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Rosemary r Clooney,

Rosemary r Clooney, PARAMOUNTS SENSATIONAL NEW BOXOFFICE PERSONALITY. Breaks thru to Stardom! YOU D0N7 HAVE TO BUILD HER -SHE'S TOPS RIGHT NOW! COVER GIRL OF THE YEAR on Collier's — on Look — on other important national magazines soon! SrtiR' WOMAN OF THE YEAR IN MUSIC in Associated Press Poll because she's today's biggest selling recording star! HOME-TOWN GIRL OF THE YEAR as the news wires headline her return home to attend her first picture's .WORLD PREMIERE WEDNESDAY AT RUSSELL THEATRE, MAYSVILLE, KY. Brotherhood Weelc'j Silver Aiwiverjory Feb. 15-22, 1953

y ...and all this too: yi^SS^^ KV*»^*^" ^ cv^v^^' M^i^' vw .Vi^^"^^ .tti^ OO^' v^.i\i^^ j,^0 ^\iS^ "Haven't Got A Worry 'My Kind O' Day" • "Because' "Lovely Weather For Ducks" "Mv Heart Is Home" "I bol I Do! I Do!" "Come On-A My House" "Vesti La Giubba" and many othtn! 'W: 3y Ah ^^^^ JOHN ARCHER and RED DUST Produced by Directed by Screenplay by IRVING ASHER • NORMAN TAUROG • LIAM O'BRIEN Based on a story by Paul Hervey Fox HUNDREDS OF SHOWMEN ARE PLAYING IT WASHINGTON'S BIRTHDAY