NEW BeefPro UPDATE - stud-book

NEW BeefPro UPDATE - stud-book

NEW BeefPro UPDATE - stud-book


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Dear <strong>BeefPro</strong> User<br />

<strong>NEW</strong> <strong>BeefPro</strong> <strong>UPDATE</strong><br />

The newest <strong>BeefPro</strong> update (<strong>BeefPro</strong> v27-01-2010 Update) is now available. A large number of new functions<br />

have been added. Please ensure that you take note – see below.<br />

How do I update my <strong>BeefPro</strong> programme?<br />

If your computer is on-line, you can directly install the update by going in <strong>BeefPro</strong> to File ><br />

Update from Web and follow the few steps.<br />

Alternatively, you can go to the <strong>BeefPro</strong> website www.beefpro.net > Updates > Download &<br />

Install to download the file to your computer and then install it. You only need to<br />

download the F1 or the F2 format. The difference between the two formats and how to<br />

download and install any one of them is explained on the web page.<br />

After successful updating your <strong>BeefPro</strong>, the following should be displayed on top of the main<br />

window "<strong>BeefPro</strong> (TM) v27 January 2010..."<br />


Remember to always make a backup of your <strong>BeefPro</strong> database(s) before you<br />

install a programme update.<br />

If you have <strong>BeefPro</strong> on more than one computer, please remember to update<br />

<strong>BeefPro</strong> on both computers before you restore a backup from one computer to<br />

another.<br />

We urge you to go to Updates > What's New to see what has been added/changed/corrected. Some of the more<br />

important additions and improvements in the new update are:<br />

New Data Send functions:<br />

o Matings & AI: Send matings and AI data electronically to ARC/Stud Book. (Data Send / Receive > Send ><br />

ARC/Stud Book > Matings & AI).<br />

o Phase C/D Application Forms: Complete and print/send phase C/D application forms from within <strong>BeefPro</strong> (Data<br />

Send/Receive > Send > ARC / Stud Book > Phase C / D Performance Test Application).<br />

o Official Sale Catalogue Request: Send certain details of the sale and sale animals to Stud Book or your breeders’<br />

society who will then generate an official INTERGIS sale catalogue. The Beef Cattle Trader window is used for this<br />

function. On one window you enter all the details of a sale, on the next window the animals’ details and then you<br />

request an official catalogue and/or upload the sale for free to the Beef Cattle Trader web-site. (Data Send/Receive ><br />

Send > ARC / Stud Book > Request Official INTERGIS Sale Catalogue).<br />

o Photos: Export photos to INTERGIS for use on the Logix web pages. (Data Send/Receive > Send > ARC / Stud<br />

Book > Animal Photos).<br />

o UniStel DNA Services: Users who use UniStel for DNA services can now print/send UniStel documentation from<br />

within <strong>BeefPro</strong>. (Data Send / Receive > Send > UniStel (R) DNA Services).<br />

New/Changed Main Screen setup:<br />

o Default Animal: Setup which animal must be displayed when <strong>BeefPro</strong> opens: Go to: Settings > Herds > Other ><br />

Animal to Display when <strong>BeefPro</strong> Opens).<br />

o Display all previous matings/AI and pregnancy examinations: A window to display all previous matings/AI and<br />

pregnancies for the current animal (only female animals) was added – see the bottom part of the main window).<br />

o Main Screen Layout: Due to problems with third party software components the function allowing the user to<br />

change the layout of the main screen was removed. Window sizes can still be changed, but individual screens cannot<br />

be dragged to custom places. (See Display on main menu).<br />

User Defined Animal Groups:<br />

o Farm Camps group: A build-in primary group for "Farm Camps" was added. The user should only create the<br />

individual camps as secondary groups (e.g. Camp A1 – Farm A’s Camp 1) of this primary group.<br />

o Only in 1 Secondary Group: An additional function "Only in 1 Secondary Group" was also added with the<br />

primary groups, whereby you can decide whether animals can only be in one of the applicable primary group's<br />

secondary groups at a specific time or in any number of secondary groups. (Other Data > User Defined Animal<br />

Groups > Add/Edit/Remove Primary Groups).<br />

o Print Option: A print option was added in the window.

Section: Please note that where the term “Generation” was incorrectly used in the past for “Section” (e.g. SP,<br />

Appendix B, etc.), it has now been corrected. [By the way, generations refer to steps in a pedigree and are now used<br />

purely for this purpose].<br />

Scrotum Circumference in phase B tests: Adjusted scrotum circumference can now be calculated in phase B2<br />

tests. Applicable reports have been adjusted.<br />

Miscellaneous Stock: A new window was developed to be used to keep stock of various items, for example Licks,<br />

Feeds and Concentrates. The user can also add items to keep stock of. For each stock item you can track when it was<br />

bough, used and if so, disposed. (Other Data > Miscellaneous Stock).<br />

Breeding Values report: A new report for printing breeding values was added. (Reports > Weights, Performance<br />

Testing and Traits > Breeding Values).<br />

Averages and Trends report: Exciting!!! A very powerful function to compute averages and display trends for<br />

various traits and groups of animals was developed. E.g. compare average weaning weights over years or compare<br />

and display on a graph the breeding values of your breeding bulls. (Reports > Averages and Trends).<br />

Pelvic Measurements: Window to enter pelvic measurements and calculated areas, adjusted areas and indexes.<br />

Displaying of these values on the user defined report. (Performance Testing > Pelvic Measurements)<br />

Tick Count Report: A new report for displaying tick counts and tick resistance indexes. (Reports > Weights,<br />

Performance Testing and Traits > Performance Test Results > Tick Counts).<br />

Sale Catalogue: An extra custom printing option and a breeding value summary printout were added.<br />

Corrections: Corrections were done to a few calculations where it was incorrect for specific scenarios. Please<br />

recalculate summary information for these corrections to take effect. (File > Support > Recalculate Summary Data).<br />


If your <strong>BeefPro</strong>’s license expires the end of February, you will receive an invoice for the license fee within the next<br />

week or two by email (if we have your email on record) or by normal mail. After you have paid the license fee<br />

(R550), please fax or email us the proof of payment and follow the instructions on the invoice to re-register your<br />

<strong>BeefPro</strong>.<br />


The long awaited comprehensive management calendar, linked to the <strong>BeefPro</strong> diary is almost ready for testing. (If<br />

you are interested to assist us with the testing, please contact me). We are very pleased about this development but<br />

we want to ensure that it is complete and well tested before we officially release it. We want to express our sincere<br />

thanks to Dr Gerald Gaiger (centenarian and <strong>stud</strong> breeder from Rustenburg) for his valuable inputs in compiling the<br />

management calendar.<br />

<strong>NEW</strong> GenePro <strong>UPDATE</strong><br />

The newest GenePro update (GenePro Update v19-12-2009) is available. To download and install the update, go<br />

to www.genepro.co.za > Updates >Download & Install. A few additions and improvements were done – see What’s<br />

New on the website.<br />


The dates and venues for this year’s <strong>BeefPro</strong> training courses will be finalized soon. If you are interested in<br />

attending a training course, please contact:<br />

Johan de Jager – 083 305 1042 or email jjager@mweb.co.za<br />

Or<br />

Jolandi de Jager – 083 601 9383 or email beefpro@mweb.co.za.<br />


We would like to remind you about the Beef Cattle Trader module with which you can quickly, easily and FOR<br />

FREE advertise your for-sale animals via <strong>BeefPro</strong> on the website www.beefcattletrader.com. To use this free<br />

service go in <strong>BeefPro</strong> to Add-Inns > Beef Cattle Trader. Please contact your <strong>BeefPro</strong> agent or click on the Help<br />

button for assistance to us this function. Please send us your comments on any aspect of this service you think we<br />

can improve.

Manual<br />

The updated Quick Start and Basic Functions Manual is available on the website www.beefpro.net ><br />

Manuals.<br />


<strong>BeefPro</strong> can be installed on the new Microsoft Windows 7. There are, however, a few settings in Windows 7 (and<br />

Vista) that need to be in place for seamless installation of <strong>BeefPro</strong>. Please contact your <strong>BeefPro</strong> agent if you need<br />

any assistance.<br />

TIP<br />

It is important to make sure your herd(s) settings in <strong>BeefPro</strong> are complete and correct for optimal functioning. Go to<br />

Settings > Herds to check the settings for the applicable herd.<br />

THANKS<br />

We want to thank all <strong>BeefPro</strong> users for your comments and proposals for improving the program, our services and<br />

training. We appreciate your feedback – positive or negative. Remember, <strong>BeefPro</strong> is your programme and we are<br />

committed to be the market leader in the quality of our product and our service.<br />

Kind <strong>BeefPro</strong> regards.

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