“Provides a sense of direction that maybe

otherwise is lacking in the domestic or school

environment. Advice and emotional support is

issued, and the consistency of being able to

contact the same counsellor implies that if their

initial advice failed to eradicate the issue, a

prevailing solidarity between the counsellor and

yourself instils a faith that they will assist you

in overcoming the issue, no matter how major,

minor, quick or enduring that issue may be.”

Female, 15-18 years of age

Top five referring

sources to Kids


Whenever it is possible, Kids Helpline

counsellors ask the child or the young person

“How did you hear about Kids Helpline?”

During 2013, 11% of young people who

contacted the service were able to provide this

information. The top five sources for referrals

to Kids Helpline are presented in the table.

Table 5

Referring sources to Kids Helpline

Name of

No. of

Referral Source contacts


Friend/family 7,732 30.4

School 6,577 25.8

Internet 4,628 18.2

Other agency 4,203 16.5

TV 1,105 4.3

Other 1,231 4.8

Total 25,476 100



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