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STS is a proud partner to Plan, one of the

oldest and largest children’s develop ment

organizations in the world. They work in 50

developing countries across Africa, Asia and

the Americas to promote child rights and

lift millions of children out of poverty.

STS stands for Student Travel Schools.

We have been working with international

education and cultural exchanges for young

people and adults since 1958.

STS was founded in Gothenburg, Sweden in 1958, when we

organized our first language study trip to Austria. We have

more experience than any other company in the industry.

Today we are represented in over 40 countries worldwide.

We have offices in 16 countries and a large global network of

partners and non-profit organizations. We offer a broad selection

of educational products from foreign language trips for

middle school students to degree courses at colleges and universities

all over the world. Internationally we are one of the

world’s largest language education and cultural exchange

organizations. But despite our size, personal contact is something

we never compromise on. It is a question of confidence

and one of the most important factors in our success.

Our core mission has been there from the beginning: by providing

people with education and cultural exchanges we can

help to create competitive international citizens with an understanding

of different cultures and languages.

STS Country Offices

STS Representatives, Partners and Schools


We highly recommend STS, your

students will be in the best hands!

”Working with STS for the past 13 years have been a wonderful

experience, we consider STS as one of our main partners worldwide.

Their care, support and professionalism has been highly

appreciated from all the Ecuadorian students and parents.

Through STS we have been able to expand our programs to Europe

and Asia, making us the first agency in Ecuador that send

exchange student to China! As well as we have been able to

host students from STS in Ecuador! It is a pleasure to work with

the entire STS staff and together make an international Family!

Angy Vinueza, General Manager, XPLORER Ecuador

STS is quality for you and your customer

STS was founded in 1958 in Sweden. Over the past 50 years STS has

evolved into a multi-national organization with 5 000 staff, part-time

teachers, representatives and volunteers working all around the world.

Since the first students enrolled in 1958 our core aims and values have

not changed, but over the years we have continued to develop our programs

to cater to the needs of a constantly evolving global society. Here

is a list of reasons to why you should choose STS as your partner:

• A broad product portfolio gives you a great variety to choose from.

We know that the better a course suits a student, the more he or she

gets out of it. With a wide range of products you can feel safe that

we offer what your customer desires. We work continously with improvements

to be able to offer you the best and most appealing

products every year. Currently, we offer five programs to choose

from: Language Schools and High School for teenagers, Language

Schools for adults, Au Pair and academic studies with IBS International

Business School. Enjoy the advantage of one provider for all

your educational needs!

• Global network and local service. Our head office is located in Sweden

but we are a global organization in touch and working everyday

with our offices and partners all over the world. This network enables

us to offer high quality language courses, high school exchange

and university studies in all different parts of the world at a competitive

price. Wherever you choose to go, we are there for you and

your students 24/7.

• Great success for your students brings returning customers. When

students come home after enrolling with STS, telling friends and

family about the fantastic journey they have experienced we know

we have succeded. This is our most important promise to you. The

reason for this is our carefully selected schools, staff and host families

as well as our language course teaching philosophy, STS Progressive

Learning. It is especially designed to enable fast and fun language

learning where the language is spoken. Our primary goal is

the students’ total learning, courage to speak, increased vocabulary

and improved pronounciation. We also offer all students a range of

stimulating activities, which will help to further their language learning

experience outside the classroom.

• Great organisation and care means smooth production. We pride

ourselves in providing high levels of quality, support and supervision

focusing on every student’s diverse needs. Therefore we have a

very dedicated staff who work tirelessly to provide the correct care

at all times. We have our own offices in many of our exchange

countries and the support of our partner organizations. Our 24-

hour telephone service, both in the host country and in the home

country, makes sure the students always have someone to contact.

Also, STS has its own leaders for most departures and arrivals. Once

the student is accepted to an exchange program or language

course, we guarantee a carefully selected host family and school in

the chosen country.

• Personal support makes it easy. When you work with us you will get

one contact person dedicated to you, who will be your partner

through the whole process. No questions are to small for us!

• AAA-rated. STS is in the highest ranked category with regard to

credit rating. The AAA rating means that STS is a safe choice for you

when you place your order.

With many satisified agents and more than one million happy students

we know that STS and your customer is a winning combination.

Many quality accreditations.

There are many authorities and bodies around the world

that assure quality in educational standards and the implementation

of foreign studies. We are accredited and

approved in every market we do business in. Maintaining

high quality is not only important for us, it is also a

key business factor.

for International Educational and

Cultural Exchange


What has happened since 1958?


We sent our first students to Austria. The year

after we added Hastings as a destination, still

very popular among our students.


The establishment of international offices began

in the first half of the 1960s. We opened

offices in Norway and Denmark in 1964.


Finnish students also got the opportunity to

take language study trips.


Entering the European market, we opened an

office in Germany in 1967.


We opened offices in Italy, first in Milan and

then in Rome.


We introduced a new concept: High School

programs in the USA for foreigners. International

interest grew due to a great demand for

new educational methods.


A new growing demand for combining language

training with top flight sports training

led us to begin collaborating with several

sports associations.


The President of the United States forms the

Youth Exchange Initiative, a project aimed at increasing

international understanding through

youth exchanges. STS students got the opportunity

to meet the American President personally.


The IBS International Business School was born,

providing academic education mixed with

practical training abroad within several fields.


STS Au Pair program was started in the USA.


STS opened offices in Poland, Hungary and

the Czech Republic.


We started our Oxford Intensive course in the

university city of Oxford.


We created Chelsea Football Camp in London

in collaboration with Chelsea Football

Club. Our first camp where students study

languages and develop special interests at

the same time.


We started language schools for adults (over

18) at several places around the world.


STS created a new brand targeting external

agents called LSC (Language Study Centres)

focusing on residential courses at established

universities throughout England and

the US.


We opened our first office in Beijing, China.


LSC received British Council accreditation.


Demand for our various programs is high in

several Asian countries. We received the first

group of exchange students from Thailand.


We welcomed our millionth customer. We celebrated

with a scholarship to promote international

exchanges and learning.


STS in the USA grew with the opening of a new

centre in New York, welcoming over 700 students

in the 1st year of operation.


We opened our fourth office in the USA,

launched STS Select, an exclusive high school

program, and started STS Intensive in Cambridge.








A range of summer courses for

students between 10–18, held in many

exciting destinations around the world.

STS is a modern language school provider with vast experience, organizing

language courses for young people between the ages of 10 to 18.

We offer many destinations around the world where the best international

student mix is available.

The aim of our organization is to provide top quality language courses,

where the students’ education and welfare are paramount. Safety in

every aspect of our language courses is extremely important to us and

we pride ourselves on a safety record that has allowed over 1,000,000

people to travel with STS since 1958.

The STS Language Course

We offer a wide range of courses at different levels.

A typical STS Language Course includes:

• Coach Transfer (if more than 15 students) to & from

a local airport

• Full board accommodation in host family or

residential type accommodation (unless specified)

• General English, Spanish or French lessons Monday to Friday

• 15 hours’ tuition per week

(18 hours for Intensive classes)

• Course material

• Entry and final tests

• End of course certificate

• Full-day excursions

• Half-day excursions

• Full afternoon program of sports/cultural

activities or local visits

STS back pack

• Enrolment fees

• One group leader place per 15 students

(accommodation included)

• 24 hour local support

We also offer other specialized language based courses. STS Experience

are great adventures and an experiences over and above a regular language

course. Here the language training takes place through travelling

and socializing with students and leaders from other countries.

Experience courses are available in China, Canada, USA and Australia.

STS Camps and STS 2+1 are courses where you study a language while

developing a special interest, for example STS Chelsea Football Academy.

STS Class Tours are year-round, one-week courses that enable

school groups to have an affordable visit during term time while still

benefiting from the excellent service that STS provides. Available in the

UK and Malta.

STS Progressive Learning

Our philosophy, STS Progressive Learning, is based on academic expertise

and draws on the fact that the learning takes place where the

language is spoken. It includes a method and teaching materials which

enables quick and fun learning and results in long lasting knowledge.

Our extensive social program, offering excursions, sports and other activities,

provides further opportunities for language practice outside

the classroom.

Various types of accommodation

We believe that a student should be able to choose the accommodation

that suits them best. Most students opt to stay in a carefully selected

host family, but Resort STS is also available, where they can stay

in hotel accommodation with leaders and classmates from different


Free Time

With STS, the students’ free time is always filled with exciting activities

and excursions. We make sure there is always something fun going on

for students to enjoy. The social program is a chance to get to know

classmates, make new friends and make the most of their time in the

host country. Our excellent leaders are always on hand.


STS High School.

For students between 14–18, who wish to study

abroad and get to know the world. We offer

more than 20 countries to choose from.

AT STS High School we believe that student exchange promotes understanding

and respect among people. By spending a year abroad, speaking

another language, living in a new family and studying in a foreign

school, our high school students are one step closer to become international


We place high school students with host families and in programs for an

academic year, a semester or on short stay programs. This is done in accordance

with the standards set out in each exchange program country.

The students stay with host families and attend local high schools as full

time students. STS welcomes students from all over the world which results

in a wonderful international mix on all our programs.

With STS the possibilities are endless. We offer high quality programs all

over the world; in Europe, Asia, South and North America as well as in

Australia and New Zealand. Only students who show academic interest

and achievement, good character, adaptability and satisfactory language

skills are accepted to our high school programs. For certain countries

there are additional language requirements which are listed in the


During the year abroad, we offer a variety of excursions, depending on

where the student wish to study. Getting to know and feel part of the

host country is a key to a successful high school year.

STS in the USA

STS Foundation in the USA has been recognized since 1986 by the United

States Department of State as an exchange program sponsor. Its designated

to issue the DS-2019 visa application form to its international

students. Students use the DS-2019 visa application to apply for a J-1

exchange visitor visa at the US Embassy in their home country.

STS is also accepted for listing in the Advisory List of International

Education Travel and Exchange Programs, published by the Council on

Standards for International Educational Travel (CSIET).

The STS High School program includes:

• Host family selection.

• Room and board provided by a volunteer host family (in some

countries host families receive food support).

• Enrolment in a high school in the community. Grade designation,

class schedule and year-end attendance recognition are solely at

the discretion of the school in which the participant is enrolled.

• Necessary documentation to apply for the visa.

STS student ID, student handbook and Certificate of Completion.

• Greeting at the final destination.

• Supervision during the program.

• Welcome orientation in the community.

• Pre-departure orientation material (supplied by the Agent).

• 24-hour emergency service.

STS Select – an exclusive high school program

STS Select is a high school program all about choice and opportunity.

Students with a particular interest (a sport, for example), that would like

to focus on a specific subject or stay in a selected geographic area,

should choose STS Select. This program offers the opportunity to choose

from highly rated schools in four of the most desirable destinations

around the world: the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. All students

are placed in carefully choosen host families.

We have developed STS Select to encourage individual and social development

while offering a safe and challenging learning experience.


STS is responsible for making sure that all the students have comprehensive

insurance cover during the entire stay in the host country. We offer

an insurance called STS/Falck medical, accident and liability insurance.

All students must have this or an equivalent level of cover from another

reputable Insurance provider.


Students above 18.

STS provides language courses for adults,

au pair positions and academic studies with

internships and practical training worldwide.

STS International Language Schools

STS International Language Schools are for those over 18 who would

like to learn or improve their knowledge in a language. We provide language

studies in 20 countries. Course lengths vary from one week to

one school year. Most courses offer a variety of levels and study tempos.

We also have programs aimed at mature students and a selection of

language courses for companies and organizations specially adapted to

the needs and requirements of the business world. The most prestigious

of our programs are our Cambridge Diploma courses, which are one

of the most internationally recognized of all English language qualifications.

We provide Cambridge Diploma courses at three different levels

at sixteen locations in seven countries.

STS provides a package that includes study, accommodation and the

opportunity for leisure activities. There is a choice of several forms of

accommodation: staying as a paying guest with a host family, living in a

student hall or sharing an apartment are the most common. Depending

on the study location, staying at hotels or hostels is also possible.

STS Au Pair

The best way to get to know another culture is to work, study and travel

within it. Being an au pair is a fantastic way to get out into the world.

Not only because it is fun and educational, but also because it is such a

great way to grow as a person. STS Au Pair has been operating in the

USA since 1993. Since 2010 we also offer au pair positions in France, the

UK and New Zealand. To work as an au pair you must be between 18

and 30, have a high school diploma, a driving licence, experience with

children and competence in the local language.

STS helps organize all the practical details. Everyone at STS involved in

the program has a background as an au pair and our experienced staff is

always available for support. The prospective au pair selects from our

carefully chosen host families. In an effort to ensure that the quality of

our au pair program is as high as possible our partner organizations have

several accreditations and STS is a member of IAPA (International Au

Pair Association).

IBS, International Business School

IBS, International Business School offers academic or vocational education

to students over 18 who want to study abroad. The courses we offer aim

at providing a platform for an international career. They often lean toward

a specific occupation and combine theoretical and practical training.

IBS cooperates with established colleges and universities and provides

courses in Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Thailand.

The courses are located at the most recognized, renowned schools in

the countries concerned. Through IBS it is possible to choose among a variety

of programs, such as International Business, Management, Design,

Multimedia, Theatre, Sports, Music, International relations, etc. Students

can choose to study one term, one year or an entire degree.

• A wide selection of language courses for adults, 1–52 weeks in 20 countries worldwide.

• Au Pair positions for up to one year in the USA, the UK, France and New Zealand.

• Academic courses with theoretical and practical training within many different fields,

in several countries worldwide, with IBS International Business School.


Language Study Centres Ltd began operating from our Head Office in

Manchester in 1999. Since we first welcomed students to our five centres

in 2000, LSC has continued to grow and diversify. We have increased our

portfolio of partner centres around the UK and the USA and have added

new products to meet the needs of our growing worldwide client base.

Our courses are sold to individuals through sales offices around the

world, and to groups through agents in Europe, Brazil and Asia. The selection

of residential campuses we use is based on a combination of factors:

desirable location, high quality accommodation, on-site facilities

and student safety, and although we use these premises for only two or

three months a year we have fostered excellent working relationships

with the college staff so that we get the most friendly and sympathetic

treatment for our students.

The English lessons at Language Study Centres are designed to make

the most of the students’ visit to Britain or America. The language content

of the course has a strong oral bias, and every effort is made to

capitalize on the fact that the students are in an English-speaking

country and being taught by native speakers. In practice this means

making the most of the ”authentic material” which surrounds them,

learning by doing stimulating tasks and projects while using English,

instead of placing too much emphasis on grammatical correctness.

Our aim is to use the time the students are with us to build their confidence

in being able to communicate, and to help them develop strategies

to continue learning effectively when they return home.

”language & culture”


LSC Course Package:


• Full board accommodation in host family or residence

• Hot lunches are provided at all colleges as well as in the host family

program in Harrow and Manchester


• 15 hours of English tuition per week

• Course material (our own excellent course book

”Everyday English”)

• Entry and final tests

• End of course certificate

Social program

• Full-day excursions

• Half-day excursions

• Full afternoon program of sports/cultural activities or local visits

• Optional dance or theatre courses (5 hrs per week, some centres only)

• Evening activities including discos, karaoke, quiz nights and conversation



• One free leader place per fifteen students

• Airport transfers are quoted separately

LSC Centres in the UK and the USA:


San Francisco

Santa Barbara

New York








Telephone: +44 161 998 2834



The program is accredited by the

British Council, the UK’s international

cultural relations body.

Founded in 1934.

”language & culture”


STS Student Travel Schools

Head Office: Kyrkogatan 48, 411 08 Göteborg, Sweden