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. . The DALLAS •The new manager of the Beverly Hills Theatre in Oak Cliff is Tom McNeely. who has been manager of the Peak, the Airway and for Ezell drive-ins . . . LeRoy Roberts, president of Romar-Vide Co., Chetek. Wis., which specializes in theatre display frames, was in Dallas and other key cities establishing a new sales force for the southern division. Roberts named James Ender, sales manager for the southwest territory, replacing Robert McLennan. Richard Egan, who took the romantic lead in "Strike a Match" at the Melba Theatre with Pat O'Brien and Eva Gabor. is engaged to Ann Solhern . Variety Club of Dallas is gathering rosier information from its members, and wants to finish and mail the printed rosters as soon as possible. Any changes from last year's listing should be sent immediately to Jack Bryant at the club quarters. Following the initial successful screening in Dallas at the Tower Theatre of MGM's "The Hoaxters" for civic leaders, PTA offi- cars, ministers and the radio and press, Leroy Bickel has set up an itinerary of screenings in other key cities throughout Texas, to which civic leaders and theatremen will be invited. Bickel plans eventually to cover the whole state in sections. airs. Dan O'Keeffe died at Baylor hospital . . . Billie January 8 and funeral services were held in Greenville Saturday (10). Wallace Walthall home office representative. National Screen, drove to Greenville and wa.s among theatre people attending the funeral Stevens, Rowley United Theatres, who has been handling the monthly meetings of Mosec's (motion picture secretaries) with her committee consisting of Sue Benningfield, Doris Witherspoon and Jeanne Wood, announced that the next meeting at noon January 29 at the Town and Country restaurant would be a business session. A new committee will be selected at that time to arrange meetings for the next three months. The 1953 Karl Hoblitzelle Achievement m BIGGEST NAME IN POPCORN There's a Whale of a Difference in POPCORN With our Hi-l'(ijj Braiiil of select popcorn and su|)plies you delight your patrons and l)uild luKKcr i,j,^. profits . . . lie sure to see this new MANLEY iiiacliiiu' the last word in efficiency. BOB WABNER 2013 Young St. • DALLAS • Prospect 1685 17 North Sharfel'OKLAHOMA CITY'Phone 2-5893 Aristocrat Model award for the advancement of Texas rural life this year will go to the professional worker in the field of agriculture who has made the most worthwhile contribution to agriculture in Texa.s during the three years. The award is a $5,000 prize and a gold medal. It will be made through the Karl Hoblitzelle Agriculture laboratory of the Texas Reseaixh foundation at Renner in May. Tlie Hoblitzelle awards were established in 1950 by Karl Hoblitzelle, president of Interstate Theatres, to recognize outstanding contributions to agriculture and to the sciences which serve agriculture. George Pabst, district manager, visited the Dallas United Artists exchange. Paul Ketchum has been appointed sales manager for United Artists. He was formerly a theatre operator under Pat McGee in Denver and operated in Texarkana. He spent two years in New Orleans with Universal . . Among . the executives in for the Adelman-Interstate case in federal district court were Jim Donohue, division sales manager for Paramount; William Zimmerman, RKO counsel from New York; Harry Ballance. division manager for 20th-Fox from Atlanta; Andy Smith, former sales manager for 20th-Pox. EXCAVATING DIRT WORK MAINTAINERWORK -PAVING Let Us Build Your Drive-In! Or • Enlarge • Remodel Improve We don't folk much, but we do a whale of o job at saving money on drive-ins that make the owners good money. Let our know-how and our line of equipment help you get into this popular field this summer. Ask for free esthnate HENDRICK, BLEDSOE & WADZECK Phone 2-2539 P. 0. Box 956 11 18! 2 Franklin Ave. Waco, Texas Ralph Thorniley of Associated Popcorn Distributors returned from a two-week vacation with his family through the deep south. They traveled more than 2,500 miles through New Orleans, Jacksonville and to Miami, then over the Tampiami Trail back to Dallas. "Miami was like Coney Island, and I never saw so many drive-ins going up through the south," Ralph said. E. B. Coleman, exploitation director for MGM here, was in California for a conference January 20 with other exploitation directors on coming policy. He drove through Phoenix and Tucson on his trip out . . . Members of Tent 17 were urged to set aside February 2 for a Variety buffet dinner at which I. A. Pesqueira, consul of Mexico here, will speak. This will be a preview of things to come at the International Variety convention in Mexico City May 18-21. a free buffet and Calcutta pool of gin rummy players will be held at the club quarters Sunday (11. The front office film exchange employes Local F-53 held its annual election of officers LeRoy Whittington MGM. was re- recently. elected agent: Walter Hansen, 20th- Fox. was re-elected president; J. Carrol Smith. Warner, was elected vice-president; 68 BOXOFTICE January 24, 1953

Mary Bitting. Columbia, re-elected recording secretary: Juanita Myers, Columbia, reelected financial secretary, and Paul Ramsey, 20th-Fox, was elected sergeant at arms. At the last meeting of the membership committee of Tent 17. Charles E. Darden announced that the following names had been submitted and passed for induction at some future meeting: J. B. Beeson. Beardon Theatres, Lubbock: Edmond A. Barker, new announcer at radio station KRLD; William R. Estes, projectionist: Randall E. Brooks, executive vice-president, Rogers & Smith Advertising agency; Robert I. Preis, account executive for Tiacy-Locke Co., Dallas. Joe Brewer, 58, projectionist and member of operators Local 249, died January 7. He had been a projectionist for more than 40 years, having worked for Interstate and more recently as operator at the Texas in Dallas for Rowley United Theatres. He has held a number of offices in the local union. He is survived by his daughter Nova Jo, his mother and a sister and his nephew C. R. Smith, who is also a projectionist. Exhibitors Asked to Join In National Laugh Week NEW YORK—Theatre managers are being asked by the National Ass'n of Gag Writers to stage local contests in advance of the eighth annual Laugh week, April 1-8. The idea is to choose the best comedian, the best laughter, the best comedy writer or humorLst in all types of communities, and to offer local prizes on April Fool's day. John C. Klock Dead OKLAHOMA CITY—John Charles Klock. 86, long a theatre supply employe, died last week at his home here following a fourmonth illness. He had been with the W. R. Howell Tlieatre and Equipment Supply Co. the last ten years. He enjoyed a host of business fr'ends. Born in New York, he had been in the business since 1915. He moved here 35 years ago. WINS POPCORN MACHINE—Fred Rich, left, of the Rio Theatre in Buffalo, Tex., was awarded the Cretors Popcorn machine by the Dallas Colosseum of Film Salesmen. The machine was purchased from Associated Popcorn Distributors. Above Rich is being congratulated by Mun Whitcher, Columbia, treasurer of the Colosseum. Russell Brown, president of the loge, this week expressed his thanks to all the exhibitors in the Texas area for their cooperation in ihe machine giveaway. Allied of Oklahoma Plans for Conclave TULSA— Leaders ot Allied Theatre Owners of Oklahoma this week were finalizing plans here for the organization's first annual convention and trade show to be held at the Biltmore hotel in Oklahoma City February 23-25. Harold Bowers of the Brook Theatre here, who is in charge of reservations for the three-day conclave, said that Oklahoma Allied has reserved 200 rooms at the Biltmore in order not to have a room shortage. Theatre owners attending the convention will hear nationally known industry speakers and film stars and will attend open forum meetings, business clinics and equipment displays, with side entertainment including banquets and luncheons. Booth sales have been excellent and space has been reserved by Coca-Cola, AAA, Root Beer, Curtiss Candy Co., National Carbon, United Film Service, Bordens Ice Cream Co., National Screen Service, Alexander Film Co., Vending Machine Corp., Hollywood Brands, Manley, Oklahoma Theatre Supply, National Theatre Supply, W. R. Howell Theatre Supply. 20th-Fox, Columbia, Universal, MGM, RKO, Paramount, United Artists and Warner Bros. Other reservations are continuing to come in at good rate. Among national industry figures to attend are Wilbur Snaper. president of Allied States Ass'n: A. F. Myers, chairman of the board for Allied States: Col. H. A. Cole of Dallas; Trueman Rembusch, Jack Kirsch, John Wolfberg, Bennie Berger, Nathan Yamins, Ben Berenson, and film company executives H. M. Richey, MGM; Leon Bamberger, RKO, and F. J. A. McCarthy, Universal. An attractive souvenir program is nearly completed and advertising space has been virtually sold out. The booklet will be complete with the history of Oklahoma Allied, the trade shows and items about those taking part in the convention. All theatre owners, whether members of Allied or not, are invited to attend. RCA Plans Spanish Plant To Make TV Receivers NEW YORK—Radio Corp. of America will build a factory near Madrid in Spain for the production of television home receivers, phonograph records and record players, Frank M. Folsom, president, said Tuesday (6). It will be completed diu'ing the year. Arrangements for the project were made in association with Gabriel Soria, president and managing director of Industria Electronica S. A., associate RCA company in Spain. Soria is now here. Other company administrators will be Antonio Soria, brother of Gabriel, who has also handled RCA product in Spain, and Meade Brunet. a vicepresident of RCA and managing director of the RCA international division. SELL YOUR THEATRE PRIVATELY taroest coverage in U.S. No "Net" list- i ings. Highest reputation for know-hov. and fair dealing. 30 years experience including exhibition. Ask Better Business Bureau, or our customers. Know your broker. ARTHUR LEAK Theatre Specialists 3305 Caruth. Dallas. Texas Telephones: EM 0238 - EM 7489 CONFIDENTIAL CORRESPONDENCE INVITED Something Big! V