ith shock, escapes, but is pursued and strangled by Gotten. Trying a getaway on a boat with Jean aboard, Gotten dies after shoving her to safety—when the vessel goes over the falls. CATCHLINES: "A Raging Torrent of Emotion . . . That Even Nature Gan't Gonlrol ... He Saw Her in the Arms of Another Man . . . And Knew He Was Marked for Murder . . . The Years Most Exciting Film. S3 llo. 9lr THE STORY: "The Stars Arc Singing" (Para) Anna Maria Alberghetti, a 15-year-old Polish war orphan, stows away on a freighter and swims ashore when it nears New York. A widespread girl-hunt ensues, and Anna Maria makes contact with Lauritz Melchior, a family friend and one-time Metropolitan Opera star. She finds him u disillusioned, drunken wreck, and becomes a friend of Rosemary Glooney, a struggling young singer, and other of the dilapidated apartment. When it is discovered thai Anna Maria has a great singing voice, all band together to keep her in the U. S.—Rosemary's idea being to "use" the girl to further her own career. Anna Marie wins an amateur contest on TV; Rosemary, ashamed of herself, and her friends pull every legislative trick they can think of, and the war orphan is permitted to remain in America. CATCHLINES: That Heart-Tugging Humor It's Got That Lovable Lilt . . . That Makes for Movie Masterpieces . It introduces . . . the "Gome On-a-My House" Gal . . . Songstress Rosemary Glooney. THE STORY: "Treasure of the Golden Condor" (20th-Fox) So that the lad, rightful heir to the title and estate, will never claim them, "George Macready, a French nobleman, places the son of his dead brother in bondage as a servant. Grown to manhood (in the person of Cornel Wilde), he encounters Finlay Currie, a Scotsman who has spent years in Guatemala searching for a Mayan treasure. Wilde— price on his head for attacking the cruel Macready—escapes and joins Currie in a new search for the Guatemalan treasure, determined that he will use his share thereof to hove Macready declared an impostor. During the junket Wilde and Currie's daughter, Constance Smith, fall in love. The horde is located; Wilde returns to France and gathers evidence to prove that he, not Macready, is heir to the estate, and goes back to Guatemala to claim Constance as his bride. CATCHLINES: . Romance, Action and Adventure on the Grand Scale . . Filmed in Flaming Technicolor in the Steaming Jungles of Guatemala ... A Must-See for Tops in Thrills . . . And Spectacular Scope. THE STORY: "Winning oi the West" (Col) tur tb THE STORY: "Confidentially Connie" (MGM) Janet Leigh, wife of Van Johnson, college professor in Maine, is expecting—and her obstetrician prescribes juicy ; steaks. But Van's salary doesn't permit such luxuries. He's ; determined to be independent of his father, Louis Calhern, • Texas cattle tycoon. Calhern, showing up on an unexpected • visit, discovers he is to become a grandfather, and that S instead of meat Janet is eating fish. He arranges to supply • Janet's butcher with beef from his ranch, to be sold to her | at cost, and without Van's knowledge. The other butchers S are forced into a price war, and Van, learning of his 3 father's ruse, capitulates and promises to return to Texas. ; However, he cannot bring himself to quit. Calhern gives the college an endowment substantially raising the teachers' salaries, content to know his grandson will be a "born cattleman." CATCHLINES: Steer Beef Versus Shakespeare . . . Romance, Laughs and Pandemonium . . . With Van Johnson as a Financially Embarrassed College Wife Who Yearns for And Janet Leigh as His Professor . . . a Sirloin. THE STORY: "Girls in the Night" (U-1) Gene Autry, a territorial ranger, is dispatched to protect William Forrest, a publisher who has been crusading against a gang headed by Bob Livingston. The outlaws have been using Indian raids as a cloak for banditry. When Gene's outlaw brother shoots down Forrest, Gene is fired from the rangers, whose captain believes Gene deliberately let his brother get away. Determined to get the men who hired his brother to do the killing. Gene warns the cavalry of an impending gold raid by Livingston, and his brother—now convinced Gene's is the, right way—makes it possible for Gene to escape after Autry is captured by Livingston, although the brother is killed in doing so. In a running gun fight. Gene delivers Livingston and the stolen gold to the authorities and is restored to his post in the rangers. CATCHLINES: Man Against Man . . . Brother Against Brother ... In a No-Holds Barred Fight to the Finish . . . And the Frontier Bursts Into Flame ... As Justice Prevails Over Six-Gun Law. Patricia Hardy, lower East Side teenager, wins a neighborhood beauty contest and hopes of moving with her family to Long Island until her father, Anthony Ross, is injured by a speeding truck. Patricia refuses to marry Glen Roberts, East Side boy, who gets in a fight with Don Gordon, a hoodlum who gets fresh with her. Harvey Lembeck, Patricia's brother, plans to rob a fake beggar but Gordon gets there first and kills the man. Because Lembeck finds the m.oney, the police suspect him of murder but he learns the truth from Gordon's jealous girl friend and chases' him to a warehouse. Gordon is killed in a fight near high-voltage wires. Lembeck is put on probation to his family, who finally move to Astoria. CATCHLINES: They Roam the Streets After Dark—Like Cats in a Big City Jungle . . . Teenagers Looking for Love in the Shadows of the Slums . . . The Story of Teenagers in the "Naked City" of New York . . . Juvenile Delinquents in the Big City's Slums. THE STORY: "Savage Mutiny" (Col) The help of Jungle Jim (Johnny Weissmuller) is enlisted by British authorities in clearing Tulonga island of its 'natives 'so Africa's first atom bomb test can be conducted. Accompanied by Angela Stevens, a girl doctor, Jim treks to Tulonga and persuades the natives to move out. But enemy agents plot to turn the project into a propaganda issue against the U.S. and the British. They seek to frighten the superstitious natives into returning to their island so they'll be annihilated by the test. This fails, but radioactive dust sprayed from an airplane makes the natives ill. They vow to return to Tulonga. taking Angela along as a hostage. Jim disposes of the villains, rescues Angela and earns the natives' gratitude by keeping them away from the death-dealing atom bomb explosion. CATCHLINES: Savage Mystery . . . Tribal Revolt ... In a Lost Continent Gone Mad ... A Thousand Never-Before-Seen Thrills . . . It's junole lim at His All-Time, Adventure-Packed Best. • -I- THE STORY: "Sword of Venus" (RKO)^, son of the count of Monte Cristo, has a penchant for getting into trouble that brings shame to his ilV father. In remorse he promises to quit Paris for a while. During his departure on horseback he befriends Claire, a beautiful woman, who unknown to him is a member of a gang that has sworn vengeance on his family and seeks its wealth. Dantes is convicted of murdering the husband of Claire during a tavern brawl, and faces the guillotine. He escapes and learns that the gang has obtained the Monte Cristo fortune after his father's death, and is ready to make a cash sale to a banker. In the meantime, Claire turns against the gang and aids Dantes in wiping it out after a desperate struggle and they pledge their love. CATCHLINES: Another Great Story of the Dashing Son of the Count of Monte Cristo ... In the Shadow of the Guillotine He Defended Name and Fortune and Won the Love of a Fair Maid . . . Murder and Romance Go Hand in Hand in a Tale of Reckless Bravery . . . Robert Clarke and lovely Catherine McLeod in a 'Thriller.

. 2'Jlii Tmo 1 plete I : — \ I dieton. ' . RATES: ISc per word, minimum S1.50, cash with copy. Four insertions for pnce ol three. CLOSING DATE: Monday noon preceding publication date. Send copy and answers to > Box Numbers to BOXOFFICE, 825 Van Brunt Blvd., Kansas City 24, Mo. • HELP WANTED General manager in full charge of mo 1,000- ^r dfiuxe outdoor Iheutres in Indianapolis. An iceilcnl position and opportunity with a gow\ ilitry and earnings participation for the riglil secutivf. Musi hme tlie proiier background and ipvricnce in all operation phases including le and innrortJinl food and cuncfs^lun^ uslmss In these theatres. Iteply. giving qnaliflations and references. Joe C.inlor. 3225 .N. Icridiu n Street . Indianapolis. "Wanted: Small-town projectionist tlial knovis ooth opi'raliun, for loriiiiun in ca-^ttin Norlii arolina- Air mail deliu'ry qualification^ a tio\u f fire. 5001 !. "Wanted: Experienced Assistant or House monger "Im knows theahc operation—also theatre flUi' riiiiline wilh ability to operate if necessary. oiilJ al-o use an A-1 projectionLsl. Give rcfernccs and salary expected. No drifters, l*refer Texan or from adjoining states. P.O. Box 457, irown^oud, Te.vas^ Experienced, aggressive manager wanted for situtlon in .Nfw Yori( state. IMease reply, giving ackgritiind. salary requirements and whether availble for int erview. Boxofflce, 5003. "Wanted : experienced drive-in managers, two xperienoed cotnentionai managers, two projecloniMs Ht.xumoi. 5006^ "wanted: Experienced operator. Permanent job Dr right man. No boozer or drifter. Iiowntown «use Short hours. Give reference and experlce. I'ralt exempt preferred. Palace Tiieatrt. tmesa. Tex^ Young engineer for work in sound and projection paitment of theatre supply company located in e south Applicant should be willing to travel id should have practical and technical training ^ tlie Installat.on and servicing of tlieatre sound d projection equipment. In reply, give age. eduatinn and experience. Boxoflice. 50U9. "Wanted: Manager fur new, modern. 400-car jllvi in lluatre to open in early sprang. Prefernce niu'ii lo man experienced in conees'^ions as lell .1^ drive-in theatre management, An excellent )08ltiuii and opportunity with long established the- :'- -nI amusement firm. Advise age. exptrlence. lalus and salary expected. Reply Capitol ::;(iits, Inc, Box 100, Erwjn, Tenn. Wanted: Maiiager, small town drive-in: man and *lfe pri-terred. Also good assistant manager with oncers inn and promot ion experience for larger own. Would consider couple. Stein Tlieatres, Inc.. liOuis Stein. 1405 Morgan. Parsons, Kas. POSITIONS WANTED Desire position as projectionist or manager. 10 ujirs expeiience. Prefer location near Ln- Anijeics . Calif. lIu.\office. J095^ Manaoer, expeiienced in art. drive-in and grind )peratioTi. Wide experience in advertising and Mibliciry. I'refer eastern states. Boxoffice, 4994. Desire position of responsibility. Available imnediatilj. Fifteen year> experience in all phases )f management, advertising, e.xploitation. operation. Vnlenanee, etc. Hrlve-in and conventional. Age married, ambitious. My only requirement is a ent wage and opportunity for future. Address lies lii: 2X04 North and South Rd.. Overland Mo, or ph(prie Winfield (ilH7. Experienced in general theatre operation. Pro- ..Jlionht. maiiilenjinff of ('(luipment. Know some idunii Would likf to t;iki' charge of sma!l-to n theatre as manager, some projection, etc. Can furnish references. .Married, two children. Want ;omei!ijng permanent. Write or wire, Lloyd E Ml. 1 (irant. Ogden. L'tah. Showman, ;i2. desires position with opportunity: years experience in all phases of operation and 11 iupenision. Specialist in exploitation, advertising uid merchandising. Top references. Boxoffice. 5015 Projectionist, repairman, manager 22 years. Sober. |HTm:ine[il. $7(1 Hnxoffiee. .'.1114 DRIVE-IN THEATRE EQUIPMENT ] Order now. open in 1953. K*iuipment for all .ize drue-ins from ^L.t!*.'*. In-car spealiers. $15.90 >alr. w/junetion liox. rndergroiind cable, $65 M. licpt. t'. S.d.S. Cinema Supply Corp., 602 W. ')2nd St. New Yorii IH. Popcorn machines, half price. Wiener, Hamlurger, Sno-Cone, reaniit Itoa-lers. Run Warmers. I'opjiers Supply. 146 Walton St.. .V i.nia. Ga. Orive-in theatre ticlvets. Send lot >amplcs of 5lir special prinled siiib rod lieliets lur drive-ins. distinctive, ea.-v to check. Kansas City ;el Co.. Hepi 10. 109 W. 18th S:.. "Film ." KaO'as filv 8. .Mo [orced out of business—Complete Century 250- drive-in sound system with emergency 75-watt ure. R-5 soundheads. Used 12 months. Altec iced. $2,350. or will sell comp:ete equipment 450-car job. Write for Park Vu Theatre. for 3821 South nth. East Salt Lake City. Utah BOXOFHCE January 24. 1953 GENERAL EQUIPMENT—USED pair. Two-unll Automat Icket register, excellent. $119.50. Simplex High 1 kilowatt lamphouses and rectifiers, complete, rebuilt. $(525. Go:dE automatic rewlnder. $4it.50. Simplex 18" upper magazines, clean. $I4.!)5 each. W1iat do you need? Star Cinema Supply. 441 West 50tli St.. Ne\* York 19. Going fast! I'sed marquee letters. 100 10" Wagner plastic at GOc. 500 8" Wagner aluminum at tj(»c. 150 10" Adler aluminum at 75c. Hept. C. S.O.S. Cinema Supply Corp.. (102 W. 52nd St., New York lit. Super sale nn Super Simplex mechanisms. Excellent condition, unly $202.50 each. Pept. C, S.O.S. Cinema Supply Corp. 002 \V. 52nd St., New York in. Theatre chairs, screens, projectors. Lone Star Seating, Box 1734. Dallas. Tex. For sale: 100 National in-a-car electric heaters. 400 watts, 220 volts. Bargain price. Will send sample C.O.U. upon request. Boxofflce. 5005. Star popcorn machine. Two Peerless Magnarc lamps. llertner 70/140 amp. Generator complete. .Ml like new. Wlial do you need? Write, wire, call: Vincent. .M. Tate. Theatre Etiuipment. If;iS-20 Wyoming Ave.. Korly Fori. Pa. Phone: Wilkes-Barre. Pa.. 7-20!>i;. I Ashcraft Cyctex Equipment. IKW illumination at low intensity cost. .\n excellent set of lamps, motor generator, and rheostats to replace your present out-dated low intensity lamps. A real bargain. Boxoffice. 5016. A real buy on some reasonably priced equipment. .\ p;:ir of rear shutter Simplex mechanisms, com- with pedestals and magiizincs. All of the above for $20(1. Bnxoffice. 5017. GENERAL EQUIPMENT—NEW Order sample Masonite marquee letter. Be onminced! 4"— .'i5c; S"— 50c; 10"—60c: 12" 8.'>c; 14"— $1.25: 10"— $1.50; ;my color. Fits Wagner. Adler. Bevelite signs. Dept. C. S.O.S. Cinema Supply Corp., 002 W. 52nd St., New York 19. Rectifier bulbs, 15 amp., $4.59; rep acement parts for Simplex Powers 25% off; reflectors, id^}c discount; y'xl2' plastic screens. $42.66. Dept. C, S.O.S. Cinema Supply Corp., 602 W. 52nd St., New York 19. EQUIPMENT WANTED Will buy used booth equipment. I.enti .larodsky, Lincnln Tliralrr. Pari-, ill. STUDIO AND PRODUCTION EQUIPMENT Others do it! You can, too! SlioiPt liieal ne.tsreels. TV commercials, and make advertising tieuiJs with hical mereh:int.s Send for Film Production Equipment catalog. Dept. C. S.O.S. Cinema Supply Corp.. (;()2 W. 52nd St.. New York 19. BUSINESS STIMULATORS Bingo with more aclion. $.'i.50 thousand cards .Also other games. .Novelty Games Co.. 14:14 Bedford Ave .. Broo klyn 16. N. Y. Comic books available as premiums, giveaways >our kiddy shows. l,;trge variety, latest newsstand at editions. Comics Premium Co., 412B, Green- wich St., N. v. C. Publications for premiums (exclusively) since 1939. Bingo die-cut cards. 75 or 100 numbers. $3.50 per »1. Premium Products. 339 W. 441h St., New York 18. N. V. Build attendance with real Hawaiian oichld>. Few cents each. Wrile Flowers of II iwaii. 670 S. Ufayetle Part Place. Los Angeles J. Calif. Balloons are your best ad for Greatest Show on l-^irlh. Snow White. Hans Oiristiin .\ndersen and Peter Pan. Lowest prices. Samples free. Ballotms. 14li Walton. Atlanta. Ga. Roadshow attractions, bicycle giveaways, other money-making promotions Slate wants, .lames & .lames. Inc., 2111 Eustis St., Huntsville. Ala. THEATRE TICKETS Prompt service. Special primed roll llckets lOU.OUIl. $26 7(1: 10,000. $7.8U: 2.0(10. $4.95 Facn cl].in.:e in ailmission lirli-e. inelildicg eli.inge tn ciilor. $:' extra. hoiible niimljeiirig extra. F.O I!. Kansas Cllv. .Mo. C;i-h wiili loder. K insas City Ticket Co. 109 W. 18ih S;.. Kan-a- Mr signs' Easy Way to Paint Signs, ("se letter patterns, vvoid sloppy Hoik ami wasted time .No experience needed for expert work. \Vriie for tree samiles. .lohn llihn. n-132n. Cemia. .Me.. (1nc:ipo 51, 111. THEATRES FOR SALE CLtflfiine You can't beat Star's values ever! Magnarc | , Theatre For Sale; Selective listings in Oregon lamphouses. rebuilt like new. $.')ini jiaii llertner and Washington now available. Write for list. 80/l(i0 generator. rheost;its. p;inol. etc.. rebuilt. Theatre Exchange Co., Fine Arts Bldg., Portland, $5tj5. Simplex B-7 mechanisms, rebui.t. $795 Ore. Opportunity for wlQe-awaKe .bowman. 750 seats, siirbiirban thiaicr lor lease. .Nominal rent, good equipment. Ucated llousiun. Texas, fastest growing city in the south. Write P. 0. Box 1431. Biy City. Tex. Build double parking drive-in theatres under franclilse Patent 2.102.718. reissue 22.756. Ip to :i(i7(i moie sealing cai>.iciiy with little addlilo'ial cu-i. Louis Josserand, 3710 .Mt. Vernon. Houston. Tex. Theatre east central Kansas county seat. Netting $1,200 per month No competition. Owner financially able to arrange attractive terms with low down payment, low interest up to ten years. Poor health. Boxofflce. 4992. Northern West Virginia. Good farmin; community. 5.000 population draw. Nearest theatre 12 miles. Will sell wilh or without rental income properly- Will p^'y out less than three years. Selling lo settle partnership estate. One of best situations in stale. Boxoffice, 4993. Theatre and building for sale in western Pennsylvania. 50x150 Willi rentals. Ideal spot for live wire. Call or write Mr. Bianco, Stale Theatre, Clymcr. Pa. That ideal combination. Only indoor-outdoor theatres in show-going county seat, west Texas. Photographs available. Both, $55,000. $25,000 down. S;ime combination Lubbock area. $28,000 down. West Texas county seat only show, new eiiuipmcnt. $19,500. $9,000 down. Artliur Leak. 3305 Cariitli. Dallas. New Mexico Family theatre. De luxe, including apartment. Beautiful front, building. Sunshine climate, 4,000 altitude. Shows $500 week profit now, more later. $55,000, $35,000 down. Truly esceptional. Boxoffice, 4996. All Theatres. City 7,500. Lovely southwest location. Owners show under three-year payout at $82,500, $45,000 down. Two owners In 30 years. Similar size investment central Texas. Huge permanent project building. $41,500 down. Others this size. Arllnir Leak. 3305 Caruth, Dallas. 400-car drive-in theatre, completely RCA ctiiiipped Operated five years by owner. Quick sale price $26,000. Dean Dennis, 43 Palmer St., Dayton 5, Ohio. Only two drive-in theatres in east Texas town. 22.000 population, large trade area. 500 speakers and 370 speakers. All new, modern eqnipment. $150 000, half down. "Joe" ,loscph. 2621 .M Hon. Dallas, Tex. Theatre, east central Kansas county seat. Profit .if $1,200 per month. No competition. $15,000 don, ten years to pay. Consider income property .IS part or full down payment. Poor health. Box- .'ftice. 5008. "Joe" Joseph, theatre broker. Theatres for sale, any si.ce. anv price. Tell us what you want, we'll gel it. 2621 Milton. Dallas, Tex. Beautifu'. modern drive-in theatre. Fastest gio-ing industrial town in Texas. Over a million people witliin a few miles area. Steel tower with living fpiarters, black top ramp, tops in equipment, etc. $90,000, lialf down. "Joe" Joseph. 2621 Millon, Dalla.s, Tex. . Florida theatre sales. Have sma I and large drive-in and indoor theatres for sale. Florida theatre owners, if you want to sell, list your theatres with us now. Ito not delay. J. A. Scoble, Florida Theatre Sales, Wood, McKahan &. Thomas. 487 Main St.. Sarasota. Fla 400-car (Irive-in. Excellent southwest Idaho location. Best e(|iiipment. Est:ibllshed business. $60 000. Valcy Agency. Meridian. Idaho. For sale: Drive-in theatre. Contact EverctI Mahannah for details. Box 225. Aiken, S. C. theatre, 1,200 population. Operaling six nights a week. Nice husband and wife deal. New screen, new sound, everytliing goes. Only $17,500. cash. Boxoffice. 5011. Live wire showman Two air conditioned theatres, Texas' largest city. 13 years successful operation. Sell or lease account active duty. $7,500 ca-sh would handle if rrputahle showman. Don't w.^stc time writing if you can't qualify., 5013. Theatre and building, 5 miles from Camp Penbig marine base in southern California. 500 seats, class C building. A half-mile from ocean Has apartment and two store ren'als. Excellent buy in best climate in nation. Owner: J. F Samue's. Box 415. Carlsbad. Calif. Small'town Alabama theatre for sale or lease i h option. Price right. R. P. .Mexander. Franklin. Ga. Houst THEATRES FOR SALE—(Cont'd) $17,000 buys only theatre in small central Illinois town. F.-imily operated: doing nice business; 22(> upholstered seats; block building, 5 years old. Wo.iiri sell nice S-room liome. Boxof fice. 5019. For sale: 'lire Garwood Theatre, new fireproof Icii d ng: 3U0 seats: reasonable, down payment, $10,000. Garnavillo Tlieatre Corp.. Garnavillo, Telephone 3462. To close estate. 570-seat Boxy Theatre. Denver. Colored patronage. Will sell or lease building. Mrs. Able Hails. 1045 Sherman. IXnvcr. Colo. Modern theatre town. 1.300: .too scats, with or without real estate. Term> to resjionsibep buyer. Cuba Tlieatre. Cuba City. Wis. Theatre for sale or lease. Reasonable terms., .")(I18- THEATRES WANTED Trade outstanding ranch (southwest) good theatre property town 4,000 up. Cash difference. Boxoffice, 4997. Proven drive-in. 500-car, larger. Southwest, midwest. Cash available. Visit Immediately. Boioffice. 4998- Drive-ln. Texas, Oklahoma, southwest. 300-400- car. Inspect on receipt full details. Ample finances. Boxofflce, 4999. Theatre, Nebraska, western Iowa, northern Kansas, No brokers. Over 400 seats. Town 1,800 population or over. Confidential. Exiierienced. L. J. Burkltt. Sparta. Wia. POPCORN MACHINES Popcorn machines, eveiv possible make, at a liaciion of Ilieir original cosl. Kettles for all ai,iKe poppers. Caiul.vcuin F,(piipnK-nl, 120 S. II iistead. Chicago 6. III. THEATRE SEATING Parts for all chairs. Send sample for qllutallon. I en.^iii Seating to. Lliicago 5^ Chair supplies. Everjtiiuig fur liieatie chalra. Fellain Seating Co.. Chicago 5. ~Uscd chairs,~giiaraiileed good. Advise quantity wanted. Photographs malied with qiiulatiMi. FensiD Sealing Co., Chicago 0^ Seat covers; Sewed combinations, all makes, all styles. Send your sample for quotation. Feiislo Se.itiiig Co.. Chicago 5^ Patch-0-Seat cement. Patching cloth, solvent, eie Fensin Seating Co.. Chicago 5- Upholstery Fabrics: All kinds. All Send your sample for matvhing. I'"ensili Sealing Co.. Chica go 5 lighten loose chairs wiili Iv-imasione unclior cemenl. l-'eiisin Sealing Co. Ciiicago 5. Chair buy of a lifetime! 920 modern Heywood 7-ply veneer-back, spring-edge cushion chairs, curved steel standards. Excellent condition, only $5.95. Dept. C, S.O.S. Cinema Supply Corp.. 602 W. 52nd St.. New York 19 Many years In the seating hiislness Is your guarantee. Good used chairs ate not too plentlfful hut we have the pick. Full iipholsiered. panel back and many oilier styles. We furnish iiroper -lope or level stanibrds lo fit your floor. All -i/.es 18 lo 21-lncli chairs. Our prices are lowest. Write fur exact pllolo and price Wo fiiinisll part! fni all makes. Send sample. Good quality plastic eoaled leatherette 25x26-iiicli, all colors, 55c ea. Chicago Used Chair .Marl. 829 South Stale St., ( hicago 5 . 111. New and used rebuilt opera chairs: Write for phoios. siale incline and qiianllly. Parts lor aU chairs, send sample for ipiotatlon. Palch-A-Seat to repair torn seats, $8 complete kit. specify color. Flrmastone to anchor loose chairs, $5 carton. FOB Chicago General Chair Co. 1308 Elston Vve.. Chicago 22. III. i'llone Altmltage 6-0022. Custom made theatre seal covers. $1: all col- •ir-. vliivl leatheretle. welling sewed on sides. I'altern cut from your sample. FJisy lo install. Wiile for complete details. Manko F.ilirlcs Co., Inc., 114 E. 27lh St., New Yo rk 16, N. Y Save time and money: Artificial leather cut to size 25" X 26", 49c each In lots of 50. By the yard. $1.10 and up. Send for samples. Mystle tapes, popular colors, 2" at $4— 3" at $6—also lill-vanl rolls. Manko Fabrics Co.. Inc.. 114 B. 27th St.. New York 16. N. Y. MISCELLANEOUS Life of the party! Phonograph records, pin-ups, jokes, comics, novelties, etc. General Sales Co., 201 Eustis St.. Huntsville, Ala, THEATRICAL PRINTING window caids. programs, heralds. Photo-Offaet ntlntlng. Calo Show Printing Co.. Cato, N. Y".