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. . . Bernie Theatre, .

. . . Bernie Theatre, . . Nona . . John . . The by . . Numerous . . Robert . . The U KANSAS CITY IJarry Hamburg, Paramount manager, Is to attend a week-long company sales meeting in New York, starting Monday (26>. Division managers, their assistants, branch managers and home office executives will attend . Atkisson, MGM booking clerk, is engaged to H. D. Laund, who is stationed in the navy at Olathe. Kas. They are to be married March 14 . . . Pat Chambers is the new assistant MGM cashier, replacing Dorothy Pollick . Allen, southwest sales division manager, Dallas, was in town Evens, MGM e.xploiteer, was off several days because of illness. . . . Sylvia Bogmol is the new Bryan D. Stoner, 20th-Fox assistant division sales manager, San Francisco, was at the local exchange mother-in-law of William Johnson, head shipper at 20th-Fox, died last week . branch manager's secretary at Columbia. She replaces Shirley Cranston, who departed for Delores Fisher, formerly the west coast . . . a clerk at Columbia, is now office manager's secretary. Shrcve Theatre Supply sold complete drivein equipment for the 500-car Mizzou ozoner, Columbia, Mo., to Herb Jeans. Tlie situation is expected to open in time for the new season. Shreve also sold complete booth equipment and a screen to Loral D. Barlow. Grinnell, Kas., for his Bird Theatre, Bird City, Kas. . . L. D. Hasty, salesman for the . supply company, was vacationing in Arkansas. . . . George Gano, new owner of the Cer.tralia (Kas. I was seen along Filmrow. He has reopened the house after being closed since early last fall. Verner Johnson was the former operator Bob Withers, Republic manager, was in Chicago for a division CRETORS POPCORN MACHINES POCIIT MPKDM STAGE EQUIPMENT COMPANY JJllLril flLUILIIIl. rVCRYTHINC FOR THE STACK - AUD'TORIUM > LOB BOX OFFICE • 1324 Cr«nd Ave. 1 Carpets — Door Mats Complofo Installotlon Service— Free Estimates R. D. MANN CARPET CO. 928-930-932 Control, Victor 1 171, Kansas City, Mo. 45S Paul Brown BIdg., Chestnut 4499, St. Louis sales manager ... Ed Hartman, Motion Picture Booking Agency, attended a .screening on the Row. He plans an early return to his office after a recent illness. Filmrow visitors last week included Don Burnett, Larned, Kas.; Q. C. Alexander, Kansas, Kiowa, Kas.; Cle Bratton, Council Grove, . . . Kas., and Gordon Holiday, Nes.s, Ness City, Kas. Holiday said that he would close his theatre during February for remodeling Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Jeans, Columbia, Mo., were on the Row setting up bookings for E. L. Follmer, new owner of the Roxy, Warsaw, Mo., formerly owned by the Jeans. . Chick Evens, 20th-Fox publicist, made trips to St. Louis and Minneapolis to set up promotions for "My Pal Gus" and "Ruby Gentry" Dean Zimmerman ha-s purchased . . . the Sky-Vue airer, Russell, Kas., from W. Michaelis . Robison, MGM shipping department, was planning to enter Kansas City university for the second semester Filmrow employe.^ were off during the flu epidemic. Wallace Agey, vice-president in charge of sales, DIT-MCO, Inc., returned from a southeast trip, including a stop in Louisville where he called on the Falls City Theatre Virgil Harbison, Tarkio, Equipment Co. . . . Tarkio, Mo., took over the management of the Paramount Theatre, Rockport, Mo., from Commonwealth Theatres, effective January 18. John Staple, Columbia, Mo., is the owner. Jay Woolen, president of Allied Independent Tlieatre Owners of Kansas and Missouri, attended the three-day winter board meeting of Allied States Ass'n in New Orleans. Wooten was in Kansas City Friday (23i . . . . for conferences with Fred Harpst, general manager The Southtown Theatre here has closed again State Theatre, Waterloo, Iowa, was reopened Wednesday (21 1 the Dickinson circuit. Art Perry, district manager and engineer for the chain, said nearly $14,000 was spent on remodeling the house. Lloyd Johnson was named manager. Dickinson also operates the Waterloo Theatre there. John Newcomer is the new manager of the Patee Theatre, Lawrence, Kas. He will also handle the drive-in there this spring. Both situations are in the Commonwealth circuit . . . Chaj-lene Drew and Virginia Berube are recent additions to the Exhibitors Film Delivery office staff. Elmer Rhoden sr., president of Fox Midwest is in New York for TOA's board meeting, January 25, 26 and 27. where he will speak. Rhoden spoke at the Community Relations conference, sponsored by the Motion Picture Ass'n of America, held Tuesday (20i at the Museum of Modern Art. He will return here next week. Shortly thereafter he will depart for the west coast for a meeting and a brief vacation. Patronage Continues Solid in Chicago Loop CHICAGO—Business in all first run theatres held up exceptionally well. "Limelight," which has unanimous rave notices from the critics, had a record gross at the Woods. "Above and Beyond" at the Oriental, which came in with strong popular critic and audience reaction, continued to bring in good business. "The Four Poster" at the E.squire had a lineup of ticketholders for every evening show. The Chicago enjoyed a second satisfactory week with "My Cousin Rachel" and a stage show headed by Sunny Gale. The "Ti-i-Opticon" program at the Telenews has exceeded all boxoffice expectations. (Average Is 100) Cornegie—The Spider ond the Fly (Bell) 110 Chicago—My Cousin Rachel (20th-Fox), plus stoge show, 2nd wk 115 Esquire—The Four Poster (Col) 175 Grand— Bloodhounds of Broadway (20th-Fox); Something tor the Birds i20th-Fox), 2nd wk 100 Oriental—Above and Beyond (MGM) 125 Roosevelt— Stop, You're Killing Me (WB); Outpost in Malaya ( A), 2nd wk 1 05 State-Lake—The Sovoge (Para); Hurricane Smith (Para), 2nd wk 105 Surf—The Promoter (U-l), 3rd wk 150 Telenews—Tri-Opticon ((topitol), 4th wk...Very good World Playhouse—One Summer of Happiness (Teitel), 4fh wk 115 Woods— Limelight lUA), 2nd wk 150 Ziegfeld—The Red Shoes (UA), reissue 115 'Beyond' Reaches 140 In Kansas City Debut KANSAS CITY—First run business slipped last week after previous high grosses. "Above and Beyond" carried away the highest percentage with 140 at the Midland. The film was held ten days. Kimo—The Four Poster (Col), 4th wk 125 Midland—Above and Beyond (MGM); Chicago Calling (UA) 140 Missouri— Androcles and the Lion (RKO); The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky (RKO) 100 Orpheum— Ruby Gentry (20fh-Fox), 2nd wk 100 Paramount—Stop, You're Killing Me (WB) 110 Tower, Uptown, Fairway and Granada—Meet Me ot the Fair 'U-l), (at the Tower ond Granada only) Scotland Yard Inspector (LP) 85 Vogue—The Promoter (U-l), 8th wk 100 Indianapolis Grosses In Big Slump INDIANAPOLIS—First run took a big slump last week. "Stop, You're Killing Me" was the city's top scorer with only 90 per cent at the Circle. Circle—stop. You're Killing Me (WB); Cottle Town (WB) 90 Indiono—The I Don't Core Girl (20th-Fox); Night Without Sleep (20th-Fox) 70 Keith's— April in Paris (WB), 2nd d. t. wk 85 Loew s— Million Dollar Mermaid (MGM); Desperate Search (MGM), 3rd wk 65 Lyric— Rood to Bali (Para) 70 SELL YOUR THEATRE PRIVATELY Larnest covraje in U.S. No "Net" liit-l ings. Highest reputation for know-howl and fair dealino. 30 years experience in-j eluding exhibition. Ask Better Business Bureau, or our customers. Know your broker, ARTHUR LEAK Theatre Speciolists| 3305 Caruth, Dallas. Texas Telephones: EM 0238 • EM 7489 CONFIDENTIAL CORRESPONDENCE INVITED CENTRAL SHIPPING & INSPECTION BUREAU 1 20 West 1 7th Street Kansas City, Mo. Telephone: GRand 2094 PRODUCE A BETTER LIGHT IN ANY SIZE THEATRE OR DRIVE-IN . . . MORE ECONOMICALLY! CARBONS, INC. • BOONTON, N. J. 52 BOXOFFICE :; January 24, 1953

. . Mrs. . . Mi-, . . Exhibitors . . Mrs. St. Louis Variety Club Plans Big Charity Year ST. LOUIS—Edward B. Arthur, general manager, Fanchon & Marco, chief barker of the Variety Tent 4, announced that .space ha.s been obtained in the Sheraton hotel for the club'.s headquarters, to be occupied about February 1. The Variety Club ha.s taken on as its new chief Heart Fund activity, the sponsorship of day nurseries in St. Louis and St. Louis county, including plans for the erection of a new south side day nursery costing about $50,000. Tent 4 also plans to continue the distribution of eye glasses to needy school children. Since the increased charity activities will require a substantial sum in excess of its 1952 receipts, steps are being taken to obtain more money. With that objective in view, Tent 4, at a meeting held here Wednesday (141, approved plans for staging a Harvest Moon ball next fall in cooperation with merchants and other businessmen of thus area Outstanding entertainers will be brought here for this big event, to be staged at either the Kiel Auditorium or the Arena. There will also be an area contest for the selection of a queen for the ball. Vernon Hoyt Is Director Of NCCJ Communications NEW YORK—Vernon C. Hoyt, writer-director with the Calvin Co., film producing firm in Kansas City for the past five years, has been named national director of the commission on ma?s communications for the National Conference of Christians and Jews, according to Dr. Sterling W. Brown, general director. Hoyt will enlist all media of mass communications—press, radio, TV, motion pictures and advertising—in fighting prejudice and promoting goodwill among America's religious, racial and national groups. He will also obtain media cooperation with the observance of Brotherhood week, ;ponsored each February by the National Conference. INDIANAPOLIS l?arl Schoenbachler was stabbed in the back Thursday night by a thief who tried to steal a March of Dimes iron lung collection box from the lobby of the Ohio Theatre. Manager Schoenbachler said he spotted the thief taking the box containing about $14 from the concession stand. When he demanded that the man return the box, the thief pulled a knife, stabbed him in the back and fled. Schoenbachler was treated at General hospital for the one-half inch wound under his left shoulder. Mrs. Alexander C. Kalafat of the York, Cherubusco, announces the marriage of her daughter Fay to Di-. Nicholas J. Topetzes of Milwaukee, a professor at Marquette university. The ceremony took place in Holy Trinity church in Fort Wayne . Don Bennett of the Rex, Terre Haute, is vacationing in Florida. Jerry Kramer, Columbia, Milwaukee, replaced Marty Grassgreen, who was transferred to the Cleveland office . . Mildred . Trefz replaced Gretchen Foreman as Caravan clerk at the Allied office. Ti-ueman Rembu.sch, Allied president, and William Carroll, secretary, went to New Orleans for the annual national board of directors meeting . . . Clyde Nihiser has taken over the Palace at Fairmount from Ralph Marcucitti, who operates the drive-in at Marion. John Micu, operator of the State, Fort Wayne, celebrated his name day, a Greek custom, January 7, with a party at his home for his friends . . . Verne Gurrell, Isis, Winnamac, returned from his visit to Florida. , . . Juanita C. Harris, formerly of Defiance, Ohio, acquired the Star at Fremont Robert Higby, shipper at RKO, resigned to return to his home in Erie, Pa., because of the serious illness of his mother . Jane . . . Crenshon, Princess, Newburg. is confined at home by a severe attack of influenza Clarence Charlett is insulating his home. . . Warner Carl Hinbrook, Starlite Drive-In, Shelburn, is recovering after an operation . Bros, pictures were on 401 screens in Indiana this week. Manager Claude McKean said it was the best week on record . seen on Filmrow were Bruce Kixmiller, Colonial, Bicknell; Kenneth Law\ Cozy, Argos; Nick Piakos, Diana, Tipton; Earl Payne, Switow circuit, Louisville, and Matt Scheidler, Hartford, Hartford City . and Mrs. George Heliotes. Rialto, Fort Wayne, have gone to Miami for a three-month vacation. thewETre equipment 442 N. ILLINOIS ST., INDIANAPOLIS, IND. "Everything ]or the Theatre" American Drive-In Theatre Service Satisfaction — Always MISSOURI THEATRE SUPPLY COMPANY I. L. KIMBRIEL. Manager Phone BAltimoie 3070 115 W. 18lh Kansas City 8. Mo. A. V. CAU6ERse«^^«.. Merchant Trailers for sure-fire merchant-exhibitor Satisfaction Buying and Booking Devoted Exclusive to Drive-In Theatres in Indiana and Kentucky for the Past Six Years Integrity - Service - Experience PKONE or WRITE »c;^;;,'„7jf,°. y^ 1fot4)i BvtMUX Situx 1S99 STEBBINS THEATRE 1804 Wv.Njalla Si. KANSAS CITY 8, MOff' r ' Equipment Co. ^^V ED CAMPBELL - PETE DAWSON - BOB WHAYNE 320 West Jefferson St. Phone JAckson 5517 Louisville, Ky. BOXOFFICE ;. January 24, 1953 53