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'Gambler' Premiere Adds

'Gambler' Premiere Adds lo Variety Fund (Continued from preceding page) telecast of interviews with prominent citizens and Hollywood personalities. James Frew, division manager of Universal: M. A. Lightman sr., president of Malco Theatres; M. A. Lightman jr., Malco executive: R. C. "Dick" Setton. branch manager. Universal, Memphis, were in charge of arrangements. M. H. Branden, head of Film Transit and president of Memphis Variety, and Lightman sr. officiated in the lobby telecast. Julia Adams and Piper Laurie, starred in the film with Tyrone Power, were among the Hollywood visitors. Others included Ruth Hampton, Valerie Jackson, Jackie Loughery, starlets. Jean Harper, Miss Tennessee who competed with Misses Hampton, Jackson and Lioughery in the Miss contest last June, headed a group of Memphis beauties w^ho joined in the ceremonies. A seat could be had for a $5 donation to the fund and some paid as much as $100 to sit near the Hollywood visitors. A premiere for Memphis Negroes followed the white premiere at Malco. The telecast brought in many donations to the fund via mail the next day. "COMMENDABLE" New York Times "Powerful-Beautifully Acted" Savannah News Proudly Produced By COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY ^ f ^VMgMf Very High Type Attraction Available Only to "A" Class Theatres and Drive-ins. H. G. ARENSON 3450 SELWYN AVE. CHARLOTTE, N. C. 25 Yeors Dependoble Shows Complete Concession Equipment and Supplies THE QUEEN FEATURE SERVICE, INC. 19I2-.; Morris Ave. Phono 3-8665 BIRMINGHAM 3, ALABAMA Ruckus Rises Over Plan For Miami Area Drive-In MIAMI—Another controversial drive-in theatre plan in the greater Miami area, at El Portal, still hung in the balance this week after a city council session in which one councilman caused an uproar by demanding rejection of the drive-in plan as well as the firing of several municipal employes. Elected to the council last month, Joseph A. Wanick demanded a "housecleaning." His tactics drew the wrath of others on a number of matters, including rejection of the drive-in proposal. The application of Harold Clark, owner of the 8600 club, to build an outdoor theatre behind his property, was sent to the planning and zoning board. Councilman Ernest L. Carbonelli said that "if he has a right lo build it, let him build it: if we can stop him, let's stop him." Wanick declared the theatre a "monstrosity," saying: "Clark has kept the village in continual turmoil. He apparently plans to harass the people until they give in from sheer weariness." As for Clark's request for an extension of time to clear a rockpile on the drive-in property, Wanick opposed him, saying, "Clark has no intention of ever clearing the property. U.S. Senator Opposes Opa Locka Jet Airer OPA LOCKA, FLA.—A United States .senator, George A. Smathers, this week entered the drive-in controversy between the marines and the Opa Locka city council, w-ith a warning of possible "catastrophe" if the council allows Bernstein Theatres to build a drive-in near a runway of the jet air station. In a letter to Mayor Frank Slade. Smathers wrote that the council should reconsider its action "to relieve the people of Dade county of well-founded fears of possible disaster in the future." The letter was based on information received by Smathers that the city council still was considering rescinding its action approving the theatre. Council since has refused to alter its stand. Smathers wrote: "It has been somewhat embarra.ssing because of the earnest assurances we have given (to marine personnel), to find such a drive-in theatre being given priority consideration in the face of air station warnings of real danger, not only to aircraft and military personnel, but also to patrons of the prospective theatre." Meanwhile, N. N. Bernstein has submitted blueprints for the proposed theatre. Mayor Slade said it would be several days before a decision on the blueprints can be reached. STERNO PORTABLE HOT FOOD VENDORS Roy Smith Jacksonville Popcorn Co. 1075 W. Adams Ph. 3-9140 These pictures show why L. Dale Ellerman had to delay the opening of his new drive-in on cast Buffalo and 38th streets in Tampa. Top photo shows the screen tower frame ready to be hoisted in position; center, the crane operator is upending it, and bottom shows the frame reduced to kindling when the crane lost control and the structure collapsed. Ellerman also owns the Bellefontaine and Belle Center drive-ins, near towns by those names in Ohio. Storm Damages Airer KEY WEST, FLA.—There will doubtless be a delay in opening the Islander Outdoor Theatre, scheduled for the end of January, due to a torrential rainstorm, the worst ever to hit Key West. The win«!s of hurricane force, which swept over the island in this freak storm, did a great amount of damage to the new theatre. A 50-foot screen was toppled by the 73-mile winds and the massive steel work was left a twisted Joe Sirugo is building the first outdoor theatre in the community. Polio is a menoce oil must fight. Give your patrons a mchance to contribute.

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