Nadine Rogers, Cheriton Stables, Port Elizabeth - percheronsa.co.za

Nadine Rogers, Cheriton Stables, Port Elizabeth - percheronsa.co.za

Nadine Rogers, Cheriton Stables, Port Elizabeth - percheronsa.co.za


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2. AGM – STELLENBOSCH – 9 JULY 2008!<br />





by <strong>Nadine</strong> <strong>Rogers</strong>, <strong>Cheriton</strong> <strong>Stables</strong>, <strong>Port</strong> <strong>Eli<strong>za</strong>beth</strong><br />

7. PRETORIA SHOW 2008<br />










The Auction was held in the sales ring at Elsenburg. The weather was miserable, a true cape winter’s<br />

morning. The sheep were auctioned first, and some of them went for enormous prices. Now I also<br />

understand why mutton is so expensive.<br />

There were loads of Percheron breeders in person to buy horses, and quite a few were bidding over the<br />

phone. The excitement was amazing, and the atmosphere was electric. It was an amazing auction!<br />

Read below who bought which horses for what prices!<br />

Lot No Horse’s name Sex Age Buyer Price<br />

(without vat)<br />

1 Elsenburg Mbeki Stallion 08/12/2003 Trek-Lekker Stud R 30 000.00<br />

2 Elsenburg Marinus Stallion 17/09/2005 Piet Botha R 32 000.00<br />

3 Elsenburg Merlin Stallion 05/09/2005 Adrianse van Zydam R 17 000.00<br />

4 Elsenburg Mulan Stallion 25/09/2006 Kilcairn Stud R 21 000.00<br />

5 Elsenburg Mazda Mare 04/01/1991 Kilcairn Stud R 30 000.00<br />

6 Elsenburg Lizta Mare 03/02/1997 Klip-Drift Marais Stud R 33 000.00<br />

7 Elsenburg Mona Mare 05/08/1997 Klip-Drift Marais Stud R 35 000.00<br />

8 Elsenburg Martie Mare 13/10/1998 Gemini Stud R 56 000.00<br />

9 Elsenburg Mandy Mare 20/11/1999 Gemini Stud R 46 000.00<br />

10 Elsenburg Louwna Mare 13/10/2004 Kilcairn Stud R 44 000.00<br />

11 Elsenburg Mirtle Mare 23/09/2005 Summerwind Stud R 42 000.00<br />

12 Elsenburg Lora Mare 18/09/2006 Gemini Stud R 37 000.00<br />

It was amazing to see Percherons being sold for those great prices. There IS new life in the Percheron<br />

Breed!!<br />


After the auction we were all treated to a scrumptious lunch, sponsored by BKB auctioneers. There<br />

was loads of stuff that needed doing, after the auction and before the start of the AGM.<br />

Some buyers were on the internet paying for their horses, others were making arrangements to get<br />

their horses home and those of us, who did not buy horse’s were enjoying lunch and chatting “The<br />

buzz of great prices!”<br />

Well; I guess it goes without saying that the AGM started late.<br />

The Minutes have already been circulated. If you did not get a <strong>co</strong>py, please don’t hesitate to <strong>co</strong>ntact<br />

us.<br />

There is a typo that slipped through in the minutes. The levy per horse was accepted at R50.00 per<br />

horse, and not R15.00 as is currently stated in the minutes. You have been invoiced for this and should<br />

receive the invoiced in the mail shortly.<br />

These levies are payable for all Percherons registered or re<strong>co</strong>rded with the Percheron Breed Society.<br />

This will include all SP (Studbook Proper), Foundation stock, A and B as well as all part-bred<br />

Percherons. The fee for all horses are the same, mares, geldings, stallions, riding horses, breeding<br />

horses and young stock. R50 per horse per year!<br />

This proposed inclusion into our <strong>co</strong>nstitution was accepted at the AGM on 9 July 2008.<br />

Just a reminder that you are now able to re<strong>co</strong>rd the part-bred Percherons as a sub-section, but you must<br />

ensure that there is a minimum of 25% Percheron blood in the off spring.<br />


Letter head<br />

1 2<br />

Picture for Pedigree Certificates, and to insert into letter head<br />

1 2 3 4<br />

5 6 7<br />

The new logo for discussion: Please give your COMMENTS AND SUGGESTIONS either by SMS to<br />

082 897 9975 or by e-mail to quaggamande@hotmail.<strong>co</strong>m<br />


Baie geluk Pieter en Annalies de Wet!<br />

Pieter het Oom Gerrie laat weet dat daar ‘n liefelike merrie vulletjie aangekom het. Piet sê dat dit die<br />

eerste Percheron vul in baie jare is wat op die plaas gebore is. Piet se pa het destyds ook met<br />

Percherons geboer. Ongelukkig was daar toe vir baie jare nie Percherons op die plaas nie. Totdat<br />

Pieter en Annalies 2 merries by Oom Gerrie gekoop het. Nou herleef die ou Percheron tradisie<br />

homself weer op die mooi Bolandse plaas.<br />

Annalies het die foto’s vir ons ge-epos en sê dat Nella baie trots is op haar nuwe kleinding, maar tog<br />

aanvaar sy dat almal met haar vul speel. Dis mos hoe ons merries behoort te wees.<br />

Almarada Nella met Mortru Griet<br />

Mortru Griet<br />

Baie geluk Pieter, Annelies en natuurlik die trotse merrie, Nella.<br />


y <strong>Nadine</strong> <strong>Rogers</strong>, <strong>Cheriton</strong> <strong>Stables</strong>, <strong>Port</strong> <strong>Eli<strong>za</strong>beth</strong><br />

Although I am new to the Percheron Horse Breeders Society, I am not that new to Percherons – I have<br />

always loved them. I am the proud owner of a lovely 4 year old mare named Princess Grace (Gracie)<br />

whom I bought when she was just 18 months old. I have always had a soft spot for these beautiful<br />

gentle giants and found it virtually impossible to find a going rideable Percheron – hence the purchase<br />

of Gracie and the start of a rather enlightening experience. I own a very well schooled, 22 year old<br />

Warmblood gelding, with immaculate manners but not the brightest spark around (I love him to bits),<br />

so I have to admit that Gracie arrived with a bit of a bang! Not long after arriving her night camp was<br />

washed out so I had to put down a thick bedding of sawdust for her. I had a good routine going –<br />

empty a bag of sawdust and kick it a bit to spread it around, empty the next bag and kick it around and<br />

so it went – rather tedious! As I was doing this I noticed Gracie watching me rather intensely and it<br />

was not long after this that she walked up next to me and as I emptied the next bag, she politely started<br />

stamping at it with her front foot! It was then that I knew I was in serious trouble – I was not dealing<br />

with a big dumb docile carthorse – I was dealing with a highly intelligent, rather intimidating, future<br />

giant with not a fear in the world!<br />

She has <strong>co</strong>ntinued to test me over the years – always <strong>co</strong>ming up with new ways to outfox me, yet<br />

always doing it with a “smile”! Gracie is always the first to <strong>co</strong>me greet you, the first to look for<br />

attention, loves and cuddles and gives us the <strong>co</strong>nstant impression that she would rather be sitting in the<br />

lounge with us then be stuck outside with the other horses!<br />

Johan very kindly came and inspected her a <strong>co</strong>uple of months ago and approved her as a foundation<br />

mare and re<strong>co</strong>mmended that I put her into foal with Greystoke from the Outeniqua Moon Percheron<br />

Stud. Considering the way Gracie had an uncanny way of making me feel like a total in<strong>co</strong>mpetent<br />

when dealing with her, and the fact we wanted to meet and learn from Christine and meet the majestic<br />

Greystoke, it was with great excitement that hubby (Andrew) and I set off to her beautiful stud farm.<br />

What we learnt from Christine, her staff and her horses in the 3 days we were there was invaluable.<br />

The tactics for dealing with these huge animals was revealed and I came home with renewed<br />

<strong>co</strong>nfidence and excitement in my abilities to deal with Gracie. I do not however feel that Gracie shares<br />

my enthusiasm though as she is rather wary and cautious of this “new woman” in her life who left as a<br />

pushover and returned assertive, dominating and very serious about not taking any nonsense! The<br />

wonders of education! It is very liberating to finally be the one doing the “outfoxing” for a change –<br />

thank you Christine.<br />



For those of you who have not had the privilege of visiting Christine at Outeniqua Moon Percheron<br />

Stud, I really urge you to take a trip down that way. Christine runs a Bed and Breakfast or Self<br />

Catering Flat so you get to have a well earned break in exquisite surroundings. The rooms are<br />

beautifully furnished with a separate lounge and kitchenette and the most stunning view over the<br />

Outeniqua mountains. You will be treated like royalty and the food is literally to die for – Christine is<br />

a superb <strong>co</strong>ok – and she makes the best “moerkoffie” ever!! For the non-horsey family members there<br />

are tons to do. The farm is close to George, Mossel Bay and Oudtshoorn so it is literally a ½ hour<br />

drive from the Cango Caves, ostrich rides, camel rides, reptile world, quad biking and much more –<br />

the route is a major tourist attraction so there is no shortage of places to see and visit.<br />


The horses at Outeniqua Moon are a real credit to their breed. All the horses, from the stallion, to the<br />

broodmares, to the babies, are a pleasure to be around. They are all friendly, loving and well handled<br />

and mannered. Greystoke, the stallion is absolutely magnificent – you cannot help but stare at him in<br />

<strong>co</strong>mplete and utter awe!<br />







However, it is the beautiful, gentle, humongous Bobby that really stole our hearts. He is used to take<br />

people on the most wonderful cart rides around the farm. As we were on a “working visit” – we came<br />

to learn and were not disappointed. I kid you not when I tell you that by the end of the 3 days both<br />

Andrew and I were able to man the cart for a trip around the farm. Don’t be mistaken in thinking that<br />

the cart ride is just a gentle walk and stroll – Bobby loves his job and enjoys nothing more then a good<br />

canter and gallop. He chomps at the bit and jogs with excitement before the gallop stretch and when<br />

given rein takes off with a vengeance. I can honestly say I have never experienced such an adrenaline<br />

rush. Imagine the scene – a galloping horse with pounding hooves, a big cart that squeaks as it speeds<br />

up, your hair blowing in the wind, and farm trails with lots of bush – it felt as if we were in the middle<br />

of a western movie!! What an awesome experience, especially <strong>co</strong>nsidering that until I had arrived at<br />

Christine’s I had not even ridden in a horse drawn cart before – let alone drive one!<br />


I wanted to learn as much as possible – I needed to learn as much as possible – and I <strong>co</strong>nstantly picked<br />

Christine’s brain. Apart from learning “the outfoxing tactics to use on Gracie” and carting, we were<br />

taught the basics from start to finish on starting a horse for harness. Dear gentle Bobby was the guinea<br />

pig of choice and was ever so patient with us novices. We started with lunging basics, to the art of<br />

long reining, to harnessing up a horse, to pulling a tyre on the ground, to pulling a cart. Even Andrew<br />

got involved and attempted a bit of everything and although he is not quite <strong>co</strong>nverted yet he is<br />

definitely more impressed with these “wallet eating beasts”!<br />




We also had the privilege of working with one of the broodmares (a beautiful black Percheron named<br />

Moon), learning the basics of starting off a green horse to lunging. It was probably this exercise that<br />

gave me the most <strong>co</strong>nfidence in dealing with Gracie, in that it was quite uncanny how the exact traits<br />

Moon displayed are the same as Gracie displays!<br />


The whole trip was one I <strong>co</strong>uld never forget and I am indebted to Christine for being so patient with us<br />

and also so en<strong>co</strong>uraging.<br />

I would also like to add as a last note that I am really excited about be<strong>co</strong>ming a member of the<br />

Percheron Horse Breeders Society and look forward to meeting more members.<br />

<strong>Nadine</strong> <strong>Rogers</strong><br />

<strong>Cheriton</strong> <strong>Stables</strong>, <strong>Port</strong> <strong>Eli<strong>za</strong>beth</strong><br />


and<br />



This was so <strong>co</strong>ol!! There were 5 Percherons entered in the General breed section. Summerwind<br />

entered Vallon Comet and Elsenburg Mirtle in the breed classes, and Dream Big entered Dream Big<br />

Madam Mortisha, Dream Big Lord Troy and Elsenburg Mostert in the breed and ridden classes.<br />

As there are currently no Draught horse classes, our Percherons <strong>co</strong>mpete against horses and ponies of<br />

all other breeds. In the Open Mares class Morti placed 2 nd , qualifying her for the mare Championships<br />

where she was unplaced. (I must add here, that I’m pretty sure the judge thought she was judging<br />

Morene, Morti’s mother and not a 4 year old filly, but that is showing. One judges opinion of your<br />

horse on one day!)<br />

Dream Big Madam Mortisha<br />

In the Fillies Young Stock class, unfortunately Mirtle was unplaced.<br />

Elsenburg Mirtle<br />

In the Open Stallions class, there were 3 Percherons Stallions. Unfortunately none of them places in<br />

the top 5.<br />

Vallon Comet<br />


Dream Big Lord Troy<br />

Elsenburg Mostert<br />

Mossie <strong>co</strong>mpeted in the ridden classes, where he placed 7 th in the Adult Large Show Hunters and 2 nd<br />

in the Adult Working Riding horse class.<br />

Another successful exhibition of Percherons in Gauteng, Thank you to everyone who assisted us!<br />


The owner of this Welsh Mountain Pony Stud saw Mossie being ridden at Pretoria Show and invited<br />

us to attend the Open-Day Stallion exhibition on her farm near Vereniging. She arranged the day to<br />

raise funds for the Highveldt Horse Care unit. She invited one stallion of each breed, mostly stallions<br />

that were able to partake in the ridden and in-hand stallion parades. We took Elsenburg Mostert and<br />

the Anglo-Arab stallion Medunsa Jason.<br />

The day was well attended by various breeds and many spectators. The only pity is that it was so far<br />

from Medunsa, it took us nearly 3 hours to get there.<br />

Mossie was turned out in the traditional way. Ac<strong>co</strong>rding to Oom Gerrie this was how Percherons were<br />

shown during the 1940’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. (Trust me, plaiting a horse like this takes forever, I<br />

plaited for over 3 hours!)<br />

Mossie with his plaits were definitely the star of the exhibition!<br />


On Saturday afternoon 25 October we arranged a get-together for everyone who is involved with the<br />

Percherons or would like to get involved with the breed at Medunsa. The main reason for the meeting<br />

was to discuss the invitation of draught horses to “the Horse of the Year Show” in February 2009.<br />

The familiar faces were all present, Anton & Louisa Botes, Johan Henning & Jannie Engelbrecht,<br />

Bennie Swart & Mande Siderfin. It was great to meet Surita Meiring from Petrus Steyn. Charmaine,<br />

& Leon Oosthuizen who are now the proud owners of the two stallions Ceaser and Silver Blade who<br />

they bought from Onderstepoort, Veterinary faculty. Frances Prince owns the mare called Yasha.<br />

Unfortunately two new families <strong>co</strong>uld not make the get together. Marjorie Hartzenberg had prior<br />

arrangements and was unable to attend while Louis & Elsa van der Walt, who own Pamela <strong>co</strong>uld also<br />

not make it as their groom’s mother passed away. Better luck next time. Hope to see you at our next<br />

get together. (Johan vd Merwe & Oom Gerrie we have lots of horses to inspect!)<br />

HORSES: Pamela Morti Lady Morene<br />

Leon Mandé Anton Frances Charmaine Daleen<br />

Danika Louisa<br />

Wickus, Marcelle<br />

Pamela, Morti, Lady & Morene<br />

Morene, Lady, Morti & Pamela<br />

Morti with Leon & kids Morti & Anton Mossie<br />



(Please note: This article was written by Mandé Siderfin. I got the information from various books,<br />

talking to veterinarians and from experiencing the devastating affects of this relatively unknown virus<br />

during the past month. EHV has been part of the Thoroughbred industry in SA for years, but we<br />

seldom see it on small breeding farms.)<br />

What is EHV?<br />

The word Herpes <strong>co</strong>mes from the Greek word “herpo” which means creep. The virus often creeps<br />

slowly through the body system, despite proven developing active immunity. There are 4 sub-types of<br />

Herpes virus with the most dangerous and dramatic being Equine Herpes Virus 1.<br />

EHV 1 is associated with Respiratory signs (snotty nose) in young horses, neurologic signs and<br />

abortion in late pregnancy.<br />

EHV 2 is sub-clinical, non-pathogenic and effects as a stressor factor precipitating EHV 1 & 4.<br />

EHV 3 is <strong>co</strong>ital exanthema (spots) on the external genitals of both mares and stallions. EHV3 is a<br />

venereal disease and is spread during breeding.<br />

EHV 4 is associated with respiratory signs as in EHV1; it has no neurologic involvement and rarely<br />

causes abortion.<br />

How is the virus spread?<br />

The respiratory types (EHV 1, 2 & 4) are spread by expiratory aerosol, ingestion of the infection. The<br />

aborted foetus and afterbirth is the most <strong>co</strong>ntagious agents. The virus has a predilection for airway<br />

epithelia. They migrate via the bloodstream through the body to the regional lymph glands, the<br />

respiratory tissue, the central nervous system and the uterus. The infection may be present subclinically<br />

for years. During periods of stress, the infection can produce further clinical illness and<br />

<strong>co</strong>ntagion.<br />

What will I see?<br />

Respiratory Infection<br />

Mostly the respiratory form goes unnoticed, as the young horse has a snotty nose for a few days and<br />

“normal” <strong>co</strong>ld-like symptoms.<br />

Abortion<br />

The signs in the pregnant mare are much more devastating and alarming. Abortions usually occur<br />

within 2 weeks to 2 months after a primary infection. Due to the extreme <strong>co</strong>ntagion of the foetus and<br />

afterbirth, it often causes “abortion storms”, with up to 90% of the mares in one field or on a farm<br />

aborting. The mares show no clinical signs, and there is no way to test if the mare has been<br />

<strong>co</strong>ntaminated, or if she will abort. Abortions usually happen in the last 3 months of pregnancy. The<br />

virus invades the endothelial cells of the small arterioles (blood vessels). The blood vessels of the<br />

pregnant uterus are no exception and the placental attachment to the uterus is lost. This will explain<br />

the Placenta Previa presentation of the thick red allantochorion during the abortion/foaling. Because<br />

the attachment of the placenta is lost, the foetus is expelled without breaking the allantochorion at the<br />

cervix as is usually done during a normal foaling.<br />


The afterbirth is usually fresh with the foal either dead or not breathing but with a heartbeat, or alive<br />

but very weak (neonatal herpes). Foals can live for up to 48 hrs, and then die from an acute and severe<br />

respiratory disease and other systemic usually liver involvement. The initial finding of a post-mortem<br />

is a severe bacterial infection in the lungs, only with further tests is the Herpes virus isolated.<br />

MY CASE STUDY 1: Anglo Arab pony mare, live foal born (10 Oct 08) - 7 days before foaling date<br />

Filly very weak, <strong>co</strong>uld not stand, but had fairly good suckling reflex, stomach tubed and bottle fed foal<br />

Died 30hrs later – just stopped breathing<br />

Onderstepoort PM results – Acute & severe bacterial infection in lunge, only after enquiring about<br />

EHV did they do further tests and <strong>co</strong>nfirm the EHV on (6 Nov 08)<br />

MY CASE STUDY 2: Percheron mare, Lady Luck Showed <strong>co</strong>lic signs on 18 & 22 September ±<br />

40days before aborting - Abortion (28 Oct 08) 5 weeks before foaling date; placenta previa<br />

presentation <strong>co</strong>lt had a heart beat, but did not breath - Onderstepoort <strong>co</strong>nfirmed EHV1 on (5 Nov 08)<br />

1 2 3<br />

(photo’s of pm <strong>co</strong>urtesy of Dr J. Williams) Thank you!<br />

The pictures taken during the post mortem clearly show mild icterus/jaundice (photo 1 of the lips,<br />

tongue and gums), and lesions in the lungs (photo 2) and fluid in the chest cavity (photo 3)<br />

Neurologic disease<br />

This can affect horses of any age and is often as a result of increased stress. Nursing mares are<br />

particularly susceptible. The virus invades the endothelium of the arterioles of the brain and spinal<br />

<strong>co</strong>rd causing neuronal atrophy. A change in the horse’s gait is usually the first sign, followed by<br />

weakness and hind-leg in<strong>co</strong>-ordination. If the <strong>co</strong>ndition does not deteriorate, the prognosis is better<br />

and re<strong>co</strong>very will take a few weeks. If the <strong>co</strong>ndition progresses to paralysis the prognosis is guarded<br />

over several months or death usually by euthanasia.<br />


How can it be prevented?<br />

Intervet makes a vaccine called Equilis Resequin. The vaccine is very expensive (R300.00 per horse).<br />

Pregnant mares should be vaccinated at 5, 7 and 9 months of pregnancy.<br />

There is also a vaccine available called Pneumabort K, but I have not managed to get more<br />

information on this vaccine, other than that it is cheaper.<br />

Young horses should be vaccinated initially with a booster vaccination 1 month later and then every 6<br />

months thereafter.<br />

There is one advantage to this expensive vaccine; there is a <strong>co</strong>mbination vaccine available for Equine<br />

Influen<strong>za</strong> and Equine Herpes. Therefore you will no longer need to buy Equine Flu and vaccinate for<br />

that separately.<br />

Speak to your vet and discuss vaccinating at least your pregnant mares!<br />

What upsets me most about the situation is:<br />

I took the Anglo foal to the lab on Monday 13 October. If the PM lab had done their duty without<br />

delay on the pm of the Anglo foal, and informed me of their findings. I <strong>co</strong>uld have done research and<br />

taken precautions or at least handled the se<strong>co</strong>nd abortion differently.<br />

I took Lady’s aborted foal to the lab on 29 October, requesting on the pm-form that they check for<br />

Herpes (Thank you Dr. Jim Antrobus). The very next day on 30 Oct, I was <strong>co</strong>ntacted and told that it<br />

has not been <strong>co</strong>nfirmed with tests, but on the pm it does look like herpes. That Prof phoned me again<br />

on 5 Nov to tell me that it was <strong>co</strong>nfirmed EHV1.<br />

In the meantime I was struggling to <strong>co</strong>ntact the Prof responsible for the first pm, and managed to<br />

speak to him a few times. I asked him if the first case <strong>co</strong>uld also have been herpes. He said that he had<br />

not yet done the tests, but he would look into it. He eventually phoned me on 6 November (24 days<br />

later) to <strong>co</strong>nfirm that this too was herpes virus.<br />

I definitely would have handled Lady aborting differently I even would have been able to expect it and<br />

taken precautions.<br />

Speaking to Bruce from Fort Hare, who had a similar fait (abortion storm) last season, he too had not<br />

had any results back on the specimens he sent away for research. It has now been more than a year<br />

ago, and Bruce still does not know why his mares aborted and why those foals’ that were born alive<br />

died within a few hours. Well, my guess is obvious!!<br />

The importance of a team of veterinarians to assist and back you up is vital; unfortunately dedicated<br />

and motivated vets are very few and far between, so if you have one hang onto him or her. Our horses<br />

and we <strong>co</strong>uld not survive without them!<br />



‘n Dag of wat na die veiling en jaarvergadering het ons ‘n draai gaan maak op die pragtige volbloed<br />

plaas by Bennie Marais. Hy het soos gewoonlik rond gehardloop en 10 dinge gelyk moes doen, maar<br />

hy het ons rond geneem en al sy Percherons gewys. Dit was wonderlik om die groot stewige<br />

Percherons tussen die resiesperde te sien.<br />

Nou moet ek darem net bietjie skinner. Op die pragtige “Thoroughbred Stud” met sy miljoene rande se<br />

volbloed perde staan daar toe so waar Percheron merries by die hoofhek waar mens inry! Dit was<br />

pragtig!!<br />

Dankie vir jou tyd, Bennie dit was regtig mooi om jou netjiese plaas te sien.<br />

Die 2 Percheron merries staan in ‘n kamp langs die baie bekende hings Jet Master. Jet Master se seun<br />

Pocket Power het vanjaar die “July” wedren gewen.<br />



Geluk met Mortru Griet se aankoms! Meer oor die nuwe vulletjie en foto’s in afdeling 5 van die<br />

nuusbrief!<br />

Nella en Griet is nou terug Elsenburg toe, sodat Nella weer gedek kan raak.<br />


Heather says that she would like to stay a member of the Percheron breed society in SA. She will<br />

forward her new <strong>co</strong>ntact details as soon as they are settled. If everything goes ac<strong>co</strong>rding to plan they<br />

will be leaving in January 2009. All the best with the re-location!<br />

Elsenburg Lucille (Lady-Jane) with Heather<br />

Brigadoon Summer-Leigh<br />


Hier is ook ‘n brokkie hartseer nuus. Oom Gerrie se 1 merrie het gevul, maar ongelukkig het die<br />

vulletjie vinnig agteruit gegaan. Toe die veearts daar kom was die vul baie swak en sy het dadelik<br />

gediagnoseer dat die vul Selmonella vergiftiging het. Vullens is besonder vatbaar, en hul kan dit optel<br />

van strooi of saagsels waarop muise of rotte geurineer of gemors het. Pluimvee en selfs ande diere kan<br />

die bakterie versprei in hul mis. Die kiem kan deur die naeltjie of deur die mond die vulletjie besmet.<br />

Die prognose is uiters swak, op die ouderdom van 3 dae het die veearts reeds 10ml vog uit elkeen van<br />

die vulletjie se gewrigte getrek. Oom Gerrie het toe maar die vul laat uitsit om haar leiding te<br />

verminder.<br />

Oom Gerrie, jy sê altyd dat ons maar by mekaar moet leer en mekaar moet bystaan. Dankie, nou sal ek<br />

in die vervolg baie seker maak oor watter beddegoed ek in my merries wat gaan vul se stalle gooi.<br />

Hoop die seisoen gaan beter en dat die Selenium problem nou iets van die verlede is.<br />




Surita, ons het jou ontmoed by die Gauteng saamtrek, en hopenlik het jy gesien ons is eintlik ‘n oraait<br />

klomp. Is jou aansoek vorms al in die pos na Tannie Lettie toe? Hoop jy sluit aan!<br />


Anton het sy merrie, Thando aan ‘n hartaanval verloor. Dis hartseer dat ons sulke jong goeie merries<br />

verloor. Anton ons dink aan jou, want jy mis haar seker nog elke dag.<br />

Saam met die hartseer nuus is daar darem ook goeie nuus. Jannie en Johan van Summerwind Stud het<br />

Trek-lekker Cardinal Richelieu vir Anton gegee. Richelieu, of soos hy in sy nuwe stalle bekend staan.<br />

(Die brandewyn perd!) is amper 3 jaar oud, Anton het Richleui laat kastreer en hy werk reeds mooi<br />

saam in hand. Voorspoed met Richelieu!<br />

Die ander groot nuus is dat Anton, Rodney en Stillone ‘n Friesperd deel is van die SA “Carriage<br />

Driving” span wat teen Australie and New Zealand deelneem aan die einde van November. Hulle het<br />

reeds die “SA Carriage Driving Championships en die SANEF Obstacles herdie jaar gewen. Baie<br />

geluk hou so aan!<br />


Bruce has had one foal born and is waiting for a se<strong>co</strong>nd mare to foal before the end of the month.<br />

Good luck! Hope you have another filly! Please send me some pictures for the next newsletter.<br />


Thanks to <strong>Nadine</strong>, we have a stunning article on this stud! Keep up the good work Christine!<br />


The biggest news here, is bad news, the EHV1, read more about this creepy virus under heading 10.<br />

Mossie has a visiting Percheron mare, Pamela from Viljoenskroon. We have had the all clear from the<br />

vets, so now Mossie will get on with things as soon as Pamela agrees. Elsa, who owns Pamela is<br />

missing her dearly and is waiting to get he favourite horse home. However, I think Pami likes living<br />

here, and is stretching her vacation away from home!<br />



Phillip Heyman has been breeding part-bred Percherons for a few years. He has sent us some pictures<br />

of his youngsters They are 25% Percheron and 75% Thoroughbred.<br />

Engarde Pinnacle Rock (Foal, Weanling and yearling)<br />

Engarde Emerald Queen (Foal, Weanling and yearling)<br />

Engarde Mantovani (Foal, Weanling and yearling)<br />



Western Cape<br />

Dr. Paul King, from Wellington<br />

Congratulations on starting Kilcairn Percheron stud and wel<strong>co</strong>me to the Society.<br />

<strong>Nadine</strong> <strong>Rogers</strong> from Walmer<br />

Congratulations, wel<strong>co</strong>me on board and Thank you for your input and assistance with this newsletter.<br />

Karen Spolander from Somerset-west<br />

We have received your application. Your membership number and documents will be posted to you<br />

shortly. Wel<strong>co</strong>me on board!<br />


Gauteng<br />

Frances Prince From Pretoria<br />

Leon & Charmaine Oosthuizen from Pretoria<br />

Marjorie Hartzenberg from Pretoria<br />

Louis & Elsa van der Walt from Viljoenskroon<br />

Surita Meiring from Petrus Steyn<br />

Get those applications forms to Tannie Lettie. She needs to get all the paperwork done before the end<br />

of the year, as you will need a membership number to qualify you to enter your horses for The Horse<br />

of the Year Show. Entries close on Wednesday, 7 January 2009<br />

(You can give people opportunities but they have to decide for themselves<br />

whether to take them)<br />


VON GUSH<br />

Phillip has 3 horses for sale:<br />

1. Arab X Percheron; 2 year old filly is currently steel grey. She has not been handled much,<br />

but a super riding prospect. R10 000.00 ono<br />

2. Percheron mare; raising 5, light grey, currently with mix-breed foal at foot. Easy to handle<br />

R20 000.00<br />

3. Percheron X mix-breed <strong>co</strong>lt, 2 years, black with white blaze R8 000.00<br />

4.<br />

Please <strong>co</strong>ntact Phillip on 045 974 9232 or 082 375 4681<br />

(Appreciate a gift for the thought and not it’s value)<br />

Horses teeth change as they age resulting in an older horse having much longer<br />

teeth than a younger horse. When given a horse for free it was <strong>co</strong>nsidered rude to<br />

open the horses mouth to determine the horses age and therefore its value.<br />


At the 2009 Horse of the Year Show there will be classes for Heavy Draught Horses. This means that<br />

the classes will be open to entries from the Clydesdale and Percheron Breed Societies’ members and<br />

horses only.<br />

The Breed or In-Hand section will include classes for: Stallions, Mares, Young Stock, Geldings and<br />

Foals.<br />

In the ridden and driving section there will be classes for: Show Riding Horse, Working Hunter<br />

(60cm), Working Riding and Show Driving<br />

Please support this Show. Entry forms are available on the GHS or old THS web site.<br />

If anyone needs more information on the requirements or with their preparation and training, please<br />

phone me, and I’ll try to assist where possible.<br />

(Showing off)<br />

This saying may have originated from dressage – especially the movements<br />

performed by highly schooled horses in the Spanish Riding School of Vienna<br />

– where the horses legs were literally off the ground.<br />



Society Secretary:<br />

PO Box 506, Bloemfontein, 9300<br />

051 447 1121<br />

Lettie Kruger<br />

lettie@studbook.<strong>co</strong>.<strong>za</strong><br />

http://www.studbook.<strong>co</strong>.<strong>za</strong>/Society/percher<br />

Tolpoort Stud<br />

PO Box 66, Venterstad, 9798 051 654 0542<br />

Mr. FE Badenhorst<br />

Bigfoot Stud<br />

Ni<strong>co</strong> van den Berg<br />

Sam van den Berg<br />

PO Box 528, Hillcrest, 3650<br />

sales@mexan.<strong>co</strong>.<strong>za</strong><br />

huntersfield@eject.<strong>co</strong>.<strong>za</strong><br />

Anton Botes PO Box 21, Wierda Park, 0419<br />

antonbotes@botselos.<strong>co</strong>.<strong>za</strong><br />

Trek-Lekker Stud<br />

Arthur Cockcroft<br />

Mortru Stud<br />

Pieter & Annelies de Wet<br />

Dream Big Percheron Stud<br />

Bennie Swart &<br />

Mandé Siderfin<br />

Gentle Giants Stud<br />

Peter Dommett<br />

Fern Hill Stud<br />

Moira Edmunds<br />

Somgxada Stud<br />

Bruce Joubert<br />

Fort Hare University<br />

Elsenburg Landbou Kollege<br />

William Gertenbach<br />

Monteniqua Stud<br />

Paul Lubbinge<br />

Klipdrif-Marais Stud<br />

Bennie Marais<br />

Perc-Morg Stud<br />

Jan Morgan<br />

Vallon Stud<br />

No 2 Piggeries<br />

David Osborne<br />

Brigadoon Stud<br />

Heather Pretorius<br />

Wiluscha Stud<br />

William van den Berg<br />

PO Box 28. Sinksabrug, 6535<br />

langspruit@lantic.net<br />

PO Box 303, Villiersdorp, 6848<br />

pieter@moresontrust.<strong>co</strong>.<strong>za</strong><br />

annelies@moresontrust.<strong>co</strong>.<strong>za</strong><br />

PO Box 59071, Karen park, 0118<br />

bennie@medunsa.ac.<strong>za</strong><br />

quaggamande@hotmail.<strong>co</strong>m<br />

PO Box 562, Underberg, 3257<br />

pdommett@mweb.<strong>co</strong>.<strong>za</strong><br />

19 Herbert Penny Rd, Penhill, 7100<br />

mjedmunds@telkomsa.net<br />

c/o Bruce Joubert, P/bag X1314,<br />

Alice, 5700<br />

ajoubert@uft.ac.<strong>za</strong><br />

c/o William Gertenbach, P/Bag X1,<br />

Elsenburg 7607<br />

williamg@elsenburg.<strong>co</strong>m<br />

PO Box 795, Kleinbrakrivier, 6503<br />

lemoentuin@mweb.<strong>co</strong>.<strong>za</strong><br />

PO Box 122, Robertson, 6705<br />

klipdrifstud@myisp.<strong>co</strong>.<strong>za</strong><br />

PO Box 1071, Delmas, 2210<br />

jan@morgangroup.<strong>co</strong>.<strong>za</strong><br />

c/o D Osborne,<br />

PO Box 2725, Komani, 5322<br />

no2pigs@queenstown.<strong>co</strong>.<strong>za</strong><br />

PO Box 3303, Assagay, 3624<br />

pret<strong>co</strong>1@mweb.<strong>co</strong>.<strong>za</strong><br />

PO Box 62, Wepener, 9944<br />

wnhb@shisas.<strong>co</strong>m<br />

031 736 1721<br />

082 877 6292 (Ni<strong>co</strong>)<br />

083 321 7640 (Sam)<br />

012 662 8091<br />

082 782 5082<br />

012 663 2903 (F)<br />

082 572 9865<br />

044 876 0362<br />

028 841 4210<br />

028 841 4883 (F)<br />

082 946 9585<br />

082 882 9584 Bennie<br />

082 897 9975 (Mandé)<br />

012 521 4990 (F)<br />

033 701 1651<br />

084 622 1227<br />

033 701 1651 (F)<br />

021 904 7732<br />

021 904 7747<br />

083 234 6193<br />

040 602 2125<br />

082 200 3316<br />

040 651 1730 (F)<br />

021 808 5220<br />

082 801 3906<br />

021 808 5319 (F)<br />

044 696 5108<br />

073 286 1507<br />

023 626 2385<br />

023 626 2763 (F)<br />

082 808 8181<br />

013 665 5987<br />

083 676 1100<br />

086 682 9931 (F)<br />

045 858 8735<br />

083 399 4411<br />

045 858 8304 (F)<br />

031 769 2017<br />

082 788 5134<br />

05232 ask 1240<br />

083 254 3144<br />

083 587 2243<br />

082 461 2394 (F)<br />


Outeniqua Moon Stud<br />

Peter & Christine Watt<br />

Almarada Stud<br />

Gerrie van Zyl<br />

PO Box 523, Hartenbos 6520<br />

watt99@telkomsa.net<br />

PO Box 22, Goudiniweg, 6856<br />

elskloof@telkomsa.net<br />

044 631 0093<br />

023 344 3746<br />

023 344 3693<br />

076 104 3450<br />

045 974 9232<br />

Von Gush Stud<br />

Phillip von Gush<br />

PO Box 182, Barkly East, 9786<br />

phillip@barkly.<strong>co</strong>.<strong>za</strong><br />

082 375 4681<br />

Summerwind Percheron Stud PO Box 2643, Brooklyn Square, 0075 082 855 7633 (Jannie)<br />

Libertè Agriculture<br />

ekdtrust@iafrica.<strong>co</strong>m<br />

082 325 4177 (Johan)<br />

Johan Henning &<br />

engelbrecht@vodamail.<strong>co</strong>.<strong>za</strong><br />

Jannie Engelbrecht<br />

Gemini Percheron Stud PO Box 35, Elsenburg, 7607<br />

082 650 7818 (Johan)<br />

Johan van der Merwe & jpvdmerwe@kingfin.<strong>co</strong>.<strong>za</strong><br />

086 6363 668 (fax)<br />

Eric Hannekom<br />

eric@samo.<strong>co</strong>.<strong>za</strong><br />

082 444 5663 (Eric)<br />

Sampie & Susan Marais PO Box 663, Heilbron, 9650<br />

082 825 0796<br />

samsan@worldonline.<strong>co</strong>.<strong>za</strong><br />

Oubaas & Surita Meiring PO Box 122, Pertus Steyn, 9640 082 771 6622<br />

Buffalo Thorn Percheron<br />

Stud Siegfried & Lynette<br />

Kühn<br />

Kilcairn Percheron Stud<br />

Paul King, Dr<br />

<strong>Cheriton</strong> Percheron Stud<br />

Interlink Training and<br />

Development CC<br />

<strong>Nadine</strong> <strong>Rogers</strong><br />

Karen Spolander<br />

PO Box 286, Amanzimtoti, 4125<br />

Siegfried.Kuhn@aunde.<strong>co</strong>.<strong>za</strong><br />

PO Box 730, Wellington, 7654<br />

paul@kingfin.<strong>co</strong>.<strong>za</strong><br />

PO Box 5025, Walmer, 6065<br />

nadine@activision.<strong>co</strong>.<strong>za</strong><br />

Helderbergstr.16,Stuart’s Hill, Somerset-<br />

Wes 7130<br />

ks200@adept.<strong>co</strong>.<strong>za</strong><br />

031 913 8011<br />

031 913 8314 (F)<br />

083 269 2592<br />

021 864 2136<br />

082 658 9666<br />

021 873 5628(f)<br />

041 379 4799<br />

082 559 0200<br />

021 852 0236<br />

021 852 4968<br />

083 285 6223<br />

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas, a super festive season with family and friends and a great 2009!<br />

All <strong>co</strong>ntributions for the next newsletter should reach us no later than the end of January 2009.<br />

Thank you <strong>Nadine</strong> and Heather, for your <strong>co</strong>ntributions to this newsletter! Please keep the articles<br />

<strong>co</strong>ming!<br />

This brings us to the end of our 4 th Newsletter; hope you enjoyed the pages spent with us!<br />

Enjoy your Percheron Horses!<br />

Mandé<br />

082 897 9975<br />

quaggamande@hotmail.<strong>co</strong>m<br />


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