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. . Some . . Carson ATLANTA •Ted Toddy, Toddy Pictures, in promoting his picture, "Killers All," has the famous bullet-riddled death car in which Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker were killed on display here. There are over 160 bullet holes in the car. The picture opened January 14 at the Roxy Theatre. The theatre also has manikins in the lobby dressed as "Pretty Boy" Floyd; "Cigar-Smoking" Bonnie Parker; John Dillinger, and an electric chair with a lawbreaker sitting in it. The display is attracting large crowds . Pope and O. C. Hand of the Star Theatre, Roanoke, Ala., visited the local Astor office. Pope is to take over operation of the theatre February 1. , . . Fritz May, formerly Mrs. \V. M. Richardson, wife of the Astor Pictures president, was injured when a coal truck sideswiped her car, causing painful bruises to her hip. She will be hospitalized for about a week with the Waters Theatre Co. of Birmingham, has been appointed manager of the Lyric Theatre, Pi-attville, Ala. ... J. Morrison will start work soon on his new 300-car drive-in near Wynnburg, Tenn. Mrs. Robert Chatham, former .secretary to Arthur C. Bromberg, AA, is the mother of a baby daughter. The father is now in the army . theatres have found it very profitable to run late shows using all-colored cast pictures. The Martin circuit ha.s done PICTURES TO REMEMBER SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON OUTRAGES OF ORIENT FLYING DEUCES - olso - 8 — EAST SIDE KIDS ASTOR PICTURES CO. of Ga., 163 Walton St. Main 9845 ABC THEATRICAL Inc. Atlanta, Go. ENTERPRISES ATLANTA JACKSONVILLE Phone ALPine 7887 Phone 5-9227 P. 0. Box 1345 P.O. Box 88 BUYING BOOKING AGENTS K. J. (Hop) Barnes C. B. (Cliff) Wilson Karl [Bud) Chalman R. A. (Rex) Norris exceptionally well by playing them once a month. Joe Smith, manager of the Alabama Drive-In, Atmore. Ala., has tied up with . Cities Service stations to give patrons a free gallon of gas for operating car heaters in cold weather. The stunt is a co-op deal giving the sponsor free theatre advertising in exchange for coupons which are distributed to patrons of the ozoner ... Pat O'Brien, Eva Gabor and Richard Egan will appear in person at the Tower Theatre presentation ot the play, "Strike a Match." January 29-31 . . Al Perretz, Interstate Theatres ad man, Spencer, N. C, attended a recent Variety Club luncheon. . . . Georgia Theatre Owners and Operators directors held a monthly meeting January 14 in the clubrooms of the Variety Club and chose May 31-June 2 as the dates for the annual convention, to be held at the Biltmore hotel. The next board meeting will be held February 10 . . . MGM news—Carolyn Dick Glow was given a baby shower Smith, cashier, has been transferred to the booking department, and Bob Young is the new cashier. Columbia news: R. J. Ingram and George Roscoe left January 15 for Chicago to attend a sales meeting. Paul Harggett jr., Jacksonville manager, was in town. Steve Justus has been transferred to the New York branch. Carroll Clark has resigned to go with Wilby Theatres. Agnes Clark has taken a leave of absence due to poor health. . . . E. Knox Haddow, Paramount, New York, was here to Benton help arrange for shipping of films by Bros. . . . Rex Marshall is a new H. a,ssistant booker at Paramount Griffith, Grand, Reynolds, Ga.; Paul Gaston, Griffin. Ga.; Jay Solomon. Independent Tlieatres, Chattanooga, Tenn., and Dusty Rhodes, operator of several drive-ins, were in town. Marvin Doris, 20th-Fox sales manager, is back here after previou.sly being transferred Peggy Duncan, Universal, to Jacksonville . . . will be married February 22 . . . Otis E. Hudgins, Starhte Drive-In. Thomaston, Ga., was in town . . . John H. Stembler, executive vice-president of the Georgia Theatre Co., and his wife attended the inauguration of President Eisenhower as the house guests of Senator and Mrs. George Smathers. Stembler and Smathers are former roommates and at one time served together as assistant U.S. attorneys for the southern district of Florida. BALLOONS ARE YOUR BEST AD FOR- "Ttie Greatest Show on Earth" "Hans Christian Andersen" "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" "Peter Pan" Samples free. Balloons 146 Walton AHanIo, Go. Film Started in Florida In Cypress Gardens MIAMI—Hollywood has taken over Cypress Gardens, lending a special atmosphere to this central Florida tourist attraction, as the January shooting of "Easy to Love" gets under way. The film stars Esther Williams. Associate editor of the Herald. John Pennekamp. devoted a column on the editorial page recently to the event, .saying that his good friend Dick Pope, major domo and high factotum of the Gardens, would be played by Van Johnson, rather than Lou Costello, as first believed. "Those of you who know Dick," Pennekamp said, "must admit, as he does, that for physical proportions and general appearance, Costello would have been a more accurate selection." For those who don't know Pope, Pennekamp used photos of Johnson and Pope to illustrate his point. The script doesn't change the name of Winter Haven nor of Pope, therefore Pope "held his breath until the Van Johnson selection was made." Some of the touche.s Hollywood is adding to the area of Cypress Gardens. Pennekamp lists as a swimming pool in Lake Eloise, 12 feet deep, modeled after the map of Florida and to be used by the star in an eight-minute swimming sequence. A two-tiered parking lot with a 100-foot lake in the middle is another innovation. "Why the lake, I don't know," says the editor, "ejccept that residents of that section like to boast that the water in their lakes is so pure you can use it in your automobile batteries. Maybe it's some use like that Hollywood has in mind." Plot of the film includes the crowning of Miss Williams as Empress of Citrus in a typical Hollywood spectacle. Casting so far does not say who will play Young Dick. who. being a world champion water skier, probably will play himself. John Stillman. 58, Is Dead DELRAY BEACH. FLA.—John Edgar Stillman. 58. died at a hospital in West Palm Beach. For many years Stillman lived in Orange City, Fla.. a municipality founded by his mother and father. Survivors include his wife, a son, a brother and a sister. Funeral services were held at Orange City. r I he Good^^ KTJhliJ.'MWWJ. I Old Day ill la. S«< IMt lb, l»t< ». IMmUch C«! ff'UJf^^ "10 NIOHTS IN DEMPSET 3m A BARROOM" ficm PICTURES Ct: :: TEAM :KM 4eJ JCTII WM.S.HART:. EVERY INCH A MAN' .THE GOOD §^:

. . Tom . . Trammell Leverette Named To Weekly Paper Staff TALLADEGA, ALA.—Tiammell Leverette, city manager for Martin Tlieatres the last five years, has resigned to become business manager of the Talladega News, weekly newspaper. Leverette, a navy veteran of World War II, was manager of Martin Theatres in Sylacauga, Ala., before coming to Talladega and was with Martin as manager in Florala, Ala., a year before that. He has been active in club and civic affairs here. CHARLOTTE JJ[T. and Mrs. John Weaver have moved from Charlotte to Raleigh so John can be closer to his territory. He is a salesman for Alexander Film Co. . . Col. Charles . Begg of Charlotte, it was learned through his family, was the army's technical adviser for the film "Above and Beyond." The Charlottean. now with the Atomic Energy Commission in Washington as air force liaison officer, was in charge of the technical phase of filming the first atomic tests in 1945, a sequence used in the picture. He was serving with the 509th composite group in Tinian under Col. Paul Tibbets. Mr. and Mrs. D. B. Kizziah took a motor trip to Colorado Springs to attend the annual sales meeting of Alexander Film Co. at the home offices there. Kizziah is district manager for the Carolina area . Bailey, MGM sales manager here, vacationed in New England with his family . . . Jimmie Green- . . leaf, Universal manager, and hisi wife are vacationing in Florida . Peg Eason, wife of Dick Eason of Carolina Booking Service, spent several days with her family at Low Gap, N. C. . . . . Paul Sapoch, former manager of the Belvedere, Charlotte, has joined Jesse Wellons in Fayetteville. where he is managing the Midway Drive-In The Butner Drive-In, Creedmore, N. C. closed for the winter The Carolina Booking Service has been granted a charter by Secretary of State Thad Eure. Incorporators are Richard E. Eason. Charles T. Myers and T. B. Autrey. H. H. "Heck" Everett, chairman of the board and treasurer of Stewart & Everett Theatres, anounced that he will not be a candidate for mayor of Charlotte next election . . . Scott Lett, Screen Guild and Lippert manager and general sales manager for Howco Productions, attending a sales meeting in Chicago last week. He's busy setting the new Howco production, "The Mesa of Lost Women," in several key situations for test runs in the Carolinas. Howco productions Is headed by Joy Houck of New Orleans and Francis White of Charlotte. •CENTURY ^""J^To^s AND SOUND For over 20 years SERVICE STRONG CONCESSION EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES STANDARD THEATRE SUPPLY CO. 215 E. Washinnton St., 219 So. Church St GREENSBOI!0, N. C. CHARLOTTE, N. C. and COURTESY OUR WATCH WORD ARC LAMPS By HARRY HART T AWRENCE SHIELDS, partner with Dusty Rhodes in the Victory Drive-In, Columbus, Ga., recently was elected mayor of Columbus. Rhodes spent the holidays with his father in Greenville, S. C. At Rome. Ga., O. C. Lam and his wife were in Florida on vacation and booker Tommy Lam had just returned from Florida. General Manager Charles Lam reports his young daughter, who has been in the hospital in Rome with pneumonia, is much improved. » * « At Tallapoosa, Ga., Manager Sam Miller was running a matinee. At Bremen. Ga., Manager W. C. Otwell told me that his wife had been very ill, but was improving slowly. Otwell has done what every manager should do in posting his home phone number and street address on the door to his office. * * « Matt Bates, district manager for Martin Theatres, said he was being kept busy these days. The Riverview Drive-In Theatre, being built at Indian River City, Fla., by John and H. H. Sisson, is a 200-car situation and is being Motiograph-equipped by Wil-Kin Theatre Supply. The Waynesboro Drive-In, Waynesboro, Ga., is being equipped with Hydro arc lamps and Strong rectifiers by Wil-Kin. The Florida Theatre at Tallahassee is being recarpeted with Karagheusian carpeting. Crescent Amusement Co. has installed six Super Duty Butter Mat machines and the Weiss Theatre in Savannah is installing a Butter Mat. * * • Capital City Supply Co. is furni.shing the equipment for the 200-car drive-in being built by Gene Blue at Jackson, Ga. Gene now operates a drive-in at Woodbury, Ga. The Clanton Drive-In, Clanton, is installing an Everfrost soda bar. Rainy weather has really slowed business down in this area. Realart Pictures has moved in the building on Filmrow formerly occupied by Universal in Atlanta. Charley Clark of Jackpot quiz night made a business trip to Alabama. t * « T. H. Lord is building a drive-in four miles east of Villa Rica, Ga., and grading is about completed. The airer will have a capacity The HART BEATS IN GEORGIA >«' "I AI Perretz of Interstate Advertising Co. has been out hunting: for business in Georgria, but the gun is not loaded. The firm uses a thermometer, coupled with merchants and theatre advertising, which is proving very successful in the southeast as a method to show window cards under glass. of about 300 cars and will open about April 1. Lord has been connected with the trucking industry in Atlanta. Al Perretz of Spencer. N. C, who represents Interstate Theatre Advertising Co. of Minneapolis, Minn., made a trip into Georgia to line up some accounts. * * Ted Toddy of Toddy Pictures created quite a stir on Filmrow with the picture "Killers All" when he displayed the car in which Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow were killed. The car was driven around the streets of Atlanta while the picture was showing at the Roxy. The car and a lecture about crime will be a part of the display wherever the picture is shown.