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Texas COMPO Sponsors Red

Texas COMPO Sponsors Red Expose Film as Must Chill Wills Telethon Collects $50,000 DALLAS—The March of Dime.s program here hit the jackpot on Saturday night when Chill Wills, U-I film star, acted as master DALLAS — "The Hoaxters," f aclual-type expose of Communism produced by MGM, has been chosen by Texas COMPO showmen as its first 1953 public relations project. The COMPO unit, representative of all exhibitors in Texas, sponsors a motion picture at intervals and asks state theatremen to give it special promotion and statewide booking as a means of building industry prestige and creating good public relations. "The Hoaxters" was personally produced by Dore Schary, production head for MGM, as a public service feature of the motion picture industry. "It is essential that every per.son, regardless of age, race or creed, see this feature, which is regai-ded as one of the world's most shocking documentary films," Texas Around Oklahoma By WESLEY TROUT The Ritz Theatre, Chickasha, formerly owned by Video Independent Theatres, was purchased recently by Mi's. Opal Gray, who operated the Pix Theatre there for many years and the Squaw Drive-In at El Reno last year. The Ritz was remodeled after being closed several weeks. The facelifting included a new front, streamlined Wagner marquee with green plastic letters and a new name—The E.squire, in script 19-feet long, molded in three-foot red plastic letters filled with red neon. This sign was installed across the top of marquee. Under the marquee there are ten large floodlights. The building has been painted white. The low'er lobby is Portland cement stucco and rose tile. There are new attractive lobby di.splay frames for advertising and large illuminated letters on the marquee for program advertising. The doors are solid gum with attractive trimmings. A new streamlined boxoffice and a new snack bar have been installed. The lobby has been enlarged to twice its former size with a new brick tile floor to match the wood w-ork. Walls have been finished in green and the ceiling in yellow. Tlie house is also equipped with 33-ton Carrier refrigeration. The Pix Theatre, formerly owned by Mrs. Gray, has closed and will be remodeled into a store. The house had 12 years of continous operation. The Squaw Drive-In, El Reno, has been sold to "Red" Slocum and Video Independent Theatres and will be reopened early in the spring. This situation was remodeled last year by Mrs. Gary. * * • Paul Shipley, city manager. Video Independent Theatres, Enid, put on a big publicity and advertising campaign for "Road to Bali" and the five-day engagement did very nice business TV does not bother Wesley Ruggles, Grand, COMPO directors inform exhibitors. "It is the patriotic duty of every theatre to play this informative picture. Special arrangements have been made with MGM for the film to be sold to you at production, print and distribution costs in order that you might take full advantage of this important project. You are urged to book it as soon as possible." It is emphasized that, while the film is a documentary, it is interesting, entertaining and highly informative and unmistakably will boxoffice receipts if well exploited. COMPO has prepared a special promotion kit, containing suggestions for handling the film, and is offering a special trailer and radio publicity record at nominal cost. The film runs 36 minutes. Geary. He rents part of his other theatre, which is closed, to a TV repairman. « « * Clarence Ausherman, owner of the Wakita, Wakita, enjoys something unusual in newspaper advertising. His ad is run on the front page. Variety of Houston Installs New Crew I Continued from preceding page) ning the international canvasman from Tent 17 executive vice-president of Rowley United Theatres, John H. Rowley. Many great projects were undertaken and completed during his two years as chief barker. He will tell us about the highlights of the midwinter meeting at Pittsburgh." Rowley emphasized the importance of having a big delegation from the Variety Clubs in Texas at the Mexico City convention in May. He stressed the great interest that is following the Adolph Zukor testimonial dinners throughout the country. He then inducted the crew and officers for 1953. As his first official remarks, Mitchell M. Lewis, chief barker, said, "L. C. Kirby has been entirely too modest in recounting the results of the club under his capable leadership, which was also handicapped by some illness. During the past year Tent 34 raised more than in any previous year in history. It gives me great pleasure to show the appreciation of the club members to Lew'is Kirby by presenting him with this life membership gold card." Joe Foster was the final speaker of the evening. As one of the ten outstanding young men in the U. S. for 1952 selected by the National Junior Chamber of Commerce, he related in detail some of his harrowing experiences as undercover man for the police departments of Texas in exposing illegal narcotic rings. Chill Wills performed brilliantly as master of ceremonies for the March of Dimes Telethon over Wr.\.\-TV in Dallas recently. Shown, left to right: Jack Sherman, WF.\A-TV sports editor; Cannon Ball Taylor and Wills, who is about to start auctioning off cakes. of ceremonies on the WFAA-TV Telethon program, which lasted for 22 hours. Wills, who appeared on the program at the request of Texas COMPO, clowned, kidded and wisecracked with hundreds of entertainers and civic leaders while telecasting the show. The result was that $50,000 was contributed by listeners in Dallas and the surrounding territory. Outstanding performers who appeared with Wills included Pat O'Brien, Eva Gabor and Richard Egan, who were in the stage production at the Melba Theatre, Spike Jones and entertainers and musicians from the local night club.s. Wills auctioned off a large array of donated articles from local merchants and brought fancy prices for the cakes, radios, dre.sses, iron lungs and other items given to the cause. Exhibitors in the territory were generous in their contributions and in expressions of high regard to Chill. Phil Isley, president of Phil Isley Theatres and president of Allied Theatre Owners, said. "We are proud of Chill for his unexcelled performance in raising funds for this worthy cause." Don C. Douglas, Rowley Theatres executive and finance chairman for Texas COMPO, said, "Chill is always a credit to our industry and this magnificent job he performed for the March of Dimes is characteristic of his great heart." [1 BUFFALO COOLING EQUIPMENT 3409 Oak Lawn, Room 107 BUFFALO ENGINEERING CO., INC. Doll Tex.

. . Pat . . R. . . The — OKLAHOMA CITY Solon Backing Now 100% In Oklahoma Tax Drive OKLAHOMA CITY—The batting average of Oklahoma exhibitors in their campaign to line up their congressmen and U.S. senators in favor of repeal of the 20 per cent amu.sement tax reached 100 per cent when Senator Robert S. Kerr offered his support at a meeting with exhibitors at the Oklahoma Club. JANUARY 2 TO 31 Phone: RA5S26 DALLAS 2008 Jackson St. ager, is back at work following a week home with the flu. Hollis came here December 21 from Shamrock. Tex., where he had been pay Franklin Motley, son of Claude F. managing theatres for Seibert and Eugene Motley. Video executive, will marry Ruth Worley. In show business for 30 years, all Sparks of the city, daughter of the in the exhibition end of the trade. Hollis has J. E. Sparkses of Mayfield. Okla. No date was worked in -several Oklahoma and Texas situations He joined Griffith Theatres in 1939 announced. Young Motley is a student at Oklahoma U. in Norman . Lewis Barton and remained with its working .successor. and wife announced their son Gerald G. will Video Independent, until March of 1952 when marry Martha Jo Clough. daughter of the he joined the Worley organization, working Arthur Lyman Cloughs of Norman, next week in Breckenridge, Eastland and Shamrock . . . in St. John's Episcopal church, Norman. Barton is a freshman law class student. Dean "Doc" Davis, another of Howard Kerr flew here from Washington to attend the session. Federer's crew, has been down with the flu. Davis manages the Center. Senator Mike Monroney made his commitment in a telegram. Morris Loewcnstein, president of the Theatre Owners of Oklahoma, and C. A. "Dewey" When Cleveland, Okla., Tuesday (20) An overflow crowd attended the Oklahoma Gibbs. Columbia manager, celebrated their honored its most illustrious son, Billy Vessels, Club luncheon gathering, and additional birth anniversaries together January 7. a All-America halfback and Heisman trophy tables had to be set up at the last minute. longtime custom. The wives do the honors. winner, the Cleveland Theatre joined in the More than 100 exhibitors were present. Morris and his wife were ill with the flu all-day festivities, showing films of three or several days, but they recovered in time to four Sooner football games At the head table were Morris Loewenstein, chairman of the meeting; Mrs. Avece free to the public make the special train which left January during the afternoon. The films included the 15 for Wa.shington and the inaugural festivities. They left Washington for New York to sped to three touchdowns in the greatest Notre Dame and OU thriller in which Waldron, Lindsay; Mrs. Rhoda Gates, Seihng; Vessels Mrs. Elizabeth Tucker, Guthrie, and Mrs. L. attend the Theatre Owners of America board running performance the Irish stadium had H. Goerke, Canton. meeting . McGee of Cooper Foundation witnessed since the days of the Four Horsemen. Theatres, Denver, was in. Waite Kerr of Sulphur made R. G. Miller's The Warner-operated Midwest Theatre Smoking Room, a daily column in the Oklahoma City Times and Sunday Oklahoman. Fair." Coffee was served at a special showing opened Friday (23) with "Meet Me at The Miller wrote: "Our friend Waite Kerr, who of the film for the wives of the Oklahoma is the big movie theatre man for both Sulphur and Davis, has spread out with a drive- weekend . Oklahoma Publishing Co. Press'n delegates at the Warner over the in theatre on U.S. 77 near the Arbuckle mountains. We wonder if all this theatre business Biu'ge, ex-theatre man and Municipal audi- special events department, headed by Jimmy is helping or hindering his plug-fishing!" torium manager, is presenting the Ballet Theatre Co. here February 1. A German shepherd dog which has appeared in a series of films and his owner-trainer are now making their home here. The dog Pensacola Ticket Tax westerns with Roy Rogers. He appeared in Val, owned by Jack Pack, has been in many Upheld Second Time "The W'ld North." "Our Very Own" and more From Southeast Edition recently in movies for TV, "The Adventures PENSACOLA, FLA.—The Florida supreme court has ruled that the of Rin Tin Tin." Pack is the original owner amusement tax as • MACHINE FOLD collected of the famous collie. Lassie. He said Val was by the city of Pensacola is valid. • ROLL, SINGLE-DUPLEX given to him by Jack Rollins, a Columbia The decision was made in connection with • RESERVED SEAT the director, and he regards the animal as the case between Paramount-Gulf Theatres • BOOK STRIP smartest and best trained dog and the city of Pensacola in which the theatre company protested the use of amusement THEATER GIFT COUPON BOOKS in the U.S. today. taxes as security for payment of revenue SEASON PASSES — ONE TIME COMPS. Hollis Herod, who is the new State man- certificates, funds from which were to be used for the construction of an auditorium on -A-eeuRAeY- Palafox wharf. SOUTHWEST TICKET & COUPON CO. PLEASE Polio is a menace oil must fight. Give your patrons 2110 CORINTH ST. • Harwood 7185 • DALLAS, TEX. a chance to contribute. BOOKINGS MADE EASY card is in the moi/, and profitable— fo you TODAY! J/ L&\'s talk if over Jb/n '>AARCH THE Hewvuod .Siminuns R. E. DavU We know the Southwest . . . we know pictures and our combined skill can save you time and trouble. Details of our methods will convince you! Come in! DIMES HEYWOOD SIMMONS BOOKING SERVICE BOXOmCE January 24, 1953 70-C