Who are you, Jesus ? We only hear three times the ... - Alleluia France


Who are you, Jesus ? We only hear three times the ... - Alleluia France

Who are you, Jesus ?

We only hear three times the Father’s voice in the Gospel. The

Father tells us who the Son is, and the Son reveals us the Father. Let’s

listen to the Father talking about his Son : Jesus Christ.

Who are you Jesus ?

« This is my Son, the Beloved, my favour rests on him » Mt


Jesus, so you are the Son of the Most High, the realisation of the

promises made to our fathers, you came to free the captives and to

deliver the enchained ones, and you have taught us your disciples to do

the same: « Go out quickly into the Streets and alleys of the town

and bring in here the poor, the crippled, the blind and the lame »

(Lc 14, 21) Because the invited to the wedding were not worthy!

Spiritually, even physically, each of us enters into on of these categories

of poor.

Jesus you do good welcoming to the poor and to the sinners to heal

the souls and the bodies, « Power and authority over all devils and

to cure diseases » (Lc 9, 1)… and this is your name. Jesus, who are

you? « This is my son, the chosen one, listen to him » (Lc 9, 35)

This name of God that you came to reveal to the children of the

Father, this Name that is above every Name, and before which every

knee should kneel in heaven, on earth and in hell.

The shiny cloud, that is to say, the Glory of God, covered the

apostles. On the same way, if we know the name of God, The love of the

Father by which Jesus has been love is among us, and Jesus is among us,

his glory surrounds us, and goes before us on and invisible, to cover our

brothers and sisters and that we may announce them: « You are saved,

on the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit ; your

Father in heaven has sent his only Son for you ». By the confession of

this name, every human being is saved.

Jesus, who are you ?

According to this prayer that he him-self taught us: « Our Father

in heaven, may your name be held holy ». (Mt 6,9) By whom has to

be sanctified this Name that has been three time sanctified. ? By none of

the Three persons of the Trinity, so it is up to each of one of us: Sanctify

this name means to « clean it off » every idol that may dry off or stiffen,

according to our religious beliefs, to make ourselves a name.

Thanks Abba (Father in Hebrew) to clean off our hearts, so this

three times holy Name, display his power again in our lives. So that we

may see the marvellous Works, the miracles, that were present in the

lives of you apostles and of your faithful servants, according to your heart

for your Glory.

Jesus, you have given all power and authority to those called by the

Father to be witness of your love, your mercy and your peace during

this earthly pilgrimage regarding eternal life, because you are Eternal


Jesus, who are you ?

« Father, glorify your name! A voice came from heaven, I

have glorified it, and I will glorify it again…and this voice came

for us »(Jn 12, 28)

So let’s us live like saved people wearing our white clothes washed

on the Lamb’s blood! To announce to the poor, to those who are thirsty,

and to those who are hungry the Good News of redemption, because

Jesus came to throw fire on earth, a fire that transfigurates, is also a

living waters river.

To live like resurrected ones, like people in love to this Living Word,

which is the Word of God, in the simplicity of daily life, to be witness of

Christ, in praise because He is a sacrifice of praise to the Father. « Holy

Father, keep those to your name…. may they be one on us…so

that the world may believe it was you who sent me » ( Jn 17….21)

The Alleluia France Consil.

Prophecy on this Country

So I will call each one by his name. May each of one bring down

himself my call, to my voice, and he will receive the light of eternal life,

to see his heart and convert himself, he will receive the spirit of truth, the

spirit of strength, the spirit of joy, the spirit of peace, and each will sing

this song with his brothers and sisters : « May your Glory come to this

place, and mat it go from here to all nations. Creator of nations, display

your sovereign plan, bring out a generation chosen to free this country ».

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