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for admission, and distributing the cans

to the needy. It also conducted a soup kitchen

during those days.

Christmas parties were held each December

24 for poor children of Houston. When the

parties outgrew the theatre, they were moved

to the City Auditorium.

And it was while one of these parties was

in progress on December 24, 1951, that Horwitz

died In a local hospital. The news was

kept from the children so that nothing could

detract from their happine.^^s as the toys and

bags of fruit and candy were distributed.

Horwitz was the first manager of the theatre

with Cannata as his righthand man. It

is closing under the management of Joe


Drive-In Named Dona-Lin

LOHAINE. TEX.— The ni-w drive-ni iindtr

construction here for Mr. and Mrs. Percy

Bond, owners of the Lorex Theatre, will be

named the Dona-Lin. The drive-in is located

east of town on Highway 80. The theatre

will accommodate 300 cars. The Bonds

the name Dona-Lin after their only two

grandchildren—Donna Jan and Ray Lynn


Houston Boys Club Used

By Average of 261 Daily

HOU.STON The nuiiiiihi biillellii il Ih.

Variety Boys Club records a membership ol

2,585, an average dally participation of 261

and participation totaling 78,428 for the June-

July-August period. Activities Incl-.ided ii

1,600-mile tour through Austin, San Antonio,

Del Rio. Alpine. Fort Davis and the Carlsbad

cavern. An art cla-ss will have its work featured

In a Sunday magazine section of the

Houston Chronicle. Crafts, library and

athletics were all popular. Gym attendance

reached the 17.974 mark. In the special Interests

groups, stamps, model planes, photography

and fencing all were well represented.

Wide Screen to Big Spring

BIG SPRING. TEX. Ike Robb, manager

ot the Rltz Theatre here, reports a wide

screen and stereophonic sound will be installed.


"The National Theatre has a new top price

of 32 cents for adults anytime ... In

celebrating Mexican Independence day September

— 16, the Alameda billed two big screen

hits "Esos de Menjamo" and "Amor Salvaje"

Wolfe of the Southern Theatre

Co. here is back from a vacation in Mexico . . .

All three film exchanges were closed Labor


Sidney Schaenfield, assistant manager and

treasurer at the Majestic, returned to work

following a two-week vacation spent hereabouts

... A. Terrazas now is the new projectionist

at the Charro Drive-In . . . Tom

Mills, motion picture operator at the Majestic,

has been on the sick list . . . After 26 years

in the Aztec booth. Bill Keeler now is chief

projectionist at the Majestic.


The Majestic candy bar has added a new

item for sale. It is 3-Movie magazine

The Aztec premiered "Blowing Wild" September

The Alameda will get the first

17 . . . 3-D Spanish picture early this fall ... All

Interstate theatres showed the "Spencer

Tracy Comes to Texas" trailer and audience

collections were taken at each showing to

benefit the Gonzales Warm Springs Foundation

for polio victims.

Mrs. Ann Schafer, Empire cashier, divided

her two-week vacation between Austin and

Reopens at Corpus Christi


has been reopened, equipped with a new

panoramic-type screen.

Galveston. Mrs. Schafer has been working in

theatre boxoffices for the last 30 years . . .

August Lynn Krueger, Majestic manager,

leaves this month on his annual vacation . . .

Los Churumbeles de Espana were to headline

a variety stage show held in the municipal

auditorium theatre Wednesday cl6) . . . The

Varsity Drive-In is sporting a classy new

station wagon.

Eph C'harninsky, head of Southern Theatre

Co. here, attended the recent Variety Club

Turtle derby at Dallas . Merl Wolf,

manager of the Arts, returned from a Mexico

City vacation.

The Runge VFW Post 9189 sponsored a twonight

showing of "Stalag 17" at the Runge

Theatre, Runge. All profits went to new

VFW Community park there . . . Joe Garcia's

National Theatre burned recently. No films

George Monsive, who is the only Charro were lost in the fire, which occurred early

member of Local 604, Corpus Christi, was a

in the morning. The house w^as located at

recent visitor. Monsive works in the booth

Asherton . . . Visiting the Mexican film exchanges

of the Palace there and was honored at the

were Father Romero of the Kerrville

local's 30th anniversary banquet held in the

parish, who was here to book pictures for the

Gulf coastal city Wednesday (9i night .

fall and winter sea.sons, and the Rev. F. Altamira.

Walter Tinney, Texas projectionist and head

El Campo; Mr. and Mrs. Dave Parker,

of Local 407, is back from a vacation to the who operate tent shows In Mooring and Cash

Yellowstone National Park and Colorado .

Dan Quinones sr., operator at the Majestic,

Store, Tex.

returned from a visit to the Grand Canyon in Mrs, Sarah Shelton, secretary in the Azteca


Films office, has purchased a new Ford .

Lloyd Munter, Yolanda manager. Eagle Pass,

and Mrs. Jose Navarro and her little daughter

were in town booking film for the new forthcoming

months. Her husband owns the

National Theatre at Taylor. Jack Cayton,

theatreman of Loving, N.M., was a recent

caller at Clasa-Mohme.

The Majestic Theatre will put in $25,000

worth of special equipment for its showing of

"The Robe," which will open here October 8.

Interstate officials said. Other openings in

Texas at the same time include at Fort

Worth, Houston and Dallas.



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