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. . Jim . . Milda . . Robert . . Mrs. . . Harry . . Exhibitors . . Rita . . Mrs. SAN FRANCISCO . . for the United Artists, possibly with an Easter week schedule . . . Visitors in tow-n included Phone • Write • or Wire Herbert Mclntyre, western division manager for RKO, and Henry Herbel, WB western WE SELL 'EM B.F. SHEARER COMPAN division manager here included . IRV BOWRON, Sales Mgr. Richard Edge, city manager for Parker theatres, Astoria: Eino Hemmila, and Mr. and SCHWARY REALTY CO. LOS tNGClES 1984 PORTIINO 1964 Saulh VtrmonI K 3 1145 196) N W Keirncf «T 1543 SIN fRtNCISCO SEATTLE Mi-s. Don Radebaugh of Roseburg . . . Wayne Phone: LI 6555 243 Eolilen Gilc tie DM Mll( 7311 Secend t«t - • (I 174) Thiriot, Paramount ma:iager, was in New- 10700 N. E. Sandy Blvd., Portlond, Oregon Tenl 37 Gives lis Firsl Welles. Goodman & Kaufman, on his recent Humanitarian Award marriage. Tent 37 presented its •Phe Parlier Theatre, Dwight D. Bills in owned and operated by the town by that name, DENVER— 'Variety has installed 380 new cushioned, folding first humanitarian award at the annual installation dinner dance held in the Cathedral chairs. Within the next six to eight months. Joe Serry of the Oak Theatre, Live Oak, Bills plans to remodel and enlarge the present was along the Row saying hello to his many room at the Albany hotel. Attendance was theatre or build a complete new showhouse, friends . . . Also on the Row were Tiny Turner near capacity. for which he already has the location. of the Hills Drive-In, Riverdale; R. B. Smith, The humanitarian award went to John Sierre Theatre, Chowchilla; John Bowles, Godec jr., head of the printing department Pete Fundas, retired pioneer businessman at Bowies and Hurley; Edgar Weiss, Isleton Theatre; Fied Fisher, Maribel Theatre, Wcott; at Alexander Film Co., Colorado Springs, and Petaluma, has purchased half interest in State a Tent 37 member, for his work in promoting there from Pete Zenovich. Fundas will operate the theatre and Zenovich will continue Wagner, Stam Theatre. Antioch; Emil Pal- The .school is one of the charity projects of Chuck Reynolds. Marco. Waterford; Williard a school for backward children in Denver. as booker and buyer. The Golden Gate Theatre went heavily on TV promotion for the Manteca. The award committee was made up of ermo, Star, Stockton, and Chris Peters, the Elks lodge. opening of "Androcles and the Lion" by purchasing a half hour for a roundtable telecast Marion Isaacs has returned to the UA staff Alexis McKinney. assistant to the editor of the Denver Post; Jack Foster, editor and on, "Are Shaw's works adaptable for screen?" after an absence of several years . . . H. B. publisher of the Rocky Mountain Nev.s, and The panel consisted of top educators and Neville. San Miguel Theatre, was along the Elmer Parson, commander of the Leydendrama personalities. Row . Bertha Weisbaum, 90-year-old Chiles-Wickersham post of the American mother of the late Sidney Weisbaum, the theatreman, died last week . . . Lieut. Margaret The Paramount Theatre will mark up another first February 7, offering Nat King The presentation was made by Randolph Legion. P. Strong, navy motion picture booker here, Scott, who was in Denver with Harry Joe Cole, Stan Kenton, Louis Jordan and other attended a three-day conference in Washington. D. C. on the optional motion pic- acts in three performances for one day with Brown, producer of Scott's films for Columbia, for the opening of "Hangman's Knot" all seats reserved. No film will be shown with ture plan . . . Arthur Barnett of the Rex Theatre, Oakland, will leave in April on an exten- at the Denver and Esquire. They were honor the two and a half hour stage .show . . . guests of Gov. Dan Thornton at a press Walter Preddey and wife are vacationing in sive trip in Europe . Clark Semple, luncheon and also at the opening of the Arizona for a month . . . R. L. Mann of the former Republic employe, visited the exchange National Western stock .show and rodeo. Preddey staff was suffering from inflammation of the larynx . Major, .secretary with her two small sons . . . Frank Scully, The new crew- of Tent 37. installed at the auditor, is at Republic. dinner, includes Alex Murphree, Denver Post to George Milner at Fox West Coast Theatres, resigned after 27 years service. A drama editor, chief barker: Don Hammer, luncheon was given in her honor with every- The question being asked around the Rowis. "Where i.s the Filmrow Bowling Ass'n first a.ssistant; William Hastings, second assistant; Victor Love, property master: Bernie body present to wish her fond farewell and going to hold its banquet and what's the prize Hynes, doughguy. and Fred Brown, George full speed ahead . Bemis, Preddey, for low score?" . Rice is recuperating "Scotty" Allan, Henry Friedel. James Micheletti, Jone Stone. Ralph Balschelett (retiring flew to Los Angeles on business. after an illne-ss . . . The Film Booking Agency Murray Lafayette of United Artists worked of Northern California has taken over the chief barken. Hall Baetz. Pat McGee, Robert Hill, Robert Garland, Tom Bailey and on "Babes in Bagdad" with Anne Belfer of booking for the Sebastiani Theatre in North Coast Theatres. An inten'iew by Sonoma. telephone was arranged between Hortense Mor- Tent 37 has a beautiful modern club build- Frank H. Ricketson jr. Hal Honore, that progressive man about a ton, local drama critic, and Paulette Goddard ing at 1345 Glenarm St., and has a large theatre and manager of the Seavue in Pacific in New York, resulting in a long, two-column membership. The building contains a dining Manor, has done it again. Hal, finding that break . Shiller. Allied Artists, was in room, a bar, a .screening room that is a modern little theatre and lots of room for parties free space is more and more difficult to promote due to newsprint shortage, etc., hit upon town for exploitation of "Hiawatha" and "Torpedo Alley" . . . Congratulations to Bob and other entertainments. The club puts on the idea of writing a column for the town luncheons every Monday for members, the paper. Hal now authors "Seavue Prevue," discus,sing Hollywood stars, films and doings women have a luncheon every third Wednesday of the month, a family dinner is held around the Seavue Theatre. A new way to every Thursday night, and .screenings are a skin a cat. regular feature. Install New Projectors PORTLAND PASO ROBLES, CALIF.—H. B. Nevill, manager and owner of the San Miguel Theatre, has installed two new super Simplex /^eorge Hickey, MGM western sale.^ manager, projectors in his theatre. w-as expected in tow-n . . . Jack Partin, Republic manager, returned a Your cooperation to the Morch of Dimes sales meeting in Los Angeles . J. J. important. Let your patrons cooperate. from drive is Parker, president of Parker Theatres, "Road returned from a visit in Hollywood . to Bali" completed a record-breaking four weeks at J. J. Parker's United Artists Thursday (22t. The grosses are said to have exceeded "Show Boat" and other top musicals there. "Hans Christian Ander.sen" has been booked York for a general sales meeting. 48 BOXOFFICE ;: January 24, 1953

. . . . Eddie . . Owners . . . Filmrow's . . . Marion . . . Herb . . Ida . . Barney . DENVER /^larence K. "Olc" Olson, former manager for United Artists in Salt Lake City. San Francisco and twice in Denver, has been named sales manager for Pi-eferred Pictures, which will handle Souvaine. Selected Pictures. Goodman & Kaufman product and other outstanding new independent product and reissues. Territories controlled by Preferred, with headquarters in Denver, include Salt Lake City, Des Moines, Omaha, Kansas City and Denver. Don Sanders, manager of the Santa Fe, talked three would-be robbers out of their crime when he convinced them he did not know the combination to the safe . . Edward . Anderson. 87. former owner of theatres in Denver, Pueblo, Greeley and Salt Lake City, died last week. He retired in 1938. He is survived by his wife Bertha . . . One of the robbers who held up the Tower November 1 and got more than $1,000 was given a 10 to 20- year .sentence. The other is yet to be tried. Frank H. Rirket.son jr., president of Fox Intermountain, has been elected to the YMCA board of directors. Ricketson went to Washington to view the inauguration of Eisenhower . . . The transfer of franchises of Astor, Favorite and Specialty from Associated Film to Intermountain Films, has been completed, according to Don Hammer, Intermountain owner. Fred Brown, buyer and booker for the Black Hills Amusement Co., went to Rapid City, S. D.. for conferences at the headquarters offices. Brown was delayed in retui-ning for a day by severe snowstorms . . . Officers and crew of Variety Tent 37 entertained John Rowley, canvasman from Dallas, at a luncheon in the Brown Palace hotel. Dave Warnock has sold the Lake, Johnstown, Colo., to Merf Evans, who has been manager for Gibraltar Theatres at Craig, Dolores Gerome of Salt Lake City Colo. . . . was in Denver for a week of schooling in Manley, Inc.. methods by June Farmer, office manager at the Denver district headquarters. Miss Gerome will be employed in the Manley offices in Salt Lake City, headed by Chick Lloyd. Harold VVirthwein, western division manager for Allied Artists, conferred with C. J. Duer. manager, and the two went to Albuquerque on a sales trip . . . Robert Hill, manager for Columbia, was joined here by Wayne Ball, manager at Los Angeles, and Harold Green, manager at Salt Lake City, and the three headed for the Columbia sales meeting in Chicago. Harry Colburn, auditor, was at Columbia . . Fred Anderson. Western Service & Supply salesman, is back at work part-time following and appendectomy. H. M. McLaren. Western president, still is receiving treatment at St. Luke's hospital. . . . Here for conferences with Henry Friedel, manager for MGM, and Bill Prass, publicist, were Howard Hertz, studio publicist; Ted Galanter, San Francisco, west coast press representative, and E. B. Coleman, Dallas, southwest press representative. Prass had just returned from Salt Lake City where he started the campaign on "Clown" Bernie Mc- Carthy, Realart manager, went to Albuquerque on a sales trip before starting on a tour of the state. Westinghouse paid $1,000 for the use of the Tabor Sunday afternoon, using it for presentation of a musical show, "It's All for You." Guests included about 2,000 dealers and salesmen. The show was followed by a cocktail party and a display ol merchandise at the local wholesale dealer . . . William Arnot was an-ested by the FBI on charges of infringing on copyright material. The FBI claims he published "Ahvays True to You in My Fashion," a song by Cole Porter, without proper authorization. Melvin Aronson, a Chicago musician, was arrested there on charges of selling the music. Exhibitors seen on Glen B. Wittstnick, Meeker, Colo., theatre owner, was here a few days before going to Florida for a vacation . Filmrow included . . Moe Ruddick. Silver City. N. M.; Joe Novak, Pueblo; Nathan Greer and Tom Pillsbury, Santa Fe; Mr. and Mrs. Paul Heeney, KremmUng; Neil Breezley, Burlington; Kenneth Powell. Wray; Owen West, Rock Springs, Wyo., and Dave Edwards, Salt Lake City. Fire at Del Mar Theatre LOS ANGELES—Fire inflicted damage estimated at $2,000 on the Del Mar, neighborhood theatre operated by Mac Sinift. Dimes and dollars will help mony a victim of polio to recover normal health. Arrongc for March of Dimes collections. SALT LAKE The Lyric Theatre is the first house in this area to show a three-dimensional film. Sol Lesser's Ti-i-Opticon production went in Friday after extensive arrangements carried on by Jack Thomas, Lesser representative; Joe Rosenfield, owner and operator of the Favorite Amusement Co., which leases the Lyric, and Matt Knighton, Lyric manager. Dick Leahy, former Lyric manager, was in from Spokane to help out . and operators of the Park-Vu Drive-In have sued Salt Lake City for more than $48,000 for damage and loss of business caused by last spring's floods. With many other property owners, they allege the city turned flood waters into areas which would not have been touched by the water. One of the areas, they claim, was the ozoner. The weather did a flip-flop last week. The worst storm, from moisture content, on record hit here. Snow cut grosses at theatres and liurt other business, but a week later springlike Contributions to weather prevailed . . . Variety Tent 38 for the cerebral palsy drive passed the $16,000 total last week when more than $6,000 was donated to local projects. The PTA and the University of Utah medical and speech projects were recipients. The money was distributed at a special board meeting. Bill Prass, MGM, was in for several days Terhune. RKO. returned after several days in the ea,st ... P. A. Speckart, theatre and advertising man, is now heading the publicity department for the Tower Theatre Howard L. Marcus, Tower manager, has . . . arranged for recordings of Utah Symphony music to be played prior to picture openings. LOS ANGELES f^harlcs M. Reagan, MGM vice-president in charge of sales, who has been in executive huddles at the studio, looked in on the local exchange before heading back to New York condolences went to Wayne Ball, Columbia manager, whose mother Viola died Sunday il8i at her home in Denver. She Booking-buying visitors included was 70 . . . Henry Slater of the Harber Drive-In in Chula Vista; Bill Sorrenson. manager of Fox West Coast's Avalon in Wilmington; Lloyd Katz, of the Fremont Theatres Co., Las Vegas; Joe Markowitz, up from Solano Beach; Joe Epstein, manager of the Vern for the Eastland circuit. Over at the Allied Artists branch, office manager John O'Neill is recuperating at home from head injuries and a fractured collar bone incurred in an automobile crash, and Gorman Heimuller, booker, is confined to his home with pneumonia. Meantime Harold Wirthwein, western sales chief, returned from a trip to Denver and Salt Lake City, and Lloyd Lind, super\ isor of exchanges, headed back to New York after a stay of several days here . . Earl Goldberg of Goldberg Film Delivery and Mrs. Goldberg took off for Honolulu aboard the SS Lurline to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary. Alex Cooperraan, just named assistant division manager for the I.S.E. Releasing Corp., has appointed Ed Penn his sales representative for San Franci.sco, Portland and Seattle Field, former art director for the Metzger-Srere cii-cuit, has joined Louis Kude's Theatre Poster Service organization . . . Leo Jensen, RKO salesman, returned from an Arizona junket. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Skouras attended the inauguration ceremonies in Washington . . . Howard Cahoon, operator of the Motor-View Drive-In in Las Vegas, is buildmg a new ozoner in Nevada between Boulder and Henderson . . . John DaCosta, RKO salesman, is entertaining his brother, Joe DaCosta, general manager of the East Bay Municipal Utilities Co., and Mrs. DaCosta . Rose, U-I district manager, checked in from San Francisco. Charles Crawford, formerly a theatre manager with the James Edwai-d circuit, has leased the long-closed Garvey Theatre in San Gabriel from Edwards and will operate it as an independent . Goldman, whose son Jack operates the Aero Theatre in Santa Monica, is recuperating at home after being hospitalized following a slight heart attack Turpie, western division chief for Manley, Inc., took off for Seattle on a business trip. 'Green Fire' Stars Clark Gable Everett Freeman's "Green Fire" will be produced by Armand Deutsch for Metro and will star Clark Gable. SELL YOUR THEATRE PRIVATELY Largest coverage in U.S. No "Net" listings. Highest reputation for know-how ^' and fair dealing. 30 years experience including exhibition. Ask Better Business Bureau, or our customers. Know your broker. ARTHUR LEAK Theatre Specialists 3305 Caruth. Dallas. Texas Telephones: EM 0238 EM 7489 CONFIDENTIAL CORRESPONDENCE itiVITED BOXOFnCE :: January 24, 1953 49