Video introduction about Stuttgart and the pedelec ... -

Video introduction about Stuttgart and the pedelec ... -

Video introduction about Stuttgart and the pedelec

project by Stuttgart‘s mayor Dr. Wolfgang Schuster

made for the presentation on the 15th of March at the

LEV Conference Taipei, Taiwan

On the next pages you can see some pictures of the video together

with the message of mayor Schuster:


Introduction to Stuttgart...


Vineyards on the Stuttgart hills...


“My name is Wolfgang Schuster, I am the mayor of the

city of Stuttgart and I would like to be in Taipei.

Unfortunately I can not come to your wonderful and

important City.


“But I would like to tell you, that we started a huge

project to promote pedelecs in our city.

And therefore I am very interested in cooperating with all

of you.”


Stuttgart is famous as a center for mobility.

We have not only many universities and research

centers but although companies like Daimler, Porsche

and Bosch - and they are all interested to promote this

type of mobility.”


“I am very interested to have a cooperation for example

through our world wide network "Cities for Mobility".

In this network we have over 400 partners and cities in

60 countries and we are looking forward to cooperate

also on the pedelec development.”


“Therefore I am so interested to see the results of your


And specifically I would like to invite you to come to

Stuttgart between the 1st to the 4th of June this year,

because we have the World Congress of "Cities for

Mobility" and it would be a pleasure to continue the

discussion to promote pedelecs.”


“Welcome to Stuttgart!”


Some more impressions of Stuttgart: The new art gallery...


The Neckar river with vineyards...


Interesting spots for sightseeing everywhere..


Stuttgart has many cosy green spots...


When you have a birds few to Stuttgart you will

understand that there are inclines everywhere and that is

why pedelecs will make bike riding much more popular.


The castle in the center...


more castles around Stuttgart... many nice places to make a

weekend tour by pedelec!


The newly build Mercedes-Benz Museum


A nice place to learn more about the history of mobility like

gasoline powered cars! It is easy to reach by pedelec as well.


Although the city has many trees, due to the valley situation

and the heavy car and truck traffic it is recently ranked

number one of all German towns with most days of high

particle exceeding the EU regulated values.

If the town target to replace 20% or more of the car traffic by

pedelecs and electric scooters this would be a major step to

improve the air quality in the city center!


Come to Stuttgart and have a look by yourself!


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